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Chapter 75 the sorrel

"Take something?"

When Xiaonian looked at the tray doubtfully.

I saw that the tray was wrapped in a piece of paper. She helped Tang Yi, who was drunk like mud, to get the paper.

Her hands sank.

There is a piece of ice cold transparent glass wrapped in the paper. It is the size of her palm, and it is actually cut into the shape of a heart.

How do you like heart shape.

When Xiaonian put the glass on his knee, his thin fingers spread out the paper, and saw that there were four English letters on it, kiss!


This man Should Ji be thirsty to such a degree? He even thought of such a way to ask for a kiss.

At that time, Xiaonian wanted the waiter to send it back. The waiter seemed to see her unwillingness and immediately said, "Mr. Gong said that if we can't take it back, he will come to take it himself."

In person?

Then how can she suit Tang Yi.

Isn't all the wine wasted after such a long time?

When Xiaonian thought about it, she had to lower her head, pick up the heart-shaped glass, frown and reflect her lips on it. The lipstick with red color immediately showed her light lipstick on the glass.

"Take it." When I was embarrassed, my face was hot. I put the heart-shaped glass back into the tray, but I didn't dare to look at the eyes of the two waiters.

Damn Miyo.

Stinky man!

Kiss the devil!

Perverted paranoia!

Shi Xiaonian scolded Gong Ou 180 times in his heart, and raised his face when the waiters left her.

Tang Yi is too drunk to wake up because of her. She keeps muttering about her college life. "I'm not as good as before, and you are the same. You are also near Mr. Gong. When Xiaonian, we have changed, we have changed... "

When Xiao Nian listened to Tang Yi's twittering, he frowned.

She didn't change.

She would have been forced to come to this day because of her mistakes. If she had not been caught by Gong Ou's misunderstanding, the situation would have been out of control later. Now she is an ordinary girl cartoonist.

"Tang Yi, I have something to ask you." When small read embraces drunk Tang art to say.

Tang Yi was so drunk that he couldn't open his eyes

"Three years ago, the palace family asked you why you didn't tell me anything, just because I was crushed to death by the university public opinion. And on the cruise ship, I can see that you were shocked. When I mentioned three years ago, your eyes were dodging Now, you ask me everywhere. " Shixiaonian hugged her and asked, "did you hide something from me?"

"Concealment?" Tang Yi, hearing this, seemed to be awake. He sat up straight in her arms, looked at her slightly drunk, and smiled bitterly, "you are so smart, Xiaonian. You, you've always been smart. "

"I want the answer."

When I was young, I was serious.

Tang Yi's eyes are lax, shaking his head desperately like thinking of something. "No, I can't say, I can't say."

Seeing her like this, Xiaonian was more convinced of her own idea. She grabbed Tang Yi's arm. "Did you really hide my things and tell me what it was?"

"I can't say..."

"Tang Yi!" When I saw this, I couldn't help getting excited. "Do you know how important things were to me three years ago? Now I'm in a situation where I don't even have freedom because of that, tell me! What do you know? "

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

Tang Yi apologized bitterly.

"I'm sorry? Why do you say sorry to me, what do you know and what have you done? " When Xiaonian clings to her arm.

Tang Yi is hard to catch. She throws up a mouthful of red wine and shakes her head. "I can't say, I can't really say. Shixiaonian, don't force me...... "

Don't you want to say that?

What happened three years ago?

Why can't you say, why don't you let her.

In his mind, Xiao Nian had many ideas, but couldn't make a complete composition.

Looking at her painful appearance, Xiaonian didn't speak for a long time. People calmed down slowly, reached behind her, patted her gently, and asked, "is it better?"

Tang Yi bent down and let her pat her gently.

Suddenly, Tang Yi looked up at her with a face that was too red to be decent. There was tears in her eyes, but she was smiling. "Remember, I used to work as a part-time beer seller at school. I have a light drink, and I get drunk every time I come back. You accompany me."

At that time, the best person for her at school was when she was a child.

When Xiaonian looked at her tearful eyes, her heart filled with a burst of pain, "OK, I won't force you."

Needless to say, at least she is sure that there is another mystery about the cruise ship three years ago, although she does not know what it is.

"When I read it." Tang Yi whispered her name.


Tang Yi looks at her, hesitates in her eyes, "you You... "

"What do you want to say?" When small read ask.

Tang Yi looks at her drunk, and suddenly people fall towards her, heavily into her arms and close their eyes to sleep.

Before Tang Yi was completely drunk, Xiao Nian heard her whisper, "three years, three years You... Be careful Your sister... "


Her sister, Shi Di.

When Xiaonian felt that her body was cold, it seemed that there was a mystery unfolding slowly in front of her.

