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Chapter 997 the disguise of Gong ou

"Why not choose him?" Gong Ou asked. She has changed a lot. Before, she would take care of Mu qianchu without hesitation, or even ignore him.

When Xiaonian looked at him deeply, didn't answer, just sat so quietly.

The arrogant Gong ou never knew her fear, but she did not know her fear. She was afraid that if one didn't pay attention, he would become like mooching for the first time.

"Why not answer?"

In the face of her silence, Gong Ou's voice doesn't sound so confident.

When small read slowly hook up lip angle, light tunnel, "I always have only one choice, no BCD option."


Gong Ou stares at her closely, and next second she falls on the bed.


The next day, in the early morning, Xiao Nian left the castle with Gong ou and went to Lancaster, an unknown Club of Baali.

Bali Poker Club, which has a long history, is not famous but has a complex relationship. The rich businessmen and politicians in this area are all present in the club, and a lot of money is coming and going in the club, the means of which is self-evident. It is an extremely high-end club.

Shi Xiaonian got out of the car and walked into a row of red roofed cabins by the lake under the guidance of bodyguards. Inside, it seemed to be a very advanced monitor. Numerous screens were controlled by professionals, observing the Bally club from various angles.

She looked at a big screen and asked, "is this the Bally club? It really looks ordinary. "

Normal streets, a normal club, the front has some yellow, the top of the door is a 3D large poker lights in the daytime also flashing red and green lights.

It seems that it's a long-standing club, nothing special. Thanks to Miyagi, there are problems here.

"The more common it is, the less suspicious it is." Gong o put on her shoulder and said.


Xiaonian nodded approvingly, turned his head and looked at Gong Ou's face, startled himself, and stepped back two steps.

Gong'ou is now a gentleman of the last century in England. He is wearing a flat hat with curly blonde hair. Under the brow of the sword, a pair of blue eyes and a heavy beard cover most of his face, completely unable to see the original appearance.

"What are you doing?"

Gong Ou looks at shixiaonian discontentedly.

When small read this just to return to God, "nothing, suddenly see a foreign uncle on my shoulder, I am a little uncomfortable."

"Uncle?" Gong Ou squints up a pair of blue eyes and his tone is gloomy.

"Watch out for the beautiful pupils." When Xiaonian hurriedly said nervously, he went to check whether his beard was tight. "It shows that your disguise is very successful. I can't recognize you, not to mention the people of the club."

"You dare not recognize me!" Gong Ou threatened her, holding her chin and lowering her head to kiss her lips, and stabbed her with a beard.

The bodyguards and staff at one side were afraid to make a sound.

Shi Xiaonian's face was hurt by stabbing. He hid all the way with his eyes narrowed. He heard a teasing voice saying, "what are you doing standing up? Don't you open the wretched lock uncle who bullies the second young grandma? Take care that the palace scrapes your skin. "

It's Gong Yu.

When Gong Ou leaves, Xiao Nian turns her eyes and stares at Gong Yu, who comes to her. She says coldly, "you'll have a good leg so soon? How good is Lori's skill? "

As for Tirole, Gong Yu had no choice. He didn't know what he meant, but he really couldn't respond. He stopped at his friend.

Besides, he is not in the mood to talk about these things now. His future is doomed, that is, to keep the palace until he is old.

He rolled up the information in his hand and knocked on Gong Ou's note, "old gentleman, talk about business."

Wen Yan, Gong Ou looks at shixiaonian sensitively and touches his beard. "Am I old like this?"

"It's glamorous maturity." Shi Xiaonian replied earnestly.

Gong Ou's face immediately became pretty.

"Chinese characters have the ability to turn corruption into magic." Gong Yu expressed his admiration for Xiaonian's precise words. An "old" word can be said with such cultural connotation.

Gong Ou stares at him fiercely. "Can you believe I'll ask you to find Lori again?"

"Say what's right, say what's right." Gong Yu lost the battle and stopped arguing with his brother. He turned over the information and handed it to him. "Here is the topographic map of the club. There are five floors in the basement. There should be secret rooms and so on, because there are too many equipment platforms shown on the drawing, which is illogical."

Gong Ou's face sank. He took over the information, opened the big drawing, and spread it out on the table beside him.

When Xiaonian went to see it, he pointed to the small black spot on the drawing and asked, "what are these?"

"Patrol point, but I don't know how it is. I only sent someone to look at it at the door disguised as a delivery man." Gong Yu said, and then pointed to the drawings to explain to Gong ou, explaining the various parts of the club.

