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Chapter 967 you'sve come this far


Shi Xiaonian got up from the sofa and walked out slowly, step by step, like walking on the tip of a knife.

Pain to drop blood, but also to go down.

Pushing open the door of the infirmary, Lori stood there in a white doctor's suit, mixing all kinds of potions. Seeing her appear at the door like a ghost, he couldn't help but hook his lips. "It seems that you have thought clearly."

Nothing can stop her.


When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him in silence, he slowly walked inside.

"Change your clothes in the dressing room. I'll give you an induction and take some more medicine." Lori's tone is purely official.


When Xiaonian walked obediently to the dressing room, there was a set of broad surgical clothes inside. She took off her clothes and put on the blue surgical clothes.

As soon as the surgical suit was attached to her body, her stomach began to move, as if protesting silently.

When Xiaonian opened the door and entered the operating room, Lori had been waiting there. Seeing her coming in, Lori sighed without any trace, handed her the small plate with medicine on one side, "take all these medicine, water here, and then lie on the operating table."


When Xiaonian walked over, there were some white pills in the plate. She reached for them and shook them badly, but she put them into her mouth without any hesitation.

She swallowed it dry.

It's like trying to make yourself miserable.

Lori handed her a glass of water. "Drink some water, and then you will have a painful time. Induced labor is no different from giving birth."


When Xiaonian looked at him, Lori realized that there were no tears in her eyes, but they were full of blood.

She turned to the operating table and lay down peacefully.

Lori put on gloves and went to her. She pressed her stomach several times. The baby immediately started to move around. He said in a low voice, "the baby thinks I'm playing with him. He's very happy. It seems that he will be a very active child."

"Can we not say that?"

When Xiaonian was lying there, there was no hope in his voice.

Don't let her listen any more, let this nightmare pass quickly.

"Well, I'll give you an induction now." Lori said, "after that, you will have a certain reaction. You have had a difficult time giving birth to children, and understand how painful it is to have contractions. This reaction varies from person to person. It may take a long time, and it will be more painful. "

Production is pain, ushering in hope. She is pain, ushering in stillbirth.


She doesn't care how painful she is. It's her decision, so the pain should be borne by her.

"Well, I respect your decision." Lori said, reached out and pressed her stomach several times, deliberately making the child's movements more intense. He looked at Xiaonian's face.

Such a clean and beautiful face with distinct features is full of despair at the moment.

Lori picked up the syringe in his hand, raised it slowly, and let Xiaonian see it. Xiaonian lay there with his eyes open, and suddenly said, "he's called pumpkin."


Lori froze for a moment.

"His name is pumpkin." When small read a word a word said, like biting a lip general, listen to all have blood.

Smell speech, Luo lie understood her meaning, "very lovely name, he must like very much, move more fiercely, only pity, he likes to stop here."

When Xiaonian closed her eyes, she was desperate and swam away from her veins. Every movement of the child tore her nerves.

"Then I'll start the injection."

Lori said, holding the syringe hand slowly down, into the eye, when small read's hand to seize the surgical suit.


The door was suddenly forced open.

When Lori turned his head, he saw mu qianchu standing panting at the door. His eyes were looking forward at the moment. There was no right place to look. His face was not so good as Xiaonian's.

"This is the operating room. What are you doing?"

Asked Lori coldly.

"I'll take Xiaonian!" Hearing the voice, mu qianchu walked towards them accurately. When he touched the operating table, Xiao Nian directly touched her stomach. When he felt it was uplifted, he was relieved and grasped it. "Xiao Nian, you go with me!"

"I'm in therapy, Chiu. Let go."

Xiaonian's hand was still pulled by mu qianchu, and the whole person was sitting on the operating table.

Muqianchu holds her hand and stares at her. "What kind of treatment? Induced labor? If I didn't find out that you were wrong these two days, I would have had an abortion if someone stole Dr. Luo's information! "


When Xiaonian looks at his face in shock, he actually knows.

"Come on, you come with me." Mu qianchu is no longer gentle in the past, but repeatedly and forcefully wants to pull her down from the operating table.

"Qianchu, this is my business."

When Xiaonian refuses to leave with him, he reaches out to push him.

Hearing this, mu qianchu's face became paler. He smiled bitterly. "Yes, I am not qualified to manage you, but I am not qualified to manage you today! Come with me! "

Said, mu qianchu tough to pull her, Luo lie stood by and watched, symbolically stopped, "Mr. mu, women have the absolute autonomy of childbearing, I believe you should know that."

