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Chapter 731 she's not a daughter

A bonfire was burning by the sea in the distance.

The old hotel is very quiet.

When Xiaonian looked at the moonlight, he didn't wait for Feng De's answer, but heard Su Yaoyao's choking voice coming, "if you don't want to answer that, just forget it. When I go back, I will go back to China. "

"You said that."

Feng De's voice came, some of the vicissitudes of life some of the life, listening to people heartache.

"Yes, I have always said that my adoptive parents treat me as if I were an outsider, and have never thought of concealing my life experience. When I came out to find my biological mother, they had no objection." Su Yaoyao said, "my mother will send me out at the end of her struggle. My parents have taken care of me for decades, and I will naturally repay them."

When Xiaonian heard this, she frowned and stood in Su Yaoyao's position. There was nothing wrong with what she said. She knew to remember her mother's birth and her foster parents' upbringing. For her, she was only virtuous to her.

When Xiaonian stood at the door, his teeth clenched his lips and he wanted to go in and say something, but he stopped.


Feng de said nothing but "what you said" and remained silent.

About the same time, Feng de was silent all the time. Su Yuri Huang slowly became speechless. He stepped back two steps and said, "that's it

Then, Xiaonian watched Su Yaoyao come out of the hotel crying with her face covered. The little girl didn't look very mature.

Looking at Su Yaoyao's back, Xiao Nian turns around and enters the hotel. He slowly steps up the stairs, sits down on the steps, and looks at Feng de with one eye. "Father in law."

Feng de sat against the wall, dressed in a neat suit, with a pocket watch in one hand, his eyes lowered, and his eyes fixed on the plank of the stairs.

It's too quiet.

When the voice in the pocket watch is quiet, I can hear it clearly.

She followed Feng De's eyes and saw some vague marks, old marks.

I love you.

Me, too.


When I saw this sentence for the first time, I thought it was too simple and simple. Now I think it's the most amazing confession.

Because I love you, I am willing to give everything for you. I am not afraid to live, to die, or to die.

When Xiaonian blinked some sour eyes, he sat up a step, his head on Fengde's knee, and leaned gently.

Feng de sat there, holding the pocket watch in his hand, looked down at her, his dry lips moved, and said hoarsely, "go to rest, and leave tomorrow."

"I'm here with you."

Shi Xiaonian said in a stubborn tone.

"What are you doing with me?" Said van der.

What's his company? Angelina will leave him, and Yao Yao will leave too. It's all his retribution.

When Xiaonian leaned on his knee, his eyes gazed at the scratches on the stairs, and said softly and slowly, "when I was first around Gong ou, my whole portrait fell into a dark life. It was despair, pain, gloom and strangeness that my adoptive father gave me the first light."


Feng De's body quivered a little.

"I don't know what adoptive father means to others." When Xiaonian said in a low voice, "I only know that I can't live without an adoptive father. Every time I quarrel with Gong ou, I have an adoptive father to comfort him. When Gong Ou disappears for four years, I have an adoptive father to accompany me. When I come to England to see twins facing a strange family, I have an adoptive father to encourage me. In the future, I will also have an adoptive father to accompany me. If I don't have an adoptive father, what should I do?"

Her voice is so light that when it reaches a certain level, it becomes a backlog of weight.

Feng de looked down at her. Xiaonian knew what he was thinking. He was desperate. He slowly raised his hand and gently put it on her long, soft hair. He said, "Xiaonian, you have a young master with you."

"Gong Ou is my whole world, but in this world, we all need an adoptive father." Shi Xiaonian said, with red eyes, "what about Gong Ou's daily life without an adoptive father? He is so fastidious, furniture should be placed according to the angle, clothes have a little wrinkle not to wear, there are some financial affairs, he is too fastidious, a decimal mark is wrong, he is fried. If there is no adoptive father, there will be several world wars around Gong ou. "


Smell speech, Feng de smiled, he can think of that tragic picture.

When he heard Feng De's low laugh, Xiao Nian's heart relaxed a little bit, and he went on, resting on his knee. "We really need an adoptive father. Sometimes we don't want you to be so tired and do not want you to do the work of a housekeeper. But when you are not here, we are all scattered."

When the meaning of small read has been very clear, Feng de low eyes looked at her, low smile.

If Xiaonian looks up, he can see how pale and despairing Feng De's smile is. There is no light in his eyes. For a long time, Feng de gently taps Xiaonian's back and makes a hoarse voice. "Xiaonian, I know what you want to say. Don't worry. You call me your adoptive father. I won't leave you behind."

