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Chapter 668 do you remember Bob

"Let's start..."

Before he finished, a bell rang.

as she turned her eyes, Feng de lowered his head towards her apologetically, picked up his mobile phone and answered the phone. A few seconds later, Feng de frowned, "what? How could this happen? OK, I see. I'll go and have a look later. "

When Xiaonian hugged gongkui, he couldn't help asking, "adoptive father, what's the matter?"

Feng De's face was heavy.

Feng de put away the phone and looked at shixiaonian and said, "Xiaonian, do you remember Bob?"


How can I forget that her son, Tang Yi, a "good friend" of the University, climbed gong'ou's bed on the Baha'i cruise ship that year. At first, Tang Yi intended to seduce gong'ou with this child, leaving his son to escape after the incident was exposed, which has never appeared so far.

Gong Ou gives Bob to Feng De to arrange his place. He never asks about it, and she is not allowed to ask about it.

Later, she also gradually forgot this matter, did not expect that Feng de would mention it again.

"I remember, what's the matter?"

Asked shixiaonian.

By the way, Bob should be seven or eight years old this year.

Gong Kui opened a pair of big eyes and asked, "what is Bob?"

"I put Bob in the children's welfare home, because he has congenital heart disease and is eccentric, so no one has ever adopted him. He has been living in the welfare home all the time. I gave him a lot of money, and the staff there are still devoted to him." "The staff just called me and Bob had an accident," said Fengde

"What?" When Xiaonian was shocked, "is it his illness?"

"I didn't say anything vague on the phone, just that something happened to the child, so I must go to see it." "I'll go first," said Fengde

"I'm going too, I'm going too!"

Gong Kui was bored. When he heard this, he jumped up and shouted to go together.

Seeing this, Xiaonian thought about getting up from the sofa and said, "well, I'll go and have a look."

I haven't seen that child for many years. Children are always innocent.

I don't know where Tang Yi is hiding now. He can ignore his son.

When Xiaonian took Gong Yao and Gong Kui with Fengde to the children's welfare center, Fengde chose a welfare center with complete facilities for Bob, beside which a church, a teaching building and the scope of the welfare center were built.

As soon as I went in, I heard the children's happy laughter. A group of children were playing in the sun.

"It's so lively."

Gong Kui is happy. She and Gong Yao have few collective activities with little children. What she can play is only the children in the clan and the children of the servants.

A middle-aged woman in a black-and-white nun's dress came in from inside and saw Feng de bowing politely, "Mr. Feng."

"Hello." Feng de nodded and introduced to Shi Xiaonian, "this is sister he, who is also in charge of the welfare home. This is Miss Xi Xiaonian."

"Hello, Miss Xi."

Sister he nodded to Xiao Nian.

"Hello, we're here to see Bob." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"This way, please." Sister he went inside and showed her the way. As she walked, she said, "when Mr. Feng sent Bob, he explained the relevant situation, so we specially arranged a nurse to take care of him. Bob's situation is somewhat special. He has no communication with other children in the welfare home. He is always playing alone and lonely. "

"It bothers you."

When small read to take two children to go inside, light tunnel.

"Bob is not gregarious. If he disagrees with other children, he will be radical. He will fight against other children. No matter how many adults and children are injured by him in this welfare home." Sister he said, "we have passed in light of the situation, but this time he caused a lot of trouble."

"What's the matter?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Our dean's grandson is 13 years old. He came to the welfare home to play. He and Bob didn't agree. Our dean's grandson was beaten and is still in the hospital for treatment. He has a bloody neck." "Sister he said," the dean said, we can't accept this child any more, so I asked Mr. Feng to come here. "

"Bite the neck?"

Palace Kui heard a face startled, to palace Yao side hide.

"Is Bob still violent?" When Xiaonian frowned, she still remembered that Bob was also a white and clean child. He was silent, but he had no violent tendency.

"It's not surprising that Bob has congenital heart disease and autism, which leads to violence." Sister he said, leading them into a gate. "Here we are."

When Xiaonian followed her in, nun he took out the key to open the door and told her, "be careful and try not to talk."

Thinking of this child's violent tendency, Xiaonian subconsciously stopped the two children behind him and said, "there is a brother inside. He is ill. Don't speak, don't look at others with different eyes. Just follow me behind, OK?"

