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Chapter 959 who are you?

When small read the line of sight in front of eyes gradually blurred, as if even eyelashes are stained with water, consciousness also began to blur.


She wants to protect it. She can't let anyone tear it down. She wants to protect its secret. She must

When Xiaonian's consciousness drifted away, her hands holding Mr palace showed signs of slipping. Her head was nodding down, and people could not bear it.

Mu qianchu stood there and could not see what happened, but Xiao Nian's stubbornness defeated him.

From the past to the present, it seems that he will never be stubborn with her. He is getting further and further away in her dictionary, which he owes. He can't blame anyone, nor is he qualified to envy anyone.

Muqianchu didn't take care of the sweat on his face. His lips were pursed white. For a long time, he let go of his lips and compromised, "don't dismantle..."

There was a commotion before the voice came down.

In full view of the public, Mr palace suddenly moved. He picked up Xiao Nian when he was too hot, and walked to the villa with his legs open.

Everyone was stunned.

"What's the matter?"

Asked mu qianchu.

"Move, move, move, move!" A bodyguard called out in horror, "the robot without electricity suddenly moves again!"

Did the dead robot suddenly move?

How does Gong Ou design robots, so he is not afraid of accidents?

Suddenly, mu qianchu thought of shixiaonian's abnormality in the past few days. When he thought of shixiaonian's complete trust and intimacy to Mr palace, he suddenly understood something.

Is he a little late again?

Can't even say a compromise to catch up with a "robot"?

Thinking of this, Mu turned around and stumbled to the villa.


When Xiaonian is hugged into the room by Mr palace all the way, she leans against it and says nothing. She quietly lets it carry herself without any resistance.

After entering the room, Mr palace took her to the bed and sat down.

The temperature in the bedroom is much lower than that outside. When Xiaonian holds his dizzy head, sweat falls from his face.

It's too hot.

After a while, Mr Gong came out of the bathroom with a wet towel and handed it to her. When Xiaonian looked up at it, he received it with a low voice. "Thank you."


R palace stood in front of her in silence.

"You're hot, too. The electricity shouldn't be fully charged, or you should charge it first. Don't worry about me." When small read to take wet towel to wipe a face to say, by the heat faint of mind gradually return to come over.

As soon as the voice fell, the door was forced to open.

It was Luo lie and mu qianchu who came in. Mu qianchu stood there, his shirt almost completely wet by sweat, his eyes looking forward without any light, his hand hanging down on his side tightly clenched into a fist, and asked, "who are you?"

When Xiaonian sat by the bed, his hand shaking with a towel, stared at mu qianchu stupidly.

“……” Luo lie looked at mu qianchu in a daze. "What are you talking about, Mr. mu?"

"Who are you?"

Mu qianchu asked again, biting his teeth.

When Xiaonian put the wet towel on her forehead, the cold feeling made her wake up a little. She opened her mouth like an ordinary tunnel, "Mr palace, you can recharge it, don't stay here."

The R house didn't move.

"Charge, does he need to charge? It can run out of electricity and generate electricity on its own. The technology of N.E is amazing! " Mu qianchu said angrily.

When small read tight lips.

"Yes, how is it done? Mr palace technology is so much more mature than other robots? " Lori just knew that mu qianchu was going to dismantle the robot, and the robot had no power and suddenly generated electricity, which was too weird.

Is technology so mature?

Standby power generation? What else?

"Mr palace, are you still here?"

When Xiaonian just urged Mr palace to leave.

Her eagerness made Lori see the clue. "Mrs. Gong, are you so eager to ask the robot to leave?"


Mu qianchu even closed the door.

With the sound of the door closing, the temperature in the room suddenly dropped to the freezing point, and the air seemed to smother.

One second passed, and no one spoke.

No one went out.

All of us are stuck.

When small read thin finger clench wet towel, want to open an mouth again, a voice suddenly rings in bedroom, "enough!"

It's not electronic.

It's a very magnetic voice, the quality of which is very familiar to Xiaonian. But when she heard it, her hands could not help shaking and could not control themselves.


The wet towel fell from her hand and landed heavily on the ground.


Lori opened his eyes in shock and looked at Mr palace in disbelief. He slowly raised his hand and pressed it on his neck for a few times, and then dealt with it for a while. Then his whole head was like a helmet.

