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Chapter 373 the abyss will devour him

She refused by drunkenness, suggesting that she had refused many times, but he didn't care.

Why do you hurt yourself so much.

"I don't know why I have such a dream." Murmur murmured, "maybe you are in China, but I want to deal with things in Italy. It's not easy to get you out of the tower. Now I'm afraid that something will happen to you. You said that if you had a button, you could let me buckle it and take it away at any time. "

"I'm fine, Chiu."

"Is it really OK? I don't know who is the one who can't even drink. " Mu qianchu asked.

Smell speech, when small read shallow hook lip, light tunnel, "I won't be drunk again."

"Better not touch the wine again." "Mu qianchu said," I'm not around you now, and I'm too confused. "

"I'm really all right. Go to bed early. When you wake up, you have to be busy. You won't be energetic." When small read soft voice advised him to go to bed.

She didn't want him to break her body.

"Xiaonian, do you remember what you said to me on the operating table the day I saved you?" Mu qianchu suddenly asked.

When Xiaonian stayed, she thought that the day of production was too painful. She couldn't forget to take away every detail.

"Save me and the child."

"I want you and I to admit that you will never love Gong Ou again in this life."

"I hate Gong ou and Gong Jia all my life. I hate them and never forgive them."

When Xiaonian sat in the back seat of the car, her eyes were dim, her lips moved, "I remember."

She remembers what she said. She remembers that she wants to hate Gong ou. However, Gong Ou cuts off her hatred.

Everything is a misunderstanding. How can she continue to hate.

"Just remember." Mu qianchu said gently, "Xiaonian, don't repeat the mistakes. You have suffered enough. Some of the pain may fade, but the scar will always exist. Don't despise yourself any more."

Don't belittle yourself any more.

If it's serious.

When small read some confused, mu qianchu in there sigh, voice low said, "well, I'll sleep for a while."


"The flower field of my hometown should be another scene at this time. I really want to go back and have a look with you." Mu qianchu said, showing nostalgia for the past, and then hung up the phone.


When Xiaonian is holding her mobile phone, how can she not understand the meaning of Mu qianchu.

But even if there is no Gong ou, she has never thought of accepting mu qianchu. She always believes that the real harm is not to love someone and accept him.

But if he doesn't give up, what can she do.

Gong ou.

I admire the beginning.

There were two foggy roads in front of her.

In Italy, it's darkest at two in the morning.

In a dark room, a figure is sitting on the bed, playing with a mobile phone on his hand. The light of the mobile phone screen is reflected into his eyes, slightly illuminating his soft outline. His eyes are clear, not sleepy, and sharp.

His fingers swipe on the screen, turn off the call with Shi Xiaonian, turn back to the information page. It's a message that just arrived --

the eldest lady and his wife talk about visiting colleagues in the hospital, which should be to visit Gong ou.

Looking at this message, mu qianchu's eyes are getting darker and darker.

To let her go back to China is to test how much she still has to do with Gong Ou's feelings. Unexpectedly, in just a few days, she was entangled again.

Xiaonian, are you well and forget the pain?

Can half a year's suffering in the tower be negated at will?

If she is so easy to be moved by Gong ou, what's his chance?

Mu qianchu sits on the bed, holds the mobile phone tightly slowly, and scratches a bit of sinister in his eyes.

Xiaonian, don't let him down, don't force him.


Sunshine falls on this prosperous city. There are many vehicles on the road. It's the rush hour. There are some traffic jams on the road.

When Xiaonian sat in the car, he buried his hand in the departure room and looked at the traffic outside the window.

Mu qianchu's words made her think of everything in England. At that time, not to mention cars, she wanted to see no one, no cars, no TV, nothing.

Life in England is like years.

The car finally stopped at the door of the hospital.

Shi Xiaonian got out of the car. She didn't figure out how to talk to Gong ou, but anyway, she should come to see him. He is still a patient.

At the gate of the hospital, Xiaonian bought a basket of beautifully packed fruit and walked inside.

She took the elevator to the 5th floor, and above the 5th floor were all sealed as the exclusive domain of Gong ou.

As soon as she got out of the elevator, two bodyguards stood at the door of the elevator to stop people. Seeing that it was her, they withdrew their hands silently and bowed to her.

When Xiaonian walked inside with a fruit basket, she walked through the corridor. Far away, she heard Mona's voice.

Mona is here, too.

When small read frown.

"As a housekeeper, you should do your duty as a housekeeper, assist the master and admonish him, rather than let him do anything wrong." Mona seems to be teaching Feng De, "I'm saying that, are you not satisfied?"

