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Chapter 701 conclusion

"Your man depends on his face."

Gong Ou holds her and stands at the bow of the boat and says, "one by one, I have made phone calls and video messages and promised many benefits. Who won't give Gong ou a face?"

He promised to let Fengde talk about the details again. It's so simple.

One by one?

When xiaonianleng was there, staring at him stupidly, she wanted to imagine how conceited Gong ou could grovel to make phone calls and ask others to come over and play a play for his wife.

Just thinking about the picture, her heart hurt.

"I'm sorry, Gong ou."

When small read a way.


Gong Ou looks down at her.

"I just said that I felt very depressed when I came to the cruise. I'm sorry, I didn't know that you worked so hard to arrange today." When Xiaonian felt really guilty, "I'm really sorry."

She didn't know.

She didn't know that Gong Ou had done so much for today. She asked everyone in that year to come over.

"You know too little all the time."

Gong Ou Dao.

"What do you mean?" When Xiaonian looked at him, he thought there was another meaning in his words.

Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes, stood at the bow of the boat holding her from behind, reached out and took out a picture from his pocket. His voice was so low that he was sexy. "Do you think there is love at first sight in this world, shixiaonian?"

"The so-called love at first sight comes from seeing the color."

Shi Xiaonian said that she and Mona said that she always knew that whether they could really love each other was to know each other first, wasn't it?

She didn't understand why Gong Ou suddenly said that.

"Is it?" Gong Ou answered with a low voice, "do you believe in destiny?"

"Do you believe that?"

He doesn't look like a man who believes in these things.

"When Xiaonian, when you appear in front of me, I can't even see your face, but it makes me thrill. Holding you, I have an unprecedented feeling." Gong Ou said in a low voice, no matter how serious his voice was, he slowly raised the picture in his hand. "Before I knew all the truth, I thought it was because of the drug-induced hallucination, I couldn't defeat the drug."

When small read low eyes, in the sky fireworks saw the photos in the hands of Gong ou.

It's a picture of her in college. She sat in front of the easel and smiled at the camera. It's a normal picture of her life. The picture of her is too green.

"When I first saw this picture, it was the person below who confirmed that you were the one who gave me the medicine." Gong Ou said that in the sound of fireworks, she was told about the secrets she didn't know.


When Xiaonian stood quietly in his arms and listened.

"Shixiaonian, do you know how I felt with this picture?" Asked Gong ou.

"This shameless woman who wants to go to bed and become a phoenix is going to die!" When small read learns Gong Ou consistent tone to say, side to look at him.


Gong Omo, black eyes staring at her coldly.

When small read dry smile, understand oneself interrupted him, busy way, "you say you say."

Gong Ou holds the photo, and when his fingertip touches Xiaonian's face, his black eyes are deep. He continues, "I remember clearly that when my hand shook, the photo fell to the ground."

When Xiaonian looked at her photo with low eyes, did she look so scary?

"I told myself that this kind of shameless woman must not be touched. Once touched, I will be finished."

Gong Ou said in a deep voice. His voice was so low that he was dumb.


When Xiaonian looked at him in amazement, his heart seemed to be hit hard by a hammer. What did he say?

Gong Ou holds her in one hand, holds up the photo in the other hand, and stares at the person in the photo with black eyes deeply. "I never know that there is a person who looks good objectively, has a good temperament, is tall, and can only be good from the beginning to the end, but she is right for my appetite."


"When I was young, I never knew what kind of woman I wanted. Kindness? Is it evil? Beautiful? Ugly? I don't know. " Gong Ou said, looking down at her. Her surprise was reflected in the dark eyes, and the words were spewed out from the thin lips, "but you seem to have all my fantasies on you."

This seems to be contradictory, and it seems to be non contradictory.

At that moment, Xiaonian seemed to feel that his heart was also full of fireworks, a big group, blooming violently.

Gong Ou put the photo in her palm. "You said I was disgusted, but do you know that when you reappeared in front of me, I had endured it for three years."


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, he couldn't say a word.

"You are a woman who prescribes medicine. I can't touch you. You don't know how many men's beds you have used the same means. You must be punished." Gong Ou said, saying his heart reading, "I can't see you again, absolutely not."


When Xiaonian was so shocked that he couldn't speak, Gong Ou told her when he saw her picture for the first time Love at first sight?

Is there love at first sight in the world?