Hiding under the helmet is a face full of sweat. The short black hair is completely wet. A face is very thin, which is a little bit of the original handsome. A pair of black eyes look forward with deep and indifferent.

Who is not Gong Ou.

He even hid under the body of the robot. What is this? Play costume game?

"Mr. Gong?" Lori called out stupidly, completely shocked.

Hearing this, mu qianchu's face was also pale. He stepped back two steps. The whole man leaned against the wall, with thick weakness. "Does Mr. Gong believe me?"

Since I don't believe he can protect shixiaonian, why ask him to stay.

Gong Ou didn't answer. He dismantled his equipment and took down the heavy armor one by one.

Only then did Lori find that the robot was almost empty, without any so-called built-in equipment or even power supply, enough to accommodate an adult to hide.

It's no wonder that Mr palace was refitted at the beginning, and some functions were lost, that is to say, I'm afraid that this Mr palace will not be the previous one.

The MR palace they see every night Are they all Gong Ou?

"What the hell is going on?" Lori walked over and asked incredulously, "Mr. Gong, why do you want to come to see Mrs. Gong so openly?"

Hearing this, Gong Ou looked up at him coldly. "Can I guarantee that I don't have a spy around me, or can you?"

At this time, it is much more convenient for a robot to walk around than his identity. At least no one pays too much attention to the direction of a machine.

"That's why you have to work so hard? How can you dress and move freely? "

Lori was greatly shocked. When she turned her eyes to look at Xiaonian, she sat on the edge of the bed with her face low, unable to see the expression clearly. He could not guess what she was thinking, but he knew it was not a shock.

She already knew?

"Have you said enough? Just go out!" Gong Ou's clothes and trousers are full of sweat.

He is not in the mood to deal with these people now.

Lori couldn't get out of the shock. He was stunned for two seconds, then nodded, "Oh, you talk, you talk."

No one can answer all his questions.

When Lori left, he took a handful of Mu qianchu. However, mu qianchu did not move when he stood there, so he stood straight. Lori looked at him doubtfully, "Mr. mu?"

He's not leaving?

"What? And stay and listen to our husband and wife? " Gong Ou looks at two men with a pair of black eyes.

"Of course, there's room for you."

Lori immediately said, and forced mu qianchu to leave. Mu qianchu went forward with a little crash. His face was pale and completely lost.

Two men left, only Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian were left in the bedroom.

How long has it not been so frank?

It should be the day before she went to hill tribe. He held her for a whole day. Since then, the two of them have never faced each other in this way.

I think it's been so long.

It's so far, so far, so strange.

When Xiaonian sat at the edge of the bed with his head down, he never raised his face. In his eyes, Gong Ou's straight legs turned to face her.

The next second, her chin was raised by a hot hand.

Even hotter than the fire's eyes fell on her. At this moment, Xiaonian would rather go to the sun to bask in. She lowered her eyes and dared not look at him.

"When did you know?"

He is more concerned about the peace of small thoughts than the doubts of Lori and mu qianchu.

Gong Ou didn't understand until this moment. When Xiao Nian knew that he was hiding in the robot, she jumped up and held him, not because she loved Mr palace, but because she knew that he was inside.

Shi Xiaonian was forced to raise her face, her eyes were always closed, she was silent, her chin was pinched maliciously by him.

She moved her lips and whispered slowly, "that morning, I felt your blood It's hot. "

At that time, he said that the blood on his body was adorable. But in the morning of the next day, she went to touch it. The blood was still warm.

That night, he was so injured that he couldn't fully support a robot and could only sit on the ground to rest.

"I see." The magnetic voice sounded above her head, "that is to say, from the beginning you knew that I was not Mr palace, why not say?"

Clearly know that he is not a robot, why still accompany him to play, but also make a love like that?


I dare not disobey any of your decisions.

This sentence can't be said by Xiaonian. Any decision he made is right, but any decision she made will bring harm to people around her.

So, she dare not, she dare not disobey anyone, especially him.

"Why don't you look up at me? Am I so terrible? "

Gong o stood in front of her and asked, holding her chin in his fingers.

Obviously, he didn't have the face to see her, but the man who didn't dare to look straight at her became her.

Hearing his voice, Xiaonian's eyelashes trembled uncontrollably, and her lips moved hard. "I, I'm tired. I want to rest."

"Then at least look at me and sleep!"

His tone is as domineering and strong as ever.