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Chapter 363 why don'st you come to see me

"..." Mona really knows her background.

"Gong Ou doesn't love you anymore. Don't be too much in front of me."

"More than you can do?" When Xiaonian repeated her words and sneered, "but how can I see a trace of fear in your face when you enter the door?"

"I didn't."

Mona immediately denied.

"Do you have a clear mind?"

Xiaonian said coldly, then nodded politely to Fengde and went to his bodyguard.

Before leaving, she unconsciously turned her head to look at the man on the bed, and Gong Ou was still sleeping.

When she came to the door, Mona's voice sounded behind her. "I would advise you to live by the present table house. You have a big appetite. Be careful."


When Xiaonian stops.

She could hear something else in Mona's words, but she knew that Mona would not speak to her clearly.

When Xiaonian didn't say anything, he left the ward and didn't look back.

When she came out of the hospital, the bodyguard walked beside her and said, "big lady, we have already made a deal with the police."

"OK, please." Shixiaonian said gratefully, "don't tell my mother and qianchu about this. Don't let them worry about me."

"We understand, miss."

The bodyguard nodded.

In the early morning, the sky is still dark, only a few sparse stars, the night wind is very cold.

When Xiaonian slowly walked forward and spread out his palm, a diamond earring was lying in the palm of her hand. The diamond was shining brightly and reflected into her eyes.

Inexplicably some dazzling.

What is the injury on Gong Ou's ear?

Why did you run that night?

Why does Mona know her background, but it seems that she came back home?

When the car hit the street lamp, why did Gong Ou cover her with his own body? It was just like killing her.

Bitter meat plan, which has so reckless bitter meat plan.

If he could give up his life for her, then why didn't he come to her when she was imprisoned in the tower, or even see her once, leaving her to live and die.

Does he still love her? No, did he ever love her?


When Xiaonian stood in front of the hospital building, he was blown by the cold night wind and thought a lot.

The answer was unexpected, but her heart was aching.

The bodyguards drove the car in front of her and came down alone to open the door for her. When Xiaonian looked down at the diamond earrings in his hand, he clenched them tightly and bent down to sit in the car.

The car sped away.

When small read to turn eyes, only to see the hospital building light is bright, a grid of windows like stars.

She held the ear stud for a long time without letting it go. Her fingertips were cold.


Gway comics building, President's office.

When the sun came down from the window, Xiaonian stood there holding a cup of warm water. His black and white eyes were clear and silent looking at the scenery outside the window. There was no expression on his face.

"Xiaonian, how can your style become so realistic now? The painting style is different from before."

The voice of summer rain rang behind her.

When Xiaonian turned around, she saw Xiayu sitting in front of the computer with a big stomach, looking at her painting and sighing.

Before, the style of Xiaonian was more idealized and romantic.

But now the style is so realistic that she is depressed, as if her heart is blocked by something.

"Not good?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Not bad, I just thought, can your fans accept such realistic style of comics?" Xia Yu said with some worry, "the first draft of this tower on the sea makes me depressed. The whole person is in a bad mood, but the connotation is much deeper than before."

When small read is a young girl cartoonist, mostly love based.

It's all easy to fall in love.

Suddenly change the style so much, it's like changing a person to draw a cartoon.

"I think it's good to change style occasionally."

When Xiaonian came to summer rain with a glass of water.

"Occasionally? Are you sure it's occasional? " Xia Yu looks at her incredulously.

When small read light smile, "so how, do you think it can come out, if not, I will withdraw the manuscript."

She respects the company's decisions.

"Let me have a meeting to discuss with you. As soon as you come out of this cartoon, you can become a dark series cartoonist. What you managed before is not all invalid. I have to think about it."

Xia Yu said with some headache, how could she have never thought that the tower on the sea is such a realistic cartoon, and she thought it was another romantic love story after hearing the name.

Seeing this, Xiaonian looks at Xiayu apologetically. It seems that she really has a problem with Xiayu.

"Well, you don't have to be in front of the computer, pregnant and touch it less." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Summer rain is also too hard.

"Yes, my great cartoonist!" Xia Yu said, turn off the computer and stand up. After a deep look, Xiao Nian had a heartache on his face.

"Why do you look at me like this?"

Xiaonian asked with a smile.

"Xiaonian." Xia Yu came to her, reached for her two arms and asked painfully, "what have you experienced in the past half year?"

When Xiaonian talked to her, she always played down.

From romantic girl comics to dark series comics, the mood changes so much that the experience is not so light.


Smell speech, when small read the smile on the lips stagnate, eyes dim down.