Three years ago, the cruise was actually related to her sister.

In this way, in a remote town, it makes sense that Tang Yi and Shi Di appear in her sight respectively. Tang Yi and Shi Di secretly meet.

However, if it's related to Shidi, three years ago What's the matter?

What role did Tang Yi play in that matter?

The whole Bureau Is it a conspiracy? What a conspiracy?

When Xiaonian put Tang Yi flat and let her lie on the sofa, she was going to ask again when she woke up, but Gong Ou couldn't wait to take her away after the appointment.

When Xiaonian is pulled out of the private club room by Gong Ou involuntarily, "can't you let me talk with my old classmates for a while?"

Staying by Gong Ou's side, she really has no personal freedom.

I can't finish asking.


Gong Ou is so domineering that she takes her hand and leaves.


When Xiaonian can only be dragged away by him.

Tianzhigang, a building, a luxurious duplex apartment

the TV in the living room is broadcasting all kinds of entertainment news without nutrition, when Xiaonian sits on the sofa with a pillow in his arms and meditates.

Three years ago.

Tang Yi.

Time whistle.

Who is setting up the Bureau, who is setting her up, and who is making her into this situation? These, she must know.

When Xiaonian hugged the pillow in his arms, a breath of mint fragrance came from afar.

She raised her eyes, Gong Ou came to her in a bathrobe, with a clean towel on her hand and wet short hair. Black eyes glanced at her with a low voice, "what are you thinking?"

"Nothing." When small read a way.

"Wipe my hair." Gong Ou throws the towel to her and sits on the sofa like a king, waiting for service.


When Xiaonian had to throw away his pillow, kneel on the sofa, and wipe his short hair with towel in both hands.

Gong Ou sits there, and suddenly there is a heart-shaped glass on her slender hand, which also shows her lip print. Gong Ou throws it in his hand, and the corner of her lip is hooked. "Can you kiss a pretty one next time? This lip print is too small and not sexy."


He wants sex? How many more lip prints does he want?

When small read deep speechless, vigorously wipe his hair, suddenly said, "Gong ou."


Gong Ou responds to her lazily. People lean on her and enjoy the softness of her body, like leaning on a wad of cotton.

"What would you think if I said that there was still room to look into the medicine given to you three years ago?" He asked tentatively.

If Gong Ou is interested in this, he is willing to check it.

He has great power. As long as she provides a little clue, he can find everything.

"What do I think?"

Gong Ou put away the glass he left behind, turned to look at her, his face suddenly cold, a pair of black eyes dark and sinister, "how, with the old students together and pull out what funny evidence? Think we can get rid of our relationship again? "

Does she study all day long how to get rid of the relationship and how to leave him?

Feng De, dressed in a suit, walked past with a bottle of cut flowers in his hand.

Gong Ou glanced at him and said coldly, "Feng De, send me that old classmate of shixiaonian to the Pacific Ocean. Don't let them meet again."

"Yes, sir." Feng de nodded.

"Gong ou..."

Shixiaonian looks at him in amazement. What is he doing.

"If you don't see each other, you won't have so much to do!" Gong Ou glanced at her coldly and pointed to her wet hair. "Keep wiping."

"I'm not busy." When Xiaonian knelt down in front of him and said eagerly, "I really think there are still problems here. Gong ou, aren't you curious about the truth of the matter at all?"

"The truth is that three years ago you drugged me and put me in my bed. Three years later, I caught you and I fell in love with you!"

Gong Ou summed it up in three words.

"What if I didn't prescribe it three years ago? You're not curious about who's actually taking the medicine? " Shixiaonian wants to arouse his interest and guide him to check.

"I don't want to." Gong Ou is determined.


Gong Ou reaches out and holds her chin. Her black eyes look into her eyes deeply. She says in a deep voice, "I'm interested in you now! Do you understand? I won't pursue what happened three years ago! "


"Ten thousand steps back to say that you were not the one who gave the medicine three years ago. How about that? There are few women who have slept in gongou?" Gong Ou overbearing tunnel, "the important thing is, I don't want to see you have a little want to get rid of the relationship with me!"

That made him deeply unhappy from the bottom of his heart.


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, he didn't speak for a long time.

For Gong ou, the truth three years ago is not so important. He doesn't care about her innocence. He is only interested in her now.

What I care about three years ago She is the only one.

Because that thing left her with no innocence and freedom.

"Wipe your hair."

Gong Ou continues to order her.

When Xiaonian had to grab the towel and wipe it on his wet short hair again, Bei teeth bit his lips, and Mou Guang fell into deep thinking.

No way.

Gong Ou doesn't check. She wants to check by herself.

Now, three years ago