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Chapter 1161 mu qianchu wakes up

"You see how sincere your emotion is. The camera can't catch a normal face when you cry." Gong Ou looks at every scene. He can't stop smiling on his handsome face.


Shi Xiaonian covers his eyes from behind. "No, no

It was he who made a surprise attack. On that day, the surprise wave by wave came. The whole island was restored. In the evening, he suddenly took her to dive into the sea and proposed in a undersea monument

That's all right. Before she realized it, she suddenly told her that the family style small wedding was ready, all the guests were seated, and the whole wedding site was perfectly arranged, so she was missing.

She didn't have any psychological preparation at all. The whole process was a feeling of floating on the clouds to hold a wedding ceremony. Even Gong Kui and Gong Yao spoke better than her.

"I haven't seen you. I have nothing to worry about." Gong Oula takes her hand.

"Turn it off and do a big cleaning."


Gong Ou glanced at her, glanced at the evil spirit in her eyes, reached out and pulled her straight forward from behind the sofa.

When Xiaonian screamed, he pulled his feet off the ground. The whole man fell forward and fell into his arms. Gong Ou immediately held her firmly, reached out and rubbed her dizzy head. "Come and watch with me."

When Xiaonian comes out of his arms, he looks at him angrily. Gong Ou holds her tightly, without letting her go.

There's no way.

Just look.

When Xiaonian takes the remote control to fast forward, watching the hologram change rapidly in the mid air, then stops at a position, and plays it normally.

In the video, Gong Ou stands in front of her in a white wedding dress. Her eyes are dark and deep, and her eyes have been on her face without any change.

"From today on, all my personal property will be returned to Xiaonian."

Gong Ou sat on the sofa with a stiff face and looked down at the woman in her arms.

Shixiaonian looks at it with interest. Gong Ou in the video says, "from today on, shixiaonian can interfere in anything I do and check some of my affairs."

Gong Ou's thin lips are a little tight.

In the video, he also said the oath affectionately, "from today on, my three children and I are completely controlled by shixiaonian, without any complaints."

Gong Ou doesn't know what Xiaonian is thinking. He grabs the remote control and says, "what's good? Look at the next section."

Taking advantage of his speed regulation, Xiaonian hurriedly gets out of his arms, reaches out to take out the vow book on the wedding from the sofa cushion, stands in front of Gong ou and opens it, "Gong ou, what you said won't be denied?"

He is at her disposal, not him.

"You put such an important thing on the sofa?" Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows and was very dissatisfied.

That's his oath!

Just sitting under her ass?

When small reads a pair of black and white clear eyes to look at him, "I already knew you this person easy not to keep promise, so as soon as I come back, each position in the family has the copy."

He is used to the fact that the president is so superior that he can be so easily controlled by her? She has seen through it for a long time.


Gong Ou discovered that she had a copy of the oath on her hand, and the red fingerprints on it were identical.

"Well, do you want to check it? There are gardens outside, and there are lots of them in the forest." She is well prepared.

Gong Ou looks at her as if she is ready to take care of herself. She leans back and touches her chin with her long fingers. "Shi Xiaonian, it turns out that you have such a strong desire to turn over and become a master."

"Or why do you think I should agree to your proposal?" When I read the oath in my hand, "hurry up, listen or not? It says that if you don't listen to me, I can sweep you out of the door whenever I want. "


"You have done notarization. Your private property is all my property now, and none of it belongs to the joint finance of husband and wife." When small read to smile smugly toward him, "how, listen to not obedient?"

Gong Ou looks at her like that. Her thin lips are hooked, and her eyes are not unhappy. She is only spoiled. "When I say notarization, you don't mean to refuse. You are waiting for me here."

"I didn't force you." Xiaonian smiled and looked at the copy with satisfaction. "I'm not interested in your property, but I'm on the top and you are on the bottom! You have to listen to me. Now, you have to stand up and do the cleaning. You are not allowed to watch the video here. "

She was so disgusted with herself at the wedding that she didn't perform as well as she was engaged. She cried in a mess.

Hearing this, Gong Ou shrugs and stares at her deeply.

"What else are you sitting on? Get up. "

When Xiaonian urged him.

Gong Ou sits there. After a few seconds, he stands up and walks towards her. Xiaonian looks at him with satisfaction and hands him the dust cap beside him.

Gong Ou looks down at his hat and doesn't take it.

