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Chapter 513. We'sve made an appointment to open a room?

When Xiaonian sat down opposite to Gong ou and smiled at the busy Feng De, he said, "my father, would you like to sit down for dinner?"

"Miss Xi, it's against the rules."

Feng de immediately said, glancing at Gong ou, he saw that Gong Ou's face was colder.

"Today is new year's Eve." When Xiaonian insisted on having dinner together with Fengde, "adoptive father, it's the two of us who have dinner together every year. Sit down."

She can't think of Feng de as a housekeeper.

Gong Ou looked at him and said coldly, "you're telling me that? You want to reward Fengde. I'll ask the best cook to cook a new year's dinner for him, but the rule is that he can't go to the host's table. "

"I am not his master."

"You are my fiancee."

"Yes, it's unmarried, so we are both independent individuals." When Xiaonian understood that Fengde would not rebel against gong'ou, she simply stood up and said, "then I will stand and eat well."

"I'll eat standing up, too!"

Gong Kui was not old enough to see people's faces. Seeing that he thought it was fun, he immediately stood up from the chair.

"Miss Xi!"

Feng de looks at Shi Xiaonian in shock. He doesn't care why she doesn't go to the table.

The consequence of angering young master

Feng de looks at Gong ou. Gong Ou doesn't beat the table, but his face is colder.

The atmosphere is stalemate.

For a long time, Gong Ou stood up from the dining table and looked at Xiaonian indifferently. "I have business. I'll go back to the company first."

He's leaving.

When Xiaonian 's body was stiff.

"This is a reunion dinner, young master." Feng De quickly stood out and said.

Smell words, Gong Ou's face more hesitant.

Seeing that Gong Ou was not determined that the Jedi would leave, Feng de hurriedly pushed Shi Xiaonian back and whispered, "Miss Xi, Miss Xiao Kui and master holy are still there, not looking at the monk's face and looking at the Buddha's face."

With that, Fengde retreated again. "Sit down, young master. There are still fish stewed in the kitchen. I'll have a look."

When Xiaonian sat down stiffly, his eyes did not focus on the food.

Seeing that she sat down, Gong Ou just sat back at the table and held the chopsticks with his long fingers.

Tonight is new year's Eve.

Isn't there a saying that anything can be done in the Spring Festival.

When Xiaonian thought of picking up chopsticks and starting to eat, Gong Ou gave her a deep look. "Xiaonian, you should be more sensible in the future, and you will not be grateful for this. I hope your attention will only be focused on our future home, and you can ignore irrelevant things and irrelevant people."


When small read forbear to speak, continue to eat, by his preaching.

Gong Ou picks up the chopsticks and puts a piece of dish into the plate in front of shixiaonian. Shixiaonian looks up at him and says, "eat."

He was calm.

It seems that there is no dispute between them.

Is this a step down?


When small read low to answer the voice, since there are steps down it, can't always fight in front of the children, quarrel won't have any meaning.

Gong Yao sits aside, a pair of big eyes looking at the two of them, and Gong Ou's indifference is the same on his small face.

Gong Kui was very happy to eat. He stood on the chair, propped up the table in one hand, and handed Gong ou a spoonful of vegetables with a spoon in the other hand. He said, "Dad, eat vegetables."

"Sit down." Gong Ou frowns and looks at Xiang gongkui. "Why don't you have any rules of the palace?"

"This is not a palace."

Gong Kui tooted.


Just like Xiaonian, he looks smart and sensible on the outside, and always has an unrestrained strength in his bones. He refuses to be controlled or bound.

Gong Ou put down his chopsticks and began to educate Gong Kui slowly.

Every time he said a word, Gong Kui silently shrank back a few points.

The more you say, the more you shrink.

When Xiaonian's mobile phone vibrated, she put down her chopsticks, wiped her lips with a paper towel, picked up her mobile phone and looked at it. It was Annie who called.

She picked up the phone, picked it up and left the table. "Hello?"

"This is Annie. I have something to say to you." Annie's voice seemed to be hesitant and drunk, and there was the sound of fireworks blooming in the background.

"What do you want to say?"

Asked shixiaonian with some doubts.

"I've been thinking about it for a long time, and I think I have to tell you about it." Annie said excitedly, "I think you're pathetic. You've been waiting for so many years!"

"What are you talking about. Did you drink? Don't you go home for the new year? I'll pick you up. "

'Anne's voice sounds very drunk,' said Shi Xiaonian.

"I'm at home. If I feel bad, I drink some wine. No, I don't feel bad. I feel bad for you." Annie said incoherently, "you don't know, I overheard that the president and the big miss of Lancaster have made an appointment to open a room tomorrow. I also saw that the woman sitting on the president's lap is too sweet for me."


