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Chapter 392 centenary photos

When Xiaonian opened his eyes, a pair of eyes red to the front, Mona persistent yellow umbrella came towards her, went to the eaves to put up the umbrella.

Mona's condition is not much better than when she was young, and her body is half wet.

Even though she was in a mess, Mona's posture was still noble, her chin was slightly raised, her beautiful long blonde hair was turned aside, her sea blue eyes looked at her contemptuously, and her mouth was fluent Chinese. "When I was young, I didn't expect that you were quite sensible and didn't come out."

The moment she got out of the car, Mona saw the existence of Xiaonian.

It's very dangerous.

If she comes a step later than shixiaonian, and shixiaonian walks to Gong ou with an umbrella, the situation will be completely overturned tonight.

When Xiaonian has no energy to entangle with Mona, she picks up her umbrella from the ground and prepares to leave.

Just took a step, Mona's voice sounded behind her, "why do you want to come back to s city? Why do you stay here in so many places around the world? "

Smell speech, when small read sneer, turn round slowly indifferently to look at Mona, "Mona, I stay in any place has nothing to do with you."

"You are here, Gong ou will not be better, and your lover in foreign countries to live a free is not good?" Mona said, moving to let Xiaonian leave, "Xiaonian, you can leave alone, and we can still have some feelings."

Anyway, she and shixiaonian have been good friends for a short time.


A person who has come with a purpose to talk to her.

It's ridiculous, but it's just a one-sided reminder to know her face, or she'll wait to be dealt with and understand.

"Mona, are you afraid?" When small read stands in front of Mona to smile to ask a way, a pair of eyes are suffused with red.

"What am I afraid of?"

Mona asked proudly.

She is Gong Ou's fiancee. She is the eldest lady of Lancaster. She is a proud girl.

How many people in the world can frighten her?

"There is no psychological burden to rob, but to guard is to fear." When small read a smile to say, "is not it?"

"I'm afraid you rob me?" Mona gave a scornful smile, as much scorn in her eyes as possible.

"Not afraid how can you stand here?"

How can I warn her without fear?

She understood that when Mona appeared, she was also in such a panic.


The smile in Mona's eyes was a little stiff, and she held the umbrella handle tightly with her fingers.

When Xiaonian looked at her, he slowly converged his smile, and the water dripped down from his long hair. "So, Miss Mona, please don't use any means on me or my family. I will make you more afraid."

Mona stood straight, as if hearing a joke. "Is it up to you? But is it the secret family that owns the island that can make me afraid? "

When Xiaonian approaches Mona, her shoulder is close to her shoulder.

Cold to cold.

Like two pieces of ice.

"Make me anxious, I will return to Gong Ou's side." When small read side face, Mou son indifferently glaring at Mona, "this is what you are most afraid of? It's what you and the palace are most afraid of. "


Mona looked at her displeased and could not speak.

When did Xiaonian catch her weakness.

"I remember a word you said to me." When small read lightly said, "you said, my opponent is not you, but Gong ou. Now, I'll give it back to you intact. "

"Of course, I will hold on to Gong ou. We are going to hold an engagement ceremony soon. The palace family has already set the date, which is in the middle of next month."

Mona pressed her lips and her blue eyes stared coldly at her.

This news is not so hot in the news, but Xiaonian's body is still stiff.

In the middle of next month.

That's fast.

Well, at that time, Gong ou will probably be able to take heart, be able to really get better and live the life he really should live.

"Good night, noble lady."

Xiaonian nodded to her and turned away.


Mona stood there alone for a long time, a beautiful face with a color of frustration.

Now she can't find any sense of victory in shixiaonian.

However, it can be seen that Shi Xiaonian did not have any thoughts to return to Gong Ou's side, which is good.

I hope everything goes well at the engagement ceremony.


Xiaonian stayed up all night.

I didn't fall asleep until I got a message in the morning.

The rain fell on the window. She was lying alone on such a big bed with her eyes closed tightly. There was a mobile phone beside her face. The light on the screen of the mobile phone was still on. It was a text message page with only three conversations on it -

miss Shi, the young master just had some colds. In addition, the concussion didn't lead to a good hospitalization, leading to some headaches and tinnitus. Nothing important. Just rest and rest Heart.

Thank you, housekeeper. Don't tell him I asked.

I know, Miss Shi.

When Xiaonian was lying in bed for less than an hour, the door was knocked, and Xu Bingxin's voice came, "Xiaonian, why don't you get up, it's a few o'clock, get up for breakfast, I and qianchu are waiting for you."

"I see, mother."

When Xiaonian opened his eyes, they were tired.

