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Chapter 843 stickiness from Gong Yao

Gong Yao is wiping her sweat again.

"I'm very important to you."

Gong Yao's voice rang above her head.

If it's not important, Gong Ou won't let him escape first. If it's not important, Xiao Nian won't let him run first regardless of the baby.

In the eyes of mom and Dad, it's OK to sacrifice for him.

He Can it be so important.


When Xiaonian opened his eyes in surprise and looked at Gong Yao in a daze. Gong Yao sat next to her and looked down at her, with a thick uneasiness in his eyes. He continued to wipe her sweat with his small hand and said word by word, "you're better, you're also very important to me..."

It's important to me.

Later words were swallowed by him. They were not complete, but the meaning was very clear.

When Xiaonian couldn't help but smile, "holy, mom doesn't seem to hurt at all."


Gong Yao did not speak, but wiped her sweat over and over again.

"It's late. Go to bed."

When Xiaonian knew that he had suffered too much on this day, he needed a good rest.


Gong Yao said stubbornly, and continued to wipe her sweat.


When small read also did not have redundant strength to persuade him, silently enjoying her son's care, clearly hurt so much, her heart is warm.


Five days later.

Sunlight from the window into the orchid family, orchid family courtyard is still brilliant flowers, fragrant flowers.

When Xiaonian was lying on the bed in white pajamas, people drilled around her without touching her warm arms, which made her wake up instantly.

When I opened my eyes, I looked at the front of me with determination. The bed was empty. She was the only one. Gong Ou didn't know where to go.


This man is really hurt so badly. His adoptive father said that he would stay in bed for at least one month. How could he get up.

"Gong Ou? Gong Ou? "

When Xiaonian sat up from the bed while shouting, there was a lot of pain on her back, which made her frown.

Her injury is much lighter than Gong Ou's, and it hurts so much. Where did the man run with such a heavy injury.

Also said that she did not worry, she did not worry about him.

When Xiaonian opened the quilt and got out of bed, just as his feet were about to step into the slippers, the door was pushed open, and a small figure came in like a whirlwind.

Next second, she saw Gong Yao squatting in front of her, two small hands holding slippers for her to put on.

This is the next few days. Since the night when she came back from Huahai tunnel, Gong Yao has become a little servant of her. She gets up very early in the morning and sleeps very late at night. She rushes to help her as soon as she needs anything. Even when she brushes her teeth, he has to squeeze toothpaste for her.

When Xiaonian picked up the mobile phone beside him and looked at the time, he couldn't help saying, "why do you get up so early again? Didn't you say to go to bed later?"

"Getting up early is good."

Gong Yao blinked and said, extending a pair of small hands to her and making a gesture to help her.

He doesn't have the strength to help her now.

When small read also did not go to press his hand, stare at him to ridicule a way, "that sleep is also good?"

Her voice is no longer as hoarse as before, just can't hide the fatigue in her tone.


Gong Yao shut up.

When Xiaonian stood up in pain, Gong Yao helped her and found that she couldn't help her, so she ran into the bathroom. Then Xiaonian heard the sound of water.


I went to wring the towel and squeeze the toothpaste for her again.

her injury is not heavy, just to endure some pain, but Gong Yao seems to have regarded her as unable to take care of herself, which is exactly the same as Gong Yu just learned that she was pregnant again.

It's a father and son.

When small read some helplessly to walk over, lean at the bathroom door, as expected see Gong Ou is carefully squeezing toothpaste, and then handed her.

"Thank you."

After saying that Gong Yao is still so stubborn for many times, Xiao Nian can only give up. She took the toothbrush and brushed her teeth. When she was a little low, she got bruises. It hurt badly. She could not help frowning.

"I'll find grandpa Feng!"

Gong Yao almost jumped up.

"I'm fine." When small read hurriedly to stop him, "just a little bit of pain, I was twisted."


Gong Yao stood there, staring at her motionless, as if probing into the truth of her words.

She even cheated Gong ou. She asked Feng De to tell Gong ou that her injury was very light, and the bruise was not serious.

"I'm really fine. I was able to get out of bed and walk yesterday." Shi Xiaonian said, "it's still too early. Go back and have a rest."

She really doesn't understand how such a small child can say that he gets up early.

Gong Yao didn't shout to find Feng de anymore, but he didn't hear to go to sleep. He just stood there, a pair of dark pupils staring at Xiao Nian tightly, staring at her all the way to brush her teeth and wash her face for fear of missing a shot.

When Xiaonian smiled helplessly, looking at his uneasy and nervous appearance, he suddenly thought that his future girlfriend should also suffer a lot, and was stared at for 24 hours.

Well, it's also genetic.