"Three years later, Fengde suspected that you might be pregnant with my child. Your picture appeared in front of me again, and you lay in front of me again. But that time, I was not fascinated by ecstasy, but my feeling was still as strong." Gong Ou said, "I didn't see a woman and I jumped on her because she is you, understand?"

In the sound of fireworks, Gong Ou stands behind shixiaonian, slowly lowers his head and leans on her shoulder. In his black eyes, there is a flash of memory.

That year, in the extremely hot room of imperial castle, she was dizzy and lying on his bed. He sat on the sofa beside and looked at her figure.

The temperature was so high that she had no idea how sleepy he was.

Touch? Not yet?

He is not an animal, but can't be touched by a woman. Didn't he fulfill this woman's wish.

But she looks so just, and her breath is so just, and all of them have an appetite for him. If she doesn't touch it this time, she won't have another time.

Besides, this is a bad woman.

This is a woman who secretly gave birth to his children.

What can't a bad woman touch? It's just for heaven. Besides, she will like it.

Well, that's it.

It would take a reasonable excuse to make him look less animal, so as not to damage his image in her mind.

Wait, why does he worry about his image in her heart?

Oh, she's starting to wake up.

It's too late to think about it. Just make an excuse.

Well, check to see if you've had a baby.

Gong Ou is remembering. Xiaonian's voice suddenly rings, interrupting his memory. He looks at her.

She looked at him suspiciously. "Gong ou, there is a question that I feel very embarrassed. It's not easy to ask, but if I don't ask, I will always be bothered."

"Do you have love at first sight?"

"No." When Xiaonian shook his head and held the photo in his hand, "in fact, did we have Why, I can't feel anything different after that hour? I thought maybe I was too busy at that time. I was too busy to ignore the difference. "


Gong Ou's face is blue.

"But now that I hear you say that, I suddenly have another idea." Shi Xiaonian said, staring at Gong Ou directly, observing every subtle expression of him, "will it be like this? We didn't have anything in the cruise ship at that time, but you think of me from that time on."


Gong Ou's face is black.

"So you stood proudly for three years. When you heard that Feng de began to suspect that I might be pregnant with your child, you took the opportunity to approach me?" When Xiaonian looked at him, it was like looking at an animal.


Gong Ou's face is blue and black again.

"In this way, there's another situation that makes sense. You say that I make you comfortable when I'm by your side, but when I was taken away later, you were so angry that you wanted to kill people. Would it be because of this? You were delirious in the illusory delusion at that time, but you felt that I was leaving before you succeeded, so you wanted to kill people angrily? It scared Tang Yi to death. " Shi Xiaonian guessed so.


"Is that so, the palace beast?"

Deliberately approaching her in the name of looking for a child, tossing her about, right?

"Aren't we talking about love at first sight?"

Asked Gong ou.

"I'd like to know the answer. Did you treat me..." When Xiaonian stared at him and asked, she was ready to expose this page, but Gong Ou suddenly mentioned that he wanted to go to her for a long time.

Then she had to question his motive for finding a son.

Looking for a son is not the point. She is the only goal all the time.

Gong Ou hugs her from the back. "Shixiaonian, you see, the fireworks are really beautiful."

"I know."

"Let's register tomorrow."


"Let's start our honeymoon tomorrow, and take a tour of all the romantic places on earth."

"Good." Shi Xiaonian readily agreed, and then asked, "so you didn't touch me that night, did you?"

Why hasn't she forgotten this paragraph.


Gong Ou hugged her even more, lowered his head and bit her face fiercely. He bit her gently and said, "OK, I tell you, I don't know at all!"


"I didn't tell you. I was hallucinated by the drug that night. I don't remember who went in and out. How could I remember what we did? I only remember how you felt when you were by my side! Tang Yi said that you were not too embarrassed when you came in! Are you satisfied now? " Gong Ou is biting her teeth, so she likes to break the casserole and ask after all.


It can't be explained without too much embarrassment. It seems that no matter how to find the truth that night, this period is a mystery after all.

"As for later..."

Gong otun paused and coughed hard. "It's similar to what you said. Looking for children is not my main purpose. I just want to have an excuse to meet you."


So it is.

It's a deep plan.

When Xiaonian was strangled to death by him, listening to the explosion of fireworks over her head, she looked down at the photo in her hand, flipped it casually, and saw two sentences written on the back of the photo.

Her eyes stagnated.

If there is love at first sight, it must be you. <