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Chapter 793 doctor's game of Gong ou

Still want to get along with others alone, the door does not have.

"I didn't mean that." "When small read helplessly said," I just think you don't like to listen to this kind of thing

"I'll be there if I don't like it!"

Gong Ou said in a cold voice, turning his eyes and looking at a diagnosis room not far away, he said, "go there!"

When Xiaonian looked at Lori and asked for his advice, Lori went to the diagnosis room in silence. The room was empty and there was no one.

Three people walked in, Gong Ou sat down directly in front of a table, raised his legs and leaned on the table unruly, a pair of black eyes glanced at one Luo lie coldly, then looked at Shi Xiaonian, "say it quickly, and then we will eat."

When Xiaonian stood there, he settled his mind, raised his eyes and looked at Lori. Lori leaned against the wall, slightly lowered his face, said nothing, and his lips were pursed.

"Those newspapers were people who were interested That's what Mona and them got out. The news is true and false. They can't believe it all. " When small read lightly said.

"Then what can I believe?"

Lori asked in a hoarse voice.

"I've never met my brother. I heard the story of him and his brother. I shouldn't have said it, but I'm afraid you might misunderstand me." Shi Xiaonian said that she understood that Lori must have suffered a lot after seeing those reports.

"What's the misunderstanding? Misunderstood your elder brother to give up one's life to save me, regard me as your younger brother

Lori asked, looking at him with a little anger in his eyes, and his tone increased.


When I was reading and thinking about the words, Gong Ou suddenly picked up the stethoscope to open, close, open and close. It was boring and said, "it's not fun."

Is it time to play?

Shi Xiaonian tries to take back his attention from Gong ou, and continues to say to Lori, "their business starts when my brother was a teenager..."


Lori, leaning against the wall by the door, listened in silence, pale and bloodless.

In the quiet room, I read the stories I heard to Lori one by one. Lori's face changed subtly.

No matter what they talked about, Gong Ou just played with the stethoscope in his hand.

"That's the story. My brother was caught when he hurried away. My brother has been living in agony because he didn't have time to explain to Xi Yu Shi Xiaonian said, "no one can rise back from the dead if he has the ability."

Luo lie stood there, his eyes startled, "then your brother is not dead..."

"Well, he probably thought Gong Yu didn't mean anything to him until he died, but even so, he still took the book with him." Shi Xiaonian said that her eyes were dim and she could not be in a good mood when she mentioned Xi Yu.

"Then don't you hate him?"

Asked Lori.

Luo lie mouth he refers to the palace, small read bitterly smile, low eyes looking at the palace is playing with stethoscope, said, "it seems that for a while I hate brother, think he is a cowardly to the extreme man, but later I slowly relieved, I was thinking, if I stand in his position, can do better than him."


Lori is silent.

Wen Yan, has been in the background of the human figure Gong Ou put up his legs, looked at it seriously when Xiaonian asked, "can you?"

With that, Gong Ou sticks one end of the stethoscope to Xiao Nian's body and listens to her heartbeat. It's fun.

All the sadness disappeared in a flash.

When Xiaonian really convinced Gong ou, she took his hand, and then whispered, "I don't know, but I gradually understand that brother's suffering, age gap, gender gap are all factors he has to consider, Xi Yu is too small, he is not cowardly, he just dare not make any decision for Xi Yu, only drag, drag again and again."

Finally, it is irretrievable.


Lori listened and had to admire Xiaonian's way of speaking. A few simple words could change his mood, just like when he was in luozhai.

She is a woman worthy of Gong ou.

"In your position, Dr. law, it may be a shame to be a double." When Xiaonian said softly, the smile on his lips was very bitter, "but for me, seeing my brother's self reproach for that year, I felt more or less comforted for Xi Yu. Because I know if I come again, I will not worry so much, he will be desperate. "

Lori stood there, leaning over his face, his eyes drifting.

For a long time, Lori said, "what am I?"

His voice was hoarse.

When Xiaonian frowns, how can she answer this question? Yes, what is Luo lie? Luo lie has paid a lot for Gong Yu.

But in the end, after moving, it ushered in two words: double.

"Mrs. Gong, you like to tell me stories every time, but in your story, I'm just a tiny existence. Maybe I shouldn't exist at all." Said Lori.

"Well?" Gong Ou stood up again, and his black eyes stared at Shi Xiaonian gloomily. "Have you told Luo abnormal many stories?"