"Hurry up "Ah!" When the dust cap was shot off, Xiaonian was lifted up by her waist and her feet were jumping out of the sky. She screamed, "Gong ou, what are you doing? Let go of me let go of me. "

"Aren't you on the top and I on the bottom? Why bother? I'll let you go now! "

Gong Ou hugs her waist from behind. It's easy. Like holding a child, she goes to the elevator.

When Xiaonian struggled, he carried him into the elevator, and he pressed him directly on the wall of the elevator. Gong Ou bowed his head and kissed her on the lips, pulled up her hands and pressed them on the top of her head with a big palm, forcing her to bow up to meet his kiss more.

"What to do? Let me go Uh uh.

When all the voices of Xiaonian were kissed.

Gong Ou's other hand wanders on her wantonly, exploring the beauty of every inch. Her thin lips cover her lips deeply, and her voice is low, dumb and ambiguous. "I'm carrying out my wedding vows, don't delay me."

"What Um, um... "

When small read desperately twist body, but let him kiss more crazy.

The elevator figures go up one by one.

A flash of light, like a star in the night sky

Downstairs, the twins wipe their desks and chairs. Gong Kui holds his dust cap and looks at the direction of the elevator in a dazed way. "What are dad and mom doing?"

Gong yaoxiao's face glanced at it with no expression and shook his head.

"Let's keep cleaning the table."


The two children began to do housework with great effort.


On a sunny day, the hospital called imperial castle.

"Mr. and Mrs. Gong, please come to the hospital and have a surprise."

After a period of operation, mu qianchu's condition is still stable, not the worst, and he has been transferred back to a luxury private hospital in China for recuperation.

When Xiaonian received the phone call, he hurriedly dragged Gong ou to go with him. Gong Ou sat in the car with him and said, "what's so urgent? You can't die."

"Gong Ou!" The doctor said it was a surprise. She estimated it might be the biggest surprise.


Gong Ou stops talking.

Gong family's car stops in front of the gate of the private hospital. Because of the arrival of Gong ou, the private hospital takes the rest of the people aside. The huge hospital looks very quiet.

As soon as entering the hospital gate, a young female doctor in a white gown came to them, bowed her head, and turned over the medical record book with a smile on her face

"Dr. Joe, how is qianchu now?"

He asked nervously.

Before he got the answer, Gong Oula went back. Gong gave the doctor a cold look, "wake up or die?"


Small round face of the female doctor froze there, obviously did not expect that there will be such a way to ask the patient's condition, Zheng for several seconds before smiling, "is this, Mr. mu qianchu transferred to our hospital recuperation after the situation recovered very well, a week ago has awakened, now can adapt to some dialogue."

"I woke up a week ago. How can I call now?" Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

"Well, I called."

The female doctor is weak.


Have you called? When small read stupefied under very quickly understand come over, turn to look at the man beside, is he doing good?

"I have too many things to remember."

Gong Ou rightly forgot.

“……” Shixiaonian resisted the impulse to hit him and asked the doctor, "I'll go to see him now."

"He's checking now. I'll take you to the ward and wait."

The woman doctor led them up the escalator of the hospital.

In the ward with excellent environment, there is a light fragrance of flowers. The ward is clean and tidy, and the sunshine outside the window is warm.

Gong Ou is sitting on the sofa. When he looks at it coldly, Xiao Nian is pacing in front of him.

"It's not dead. What are you nervous about?"

Gong Ou looks at her sullenly. He's still here. He's her man, the man with the certificate!

"I don't know how he's recovering." When small read a way, she has looked up a lot of information, there are some vegetable even if wake up also can't normal life, even can't communicate.

"It's better to live."

Gong Ou Dao.

When Xiaonian looked at his discontented eyes, his words were rough but not rough. Yes, as long as people live, it's not good. It's great comfort to wake up. What else do you want

In this way of thinking, Xiaonian's heart slowly calms down.

A little thirsty.

There is a water purifier at the door. When Xiaonian walks over, he picks up a disposable cup and lowers his head to collect water. Suddenly, a shadow comes down.

She looked up and saw a pale face.

I admire the beginning.


When the cup in Xiaonian's hand fell, the water hit his own foot.

Gong Ou sat on the sofa and looked at them coldly, resisting the impulse to move forward.

Mu qianchu stood at the door, dressed in white hospital clothes. He was very thin, his hair was cut very short, his face was a little bad, but he was still handsome, especially his eyes.

He looked at her, eyes as if hiding the spring breeze drizzle, soft and warm, so clean.

When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes suddenly turned red.