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Chapter 1038 small thoughts in the beginning of injury and flirting

Why is he so useless!

"I'm really fine." Shi Xiaonian said that his fingers rubbed against his face, and his voice was soft like water, like coaxing sunflower, "don't be angry and don't be angry."

"What's the matter?"

Bit came from the direction of the kitchen, holding a cake in his hand. When he saw Xiaonian, he was sitting there with a pale face. Everyone was about to leave the chair. He hurriedly walked over and put the cake down. "Are you uncomfortable? Let me help you back to your room. "

Gong Ou looks down at him.

"It doesn't matter. I'll go back by myself later."

Shi Xiaonian said stand up, suddenly stand up and let her have a few seconds of dizziness, body shaking.

Bit hurriedly reached for her to hold her, and a pair of blue eyes watched her anxiously. "I'll hold you back to the room, you can't stand stably."

With that, bith bent down to pick up her legs. When Xiaonian had no time to stop her, she was a little dizzy. When her vision returned to Qingming, bith still kept bending and looked forward.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he saw Gong Ou sitting in a wheelchair. He didn't know when there was an extra black pistol in his hand. The muzzle of the gun was facing bit's head. A handsome face was full of gloom, and his dark eyes were staring at bit.

Three seconds later.

Gong Ou suddenly smiled, with a chill smile. "Three, two..."

When bit straightens up, Xiaonian releases his hands and stands in the air. He silently steps back and looks at Gong ou with his crazy eyes.

It's really sick to draw a gun when you can't move it.

"Go back where you come out." Gong Ou said coldly, each tune is on top of the ice blade.


After a look, bit read and turned away.

"Cake." When Xiaonian reminded him, he stooped to take the cake and handed it to bit. He whispered, "I'll go to see you later. If there is something I need to find my adoptive father, the housekeeper, he will take care of you."

When I got the reassurance from Xiaonian, bit's face was better. He took the cake and nodded to her, "OK, I'll go back to my room and play games."

When Xiaonian watched his back leave, he looked down and saw Gong Ou's smiling face.

"Why, reluctant?" Gong Ou looked at her and said that his eyes were full of jealousy.

"He's still a child. There's already psychological pressure on our side. Don't stimulate him any more." Shi Xiaonian said, adding at the end, "he is different from those in Lancaster."

"Give him another try."

“……” When Xiaonian shut up.

"Because he almost lost his life, try again." Gong Ou takes back the gun with a gloomy face.

When Xiaonian stood there, blinked, raised his hands and raised the corner of his mouth, "smile. You can't say you don't count if you say you want to laugh at me for a few days."


Gong Ou looked at her coldly, and forced out a smile for a while.

How does that smile look like a pervert? Xiaonian's back is cold with laughter. He reaches out and rubs his arm, turns his eyes around, and shifts the topic, "I want to see pumpkin."

"How much do you like to show your desire to meet another opposite sex in front of me?" Gong Ou asked in a wheelchair, smiling coldly.

This man is so jealous that he is invincible

When Xiaonian sat down in the chair and decided to surrender, "OK, I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here with you. It's a waste of time."

"What do I have to look like when I'm old, and you don't want to see me at that time." Gong Ou turns his face.


When small read speechless to caress forehead, she said such words is also wrong?

She got up from her chair and walked to Gong ou. Gong Ou turned to the other side again. When Xiao Nian stood there, Gong Ou turned again.

When Xiaonian had to stretch out his hand and hold his face, he lowered his eyes and gazed into his dark eyes, "what's the matter with you? Are you not happy with what I said? "

It's just that every word she says orders his dynamite barrel.

Being pressed by her face, Gong Ou's head can't be deviated. His black eyes are fixed on her. In a moment, he says, "you can't live easily. Why do you only want to see others?"

It was as if she had ignored him completely.

"I didn't." When small read for their own defense.

"You have!" Obviously.

"I don't really have one."

"You lied. You came down to see your son. You told him how are you going to see him. You all wanted to see him..."

Gong Ou's words didn't go on, when Xiaonian suddenly bent down and looked down at his face. His soft and pale lips covered his lips.

In the wheelchair, Gong Ou's body suddenly froze, and his hands unconsciously grasped to both sides. The longer his fingers grasped, the more distinct his phalanges were.

When Xiaonian bowed his head and kissed his lips, he actively opened his lips, repeatedly rolled on his warm lips, smelled his breath, er, she didn't feel his breath, he seemed to stop.

When Xiaonian looked at him a little surprised, and then the whole person was fished out. She was forced to sit on his leg, and Gong Ou took a bite of her lip. "Why are we kissing so pure? We have three children!"