The club's security system is in place.

Shi Xiaonian listens and looks up at Gong Ou's strange face. She is worried. She tries her best not to let her worry show.

"This time you're posing as a 53 year old oil tycoon, boss Henry, a member of the club, but not often in the UK, so they can't see through your cross dressing accurately." Gong Yu said, a bodyguard brought a box full of ID cards belonging to boss Henry and the club's badge. "The badge has been processed. Like your cufflinks, it's a small camera. As far as I know, their inspection system can't find it."

Shi Xiaonian takes over the badge, goes to Gong ou and puts it on his chest, corrects his position, and soon her image appears on the large screen.

"Everything is OK." The staff compared a gesture, "detect the sound."

"Can you hear me?"

When small read light tunnel, the staff once again to her than an OK gesture, she relaxed, raised her eyes on the palace Ou blue eyes, "OK."

"Well." Gong Ou answered with a low voice, turned to look at the drawings on the table, glanced at them one by one, and recorded all, "then I'll go."

"Be careful. I'll let you know if there's a problem. If you find a way to delay for ten minutes, people on my side will arrive." Gong Yu said and handed Gong Ou an embedded earphone, which he could hardly see when he put it into his ear.

Gong Ou sits on a chair beside him, while Xiaonian carefully puts on earphones for him, with a slight tremor in his fingers.


Gong Ou looks up at her, frowns slightly, and regrets that she has come.

"No, it's done." Shi Xiaonian said to take out a folded paper from his pocket and give it to him. "Go out and look again. Be careful."

Gong Ou's blue eyes took a look at her, raised his hand to take the paper, and gave her a soft hand, giving her the power of peace. "I'm leaving."


When small read a nod, show a shallow smile to him, let him rest assured.

Gong Ou stood up and walked out. Her long fingers crossed her hand a little bit. Finally, she left. When Xiao Nian stood there, she felt that her hand had fallen heavily, but it didn't fall.

You can't ask for more. At least, you can accompany him now instead of guessing how dangerous he is.

Thinking of this, Xiao Nian felt better and went to the big screen to watch.

Gong ou, dressed as an old gentleman, went out and got into an antique car. Several bodyguards followed him. In the next scene, the staff cut the angle of view of Gong Ou's chest badge.

She saw his slender hand clinging to the paper she handed out.

"What did you give him?" Gong Yu came up and stood beside her and asked curiously.

When small read chuckle, "can let him come back early thing."


Gong Yu is confused. She looks down at the big screen. In the camera, Gong Ou's hands open the folded paper. There are lines of beautiful fonts on it -

stewed yam with pumpkin, stewed tofu with sauerkraut, shredded pork with fish flavor, stewed beef with water, fried beans with eggplant, fried pork with green pepper, stir fried potato, spicy tofu, shredded cabbage with hand, chicken with pepper When I read the spoon.

Everyone looked blankly.

Gong Yu hesitated and said, "this is a Menu?

After that, Gong Ou's deep magnetic voice sounded in the monitoring room, "the action ends an hour earlier!"

Then he crumpled the paper and threw it out of the window.


The plan was successful.

When Xiaonian smiled contentedly, she could not change anything, but when he came back a moment earlier, she could feel at ease.

"Who can tell me why?"

Gong Yu looks at shixiaonian in an unknown way. Gong Ou decides to take action for a long time, or even his conservative time. As a result, Gong Ou changes his mind on a menu?

His brother has never been such a man.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Yu with a smile, "brother, don't you know Gong Ou is a foodie yet?"

With that, Xiaonian turned to go inside, leaving a more confused Gong Yu, "what?"

Thinking about eating at this time?

When Xiaonian walked into a room inside, there were too many equipment and radiation outside, which was not suitable for her to stay for too long.

This room is specially prepared for her. There is also a computer. The above ten pictures are gathered together. She goes to the computer and sits down. She gently moves the mouse, places the pictures taken by Gong ouweizhang, pretends to follow him.

She points to the mouse, points out the monitoring screen inside the car, only to see Gong Ou sitting in the back seat gracefully, a pair of blue eyes and whiskers are particularly eye-catching.

When Xiaonian touched his bulging stomach, "little pumpkin, is your father too old? Well, it's older. Don't get tired of it. "

"Isn't it charming maturity? You are becoming more and more hypocritical. " A quiet voice suddenly sounded, which scared shixiaonian.

She hurriedly went to check the computer in front of her, and Gong Ou's quiet voice rang again, "don't look for it, I'm afraid you're bored. Your computer can chat with me directly."