Gong Yao's little face is always expressionless and cold.

Gong Kui nodded hard. "OK!"

See, sister he opened the door, and Xiao Nian looked in. The room was a bit like a ward, empty and empty. There was nothing but a bed and a chair.

The bed is a single bed and the quilt is pure white.

A small figure sat on the head of the bed, wearing thin gray clothes and trousers, holding his knees firmly with his hands, and buried his head between the knees, the whole person curled up.

Even so, shixiaonian can see that he is much older than before. Gong Yao and Gong Kui are both so old, and Bob is naturally older.

"Bob, look who's here."

He xiunv stepped forward and said softly.

Smell speech, the boy on the bed raised his face abruptly, only half of his face was exposed. There were several scratches on his white and clean face. His eyes stared at them, full of malice, full of resentment, like a wolf and a tiger.

The eyes made shixiaonian feel cold in his heart.

It should not be the eyes of a child.

"I'm afraid."

Gong Kui looks out and is scared. Gong Yao grabs her.

The boy looked at Gong Kui and Gong Yao with gloomy eyes, at their gorgeous and clean clothes, and the malice in his eyes was deeper.

When Xiaonian was about to ask what, Gong Kui suddenly pulled Gong Yao's hand forward and bravely asked the Bob on the bed, "brother, do you have a disease that can bite others' necks?"

Hearing this, the boy immediately made a grin at her, eyes glared at her fiercely, throat sounds like a small beast.

Gong Kui was completely stunned and stood still.

Gong Yao looks at him coldly, calmly pulls Gong Kui back to his side. His voice is childish but cold, "childish."

When I read a black line, I hurriedly pulled the two children back and looked at the boy kindly, "Bob, do you remember me? I'm Auntie Xiaonian. "

Bob looked at her with no memory in his eyes. His eyes were full of horror. He stared at her maliciously, then lowered his head and buried himself.

"The wound on his face doesn't seem to have been cured."

When small read see to he nun say.

It should have been hurt when fighting with the dean's grandson. The scar is still very new. There is no trace of the treatment.

"It's not because of the president's grandchildren, so our president is angry, so..."

"Let's go out and talk." When Xiaonian was worried about what nun he said directly in front of the child, he stopped her from going on.


Sister he nodded and followed them away. As soon as she closed the door, she locked it with the key. When she turned around, Xiao Nian frowned at the key in her hand.

"There's no way. Every time Bob hits someone, we'll shut him down for a while to prevent him from hitting someone again. It's also a lesson." Said sister he awkwardly.

"That elder brother can't go out to play, so pitiful." Gong Kui stood aside and said.


Sister he was even more embarrassed. She led them into the office, took out a piece of material and put it in front of them. She said, "Mr. Feng has subsidized our welfare home a lot, but the president really means it can't be accepted. These are documents, so you can fill them out and take Bob with you."

When Xiaonian sat at his desk and looked at the information in his hand, he asked, "sister he, why did the two children fight? You just said it vaguely. "


Nun he hesitated.

"Sister he, to tell you the truth, it's not me who entrusted the care of this child. It's Gong ou, the young master of our family. This is young lady." Fengde slowly reported the name of the young master.

Gong Ou is so well-known in China that nun he has been stupefied for a long time before she responds. When she looks at it, Xiaonian says, "are you?"

"Please tell me the truth."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"In fact, it's nothing. It's a debate between children. Our dean's grandson knew Bob had been bullying others, so he said a few more words to him."

"What did you say?" Shixiaonian asks.

Sister he sat there looking even more embarrassed. "That is to say, his parents don't want him anymore. No one has raised him. They say that he is mentally and physically ill. It's rubbish."

"Wow." Gong Kui, who has been listening to her, jumped out and said, "how can I say that to someone else, if he is wrong, right, holy?"

"It's none of your business."

Gong Yao is cool and cool. His sister likes to be kind.


Gong Kui nuzui.

Feng de stood behind Shi Xiaonian and said, "it seems that Bob's change has something to do with your welfare home. We will not rule out legal means to investigate."

"Mr. Feng......" He xiunv stood up in panic and looked at Feng de and said, "Miss Xi, Mr. Feng, please don't do this. Why do you make things bigger and can't take the children away?"