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Chapter 641 sorry, please stay

"France is beautiful."

Said Xiao Nian in a clamorous voice.

"You seem a little absent-minded." Gong Yu looked at Xiao Nian and said, "what's the matter?"

Hearing this, Gong Ou raised his leg and kicked Gong Yu on the sofa beside him, staring at him displeased, "what do you care about my woman so much? She's missing me! "



Gong Yu and Shi Xiaonian are speechless. Gong Ou doesn't feel that she has any problem talking. She starts to talk to Gong Yu about something else.

When Xiaonian was sitting there, holding a cup in his hands, watching the two of them quietly. The two brothers got together again after more than ten years. There was no awkward topic. Even Gong Ou spoke more than usual.

But looking at the two of them, Xiaonian would think of the cold of the study and Luo Qi's obsession with the fire.

They talked happily, but they didn't know that their father had been dead for four years, lying in that cold coffin for four years.

"I'm going to open a ranch there and raise more animals. In the future, when you come here, we can hunt together."

"I'll lose if I call you again."

"It's just that I'm injured this time. When my strength recovers, you may not be my opponent." Gong Yu said and looked at Xiaonian. It was strange to see that she was still wandering.

Seeing this, Gong Ou kicks him on the sofa again and says, "look, what's good! Believe it or not, I'll dig your eyes out? "

"Letter, you can't do anything!" Gong Yu said with a smile.

"Bang bang."

There was a knock at the door, and Julie stood outside and said, "Sir, you can go to the airport."

Hearing this, Gong Ou's eyes sank. When he put his arms around him, Xiao Nian looked at Gong Yu and said in a magnetic voice, "tell her about her brother."

Hearing this, Xiaonian looks up at Gong ou and Gong Yu.

Gong Yu sat there, a pair of gray eyes looking at him, and he read. His lips moved, but he didn't say anything.

A long silence.

"Say it!"

Gong Ou is impatient.

Gong Yu looked at Xiaonian's face, and there was a gloom on his face. He said, "I can't tell you when I look at your face. You are really like him."

how does he look at a face that tells the same story as this face?

"Why are you so busy?" Gong Ou frowned, "don't look at her, look at me!"

Tell a story and wait.

Gong Yu smiled helplessly, while Xiaonian raised his lips. "It's OK. Let's talk later. Don't delay your time."

Shi Xiaonian stands up from the sofa, reaches for Gong Ou's hand and clasps his fingers.

"Why are your hands so cold today?" Gong Ou frowns and looks at Xiao Nian. Her black eyes stare at her deeply.

"I don't think so."

When small read light tunnel.

Gong Ou walks up to take her in one hand, lifts the suitcase on the ground and goes out. Gong Yu follows them closely.

After putting all the luggage in the car, it's time to leave.

"All the way."

When small read smile with Gong Yu said.

"Good." Gong Yu nodded happily, reached out and hugged Gong ou, clapped his hand on his back, "when I arrive, I will call you, take care."

"I see."

Gong Ou said in a deep voice, without saying anything.

"Hurry up, too. If you want to have a wedding, go to the s municipal office. Don't stay here. It's not suitable for you two." Gong Yu hugged his brother and said.

"We'll leave when mother's health is better. I don't like staying in England either."

Gong Ou said.

When Xiaonian stood quietly and looked at them. Even when they were gone, she left a Luo Qi and a body to support the palace. When Xiaonian closed her eyes, the whole person was depressed.

She really shouldn't go into that study and know those things. If she didn't know anything, she wouldn't be so upset.

Luo Qi said that it was her love affair with Gong ou that made Gong Jue's condition worse.

It's Gong Ou who protects her too much that makes Luo Qi sick.

It was as if all the responsibility was on her.

"Well, it's hard for you to take care of your mother."

Gong Yu, who knew nothing about it, let go of Gong ou, said, turning his eyes to shixiaonian. Before his hands were extended, shixiaonian was held behind him by Gong ou. Gong Ou's black eyes stared at Gong Yu with hostility. "You don't have to hold her. I don't want to beat you into the hospital!"

So wild.


Gong Yu shrugs and doesn't hug Xiaonian. He turns to open the door and is about to go up. Suddenly, his action stops. He turns to look at Xiaonian standing behind Gong ou and says, "Xiaonian."

Shi Xiaonian steps out from behind Gong ou and silently looks at Gong Yu.

"Xiaonian, I'm ashamed about your brother. I can't tell you several times because I'm sorry for him." Said Gong Yu in a low voice.

When small read to look at him, lightly ask a way, "did he forgive you then?"

