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Chapter 694 the climax of the end

"Now you can tell?"

When small read puzzled to ask, can really clear afraid only Xi Yu.

This is not a real crossing after all.

"It's impossible to know every detail, but it's OK to know a little footprint, isn't it?" Gong Yu looked at her and smiled bitterly.

He has nothing to chase. Now it's good to chase a little footprint.

It's really good.


When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes were filled with sadness, which she felt, "are you ok?"

Gong Yu stood aside and smelled the words. He looked at her and said, "maybe you are the only one who looks like him in that dress."


Whoever plays Xi Yu can't come back.

This is a fact that no one can turn around.

"I'm gone." Gong Yu said to go forward, and suddenly stopped to look back at her. With one hand gently turning the cup in his hand, the voice with full flavor of the broadcast cavity sounded, "Xiaonian, cherish Gong ou."


Xiaonian looks at him in silence.

"My little brother is really naughty sometimes. Except for his achievements in science and technology, he can do almost everything in a strange way." Gong Yu paused and continued, "but you can't find another person who loves you as much as he does."

That's what he said.

When small read smile, "brother, I understand."

In fact, she can't do without Gong ou, can't she.

"Just understand, and enjoy the feast he has arranged for you tonight." Gong Yu said, lifting the glass in his hand, and then turned away.


Shixiaonian looks at his back. Is this a special banquet for her?


What about Gong Ou? Where is Gong Ou?

When Xiaonian decides to look for Gong ou, she is pulled from behind before she runs away. She looks back and sees Tang Yi in the waiter's uniform standing there.

"Why are you here? The foreman will be looking for you soon. Go back to your post."

Tang Yi pulls her away.

"Gong Ou asked you to do so."

Shixiaonian followed her and said nothing else.

"You can go back to your position quickly. This salary is very high. We are not rich. Don't screw it up." Tang Yi said that there was something wrong with his face.


It's necessary to be so engaged.

When Xiaonian was led upstairs by Tang Yi, there was a singer singing on the stage below. He was intoxicated. The feather stage costume was later the favorite of stars in countless new year's parties.


When the singer was singing, he heard a loud noise. The singer fell flat on the stage, causing a great uproar.

When Xiaonian remembers a little more, she remembers that the singer did have a fall in the same year, and this should be repeated? Gong Ou is too cruel.

When Xiaonian was about to go down to have a look, Tang Yi grabbed her. "Forget it. That's not the area we should serve. Let's go up."


When Xiaonian is clutched by Tang Yiqiang, she goes upstairs. Some pieces flash in her mind. It seems that after the singer falls off the stage, she and Tang Yi go to the bathroom.

Sure enough, Tang Yi took her to the familiar bathroom.

Tang Yi stood in front of the huge mirror and tied up her long head again, knitting her hair and saying, "Xiaonian, why are you looking so bad today? Are you not feeling well? "


When Xiaonian stood there and looked at her in a daze, "you still remember the dialogue seven years ago."

Tang Yi said with a smile, "what are you talking about? Are you uncomfortable? So pale. "

When Xiaonian walked to the sink, stood in front of the sink, pressed the tap to wash his hands, and said, "at that time, you were trying to instill in me that I was really tired, very tired, and had a bad face, so that even if I was in a coma for an hour, I would not be too surprised."


Tang Yi looks pale.

When Xiaonian turned off the water, straightened up, looked in the mirror at Tang Yi, who had lost all his face, and said coldly, "at that time, I really took you as my good friend."

Who knows that the back of friends is full of dark calculation.

Hearing this, Tang Yi's eyes flashed with a flash of water. She blinked quickly, turned to her face and said, "Xiaonian, it seems that you are really tired today. You have been talking nonsense all the time. I'll pour you a glass of water."

Said, Tang Yi walked out.


Do you want to perform that scene again.


When Xiaonian wants to stop her, Tang Yi has gone out. Now she is like a soulless NPC, only repeating what she did.

After a while, when Xiaonian came to the door, Tang Yi came to her with a glass of water and smiled innocuously, "Xiaonian, have a glass of water, and then rest."

When Xiaonian looked at the water cup with low eyes, it was because of this cup of water that so many things could be involved.

"Drink, Xiaonian."

Tang Yi hands her the cup.

"Do you think I dare to drink?" When small read coldly said, did not touch the cup, "so long enough? What do you want to do just like the back flow of time... "

Time goes back.