Xia Yu felt from her new cartoon the mood change of Xiaonian in the past six months, especially sad. He dared not to arrange work for her again, and drove her out of the company to let her go for relaxation.

When Xiaonian was pushed out of the company building by Xiayu all the way, she said that she was very good now, but Xiayu just felt that she needed to relax.


Where can she go to relax.

When small read helplessly thought, went back to take care of the daughter.

She went to the side of the road to wait for a taxi. She was still waiting for repair when her car broke down. Usually she didn't like a bunch of bodyguards following her. She liked to go in and out alone.

There are too few taxis at this time. I haven't seen one passing by for a long time.

Shi Xiaonian is impatient and takes out his cell phone to book a special car.

This car ordering app was downloaded last time Xia Yu and I went to talk about the contract together. Xia Yu's car broke down, so I used this to call for a car.

It is said that special car service is now popular in China.

She's not in China for most of the year. She has no idea what's popular or not.

After waiting for a moment, a car was parked in front of her. Rolls Royce's business car, with a grand appearance, was full of incomparable luxury in every detail.

The car stopped in front of her.

When small read stupefied next, now drive luxury car to all come out to do special car driver? What's the difference.

She thought to herself that the window was down, and a man in a black suit was sitting in the driver's seat, with his head on his side. "It's the special car you called. Please get in."


When Xiaonian got on the bus, he reported the address of tianzhigang.

The car drove forward, shuttled through the city's road, and chaotiangang community was getting closer and closer.


There's a cell phone voice.

"Miss, do you mind carpooling if there is a guest on your way?" The driver asked suddenly.

"As long as it doesn't go around my way."

Shixiaonian doesn't mind. She's not in a hurry.


The driver drove on for a while and stopped at the side of the road.

When Xiaonian looked down at her mobile phone, she heard a heavy door closing sound, closed a slight cold air flow, and then a strong momentum came over, which made her not very comfortable.

She lowered her head and saw the corner of a man's leather shoe.

"Sir, could you take the copilot?"

When Xiaonian raised her head, she said, as soon as she looked up, her eyes ran into a pair of dark pupils.

Gong Ou sits beside her, with layers of white gauze wrapped around her forehead. There is no expression on her pale face. A pair of black eyes stare at her deeply. The eyes are so bright that there is a hint of displeasure. The thin lips are pursed. She is wearing a brown windbreaker with neat buttons, but the white inside is still exposed.

He's still in hospital clothes.

Four eyes are opposite, and Xiao Nian's heart and mouth are severely twisted.

Gong Ou sits beside her, a pair of black pupils stare at her, all dissatisfied.

Xiaonian's eyelashes trembled, turned around and said calmly, "do you want to be so haunted?"

I can meet you in a special car.

Why didn't he show up when she wanted to see him? She didn't expect him, and he showed up again and again.

"Why don't you come to see me?" Gong Ou stares at her and asks irreverently. There is a thick unhappiness in her eyes.

"Look at you? What are you looking at? "

Asked shixiaonian in bewilderment.

Gong Ou points to the gauze on his forehead. "What do you say to see me?"

He was in hospital for her coma, and she didn't even come to see him once.

When small read light tunnel, "I have sent people to send condolences."

As a driver, she did just that.

"What kind of consolation products are rare in my palace?" Gong Ou stared at her and asked aggressively, "I've been in the hospital for two days. Why don't you come once? Your conscience has been gnawed by the dog? "

For two days.

How many times did he look at the door.

As a result, I never saw her figure. She was not like this before. If he had been hurt before, she must have been inseparable.

When Xiaonian sat there quietly, his fingers tightly holding the mobile phone.

Why not come once.

When she was in England, she thought the same.

"Aren't you accompanied?" When small read lightly said, try to make yourself appear calm, if nothing happened.

"I want you to accompany me!"

Gong Ou blurted out the words, as if he was biting his teeth. His voice was weak, but he could not cover up his bullying and irrationality.

When small read's Mou son mercilessly one stagnates.

I want you to accompany me!

He is a man who has a engagement. Doesn't he think it's strange that he said this? What does he think of her? Is she really a fox spirit.

When Xiaonian sat there and looked down at his cell phone, he didn't look at him. "Mr. Gong, I'm sorry for the accident. I'll give you the compensation for your injury."

At that time, she was out of control.

"My palace is short of money?" Gong Ouzhi was very angry, and his face was full of displeasure. "Besides, what you have to pay for is the car accident? Did you take my earrings? Think of you as a thief! "