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Chapter 749 six days with me

"What are the requirements?"

Asked Gong Ou without hesitation.

"I'll keep you for seven days, you and I for six days, and I'll start treating your wife on the last day." "Every word," said Lori.


When Xiaonian's mouth was full of water, he couldn't help it.

The red wine Gong Yu just drank also gushed out, without any noble elegance at all.

So, didn't Lori see trance for the first time because of his small thoughts, was it because of Gong Ou?

He is not interested in people when small read, but Gong Ou?

When Lori heard the sound, he turned around and looked at them with cold eyes. His expression didn't change at all, as if he wasn't the one who said that terrible saying.

Gong Yu was used to the etiquette of aristocrats, and immediately said, "I'm sorry, I happened to pass by, I happened to pass by."

After that, Gong Yu felt embarrassed. His acquaintance was asking his married brother for contact. He should stop it, or Lori would suffer.


Lori stood there silent.

When Xiaonian reached out to cover his mouth and looked at Gong ou, he saw Gong Ou standing there with no expression on his face, like he was petrified. This is probably the first time that he has been seriously pursued by a man.

Luo Li looked at the time, and looked at the meaning of such a challenge. When he thought of his image, he straightened his back and drew a thick eyeliner. He looked at him in a hurry.

What is this?

Go to a Borg island. There are su Yaoyao secretly admiring Gong ou.

Come to a small Chinatown, and a strange doctor like Lori is pursuing Gong ou.

Gong Ou is also worried about other people's interest in her. Now she is worried about her rival all over the world.

"Now that you hear me, I don't want to hide it. What do you think, madam? "

Lori looked at shixiaonian and asked frankly.

What do you think.

He asked her what she thought?

When the heart of small read floats six dot.

Gong Ou stands behind Luo lie, a pair of black eyes glare at Luo lie angrily through the lens, and his hand hanging on his side is tightly clenched into a fist, almost rushing up to beat him.

Seeing Gong Ou's appearance, Gong Yu immediately pretends to pat Xiao Nian's arm casually. When Xiao Nian looks at Gong ou, he looks coldly at Luo lie and raises his chin slightly. "Doctor Luo, you are coveting my husband now. What do you think I will think?"

"You should think you have a good eye. Your man is good enough to be admired by others." Said Lori solemnly.


"I know you are married. I don't want to destroy your marriage. I just want to socialize with him for six days. I don't want to go to bed." Lori continued, simple and direct.


"Madam, I don't ask about your family background or your surname and first name. When you leave, we will never meet again." "Don't you think it's a good deal," said Lori. "Your husband is a doctor."

"I'm sorry, Dr. law. I have a question." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Lori stood in front of the aquarium, the light on his face faintly dyed a light color, and he said coldly, "what do you want to ask?"

"Has your Sanguan been eaten by the dog?"

He was seriously discussing with her about her taking her husband as a doctor.


This time Lori is speechless.

Gong Yu stands beside shixiaonian and turns his eyes to see Gong ou. Gong Ou's face has turned from iron to black. He raises his hand and almost cuts towards Luo lie.

He's had enough!

This sick doctor!

Seeing this, Xiaonian was surprised and hurriedly said to Lori, "Dr. Luo, he is my husband. I will not give it to you. Even if I don't treat the disease, I won't let it. Let alone six days, not a second."

Stop it quickly. She can't help him if he wants to talk.

Is Gong ou still alive when he blows up his hair.

When Xiaonian's eyes moved around Gong ou and Luo lie unconsciously. Seeing Gong Ou's black face, she would beat him down. She closed her eyes subconsciously and heard Luo lie say indifferently, "in this case, I will not force you to do it. You can help yourself. I will not see the disease."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's hand was frozen in the air and his face turned white.

Gong Gu frowned and said to Luo lie, "Luo lie, we've met each other. Don't you think you're so despicable, contrary to the professional ethics of doctors?"

"You don't know me for two days. I've never been a doctor." Lori admitted his impudence coldly and audaciously. He still looked at shixiaonian and said, "I know your family is up to you. His gentle and submissive nature will only spoil you as a queen. If you want to cure a disease, you are the only way."


When Xiaonian was angry, he was about to blurt out "I will not cure". Gong Ou's eyes were faster than her words. Gong Ou stared at her and slightly shook his head.

She was used to listening to his orders and swallowed them conditionally for a while.

