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Chapter 576 four members of a family take medicine

Gong Yao knows written knowledge, but he doesn't know what fertilizer looks like.

Seeing that the two children had drunk the antidote, Feng De also sighed, "don't worry, young master, Miss Xi, it's ok now."


When Xiaonian was sweating, he was exhausted.

Twins are fine.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou take their two children to the downstairs clinic for examination. After proving that there is no problem, Gong Ou takes a gloomy look at Feng De, and then goes to the study.

He's had enough time tonight.

After a rummage, Gong Yao and Gong Kui finally fell asleep. When Xiao Nian was wringing a hot towel to wipe their faces and bodies, the flush on their faces slowly faded.

When Xiaonian sat at the bedside, put the towel back, put on Xiaokui's pajamas, looked up, and saw Feng de'nan standing aside with guilt.

"Father, don't blame yourself too much. Fortunately, nothing happened." When Xiaonian comforted Fengde.

The adoptive father has always been a very measured person. This time, he was too anxious for her and Gong ou to come up with such a way.

"It's just a good thing. If there's something wrong with twins, I'll die without a good bone." Feng de stood there and said, his face full of remorse.

"Don't do that, adoptive father. It's OK. No one blames you."

Xiao Nian stood up and went to Feng de and said.

Rao is that she said, and Feng de didn't slow down at all, just said, "I'll find out where to put the rest of the medicine."

"Yes, I have to destroy all the medicine."

This kind of thing really can't stay, who knows what will happen.

When Xiaonian and fengdeman found it in the room, they turned all the cabinets and toy boxes, and when Xiaonian asked the maid to turn over all the clothes and pants the children had changed.

As a result, there was no medicine.

"Why can't I see the medicine again." After two laps of searching, Feng Degang's relaxed heart was raised again.

When I saw this, I could only comfort Fengde. "Don't worry, father, it must be two children. I'll know when they get up tomorrow."

"No, No." Calm as Fengde, rarely flustered like this, "I have to see the surveillance video."

Feng de ran out.

"Adoptive father."

When Xiaonian looked at his back and frowned, I'm afraid that his adoptive father's life has not been so disappointed, which is unbearable for a dedicated housekeeper.

When Xiaonian looked at the sleeping twins on the bed, he turned off the light and went out.

She hurried downstairs and walked into the living room. Feng de was busy assembling the remote control, pressing the key, frowning tightly.

"I will, father." When Xiaonian walked over, reached out to take the remote control from Fengde's hand, watched the TV screen adjust, cut the pictures one by one, looking for the trace of twins, and saw where they had hidden the rest of the medicine.

She remembered that the time was almost when she brought them the chef's clothes.

When small read immediately cut the picture into the living room, accelerated the speed to look back.

In the picture, she is changing her coat with Xiaokui, and Gong Yao is behind her. She climbs up the chair beside the coffee counter, puts all the medicine in, carefully throws the transparent bag into the garbage can, and takes the garbage can up and shakes, and sinks the bag down to avoid being found.

Seeing this, Feng de immediately rushed to the coffee counter, picked up the small bowl, opened his eyes in shock, "how can there be nothing in the bowl?"

Isn't that it?

When Xiaonian let the surveillance video continue to play, she went to the coffee counter and looked at the empty bowl, stunned for a few seconds.

All of a sudden, she seemed to think of something. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was slightly open in surprise.

"Why or no medicine?" Feng de turns to get the remote control.

"Adoptive father." When Xiaonian stood there, his voice was a little stiff. "I just saw in the surveillance video that your medicine seems to be a little like coffee and milk sugar."

"It's quite similar. I use the container made of milk candy to fix the shape of the medicine." Feng de said in a nutshell, reaching for the remote control.

When Xiaonian slowly turned around and looked at Fengde, he didn't know how to tell him the bad news.

"Xiaonian, come and help me adjust the remote control."

Feng De is so flustered that he can't even adjust the remote control properly.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he said word for word, "adoptive father, let me say something. Don't worry first."


Feng de looked at her in astonishment.

"Before, the maid made a cup of coffee for Gong ou. It seems that I saw her take two milk candies in it. Then the milk candies will not be..."

When small read's face also white white, cannot say.



As soon as Feng De's hand was released, the remote control fell down, and the whole man looked back as if he had lost his soul, and slumped on the sofa, "I take the medicine To your family. "

It's over.

It's all over.

"Don't do that, father." When Xiaonian was worried that Fengde couldn't stand the stimulation, "don't you say that this medicine was developed by yourself, it's not too harmful to people, but it's like being drunk."

