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Chapter 73 Gong Ou is the sorrel

When Xiaonian looked at his face in front of him in amazement, what did he mean to follow his Gong Ou's way?

Gong Ou lowers his head and kisses her like a wild animal, which strikes her like an electric current and makes her shiver.

His technology in this area is too high-end for her to cope with.

Gong Ou suddenly left her hand, holding her hand in one hand, clasped her ten fingers, and pulled her slender fingers to himself. He silently watched her fingers for a long time.


When Xiaonian was lying there with long hair scattered, he didn't understand what he wanted.

After a long silence.

Gong Ou suddenly kisses her finger, which is so touching that Xiaonian can't help but shrink. Next second, she finds that there is something more on her ring finger - diamond ring.

Gong Ou turned his face, white teeth biting the ring slowly put it on her finger, from the end of her ring finger to the end of her finger.

This action is performed slowly and vaguely by him

Shi Xiaonian has never seen anyone wear a ring like this. She looks at his face dully. She is so handsome and sexy. She hits the heart directly. Her body shivers involuntarily and turns into soft water under him.

"If you take it off again, I'll nail it to your finger. Do you hear me?"

Gong Ou's eyes looked at her in a dark way, his voice was dumb, and he hid love Yu. He was domineering in every word, "this is the way of Gong Ou! I'll say one later, you can't say two! "

Then he kissed her again, sealed her breath, and put one hand into her skirt

It's beautiful.

The quiet room kept rising until it was hot.

After the fierce love of Huan, Gong Ou falls asleep with her in his arms, while Xiaonian is not half asleep.

Resting on his arm, when Xiaonian raised his hand and looked at the ring on the ring finger, the diamond was cut into a heart-shaped mold shape, which was too delicate, gorgeous and elegant to describe its beauty. Gong Ou had a good eye.

But she doesn't feel well.

Mingming is such a light and small diamond. Why does she wear it so heavy? It looks like a big mountain has been pressed on her ring finger.

She was too heavy to breathe.

When Xiaonian looked at the man beside him, he was sleeping soundly. His face was magnificent and his lips were thin and tight. Even when he was sleeping, his face still had a strong and lofty taste.

He's Gong ou. He doesn't have any women. Why does he like her?

She had no heart for him.


When Xiaonian reached out to take off the ring on the ring finger, he suddenly thought of Gong Ou's domineering words - take it off again, and I will nail it on your finger!

She couldn't help but stop taking off.

What on earth should she do.

How can she get out of this situation.

When Xiaonian was upset, he pushed the hands and feet of Gong Ou lightly, got off the bed, opened the door to the balcony, and walked out.

A cool wind came up and poured into her neck.

When Xiaonian immediately gathered the tight Hotel bathrobe, went to the balcony and looked out at the night. Under the silent night sky, only the stars were scattered on the ground.

She stood by herself, her head blown clear and confused.

She looked down at the ring in her hand, and her heart grew restless.

A long sigh, when small read can't stand the cold outside, just to go in, the line of sight looked at the balcony at will.

I saw a white Porsche parked at the bottom, and the pure white color was obvious in the night.


Last time she saw moqian drive this car, she put her hands on the balcony, looked down doubtfully and looked at the license plate. It was a little far away. She could only vaguely see that the two numbers seemed to be the same as moqian's license plate.

But why does Mok's car stop here?

Is it because the flute is here?

No, it's time for didi to leave during the day. If they come together, there's no need to drive two cars.

When Xiaonian suddenly thought of the graffiti and spray paint cans in the broken wall during the day, an absurd idea ran into her head. Without thinking much, she ran inside and out of the hotel room.

Without taking the elevator, Xiaonian ran out of the hotel in a bathrobe and slippers, and ran to the courtyard of the hotel.

There was no car in the yard.



When Xiaonian stood there and looked around, there was no Porsche shadow and nothing.

Is she wrong? But she can't look at such a big car wrong.

Is it mu qianchu?

What about those spray cans by the wall?

There was a low sound of footsteps behind her.

When Xiaonian's heart and mouth shook fiercely, his body turned slowly and rigidly. Gong Ou stood not far away, wearing a white bathrobe, his short hair was gently floating by the night wind, and his black eyes looked straight at her with no expression. "What are you doing here?"

It's not a dream.

When small read Zheng under, immediately feel oneself funny, what does she think?

She thought mu qianchu had nothing to do to buy what spray paint can for her, and she didn't sleep in the middle of the night to follow her? Shixiaonian, you've had enough. What's going on in your mind.

At this time, mu qianchu naturally sleeps in the sweet embrace of Shi Di. How could he appear here.

"Go anywhere."