After saying these four words, Xiaonian was stunned. She thought of what she had said with Gong ou.

"I wish time could turn back. Then I will pat him on the shoulder and let him look back at me."

"How can time be reversed."

So it turns out.

Gong ou, did he really arrange a time reversal for her? Are you crazy? Invite all the people back seven years ago because of a word she said?

When Xiaonian stood there, his heart was deeply shocked by the earthquake, and he could not return to his mind for a long time.

"Xiaonian? Xiao Nian? "

Tang Yi shakes her hand in front of her and begins tentatively.

"I want to see Gong ou."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Instead of looking at her, Tang Yi put the cup aside and pushed her inside. She pushed her into a bathroom lattice like a dead person and pushed her to the toilet.

"What are you doing?"

The next second, the door closed.

And there is a root system attached to the door latch. After a few times, it locks the door of the bathroom lattice.

Tang Yi used to trap her in such a way that she couldn't go out? Why do you want to trap her? Don't you have to wait for that disgusting Dong Qin to come here?

When small read hurriedly stands up, pushes open the front door, suddenly hears a color narrow voice to come, "how? Anyone here? Where are the people? Come on, I can't wait. "

When Xiaonian gently looked out of his head, he saw an old man of about 70 years old standing beside Tang Yi in a well-dressed manner, trying to play an excellent look, but obviously with fear, the flesh on his face was shaking.

Qin Dong.

This color old man even invited.

Seven years ago, Shi Di asked Tang Yi to bewilder her, and then Qin Dong destroyed her innocence.

"Dong Qin, what are you in a hurry?" Tang Yi smiled and said, "I haven't found a good time yet. Can you wait a moment? I'll do it for you later!"


When Xiaonian looked at this scene in shock, when she was in a coma, where was Tang Yi talking to Qin Dong? Talking about her innocence?

Why is it so disgusting.

Didn't the flute say that Tang Yi forgot to inform Dong Qin just to climb a high branch? How can it be said that Qin Dong has to wait.

As expected, Tang Yi hid a lot.

"Then hurry up, I can't wait!" Qin Dong stood there and said, stamping his feet.

"By the way, Qin Dong, this kind of thing should be avoided in the end. Do you have any way to clear the people in the corridor beside here?" Tang Yi asked, with a little calculation in her eyes.

"Clear it? Are you kidding? Do you know who lives there? It's Gong ou. There are all the people he brought here. How can they be clear? " Qin Dong stood there and said.


When Xiaonian listened to these dialogues, he frowned and had to say that Tang Yi was really good at calculation.

"Gong Ou lives in a row by himself?"

Tang Yi asked.

"I don't know if I live in a row. I only know which room Gong Ou lives in. Besides his father and his brother, who dares to live next to him?" "Qin Dong said," it's not all dead

"Gong ou and his brother?"

"That's all I have to say. Why are you so interested in Gong Ou?"

Dong Qin looks up and down at Tang art.

"I'm just going to talk about it. Do you want to read it when you want? There are many people on the ship with mixed eyes. If you don't deal with them properly, how can you say that there will be a lot of troubles? " Tang Yi said, "I'm trying to help you, but I don't want it to be too much."

"Well, it's wordy. I'll find a way, but I don't think it'll take long."

Said Qin Dong.

"That's all right, don Qin. Hurry up."

Tang Yi said.

These two people perform this disgusting and ugly scene in front of shixiaonian. Shixiaonian can't hear it any more and rushes out to stop them. However, they continue to perform their disgusting business like they haven't seen her.

"Can you stop saying that?"

Shi Xiaonian said and looked up. Suddenly, he saw Cecilia Rossi in the moonlight classic evening dress, with long golden hair hanging down, beautiful and tall.

She stood in a corner and looked at Dong Qin and Tang Yi.

Gong Yu is not far from her.

Cecilia Rossi plays the role of Xi Yu. So, did Xi Yu hear the plot between Tang Yi and Qin Dong?

When Xiaonian looked at it stupidly.

How many things happened that night seven years ago that she didn't know.

"Then I'll go, and you can do it quickly." Qin Dong said to leave.

Tang Yi also looked around. He didn't see Cecilia Rossi. He chuckled and said to himself, "it's really quiet here. Nobody comes here. I hope everything goes well."

Finish saying, Tang Yi looked deeply into toilet again.