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Chapter 924 Lancaster's plot

When he walked out of the gate, Xiao Nian saw the window next to him.

There are two big and two small model models in it. The black men's suit and dress have a very good texture. Every detail is exquisite and attracts people's attention. If you wear it on Gong ou, it must be handsome, straight and elegant.

There is also a set of small version of the boy's dress next to the boy's model, is the little girl's wedding dress, the skirt is like a cake layer by layer spread down, lovely and delicate.

In front of the three model models is a female model. She is dressed in gorgeous wedding dress. The wedding dress under the light is extremely white. The headdress covers her face slightly and half. She is obviously just a fake model, which can make people feel her happiness and shame. The design of the wedding dress chest is particularly special. It is embroidered into layers of waves with special fine techniques. A diamond is inlaid in it, like being arched in Shanghai The edge of the drill, in the position of the heart sparkling.

Especially beautiful.

It's beautiful.

These four sets of clothes seem to be prepared for their family

when Xiaonian stands there and looks at them, fascinated.

I don't know when she can register with Gong ou. The wedding is not necessary. The wedding dress is not necessary. Even the oath paper is not necessary.

It's less, but I always think it's less.

Now think of it, when she was in the UK, she should have registered with Gong Ou regardless of her obsession. Maybe she could take a photo with vow paper in her wedding dress and hang it in the room. That must be a good feeling.

Gong Kui in the cart pulled her hand. "Mom? What are you looking at? "

When small read back to God, low eyes look at her, smile, "nothing, let's go back, give you a bath, see how much sweat you have."

"It's fun. I had a good time today." Gong Kui said happily, sticking out his small head from the cart and looking at Gong Ouhe with his eyes shining brightly. "Dad, mom, shall we play like this every day in the future?"

How happy it is to play like this every day.

When Xiaonian thought, there was a hand on her shoulder, and Gong Ou held her, and looked down at Gong Kui with no good face. "Then I have to wait until I'm free."

"And when are you free?"

Sunflower opens directly.

"When I have time to sleep for 15 hours!" If he doesn't sleep well, he can't accompany her at all.

"Then you go to sleep. How about Xiaokui sleeping with you?"

One day, Gong Kui was also close to Gong ou. He was not afraid of anything before, but began to cling to him from the bottom of his heart.

"Go away!"

She sleeps with him. Can he still sleep?

When hearing Gong Ou's depressed voice, Xiao Nian couldn't help laughing. How could she not find her daughter so able to cure Gong Ou before? Is it really one thing and one thing?


Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian and leaves. Xiaonian follows him, but his face cannot help turning away. His eyes once again turn to the wedding dress in the glass window.

It's really beautiful.

It's so beautiful.

As soon as they went out, countless flash lights stabbed them. The night was as bright as the day, and the bodyguards' walls were full of media.

Gong Ou's face is cold.

When small read slightly stupefied, but came to play for a while, so multimedia closely follow?

"Mr. Gong, I heard that there is a big economic problem in N.E. can you tell me what it is?"

"Gong ou, it's said that you don't do your job recently, and seldom sit in N.E. battle. Why? Is there another development? "

"N.E's stock market is falling continuously. Haven't you thought of a remedy?"

"I heard that several major shareholders intend to withdraw their shares. What do you think about this?"

Countless flashlights came at them, dazzling, and all kinds of aggressive questions were constantly thrown at them, like a sharp arrow.

There was consternation in Xiao Nian's eyes. Now it has been spread out like this? n. E internal economic problems have been known by the outside world. How big is the problem?

She remembered that this was gong Ou's own dangerous move at the beginning, but if it goes on like this, can n. e be hollowed out? Can he still support it? How do you come back from the dead?

Before they went out, they didn't have such a big battle, which only proved that the crisis of N.E had a great impact, and each family wanted to dig for materials, so they could catch up with each other so tightly.

Gong Ou is always calm in front of her. The sky can't fall down. She really can't think through it.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, Gong Ou was also looking at her. He winked at her, then leaned over and picked up Gong Kui in the cart.

Gong Ou put her daughter's head on her shoulder, and she didn't show her face. She walked towards the car.

When Xiaonian also quickly took Gong Yao's hand and walked forward from a pile of lights. Fengde and the bodyguards maintained order and forced the media to keep retreating. "Please don't move forward. Today is a private activity of the palace family. Mr. Gong doesn't want to see the newspaper."

The scene was full of noise.

There was even some confusion.

The family continued to build a car. The driver drove slowly under the pressure of the crowd. In the chaos, everyone got on the car without safety seat.