She was drunk last night. Gong ou should be more restrained than her.

"But I gave you one and a half last night, and you only had two drinks." Feng De's face was pale and said, "but the young master has two whole ones. I seem to see him drink all the coffee."

If you take one and a half of the medicine, you will be enchanted. If you take two of them

He made a medicine for the young master's family.

Feng de can't imagine the consequences. It's not a sentence for them to be forgiven.

“……” Shi Xiaonian hears the words and quickly says, "father, don't sit down, go and make the antidote drink quickly, while the medicine in the palace and the European body hasn't come out yet."

Just solve it.

Words fall, Feng de has not yet responded, a small voice in the small read behind the ring.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw Gong Ou leaning against the door, his trousers wrapped in straight legs, his upper body was only wearing a shirt, three buttons were loosened, showing delicate collarbone. He leaned there, his handsome face was not as red as twins, but also with a little red halo, the outline was still deep and sexy, the thin lips raised a sinister arc, like a smile, black eyes Look straight at her.

There was a rush of hormones all over him.

"Is it not cold for you to wear so little?"

When small read blurt out.

"Not cold." Gong Ou's black eyes stared at her deeply, dissatisfied with the tunnel, "what are you doing here, but you still don't go back to the room?"

Back to the room?

What room?

When small read stupefied next, immediately way, "by the way, Gong ou, you sit well here, the adoptive father made a very good drink, I taste it."

"I don't want to drink! His drink must be hard to drink! "

Gong Ou flatly refused, stepped forward to her with long legs, reached for her hand and walked out, "go back to the room to sleep!"

His hands were so hot that Xiao Nian felt his hands were about to melt.

"Young master..."

Feng de stood up, Gong Ou turned his eyes, and black eyes glared at him displeased, "you don't have to wait on me, you can stay where you want me to be!"

When Gong Oula is holding it, Xiao Nian leaves.

When Xiaonian subconsciously breaks free, Gong Ou's hand becomes more and more forceful, and he strongly pulls her away. When Xiaonian can only look anxiously at Fengde, "adoptive father, drink, drink, hurry up!"


Feng De's face was angry and ashamed.

Shi Xiaonian is led into the elevator by Gong ou. Gong Ou holds her hand tightly, stands there straight and looks at the front.

When Xiaonian carefully observed him, he asked in a low voice, "Gong ou, do you have any discomfort?"

"I'm fine." Gong Ou's voice is deep and dumb. He looks at her with low eyes, and his lips are curved. "How do you worry about your man's body?"


When small read is surprised to open wide eyes, doubt own ear is wrong.

How long hasn't she seen his smile? She's almost forgotten.

The elevator door opened slowly in front of them.

As soon as Xiao Nian wanted to say something, Gong Ou pulled her out. She planted her whole body on him. Gong Ou took her hand and went into the bedroom, reached out to close the door and locked it.

It's locked.


As soon as a word was uttered, Xiaonian was pushed to the wall by Gong ou. Gong Ou bullied her, raised her chin with one hand, and gazed at her face with low eyes. Her eyes, eyes, nose and lips were full of fire.

He looked at her with eyes so deep that people could drown.

It's strange that shixiaonian feels that his body is so soft in his eyes.

She leaned back against the cold wall and looked at him.

Gong Ou doesn't do anything to her either. Her slender fingers caress her face gently, and her fingertips scrape her long eyelashes. Her voice is hoarse. "Why are you so beautiful?"


When Xiaonian looked at him blankly.

What's wrong with him? He's out of control like a twin.

"Four years, I'm old. Why are you so beautiful?" Gong Ou lowers her head and touches her face. Her eyes are deeper and deeper.

"You are not old." Xiaonian said softly, letting him touch her face.

Apart from being a little thinner than before, she didn't think he was old at all.

"I'm old." Gong Ou obstinately belittles himself. His forehead slowly leans towards her, and his warm breath spreads on her face. "Why are you not old? Why are you always so beautiful? Do you think I am getting uglier and uglier?"

"How can it be? You are very handsome, Gong ou."

Shi Xiaonian is telling the truth. She doesn't know why he has this inferiority complex.

How could he be old? His face can still make people scream when he goes out.

"Really?" Gong Ou chuckles, the voice line is extremely sexy, thin lips blow a breath on her face.

When Xiaonian was tickled by the wind, he reached out to touch his face. Suddenly, he caught his hand. He pinched her soft and thin fingers. His eyes were dim. "Why not?"

"What's up?"

I didn't understand what he meant.