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Chapter 539 let him know how to treat you well

He was wearing a dark coat, the watch on his wrist was backlit, and his whole body was valuable. He had short curly hair and wore sunglasses and masks. Such a man was almost integrated with the night.

Mr y.

When Xiaonian learned about those old things today, he and Gong Ou broke up again. People were very tired, and really didn't want to deal with this Mr. y.

But the man found her and turned to look at her.

When Xiaonian stopped the car to one side and got up to meet him, "Sir, you are here."

The man's jaw is light.

When Xiaonian looked at the car over there, it seemed that his assistant didn't come today. She took out the key. "Come in, sir."


The man nodded in silence.

When Xiaonian opened the door and looked back, he saw the man standing there. He looked up at the sign of the gallery, which was a glowing "home".

He raised his face, when Xiaonian was shorter than him, just saw some of his eyes under sunglasses.

The shape of the eye arc is very nice.

I don't know why he never shows his face.

When Xiaonian didn't say anything, he walked into the gallery and the man followed her. Instead of talking with her, he went directly to the wall and saw the packed packing box frown and the wall was empty.

"I'm going to close the gallery." When small read to walk to say, good intention tunnel, "you want to draw, I open to come, you look at the words of any few take away, when I send you."

As he said this, Xiaonian bent down to take apart the packaged paintings and carefully took them out one by one and put them aside.

Her cell phone suddenly vibrated as she was busy.

When Xiaonian took out his mobile phone, it showed a message that Mr. y had just sent.

Why shut down the gallery? Your paintings are very good. Not everyone has your talent. Don't you cherish them?

After reading the message, Xiaonian looks up at the man in front of her. He is fully armed, and she can't see his expression.

But his lines seemed to blame her for wasting her talent.

"Gong Ou doesn't like me to open a gallery. He needs me to take care of his family wholeheartedly." Shixiaonian explained.

The man looked at her and picked up his cell phone again.

Two people together, not to give up for each other, but to work for each other.

When Xiaonian looked at the text messages on his mobile phone, his eyes changed slightly and he whispered, "sometimes giving up is also an effort, isn't it? Come, sir, and see which one you like. "

When Xiaonian stood several paintings on the ground for him to choose.


The man took a look at her, stood there and began to see the painting.

When Xiaonian stood by and waited quietly. In the past four years, Mr. y came to buy paintings almost every quarter. She seldom saw anyone so fascinated by her words.

Mr. y often looks at the picture as if the whole person has entered another world.

Shi Xiaonian thought that this was the last time he came to see her painting. She didn't disturb him, turned around and left, coughed a few times.

She has had this cold over and over again. She is always dizzy after taking the medicine.

She went into the kitchen and boiled the water.

When the hot water was about to turn on, Xia Yu's phone rang in at this time, and Xiao Nian picked up the phone. Xia Yu's voice of concern came, "how is your cold better? No one is looking after you now. Why don't you live in my house?"

"I'm much better. I'm fine. You haven't slept yet? "

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"No, I'm not worried about you. Now the press conference of holographic era has been flying all over the world. I still remember that at that time, Mr. Gong announced your relationship at the conference of Mr series robots. Now if you also announced the wedding news, it would be a perfect ending." Summer rain said at that end.

Perfect ending?

It's not like that.

Gong Ou actually took a lot of risks in opening up their relationship. At that time, she was involved in scandals. Once it was announced, it would probably have a great negative impact on him, but he didn't care about it. But this time, he said that it was for a win-win situation and maximum benefit to make the wedding news public at the conference.

When Xiaonian held his cell phone and didn't speak, Xia Yu said over there, "but when I think that Mr. Gong is like this now, I'm worried about you. What kind of life do you say you will have after marriage?"

The water is boiling.

"I'm boiling water. It's boiling. I'll talk to you hands-free."

Shi Xiaonian said, put the mobile phone on hands-free aside and pour the water into the cup.

"The fairy tale ends when we get married. Who knows what kind of day it will be after the prince and Cinderella get married?"

"Xiaoyu, I have decided." When small read to hold up the cup, the nasal sound is very heavy, "no matter what kind of day I will get married."

"I'll go. Did you decide so soon? Didn't you say you were hesitant? "

Asked Xia Yu in shock.

"Now that I know something, I feel like I'm doing all this nonsense." Shi Xiaonian said that she could not bear to read the first few pages of the medical record.