Gong Ou holds Gong Kui and Gong Yao sits between the two adults.

When Xiaonian sat there and turned the ring on his hand, he was eager to ask Gong Ou what the current situation was like, whether it was serious or whether he was under great pressure.

But when the words came to her mouth, she looked at Gong Ou's cold face and swallowed them again.

She can ask, she knows the answer, he won't tell her.

"Dad, why are there so many people?"

Gong Kui sat on Gong Ou's lap and asked stiffly. She remembered that she saw so many people last time because her father was gone, but now her father is there.

"They're a bunch of boring people, don't worry."

Gong Ou said in a low voice.

"Oh." Gong Kui nodded knowingly, drilling back and forth in Gong Ou's arms. Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows. "What are you doing?"

"Dad, you don't want to hold me like this, you want to hold me like this."

Gong Kui lay down in his arms and curled up like a baby. Gong Ou's eyebrows were tightly tightened, but she was allowed to go.

Gong Kui picked a comfortable place and finally calmed down. Soon she yawned, closed her eyes and went to sleep. She murmured, "I like dad holding me to sleep. I want dad holding me later."


Gong Ou hugs her tightly. Her body is stiff for a long time. No one finds out.


Britain on the other side of the ocean, with its sunny buildings, towering trees and green water.

In front of a window of an old castle surrounded by a big tree, an old man with a bright face stood at the window. He had short blonde hair, a very deep outline, and wrinkled skin, like a carved ring. His blue eyes looked at the birds flying through the window, and his face showed a smile.


A servant stood by, holding a tray in both hands, on which stood a more ancient pistol.

The old man took the pistol and slowly lifted it out of the window. He hooked his finger off the trigger and listened to the "bang". A bird in flight fell rapidly and a leaf fell around it.

"Good shooting, sir." "The servant said respectfully," Sir is going to be decorated again. It's really a good thing. "

George Lancaster, the largest principal of the Lancaster family, lost his daughter Mona when she died for a period of time, suffering from illness. Now, he has come out of the grief, and people are becoming more and more straightforward.

Hearing this, the old man smiled, shook his coat and went out, saying, "it's really a good thing these days."


The servant served carefully.

When the old man came out of the room, a slim figure stood there in silence. The old man looked at her for a few seconds and remembered, "Li Qingyan, Sophie, how did you come here?"

"N. E has been taken out by you. Can you let Jerry and I go?" Li Qingyan stood there, dressed in an ol suit, but his face was very haggard, and his eyes looked at him imploringly.

"Jerry?" The old man thought about it and realized, "it's your lover."

"Lancaster is a big family. He can't do things like killing people and killing people." Li Qingyan said with a pale face.

Wen Yan, the old man laughed, went to the sofa and sat down, turned his eyes to see Li Qingyan, his voice was low and dumb, "you will block people's words."

See, Li Qingyan kneels down on the ground directly, "ask Mr. Lancaster to spare us a life, as long as it can be used by me, I will make a cow and a horse to repay you."

"You're a smart person. You won't be tired talking to smart people." The old man took the cup in his servant's hand and tasted the tea gracefully. "N.E's economy has been so depressed. You are a great hero. As long as you continue to work for me, I will not kill you."

Li Qingyan kneels on the ground and bows his head, surrendering to the tunnel, "I understand, sir."

"As you can see, is N.E nearly empty? It's time to hit them hard? " The old man looked at Li Qingyan and asked, with a hint of exploration.

He is testing Li Qingyan's loyalty and ability. If not, it will be fatal.

Li Qingyan knelt on the ground and hesitated for a moment, then bit his teeth and said, "Sir, I don't know if I should say something."

"You said."

The old man tasted good black tea gracefully.

"N. e is in a depression, but Gong Ou has returned to s city. He is a man of talent, and he has always been unable to be a competent person. It will be difficult if he comes back from the dead." Li Qingyan said.

"Oh? What do you say to do? "

The old man raised his lips and asked slowly.

"When I was a kid." Li Qingyan said, looking up at the old man and offering advice and suggestions, "although I said that I used the plan last time to estrange their husband and wife, Gong Ou actually married Shi Xiaonian in love, which can be seen by everyone. He married Shi Xiaonian regardless of his identity and background, which shows how deep his love is."


"So we can't give Gong ou a chance to come back from the dead. We must defeat him." Li Qingyan said seriously, "if shixiaonian and the child are caught, how can Gong ou think about N.E? N.E will naturally collapse. Under the double attack, Gong Ou's life is not needed?"

is exactly the same as he thinks.