Laurie thought that she hesitated, and could not help but snort coldly. She turned her eyes to Gong ou, and Gong Ou immediately dropped her hand. Laurie said, "look, she is still selfish, but she is very smart, not to mention the city and the country. Even if you look at the world, people who can specialize in treating pregnant women's heart disease can hardly find a number of hands, and the outstanding ones are even fewer "


Gong Ou looked at him in silence, and restrained himself with the endurance he had trained. He asked word by word, "are you really that strong?"

He spoke almost word by word. When Xiaonian knew that if he didn't say that, he would be biting his teeth, full of anger.

"I can guarantee that if you give me a week, I will be able to cure your wife and let you keep a happy heart to meet the child." Lori said, staring at Gong Ou straight, and began to bewitch him.


When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, her eyes are full of rejection, hoping that he can see her hope, so she doesn't want to trade this way for the so-called treatment.

He's her, not someone else.

Gong Ou's black eyes stared at Luo lie, who was taller than him, but because of the image gap, all his sharp edges and corners were weakened a lot.

He moved his lips. "Why me?"


When small read Leng there, gawking at Gong ou.

She thought he was going to refuse, but she didn't expect him to say such words. Is he crazy? Is it really necessary to communicate with others for a heart disease that may not exist for a long time?

When Xiaonian frowns and rushes forward, Gong Yu stands aside and pulls her. She looks at her with eyes and signals her not to act rashly.

At that time, Xiaonian's eyebrows were frown more tightly.

"Why you?" Lori looked at Gong ou, a pair of indifferent eyes, when they were more gloomy, and after a long time said, "because you are very similar to my predecessor."

"Like? How does it look? "

Asked Gong ou.

"Very similar."

Said Lori.

"Is it similar in temperament? Why I've never heard of you. " Gong Yu stood there and asked, looking at them with one eye, because Gong Ou's elegant and weak appearance made Luo lie think of his predecessor?

"There's no need to talk about it." Luo lie said, turning her eyes to Gong Yu, "can you let me talk with him? Can you leave first? "

"You want me to leave? I won't promise. He's my husband. He won't associate with anyone except me. "

When Xiaonian looked at this proud man in disbelief, he didn't think there was any problem with his practice at all, did he?

And let her go.


"It should be his choice." Lori said in a dignified way, looking at her eyes, she said, "in your marriage, you should have been leading the development of the two people. So when he didn't go along with your eyes, you started to make trouble and fell ill, right?"


It's all wrong.

When Xiaonian opened his mouth just to speak, Gong Ou said, "I'm sorry for her at that time, so she got a heart attack."

Gong Ou's voice quality can't hear his original character at all. Obviously, he is ready to pretend to the end.

"Because you're sorry for her one time, she's starting to ride on your head?"

Asked Lori coldly.

"Doctor Luo, you are ridiculous. I don't want to treat this disease." When small read said coldly, just about to spread out all the words, was pulled by palace.

"Don't do that. Let them have a good chat."

Gong Yu said, glancing up at Gong ou. Gong Ou gave him such a sign. He understood that when Gong Ou thought more about it, Xiao Nian could give birth to the child smoothly. Gong Ou would do whatever it took.


When Xiaonian frowned, before he could say anything, he was taken away by Gong Yu.

Only Gono and Lori are there.

The two men stood in front of the aquarium and talked about something. Gong Ou's mood was well controlled all the time. There was no sign of anger in front of Luo lie, but Xiao Nian was very upset.

She wanted to go over and was pulled by Gong Gu.

"Elder brother, do you also follow Gong ou to make a fool of yourself?" When Xiaonian couldn't help but say, "you are all crazy, just for a heart disease, you want Gong ou to communicate with others? The doctor knows that we are husband and wife. Does he have three views? Can this kind of person really cure the disease? "

"I have already said that Lori is a strange doctor. He has always been unruly."

Gong Yu said.

"Then he can blackmail the patient's family? I can't agree. " When Xiaonian turned around and was about to leave, she was pulled by Gong Yu again, and she shook off his hand.

"Xiaonian, calm down!" Gong Gu frowned. "You should know how nervous Gong Ou is about your pregnancy."

In a word, let Shi Xiaonian freeze there.

Gong Yu stood by the window and said, "he didn't sleep all night just to find information to cure your heart disease. I don't know the specific situation. He only told me that it was because of his original mistake that you became like this. You gave birth to twins whose body was extremely poor."