It's between him and her brother. If he forgives, she can't say anything.

Hearing this, Gong Yu shook his head, and a bitter smile came from the corner of his lips. "No, Xiaonian, he didn't even know how sorry I was for him."


When small read silently looked at him, from his eyes saw the strong guilt.

He owes a lot to Gong ou and Xi Yu.

"Well, Xiaonian, when can I do you a big favor? Maybe I can tell you the past frankly." Gong Yu said, "it's a kind of atonement."

Atonement, is it that serious?


When small read a nod, squeeze out a smile.

"Well, that's all." Gong Yu said, bending down and sitting in the car, looking at them, "I'm leaving. Take care of yourself. Goodbye. We have time to get together again."


The car slowly drove out of their sight. When Xiaonian looked up at Gong Ou beside him, he looked at the direction of the car. His face was handsome and perfect. His eyes were dark and deep, and his thin lips were tight.

Gong ou, I'm really confused now. I don't know what to do.

Should I push you out?

"Just announcing the news of the master's death, the lady can be sober, but it will also hurt her. Only when the second young master tells the lady that he is willing to take charge of the palace, can the lady get better."

Someone should be able to support the palace wholeheartedly now.

But that means Gong Ou is going to give up his career on a large scale and can't concentrate on what he wants to study.

"Well, Xiaonian, when can I do you a big favor? Maybe I can tell you the past frankly."

Gong Yu's voice echoed in Xiao Nian's ear, as if something exciting had flashed in her mind.

A bold idea welled up in her mind.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou's face, he puts one hand on Gong Ou's arm and unconsciously tightens his sleeve.

Gong Ou looks down at her, "what's the matter?"

What are you doing with his sleeves so tight.


When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou's eyes deeply, I'm sorry, Gong ou, she knows that her decision is selfish now, I'm sorry.

She slowly released her hand and stepped back.

"What are you doing?"

Gong Ou looks at her skeptically.


When Xiaonian stares at him, continues to back away, turns around suddenly and runs forward, recklessly chasing Gong Yu's car.

Gong Ou looks at her running all the way and shouts loudly, "what are you doing? Come back! "

When Xiaonian ran to Gong Yu's car with all his strength, "stop! Stop! "

"When reading! Fucking danger! "

What to run on the road!

Damn it.

Gong Ou tries to catch up with Xiao Nian, who is still running recklessly towards Gong Yu's car. There is only one idea in her mind. She doesn't want to sacrifice Gong Ou or let him do something he doesn't like.

"When reading! You come back! Believe it or not! "

Gong Ou yells at the back, "fuck, this woman is going after another man in front of him.".

When Xiaonian ran crazy ahead.

The car in front finally stopped slowly, stopped at the side of the road, the door was opened, Gong Yu came down from the car, looked at Shi Xiaonian in surprise, "is there anything else? Xiao Nian? "

When Xiaonian ran to him, he gasped heavily, bent over, put his hands on his knees, looked up at Gong Yu and said, "are you willing to help me?"

Gong Yu thought of what he had just promised, "yes, you can do anything busy. What do you think of so quickly that I can help you?"

"What if it was for you to sacrifice yourself?"

He continued to ask, gasping.

“……” Gong Yu's face gradually regained itself, staring at her and saying, "what is it, Xiaonian? I'll do my best to help you. "

"I want you to stay." When Xiaonian directly opened his mouth, "since you appear, I hope you will continue to bear the responsibility that originally belonged to you."


Gong Yu looked at her, pale.

"What are you talking about?"

Gong Ou stops and stands not far away from them. A pair of black eyes stare at Xiao Nian. What does this woman say? Everyone has to go. What does she keep.

What can't you tell him?

Gong Yu looks at Gong ou and then looks at Xiao Nian. He smiles pale. "Well, it seems that you don't want Gong ou to take on these responsibilities. Then I promise you that I will come back when Gong Ou is going to formally inherit the family."

As the eldest son, this should have been his responsibility.

Gong Ou won't open his mouth, so does Xiao Nian. He can't let his brother bear all his life.

"It's not the future, it's the present." Shi Xiaonian said, looking at Gong Yu with one pair of eyes. For a while, she bowed deeply, closed her eyes and said sadly, "I'm sorry, please stay."


Gong Yu's figure is rigid there, looking at Gong ou.


Two hours later, Shi Xiaonian, Gong ou and Gong Yu appeared in the palace castle.

When Xiaonian walked beside Gong ou, Gong Yu and Fengde followed them, wearing sunglasses and masks.