When Xiaonian let go, he walked forward and nodded slightly from the wall.

Mona and Fengde are standing in a waiting area with a French window. Mona is wearing a royal blue overcoat and standing with her back towards the French window.

Feng de stood behind Mona and bowed his head. She was respectful. "Miss Mona swore to the young master and was his fiancee. This will not change. Naturally, I should listen to miss Mona's advice. How can I not be satisfied?"

Hearing this, Mona smiled contentedly. "You are a smart man, housekeeper. You and I all know that Gong Ou has paranoid personality disorder. If he wants to be paranoid, nothing can stop him. He is not afraid to die. "


Feng de answers.

"He started to think about returning to shixiaonian again. If he wasn't afraid that he would be too crazy, I really wanted to solve shixiaonian so as not to harm Gong ou." Mona said coldly, in an indescribable voice.

The noble image of the grand lady.

When Xiaonian stood aside and listened, he drew back and leaned against the cold wall with a sneer on his face.

In Mona's eyes, she was really like a stone in the way. She was so angry that she almost stomped to pieces.

Just listen to Mona's voice again, "you know, the marriage between the two families is now a page that can't be turned back. It's a situation that is determined. Gong ou can do anything, but it will only repeat the same way last time. You don't forget how Gong Ou was beaten because of the oath to run away."

"I dare not forget." Feng de answers.

"I asked for help that time, but Gong Ou was beaten by his father to lie in bed for three months." Mona said, "I took care of him for three months. What did Xiaonian do?"

Three months in bed?

When small read stupefied, lips corner sneer stiff.

Is Gong Ou's injury not only in the ear? Otherwise, how could I lie down for three months.

She thought that she questioned Gong OU on the phone why she didn't take care of the child by herself. It turned out that he was injured and couldn't take care of him.

When Xiaonian leaned against the wall, her heart ached.

Originally, this abyss will not only pull her down, but also pull Gong Ou down.

Why didn't he tell her that he was so hurt.

When Xiaonian closed his eyes, his long eyelashes covered the silent pain.

"As a result, the injury happened to be almost the same, so he ran back to China. When he returned home, he was still young enough to have a car accident!" Mona said angrily, "when I was the housekeeper, Xiaonian was his nemesis. Would you like to help them secretly?"

"Mona, I'm just a housekeeper."

"Don't prevaricate me with these words. I know Gong Ou trusts you very much. He will listen to what you advise him." Mona said, heavily, "if you let him go, I'm sure you know what the consequences will be."


"He didn't do anything crazy for Xiaonian. My aunt said that he had done it for himself! He will destroy the marriage between the two families, offend our Lancaster family and destroy our reputation and image. Can he pass his father's pass? Do you want to see Gong Ou die? " Mona asked.

When Xiaonian first found out that Feng De, who talked freely, also had a speech jam, Feng de could not speak in front of Mona, and could not refute anything.

It's worthy of studying psychology.

Self harm.

Gong Ou has self mutilated herself for her.

He's crazy.

Instead of swallowing her, the abyss would have swallowed him first.

"Gong Ou has paranoid personality disorder. He doesn't care about the cost and consequences, but we are not paranoid. Should we help him?" Mona said, slowing down.

Zhang Chi has a degree.

Brainwashing experts.

"I see, Miss Mona. I'll see to it." From the voice of Fengde.

When Xiaonian stood against the wall, still holding the basket of fruit in his hand, his face was full of gloom.

She thought, Mona is so powerful. She not only brainwashed Fengde, but also brainwashed her.

These two days of hesitation after hearing Mona's words, she suddenly had the answer, and no longer hesitated, she finally knew what her hesitation was.

Before she was confused, she did not know how many people that abyss would swallow.

Now, she knows that she will swallow all the people she cares about, including Gong ou.

One day, he will be the first to be swallowed to protect her.


Stay away from the abyss. They are all alive.

When Xiaonian turned around and left, he left quietly, put the water fruit basket on the closed garbage can, and left.

Coming out of the hospital building, the sun fell on her.

When Xiaonian didn't hurry to walk, she turned to the hospital garden, where there were patients coming out for a walk, with flowers and pleasant fragrance.

When Xiaonian walked over, he sat down on a bench and looked at the white Pavilion in front of him. There was an old man in a sick suit practicing Tai Chi.

The phone rings.

When Xiaonian took out his mobile phone, there was no accident. It was gong Ou's serial number again.

She didn't store it, but she couldn't forget it.

When Xiaonian picked up her mobile phone and put it in her ear, she gave a gentle "hello" sound, which was quiet.