She sat up from the bed, opened the quilt and got out of the bed. Maybe it was because she didn't sleep all night. She was soft and couldn't lift any strength.

When entering the bathroom, Xiaonian washed and rinsed for a while, and walked out with clean and simple household clothes.

As soon as he entered the living room, Xiaonian saw mu qianchu standing in the middle holding Xiaokui and shaking her around. Xiaokui made a sound similar to "hehe", which sounded very cute and simple.

Mu qianchu turns a circle with the little anemone in his arms. When he sees the little girl not far away, his lips are curved. The white sweater makes his smile warm and sunny.

"Get up, Xiaonian."

Said Mu qianchu.

"Well, good morning." When small read nods, then walks toward mu qianchu, takes small Kui to hug in the bosom.

Xiaokui is only three months old. When she comes to her arms, Xiaokui yawns comfortably and wants to sleep lazily.

"The little one is so sleepy."

When mu qianchu said this, his tone was spoiled.

"Well." I nodded.

"By the way, is Xiaokui full of 100 days? Why don't we take her to take a photo of 100 days?" Mu qianchu suddenly suggested.

When small read stupefied next, haven't said what, Xu Bingxin comes over, interpose to ask, "100 sunshine?"

"Yes, in China, everything should be rounded. When a child reaches 100 days, many parents will choose to take a photo of 100 days as a souvenir." Mu explained to her.

"Xu Bingxin is very interested," this kind of commemoration is good, so let's also help Xiaokui shoot it

Mu qianchu said, "OK, I'll contact a photographer now. We'll start after breakfast."

In such a hurry.

When small read some surprised ground to look to admire thousand beginning, ask, "do you have time today?"

She thought mu qianchu was just like the last time. She had to catch a plane to stay overnight and hurry back to Italy.

"I can stay at home in the last week." Mu qianchu said with a smile.

Wen Yan, Xu Bingxin hugs Xiaonian and says happily, "that's great. We Xiaonian haven't seen how happy she has been since she came to s city. I'm old and won't coax her. At the beginning of the thousand, you are accompanying Xiaonian a lot."


Another mandarin duck score.

When small read very helpless.

Mu qianchu stood in front of them, his voice was elegant and beautiful. "Can't I have two beauties with me?"

"You child." Xu Bingxin is very happy when he is coaxed. When he looks at it, he says, "OK, let's have breakfast. Later, let's go out and take a centenary photo for Xiao Kui."


At that time, Xiao Nian didn't even have the room to refuse.

After breakfast, the whole family mobilized, including maids, baby care experts and bodyguards to walk from building C and get on the bus to leave tianzhigang.

When Xiaonian sat in the car, he couldn't help looking at the bench in front of the fountain.

It's empty up there.

No more rain, no man in the rain.

At this time, Gong ou should have a good rest. It's ok if there is nothing.

When driving out of tianzhigang community, mu qianchu contacted a photographer who is well-known in the world. He is a cheerful Italian miller who is good at photographing children. He works in his own photography building in S City, but he never operates outside easily, unless he is interested.

As soon as he walked into the studio, Xiaonian saw a large number of photos hanging on the wall, all of which were written by photographers. The children in the photos were unique, and even the newly born children were very smart.

"Here comes a little angel."

The young Italian boy ran down the white stairs and rushed directly to the stroller. Looking down at the sunflower in the stroller, he asked excitedly, "is it mixed race?"

This should be the photographer.

"Not really, several generations later."

When small read light tunnel.

Gong Ou's grandmother is a British aristocrat, and his grandfather is a British Overseas Chinese. The real mixed race should be gong Ou's father. Gong Ou's appearance is extremely Oriental, and only a little depth of the outline can barely see the feeling of mixed race.

To Xiaokui this generation is not even a mixed race, has been almost washed by their Oriental blood.

"I like her facial features. It's delicious. Hello, this is photographer Miller

The boy said that he took his eyes back from Xiaokui and said hello to Mu qianchu and talked about the details of the shooting.

In discussion, Miller took out the SLR camera and put it at Xiao Kui's various angles. He was full of excitement. "I haven't photographed such a beautiful little angel for a long time. Let's go out and shoot a series of little angels and nature."

When Xiaonian, Xu Bingxin and mu qianchu look at each other, they all smile.

This photographer is really good. He decided the theme in an instant. It sounds like a good theme.

"Wait a minute." When Xiaonian came to the photographer and said, "Miller, before shooting, I have a request that you can not accept."

"You said."

Miller put down his SLR camera.

"Take a picture of Xiaokui. I need half the white." When small read stands there, one face says earnestly, the vision is firm.