"And Gong Ou?"

Thinking of Gong ou, Xiao Nian asked.

"At home." Gong Yao said.


When small read a Leng, put down the towel in hand.

"That's what grandpa Feng said." Gong Yao said.


Accompanied by Gong Yao, Shi Xiaonian put on a coat of windbreaker outside his pajamas and walked out of the room. As soon as he went out, he saw many people standing outside. They all carried various books and data files and put them in the hall. Some elites in suits were recording the data.

What's the situation.

When Xiaonian looked at this scene, Fengde was commanding everyone. "Search for details for me. I can't let go of everything in the LAN family. Then I'll find out if there is a dark space."

"Yes, housekeeper."

Everyone said in unison.

"Adoptive father." When Xiaonian called Fengde, Fengde immediately came to her and asked nervously, "are these people quarreling with you? I told them to keep it down. "

Bad, let the young master know that Xiaonian woke up. None of these people have good fruit to eat.

"No, I just can't sleep." When small read to look around these people, don't understand ground to ask, "this is how to return a responsibility?"

It's really like Gong Yao said it's a scribe.

"The young master always thinks that as an economist, Lancaster can withdraw from the Lancaster family. He must have mastered something to make Lancaster dare not touch him at will. But we have tried Lanting for several days, and he didn't speak." Feng de said, "no, I'm impatient. Let's copy the LAN family."


I see.

It's really like Gong Ou's style, but his injury is so serious that it's hard to rest. There's nothing urgent about it.

When small read frowned, "where is he? I'll find him."

Gong Yao stands there and holds Xiaonian's hand tightly. He raises his face and stares at her with black pupils. His eyes don't move. It seems that once he turns his eyes away, she will get hurt.

"The study in Lanting."

Feng de pointed to a direction, a man standing by the window, his silver hair white in the sun.

"Good." When Xiaonian was about to walk by, a clear voice came, "Auntie, holy!"

When Xiaonian turned around, she saw lanxiaoqi standing at the door with her doll in her arms and smiling at them. Her eyes were much brighter than before.

On that night, although LAN Xiaoqi couldn't remember how long it took for ten minutes, she still completed the task assigned by Xiaonian. These days, she was taken care of by the kind Fengde and played with Gong Yao. The whole person of LAN Xiaoqi was quite clear.

Maybe it's because Lanting is not here. No one will suddenly pull her to the room to get angry and scold her for killing her mother.

She didn't understand the world and why these people were carrying books. But when she liked it, the family lived here and liked it very much.

"Little Qi."

When I saw LAN Xiaoqi, Xiao Nian waved to her happily. LAN Xiaoqi ran to her immediately. Xiao Nian pinched her face. "Did you sleep well?"

"Yes." LAN Xiaoqi suddenly nodded her head, "just, when will my father come back from business?"

Everyone told her that her father was on a business trip, and she was thankful that his father was not there, but occasionally she would miss him.

When hearing this, Xiaonian's eyes fell into a trance, but she didn't answer. LAN Xiaoqi looked at Gong Yao again. Her face was red, and she asked shyly, "Auntie, holy has been taking care of you. Can I play with him?"

In front of the family, LAN Xiaoqi always remembers that she can't say the opposite.

She was making herself happy and painful, which she didn't realize.

When Xiaonian looked down at Gong Yao and asked him silently what he meant.

Gong Yao stands there, his face is indifferent, and he looks at her with one eye, and then looks to the direction of the study. Then he says to LAN Xiaoqi with indifference and politeness, "I will send mom to the study and play with you."

He didn't like playing with his peers, but he knew that lanxiaoqi had helped him escape this time.


LAN Xiaoqi nods hard, and looks at Gong Yao's beautiful face with a big smile.

It's like a dream. She became friends with such a beautiful brother.

When Xiaonian listened to Gong Yao's tone, he couldn't help laughing. The child really thought that she couldn't take care of her own life. It's worth his careful talking when he was sent to the study.

There was no good intention to push Gong Yao away. When Xiaonian accompanied him to the door of the study, she said with a smile, "go and play."

"Good." Gong Yao nodded and turned away. After two steps, he looked back uneasily. "Be careful."

"I see."

When Xiaonian laughed, his back hurt.

It seems that even Gong Yao has become sticky to her.

Gong Yao just left and walked towards LAN Xiaoqi. When Xiaonian pushed him to the inside, he saw Gong Ou sitting in front of his desk, turning the book in his hand, turning the page quickly, then throwing it aside.

He was dressed in loose household clothes, black, showing others to be particularly thin. His face had distinct features and deep outlines, which implied the taste of mixed race. His eyes were deep, and his lips were thin and sexy.