Hearing this, Xiaonian was flustered for a few days and settled down. He said how could he not be afraid of Fengde doing stupid things. This time, Fengde was hit too hard.

"Thank you, father."

Said Shi Xiaonian, with infinite gratitude.

"I can't let you and the young master grow up. I will not leave you unless I train another housekeeper one day." Said van der.

"No one can replace it."

The voice of Xiaonian was choked.

How can someone replace the adoptive father? No one can, no one can. The adoptive father is the adoptive father, the only one, an omnipotent housekeeper, a gentle and gentlemanly old man.

"Fool." Feng de chuckled, "well, go to have a rest. You haven't closed your eyes very much these two days. I know you worry about me. I'm really OK."


When Xiaonian refused to leave.

"You go." Feng de patted her and said, "before I leave, I just want to stay here for a good night. At that time, Angelina and I were sitting here for a long time."

When Feng de said this, Xiao Nian couldn't stay. She looked up at Feng De's face and said, "OK, can I make breakfast for you tomorrow morning?"


Feng de nodded.


Feng de has always been a promise of gold. He never changes his mind about what he promised. When he heard such a promise, Xiao Nian let it go.

Just get out of here.

It's all over.

All the sadness was disappearing with the disappearance of the Berger family, she believed so.

When Xiaonian turned around and left, she suddenly heard the voice of Fengde behind her, "did you hear Yao Yao's words?"

When Xiaonian looks back at him, silent.

"It's not love, it's not non love, it's not daring." Feng de said in a hoarse voice, "do you understand?"

Do you understand?

I dare not.

Maybe he and Angelina just dare one, and the other is too dare.

When Xiaonian knew that Fengde didn't need her own answer, she didn't say anything and went back to the room alone.

Gong Ou soon came back. He sat in bed with her and watched TV. The signal on the island was not very good. There were only a few TV stations.

When Xiaonian is held tightly in his arms by Gong ou, Gong Ou is not interested in TV at all, and he shrinks his hands under the quilt and wanders around her wantonly.

When Xiaonian took his hand away, Gong Ou's hand came back.

She took it and he came back.

She took it again and he came back endlessly.

"Gong ou, can you let me watch a good TV?"

In fact, she didn't care what was on TV. She was just worried about Feng de and didn't know how long it would take for her adoptive father to come out.

"Are you watching TV?"

Gong Ou questions.


When small read absentmindedly nods, the magic claw of palace Europe pulls away.

"When did you even know the language?" Gong Ou cold tunnel, reached over her face, black eyes stare at her, "you don't watch TV at all, right, when small read you have courage! Dare to think of other people and other things in front of me! Say, what are you thinking? "


When small read stupefied next, raise Mou to see the direction of TV.

At this moment, Gong Ou stops the channel on a TV station that speaks a mess of language. When it's an advertisement or a TV play, Xiao Nian can't see it. She sees a girl standing on the street, holding something similar to a love letter in her hand, looking at and waiting in the street with a red face.



When Xiaonian turned her eyes and looked at Shanggong Ou aggressively, she hurriedly looked at the TV and said, "I can read it if I can't understand it. It's obvious that the girl is going to send a love letter to the boy she likes. You can see how red her face is."

When the words fell, Xiaonian's eyes stagnated, and many thoughts rushed into her head.

She sat in Gong Ou's arms and said, "Gong ou, do you think Su Yaoyao is really the daughter of her adoptive father?"


Hearing this, Gong Ou's black eyes are deep.

"She said she had a baby face and a young make-up. In fact, she was older than you." Shi Xiaonian said, "but I think it's strange."

"Strange what?"

"Every time she sees you, she can't help blushing, her eyes are full of admiration. That look really can't be pretended. Moreover, some of her practices are childish, and she will cry if she can't move." Shi Xiaonian said, "if she is older than you, even if she is not mature, she can't show that she is so passionate and impulsive and easy to cry, right?"

The first time she saw Su Yaoyao, she thought she was a student. Su Yaoyao was really too young to be a college student.

Every time Su Yaoyao sees Gong ou, she blushes. She tries to say something and shrinks back shyly. If she wants to say something, she will stop talking. That's really the performance of a little girl. Unless she has been living a very pure life, she will grow up to have no such performance.

"Because of blushing? Can't older people blush? "