How could he not know.

Gong Ou inexplicably and abruptly inserts the topic, when reading a little embarrassed, "these are not the key points."

"Then what is the point?"

Is there anything more important than this? Gong Ou stares at Shi Xiaonian discontentedly. "Shi Xiaonian, I find that you have a little more secrets. When do you tell a story, what time and what time?"

Let him know.


When I was small, I was silent.

Gong Ou looks at her and is aggressive. Her black eyes hate to swallow her. When Xiao Nian has to put down his communication with Luo lie, he says to Gong ou, "I told Luo lie about us when you were desperate to leave."

"Why talk to him?"

"Because you're leaving."

"If I want to leave, you can keep me. Why tell him a story?" Gong Ou is dissatisfied with this woman. What do you mean? It's too much.

"I left you. Do you remember, I slapped you, but you still have to go." When Xiaonian quarreled with him.

"Then you can slap me again!"

Gong Ou said bluntly.


When Xiaonian was confused, he looked at him stupidly, thinking that he had heard wrong, "what do you say?"

"I said you could slap me again until I stay!" Gong Ou said, pointing to her nose, "in a word, I don't allow you to tell stories to other men!"

She also does such ambiguous things as telling stories.


When Xiaonian didn't know what to say, was he empty and jealous?

Lori stood against the wall and watched the two people who were arguing. In front of Gong ou, Xiao Nian was obviously downcast and didn't speak for several times.

Gong Ou stretches out the white curtain, holds Shi Xiaonian to the diagnosis bed, stares at her and says, "you like to tell me stories!"


When I was small, I was silent.

Lori also knew that the conversation could not go on. The two men were clearly arguing, but there was a sweetness that no one could get in.

There's no need to talk about it.

Lori turned around and walked out. He lowered his head. There was no anger. There was nothing left, nothing left.

He reached out his hand and opened the door. A cold voice said, "he's mutilating himself."

It's Gong ou.

Hearing this, Lori turned around in shock. "What is Mr. Gong talking about?"

What is self harm.

When Xiaonian was also stunned, he sat on the diagnosis bed and looked at Gong Ou in surprise. Gong Ou's face was cold, his black eyes were deep, and his voice was cold. "He's an empty shell. His soul died early. No one can wake up a piece of wood."


Lori looked at him stupidly.

"Come on, you can go, get out of here! Don't disturb us! "

Gong Ou snorts.


Luo lie walked out in Gong Ou's angry eyes, and Xiaonian asked incredulously, "Gong ou, are you talking about brother? Brother, did he hurt himself? How do you know? "

Gong Yu is even more miserable than what she saw. If so, how to endure this life.

Is it really better to die than to live?

"It's not easy to know." Gong Ou cold tunnel, the line of sight fell on the closed door, said, "you might as well let him angry, said clearly is not necessarily a good thing."


She didn't know how much she said to save Gong Yu's image in Luo lie's mind.

"Now, lie down!"

Gong took off his coat and began to roll up his sleeves.

"What to do?"

When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

Gong Ou stood on the diagnosis bed, picked up the stethoscope and hung it on his neck, stared at her with low eyes, and saw a touch of evil in his eyes. "Of course, I want to dissect you, and see how many stories you have hidden in your stomach!"


"Let doctor Gong check it!" Gong Ou suddenly became interested in the hospital. He reached out and took off Xiaonian's clothes. Xiaonian grabbed his hand in embarrassment. "Don't make any noise. Don't make any noise. I'm wrong. Shall I tell you a story?"

Tell as many stories as you like.



"Because I suddenly found the game between doctors and patients very interesting." Gong Ou picked up her eyebrows, stretched out her hand and pulled down the zipper of her dress, and began to study the doctor's new play with interest.

When Xiaonian blushed with embarrassment, Gong Ou held down her struggling hand, lowered her head and kissed her lips to keep her from moving. He held the stethoscope in his other hand and leaned towards her chest.

"Wait, wait, I have something to say."

"No way!"

"As a patient, I have the right to be clear about my illness." When small read anxiously said, the face has been as red as an apple.

Smell speech, Gong ou still thought that she was also involved in the game, and immediately became very interested. He stared at her with great interest. His voice was sexy. "OK, allow you to tell me about your illness."

With that, Gong Ou leaned down again and kissed her twice in the face.