Hearing Lori's voice, mu qianchu's tone was very strong. "Dr. Luo, I appreciate your conduct, but I didn't expect that you were just at the mercy of others and didn't give consideration to others at all."

"At the beginning of the thousand, Dr. Luo is not such a person."

When I had a headache, how could I have so many twists and turns.

Lori has tried to keep her children. She is too stubborn.

"Since you have read my information, you should know Mrs. Gong's condition. For her good, I can only respect her." Lori stood there and said, putting the syringe aside.

"For her good?" When mu qianchu clenched Xiaonian's hand, he sneered, "do you think Xiaonian can live long without this child?"

When Xiaonian's body was stiff.


Lori looked at shixiaonian in silence.

"Xiaonian grew up in an environment where she was forced to compromise, especially when she was with Gong ou. Everyone should be fed up with it. She is not a weak pressure resistance, on the contrary, there are too many things that need her pressure resistance, she has been used to any pot on her own back. "

Mu said, "now she attributes all the causes to herself. The shadow of twins on her back and the death of her adoptive mother on her back. You think it's good for her to respect her, but in my opinion, if she doesn't even have this child, she will die earlier than anyone else!"

Luo lie looked at mu qianchu with some vibration. He didn't expect that mu qianchu could understand this.

When Xiaonian wants to break away from mu qianchu's hand, mu qianchu grabs her hand and walks out of the operating room. He doesn't even hum when he hits the wall.


On the balcony, the air in the woods is fresh and the sun is warm.

When Xiaonian was sitting on a cane chair in a thin coat, mu qianchu was standing on the balcony with his hands on the armrest and his back slightly bent. His short hair was blown by the wind. His features were soft and his eyes were blank.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he was in a trance thinking of a long time ago, when he was young, mu qianchu liked to stand on the balcony and blow, and he was the same at that time.

Two people stand and sit together, they are silent.

When Xiaonian pulled his coat, he was about to stand up. The voice of Mu qianchu said, "Xiaonian, I know you hate my meddling, and I know that the most unqualified person in the world is me, but I can't watch you die."

He can't do it.

When Xiaonian's eyes were dim, he whispered, "it's not so serious. Really, there are more abortions in the world. The children are not aware. It's really OK. It's really OK."

Little pumpkin won't hurt. It won't hurt.

Mu qianchu took back his hand and stood up straight. He slowly turned around to face her. People walked towards her and sat down on the cane chair beside her. His voice was low with a trace of speechless dumb. "Xiaonian, we know each other when we are young and have been living together for many years. I know what kind of person you are."


"I don't understand Lori's psychology, I just know you can't experience the death of people around you." "From now on, even if I don't sleep for 24 hours, I will stare at you until you give birth to the baby," said Mu

It's too late.

She's been taking medicine and it's too late for anything.

When Xiaonian was about to say, mu qianchu said again, "you are not a woman without opinions and abilities, but since when have you forced yourself into a silk flower? You don't care for Gong ou, for the so-called no longer hurting people around you, even if you force yourself to death? Well, you don't care. Gong Ou doesn't care? "

"I will be strong." Said Shi Xiaonian, his voice shaking.

Maybe she said that she was not confident.

"I don't believe it." "You know, I just heard your illness read out, and I suddenly hated Gong Ou again. I was thinking, if I didn't lose my memory at the beginning, if we were still together, at least I wouldn't let you look like this."

She will become like this, half because of her character, half because of the domineering power of Gong ou.

Smell speech, when small read of the eye to stagnate under, the heart mouth some slightly to draw pain.

"But then I thought, why do I have such an idea? I have done so many wrong things." Mu qianchu said, "if I haven't done those things, now you will at least take me as a friend, talk with me and listen to my suggestions."

But not all of her own decision, wanton, at the risk of forcing herself to the dead end.


When small read silence.

"When you come to this stage, you don't even have a person who can ask for advice. I'm also responsible, aren't I?" Mu qianchu said bitterly, "if your parents are still there, you can at least complain to them, but now they are gone."

When Xiaonian looked at him, he sat there quietly, his eyes covered with water.

"Don't do this at the beginning of the thousand. Since it's over, I don't want to mention it again."