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Chapter 1004 deciding on the last departure

When small read low Mou way, "that bit small young master is not liked by the family, all the year round is put in the foreign country, I see own shadow in him, so I am quite impressed with him."

Smell speech, Gong Ou saw her one eye deeply, some are distressed, turn head to imprint next kiss hard on her lip.

"I've been fine."

Time is the best medicine to smooth everything, said Shi Xiaonian with a smile. The trace that was ignored in those years has become less and less in her heart.

"Of course, I don't think of those things when I'm around." Gong said proudly, looking down at the picture on the paper, "is a teenager a technological genius? That's interesting. "

When Xiaonian leaned against him and whispered, "it's not surprising that talent is hard to say. Some people can't study it all their lives, but you can create N.E. as young as you are."

n. E mobile phone system, Mr series robot, holographic era These are all masterpieces of Gong ou, which too many people can't reach in their lifetime.

"You think I'm all on talent?" Gong Ou is dissatisfied.

"I didn't deny your efforts, I mean that bit may be the same kind of person with the greatest talent as you." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Ou looks at her white and clean face with low eyes. Her thin lips are pursed. She is not happy. "Are you sure you can compare him with me?"

In her eyes, anyone can compare with him? It's a joke.

When Xiaonian realized that Gong Ou was jealous, he hurriedly said, "of course not. If he is like you, he doesn't have to work so hard with robots to study your research, right?"

"Nonsense!" Gong Ou is just barely satisfied and reaches for her.

It's been a long time since I can do whatever I want. Compared with the previous time, today's day can be called heaven.

And this heaven It's time to read it to him.

However, he gave her a denial of herself, which almost caused her abortion and mental breakdown. Gong Ou looked down at her serious eyebrows and eyes, lowered his head and gently printed a kiss on her face.

When Xiaonian looked up at him doubtfully, then he laughed at him. His eyes curved and fell into his sight, like a fireworks in his world.


The discovery of Shi Xiaonian made the palace's lifeless and active.

On a bright day, Xiaonian walked to the conference room with a bucket of vanilla ice cream. The room was very large and was specially arranged for work meetings.

The whole conference room is full of computers, projectors, printers, professional staff in front of the computer crackled and crackled.

In the center of the conference room, Gong Yu and Gong ou are talking about something. They are very serious.

When Xiaonian came in, Gong Ou raised his finger, and Feng De, who was standing behind him, immediately took over the ice cream bucket in Xiaonian's hand, saying lovingly, "there are many computers here. Next time I say something, I'll take it."

"It's OK. I'll just come in for a while." When Xiaonian said with a smile, seeing Gong ou and Gong Yu discussing, she didn't bother, just asked, "how about that? Is that little master bith the man we are looking for? "

"It should be nine to eight."

Feng de said that he was very excited about the discovery. "We used a small number of bitphotos for analysis. It should be him. Xiaonian, you're really good. I thought the club was a failure. I didn't expect that it's going to be a failure now. "

It's really him.

In this way, it makes sense for the bodyguards to call them the young master. After all, they are Lancaster's distinguished young master, George's son and Mona's brother.

"The negotiation was in a hurry. I didn't expect that such a young man would be a genius of science and technology. Unfortunately, Lancaster only pays attention to him now."

"What do you value? If you take him as a treasure, you will leave him in the research room without even matching a gun?" Gong Ou intervenes and sneers coldly.

As he spoke, he looked at shixiaonian and clapped his long fingers on his legs.

When Xiaonian didn't see it, he just looked at them and said, "yes, it's really strange that Mr. George can lead the whole family to the downfall for his daughter, but he doesn't care about his son so much."

Gong Ou raised his eyebrows and patted his legs again.

When Xiaonian pretends not to see it, he really can't be separated from each other. There are so many people here who don't want to face her.

"It's not surprising." Gong Yu sat there gracefully, with a mature voice line. "The aristocrats always pay attention to blood relationship to ensure the dignity and orthodoxy. That bit was just born by the old man and the maid. In a sense, it was the stain of the whole family."


When Xiaonian is shocked by the small earthquake, is blood really so important? In this case, it's not a child's sin to be greedy.

"There's nothing that the messy, incest family can do to keep the lineage going." Gong Ou snorts. He always sneers at the Lancaster family. His black eyes stare at shixiaonian, "shixiaonian, come here."