Smell speech, when small read's body completely rigid, she holds the mobile phone's hand some unsteady, a face fades the wine color, only leaves the pale.

There was a blank in her head.

Behind him came Gong Ou's voice of educating his daughter.

When Xiaonian suddenly didn't know where he was, he was cold, as if his body was not his own.

Mona sitting on Gong Ou's lap? I've made an appointment to open a room?

It's impossible.

He won't sit like that.

"The president used to be so nice to you. Besides you, who else can you see?" Anne said drunk on the other end of the phone, "listen to the housekeeper, the president's illness is cured and he has become a normal person. Maybe, there is no normal man who doesn't want to cheat? The president's condition is so good, many of them are women. Men are eating in the pot. Looking at the bowl, my ex boyfriend split his legs seven or eight times before I found out that thinking with his lower body is the so-called common fault of normal men... "

Anne was weak as she spoke. She seemed to be drunk. She fell asleep as soon as she spoke.

I didn't even hang up.


When Xiaonian didn't know how he hung up the phone or how he walked back to the dining table.

Gong Ou is still educating Gong Kui, and his theories are heaped up again and again, which makes her stupefied.

When the voices fell into Xiaonian's ears, they were all empty. She looked up at Gong Ou's handsome face.

Sword eyebrow, black pupil, strong nose, thin lips.

She seemed to see Gong ou, and she didn't seem to see Gong ou.

She even had the illusion that she never waited to return to miyou.

The one who cut off the relationship between her and her only eyes was gong Ou who never came back.

Gong Kui was taught to sit back in his chair, unable to find the north.

Gong Ou looks at Xiaonian and looks at her. Her eyes are as red as if they were stained with paint. "What's wrong?"

He asked.

When Xiaonian opened her mouth, she wanted to ask, but when she reached her mouth, she couldn't ask. Her throat seemed to be hoarse.

How to ask.

Did he really put Mona in his lap? Do you really want to open a room? Didn't he say what was going to happen earlier than now?

Can you tell me what to do if he admits it directly?

When Xiaonian suddenly found that he had changed from anger to fear.

She was afraid that he would admit it directly.

He has become a normal person. He no longer has the strong feelings of paranoia. It is also normal that he looks down on the relationship between men and women.

How long can a normal person love another person? Three months or a year? Sooner or later there will be a day of boredom, not today but tomorrow.

What about her?

He looked down on it. He began to live a life of red men and green women. What would she do? What about their future?

Do they really have a future?

"Why are your eyes so red?" Gong Ou looks at her and asks, with deep black eyes, "who called just now?"

Is it the breeze again?

He underestimated the courage of the student and dared to call.


When small read low face, continue to eat.

"Xi Xiaonian."

He called her by name.

When Xiaonian looked up at him, his lips moved. "Gong ou, today is the first time we have a reunion dinner together, waiting for the new year."

But this is the first time she heard such a phone call, telling her that the man in front of her, the man who asked her to pay for her family, would open a room with her woman tomorrow.


Asked Gong Ou indifferently.

"Tomorrow is new year's day, you should have nothing to do, we take twins to play."

When Xiaonian didn't know how he had the power to say this.

"Tomorrow?" Gong Ou refused without thinking deeply. "No, I have something to do tomorrow."

"Tomorrow is new year's day."


Gong Ou's tone is firm and there is no room for compromise.

"Well, when I didn't say it."

When small read light tunnel, fingers pinched chopsticks.

He sat in front of her, calmly eating dinner, but her heart position was torn, torn to pieces.


After dinner, Gong Ou means to stay with them and read the documents.

Little by little time passes.

Gong Ou finishes sorting out the documents at hand, takes out the medicine bottle, pours a medicine into his hand, puts it into his mouth, swallows it with water, turns around, and there are only two twins left in the shop.

Gong Yao kneels on the ground and meditates. Gong Kui sits behind him and leans his head on his back. He sleeps straight.

How about Xi Xiaonian?

Gong Ou got up from his chair and moved his aching neck. The glass door of the gallery was knocked.

He stepped forward and the glass door was opened from the outside.

Gong Ou's male secretary rushed over from the outside, necked in cold, and held a delicate and high-end box in his hands. "President, I got it. I came back without even eating. The last limited scarf in that shop is worth collecting."

Gong Ou takes over the box, opens it, and looks at the scarf with several layers folded inside. His lips are slightly hooked. "OK, you can go back for the new year."

"Thank you, president."

The Secretary finished the task with a sigh of relief and turned away.

Gong Ou looks around, his black eyes become deeper, and his fingers touch the scarf.

Now I'm not afraid of the cold.

This limited edition scarf is not the kind that students can buy for her.

Gong Ou closes the box and walks out of the door. He asks the guard at the door, "have you seen Xi Xiaonian?"