When Xiaonian was embarrassed, considering his waist injury, Gong Ou had kissed her crazily. He never let go of her face, her lips and her neck.

Her clothes were wrinkled by him, her hands were unable to grasp his shoulders, and she could not help raising her chin. Gong Ou buried her on her neck and kissed her passionately, which made shixiaonian unable to resist.

When Feng Dexing rushed to the hall, he saw that they were kissing each other in the hall. No, Gong Ou was kissing each other. He almost had to lift up the clothes of Shi Xiaonian and was stunned.

Well, both of them are recovering from a big injury. How about passion?

Should he stop it?

After struggling for a long time, Feng Deqing cleared his throat. "Cough, young master, Xiaonian, I cooked some meals. Do you have any meals?"

When he heard the voice of Fengde, Xiaonian cried out in embarrassment. His face was red. Gong ouben wanted to get angry. He couldn't help being happy when he saw it. He hugged the humanity in his arms. "Yes, there was blood on his face at last. Feng De, pay more. "

When small read speechless ground to see to Gong ou, stretch out a hand to want to hit him, think to be reluctant to take back again.

"Thank you, young master." Feng de was not spurted to send a breath, the way, "today outside is sunny, why don't you go out to eat?"

"You arranged it." Gong ouying said, staring at her flushed face, "it's better to do more in the future."

Do something more? Kissing by someone?

When Xiaonian was hit by thunder, he got down from his leg and asked anxiously, "how are you hurt? Have you just been hit by me?"

He is not fit to stand up now. She fell into his arms and wondered if she had hit him.

"What did you hit?"

Miyo asked.

"Your waist." When small read in his side low body, stretch out to open his shirt hem to check the injury.

Gong Ou holds her hand, approaches her face, raises the corner of her lips, looks at her smilingly, "so worried about my waist? Don't worry. I don't need a wheelchair for a long time. But for your future, I will take good care of this waist injury. "

"For me?"

When Xiaonian didn't respond.

Gong Ou pastes her face and thin lips to her ears. Her voice is very dull and sexy. "I see you just come here hungry and thirsty. I know I won't ruin your future happiness Fu. "

When the word "lucky" was said, Gong Ou paused for a century.

When small read suddenly understand come over, more embarrassed, a pair of eyes stare round angrily to him, "Gong ou, you are too dirty!"

"What is pollution?"

"You are too wild!"

Gong Ou doesn't laugh angrily, but raises his eyebrows. "Is that right? I'm not the one who pours on the wounded so hungrily anyway. "

Finish saying, Gong Ou raised his hand to caress his lips, a look of endless aftertaste.


When Xiaonian almost choked to death, he could only stare at him angrily.

When did she rush at him hungrily, could she still point her face?

Seeing that her whole face turned white again, Gong Ou took it as soon as he saw it, reached out and grabbed her hand. "Go, eat, and let you watch the baby after eating."

How could he really not let her see her son? She was born so hard.

When he heard that he could see the pumpkin, Xiaonian immediately choked back his angry words and followed Gong Ou out happily.

As she walked, Xiaonian wanted to ask how his waist injury was. After thinking about it, she decided not to humiliate herself.

As soon as I went out, the fragrance of flowers came to my face, and the warm sunshine shone softly on every part of the high wall. Those flowers were more gorgeous than before.

When Xiaonian is led to the table by Gong ou, she frowns as soon as she sits down. "How can I still have a table to make up for food?"

Since she was able to eat, Fengde has been making all kinds of medicinal meals for her every day. Any expensive traditional Chinese medicine ingredients have been thrown into it. Of course, there are some dishes, but they are all nourishing blood.

She's really fed up with it.

"You were born prematurely, and you lost so much blood. Of course, you need to get it back." Gong Ou picked up a spoon to serve her soup, with a strong voice and no room for politeness.

"But you don't need ginseng and angelica to make up every day, do you?" Shixiaonian raises an objection. Is she going to get fat soon?

"Come back to me every day when your face is as rosy as before." Gong said, putting a bowl of soup in front of her, "maybe we can often try the way we just did without medicine."

That way her face will stay red all the time.

“…… I drink. "

When Xiaonian helplessly took a sip, looked up at Gong ou, and handed him the bowl. "You should drink a bowl, too. You are injured, and you are inexplicably sleepy. You should mend your body."

"I'm not sleepy anymore."

Gong Ou said, but still took the bowl she handed over, and gracefully picked up the spoon she had drunk and filled it with a spoonful of soup.

When Xiaonian refilled a bowl for himself, he said, "you were really strange before. Did the doctor still not give a statement? How can I suddenly be sleepy for several days in a row? Suddenly I can't. "