Hints can't understand, pregnancy really makes people stupid, he wants to hold her to understand!


Gong Yu and Feng de look down and smile. They have no choice but to do what Gong Ou wants.

When Xiaonian touched his ears, as if he had not heard at all, he asked, "what are you going to do next?"

"Shixiaonian, do you have selective deafness?"

Gong Ou gets angry sitting on the wide sofa.


Xiao Nian pretends to look at him.

"Come here!" Gong Ou's face is not solemn and says, "I may have to leave next time. It won't be too short. Come here!"

Let him hold it a little longer.

Leave? When small read Zheng is there, this time is really silly, he wants to leave again, because this time her discovery? He has a plan again.

Seeing that Xiaonian's face was a little white, Gong Yu said quickly, "it's not so fast. Now I don't know where bit has been transferred, and we need to collect more information about this young master."

"Oh, that's it." I nodded in understanding.

"Xiaonian." Gong Yu looked at her, and his eyes were comforting. "I think this time I'll get rid of the talent of science and technology. Lancaster is basically left to us to kill. Then Gong ou will be able to stay at home with you in labor."

He consoled her for the last time.

When small read understand Gong Yu's good intentions, a light smile, "nothing, my baby is very good, can wait for a while."

"What are you doing so miserably? Who said Xiao Nian would stay at home and wait for me? "

Gong Ou snorts. His decision hasn't been made yet. They have talked about everything.

Smell Yan, three pairs of eyes all look at Gong Ou in unison, have surprise, Gong Yu is more direct tunnel, "you still want to take small read to find bit? Last time, it was more dangerous than last time. Xiaonian 's stomach was so big, which could stand the toss. "


When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou in silence, she knows that her body condition is not suitable for following, but does not deny that she hears these words from Gong Ou's mouth, and her heart beats violently.

"What are you afraid of? I'll take care of my woman!" Gong ou can't help saying that the light in black eyes is too firm and too domineering.

I won't leave you alone.

She seemed to hear him say that.

"Besides, my woman is much more useful than this rubbish!" Gong Ou praises her in front of all the people, and the style of praising people also has his style.

When small read looked at him, smiled, "well, I go out, you continue to talk about things."

She turned around and left, thought about it, then turned back, and said, "if you want to know bit's information, you can ask a person, it can take a lot of less effort."

Gong Yu's face was embarrassed.

Gong Ou cradles his lips in an evil way and turns his eyes to Gong Yu. "My woman is right. He has been in Lancaster. He should be clear about the things inside."

"Then let's..."

"It's up to you." Gong Ou interrupts him.

"Fengde......" Gong Gu calls for Fengde.

"This is my steward. Don't send my men." Gong Ou continues to interrupt him.

Gong Gu twisted his eyebrows. "Gong ou, it's not interesting for you to do this."

Gong Ou always doesn't care about these things. What's the matter with him today.

"I'll see all the information in the evening. It's better not to delay. Please do it as soon as possible." Gong Ou stands up directly from the sofa. Suddenly, he bends down to Gong Yu. His black eyes are full of revenge, and his voice is extremely evil. "Brother, it's very interesting to do this, just like someone accused my woman that day!"

With that, Gong Ou grabs Xiaonian's wrist and leaves. Before leaving, he still takes a bucket of ice cream with him.


After sitting there for a long time, Gong Yu realized that Gong Ou intended to retaliate against him, and immediately stroked his forehead gloomily, "this beast that will report to him!"

Didn't he just say that when he read it, he apologized later, as for it?

"In the eyes of the young master, it's forbidden to read three words at a time. He can say, but no one else can say a word."

"Sick." Gong Yu is very angry. He always thinks that he has something to do when he wants to ask the man about things. He looks at Feng de and takes off his watch while he says, "manager Feng..."

"Young master seems to call me. I'll go first."

As soon as Gong Gu opened his mouth, he knew what he was going to do.


Gong Yu is sitting there depressed. That is to say, he has to find the man?


The lawn is bright green in the sun, like adding a layer of natural filter.

Gong Kui was playing with a group of servants' children. Gong Yao sat away from the crowd and silently wiped his bow and arrow.

When Gong Yu came to the lawn, he saw Lori in his shirt and vest playing with the children. Lori was an aloof and indifferent person, but he relaxed a lot with the children. His eyes behind the lenses were very gentle.