When small read the bathrobe that wraps tight, reluctantly smiled, walk toward Gong ou.

"I thought you were going to run." Gong Ou stood there and said in a cold voice.

"How can I, in your hands, run away?"

"You're a little bit self-conscious." Gong Ou is satisfied with her words. He glances down at her ring finger and sees that the ring is still there. He is more satisfied. He puts his hand around her and rubs her arm across the bathrobe with his big hand. "You will not die if you are cold. You will run out in the middle of the night."

"All right."

After a while, she looked back at the empty courtyard.

That Porsche Did she really miss it?

Why Mingming has given up, she can't help but think of Mu qianchu.

"What are you looking at?"

Gong Ou followed her gaze and saw nothing but a hotel courtyard.

"Nothing." When Xiaonian shakes her head, I don't know if the night wind is too cold, so cold that she asks without passing her brain, "Gong ou, is it difficult to give up after having a obsession with a person? Even if you know that you shouldn't be persistent, you can't help but think of it. "

Why has given up her, but also daydream to Mu qianchu.

"Why do you ask this all of a sudden?"


"Want to see how deep my obsession is for you?" Gong Ou sneers and thinks that she only asked because of him. Zhang Kuang says, "in my Gong ou, I've never been persistent, or I'll be persistent all my life!"

Such a wild attitude.

All his life, he said it so easily.

However, he is paranoid and it is not easy to change what he thinks, but she is different.

She is just an ordinary person. When she was young, she generally liked a young man. Then the young man married and had children. If the bride was not her, she gave up. In the end, she shouldn't let go of everything and lead her own life.

Why, when she came to such a remote town, she would still think of Mu qianchu.

When she heard a voice in her heart saying, I don't think you haven't put it down yet.

The next day.

When Xiaonian left the town with Gong ou and returned to the city center.

When Xiaonian changes clothes in a hurry, Gong Ou takes her to N.E headquarters. Gong Ou wants to be with her 24 hours, and she can only become his little tail.

n. E. the president's office of the headquarters, a large and open office.

Gong Ou sits at his desk and starts to work. He has wasted a day with him. He has a lot of business.

"Knock --"

the knock sounded. Several secretaries came in with a large number of documents and materials and went to Gong Ou's desk to narrate the report.

When Xiaonian was in no mood to listen to them, he stretched out his hand to open the curtain of the French window, basked in the sun in front of the window, bent his neck, and thought in his eyes.

I don't know why. Yesterday, she always felt something was wrong with the small town Party

Graffiti painting tank beside the broken wall;

Tangyi in the hotel;

follow the whistle when leaving the hotel;

White Porsche at night.

When Xiaonian bit her lips and fell into thinking, she always felt that there was something in it, but she couldn't remember it for a while.

The feeling of entanglement made her uncomfortable, like being entangled in a body of thread, but she didn't know how to untie it.

"Xiaonian, come here!"

Gong Ou suddenly called her name.

"In relation to the acquisition, directors..." The Secretary reported that he stopped half way and looked straight at Xiaonian.

Smell speech, when small read to give up the doubt in the brain, walk toward him, "what's the matter?"

Gong Ou is turning over the document and signing it. Suddenly, he puts down his pen, raises a perfect face, grabs her collar and pulls her down. He gives her a fierce kiss on the lips. Tian, the tip of his tongue, sucks her lips, and then releases them. "OK, you go."


When small read to stand there speechless, a black line, reach out to touch their lips.

Call her in for a kiss?


The secretaries are also silly, one by one, shocked to see Xiaonian's lips being kissed red. It turns out that the president is such a hungry man.

"What are you looking at! Go on! "

Gong Ou glanced coldly at the secretaries and ordered them to continue reporting.

The secretaries quickly resume their professionalism and continue to report, "president, here is another document for you to sign."


Gong Ou bowed his head and signed. He stroked his thin lips with the tip of his finger. There was a fragrance on his lips.

It's a good behavior. I'll kiss him when he's tired in office. Her lips are a refreshing medicine for him.

In the next few days, shixiaonian was mad by Gong ou.

He seems to be addicted to kissing her. Whenever he thinks about it, he must kiss her.

Most of all, there was a big meeting with hundreds of people in the meeting. Suddenly someone brought her in. She thought something was wrong. As a result, Gong Ou held her in her arms for nearly three minutes and let her go

Blind a whole conference room.

After that, when Xiaonian went to N.E, he just walked away with his face covered, but the company didn't let her go.

Especially the secretaries in the Secretary's office, when they saw her, they all flattered and said, "Miss Shi, you are here. Miss Shi, it's nice of you to be in N.E. you don't know. The president had to lose his temper at least three times in the previous meeting