She didn't dare to think about how many times Gong Ou had called her name before and after. She didn't dare to think about whether Gong Ou had to rely on her to go to this step. When she got well, she became a brand-new Gong ou, and then her feelings gradually faded.

But she, because of his emotional loss and jump up and down to make trouble.

Xia Yu didn't understand how she became so fast and couldn't help saying, "but don't you say Gong Ou doesn't care about you at all? Xiaonian, you should think about it. It's a long life. If you live with someone who doesn't care about yourself, it's too painful."

"It's going to be tough, isn't it?"

When Xiaonian coughs twice, she holds the cup tightly and warms her hand. Her fingers are very cold.

"Why do you wronged yourself like this? Haven't you suffered enough in the past four years? Your parents are dead, your family property has been taken away by mu qianchu, your children are not around, and you are still waiting for Mr. Gong." Xia Yu said with a choking voice, "I don't care. If Mr. Gong doesn't care about you after marriage, I'll find someone to beat him."

When Xiaonian was amused, "how about bodyguards around him?"

Fight Gong ou, you can think of it.

"There's always something to do to make him know how to treat you well, don't ignore you." Summer rain said.

"I don't want to make any changes with him now, it's that we don't talk at all. We can't talk at all. We have too many differences in outlook."

When small read some helplessly said, turn around in front of the flow reason table, a raise eyes see Mr. y standing at the door.

When small read stupefied next, one hand holds the cup one hand to pick up the mobile phone way, "small rain, I have something here, call you later."

As he said this, Xiaonian hung up the call and went to Mr. y. he asked with a smile, "has Mr. y chosen yet?"

The man's jaw, turn around and walk out.

When Xiaonian went out with him, he saw that five pictures had been packed on the ground in the middle of the gallery, and the man handed her a black card.

"No, sir. You helped me. I can't take any more money from you."

Shi Xiaonian said, refusing his offer of money.


The man was still standing there with the black card.

When Xiaonian understood his insistence, he politely refused again, "Sir, if I am too sorry to accept your money, those lawyers I know are not necessarily invited to spend money, I owe you such a big man how to accept your money."

Without these lawyers, Gong would have taken the twins back to England.

How could she see them all the time.

See her say so, the man took back the card, bent down to carry the picture out.

When Xiaonian sent him out, the man closed the trunk and came forward, opened the door, and Xiaonian smiled, "slow down, sir."

The man stooped down and leaned into the car, then came out again, with an extra gift box in his hand.

When Xiaonian saw it, he had a headache. He backed up and said, "Sir, I really can't take your gift."

The man put the small gift box into her hand, sat in the car and drove away.


When Xiaonian catches up, the car has disappeared.

She stood helplessly in the night, looked down at the gift box in her hand, another gift. How could Mr. y like to give her a gift so much.

Do you want to chase her?

But the pursuit seems to have no such thing. When Xiaonian opened the gift box in his hand, it was a pair of earrings again.

It's all for women.

When Xiaonian closed the box, he turned back to the gallery.


The next day, Xiaonian appeared in the imperial castle on time.


Gong Kui rushed out from the inside, and when he saw Xiaonian standing in front of the fountain, he rushed out excitedly and rushed to her, "you come to pick me up, can I go to your gallery to draw?"

"Of course."

Xiaonian said with a smile.

Gong ou and Gong Yao, one big and one small, walked slowly from the inside with similar walking posture.

When he saw Xiaonian, Gong Ou's eyes became soft, but soon his eyes became cold again. He looked coldly at shixiaonian, "no, I won't take your car. Feng De, take the twins to the baby sitter's car. "

"Yes, sir."

Feng de leads Gong Yao to a brand-new nanny car. When he passes by Xiaonian, he whispers, "the nanny car bought temporarily last night, young master."


Do you hate her coming? He only likes her to be a big lady waiting for him. He doesn't like her following him. He thinks it's a kind of entanglement.

Is it better for her to really follow his heart? Be a palace little grandmother without self.

Xiaonian's eyes darkened and her hands covered her lips and coughed twice.

"Don't pass the cough on to me and the child."

Gong Ou walked by her side, sat in a sports car and drove by herself.

When Xiaonian saw this, he immediately got on the bus and drove with Gong Ou's sports car. The nanny car followed her car. It was ridiculous that the family had divided three cars when they went out.

When Xiaonian focused on Gong Ou's car, Gong Ou deliberately broke it, left and right on the road, trying to get rid of her.

She watched him show off, and the broad road became his stage.