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Chapter 1031 final arrangements

"Adoptive father, I can't make it through. That's my last words." When Xiaonian looked at him, his eyes were distracted, his voice was weak but firm.

The voice like a thorn deep into the body of Feng De, he looked at her, "what are you talking about? You can evacuate in a moment."

"Father, I beg you." There was no sign that the gunfire outside had stopped, said Xiao Nian imploringly, and tears came from the corner of his eyes again.

At this time, if we take care of her life, we won't have to live.

The chance of surviving a massive hemorrhage is not high.

Feng de looked at her and looked aside at the blood filled cotton wads. His hands under the surgical suit shook for several times. Finally, he said, "go, and withdraw into the underground waterway!"

"Now? How can Mrs. Gong move in such a state? " The doctors all don't want to, Feng de clenched his fist and said loudly, "I will withdraw if I say so! Right away! Right off! I'll go out and arrange something else. You'll leave now! Don't delay for a second! "


Several doctors shouted excitedly. They could only watch Feng de leave.

When Xiaonian was lying on the operating table, she looked vaguely at the doctors' hands, red and blood. She made a low voice, "let's go."

"Mrs. Gong!"

"It doesn't matter. I can hold it." In fact, she knows she can't support it. This is her final arrangement and the best decision.

"Here..." Several doctors look at me and I look at you. The gunshots outside are continuous. At last, they put a needle in Shi Xiaonian's body and began to transfer.

Compared with the terrible pain before, this needle is not painful for Xiaonian. She doesn't even feel the pain.

She couldn't move. She was moved carefully by the doctors. The cart was pushed out.

At this time, she didn't even have the ability to make a final decision. Besides lying down or lying down, the shots were still ringing over and over again. There was no end to chaos.

She opened her eyes, looked at the moving ceiling, looked at the lights, and when they were on, they were illusory.

Is this how she saw the world last?

Her moonlight flower hasn't opened yet, so she doesn't have a date to go home;

she hasn't come to see little pumpkin, and hasn't seen him come out of the incubator healthily;

she promised Gong Kui and Gong Yao, and Luo Qi, saying that she can't do the family trip after going back;

and She wants Gong ou to be with her.

Still don't want, she is a blood person now, after this time, let the professional person tidy up for her, at least it will look a lot better, Gong ou can also bear some.

Once out of the room, a face that couldn't cry came into her sight. Bit followed her to push the bed inside. A pair of blue eyes were red and crying, unable to restrain his sadness. His mouth moved, but he couldn't speak a word.

He took her hand.

"Why don't you leave?" "Hurry up," he asked weakly

He has betrayed the Lancaster family, and his father won't spare him here.

"I'm not leaving. I want to be with you." Bit shook his head like a rattle, and held her hand tightly. As he walked, he said, "don't fall asleep. You'll get out of bed and watch the baby later. I'll watch with you."

It seems that he also knows that her condition is not very good and dare not let her sleep.

"I'm fine. You are obedient. Hurry up. " When Xiaonian opened her mouth weakly, the bed under her body was moving constantly, and she could not feel the pain when it was bumpy.

"I don't want it!" Bit shakes his head again.

Pushing the bed, the blood bag and the infusion bag were shaking at the same time, and at the same time, they were infused into her body. A doctor followed Xiaonian in a hurry and threw a blood cotton ball again.

Bit took a look and cried like a child. He grabbed Xiaonian's hand and cried desperately. "It's all my fault. I'll send you away earlier. I'll send you away earlier. I shouldn't have kept you for so many days. It's all my fault. It's all my fault..."

He cried regretfully. If he let shixiaonian leave early, he would not meet so many family bodyguards. She would not suffer so much for saving him, would not lie here, would not bleed constantly.

Go to the entrance of the underground water channel, the bodyguard takes the bed and moves it down, step by step. Xiaonian feels that he is falling down.

There was a bottomless abyss below, and she didn't know when to fall.

The pain began to hit her again.

It's very wet in the underground channel, but the gunshot is a little bit smaller here, and her heart doesn't have to be pounded as fast.

The bodyguards all withdraw into the underground water channel and seal off the entrance. Humanely, "although the entrance is sealed, many of us disappear out of thin air. It's a matter of time before we find this place. We have to move as soon as possible."

"Mrs. Gong can't be moved any more!"

A doctor stood up and said fiercely.

When Xiaonian was pushed to the wall, the doctors pulled up a circle of white cloth and propped up a temporary and simple operating room. The bacteria and other things were no longer available.

Everyone stood there and looked at each other.

The silence in the underground watercourse made people feel gray. Feng de hurried over, sweat on his head, opened the white cloth and walked in. Looking down at him, Xiao Nian said, "I've sent the young master out. I think he can get on the plane in 20 minutes. At least I've sent a doctor to follow him at the baby's side. I'll take all the things I need to take."

When Xiaonian turned to look at bit, bit wiped off the tears on his face and said stubbornly, "don't look at me, I won't leave. I'll be here if you are here, and I'll be here if you die..."

He slammed his mouth shut, hating himself for saying such an unlucky word.

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, Fengde smiled kindly at her. "Don't you think a father can leave his daughter?"

Although it is the father and daughter, Feng de always abides by the housekeeper's respectful attitude towards her. He said these at this time

When people are in danger, they are accompanied by so many people. Xiaonian is not unmoved, but it's useless to be moved. It can't save anyone's life.

The doctors gave up their own safety and still saved her. There was a group of bodyguards guarding her outside. When Xiaonian looked at Fengde and bit, he closed his eyes sadly. "You don't want to look like this."

"You're safe. The operation will be done soon. We can move you in a moment." Feng de comforted her.

"Adoptive father." When small read a word a word said, exhausted the strength, the complexion is pale to have no blood color, even the lips all hair dry, "I understand now how to return a responsibility, is you do not understand."


Feng de looked at her sadly, and bit stood on the other side with his eyes red as if they were words.

"Don't waste time doing unnecessary things." When small read off and on said, "if the probability of survival is low, you all go."

She really didn't want to talk much, just wanted to lie down for a while and wait for that moment.

"You want us to give you up? What you just said about transfer treatment is to pull us to a safe place. " Feng de looked at her incredulously. "Don't talk nonsense. I won't leave even if the probability is low. Besides, if the probability is low, you will be OK."

If there is such a good understanding of Gong Ou's temper, Feng de will not send him away.

"Why must I die with you?" When Xiaonian was lying there, he laboriously asked, "you will only make me feel uneasy and guilty when I go."


"Don't stimulate Mrs. Gong any more. Her heart rate is not stable. Too much excitement will affect her body." A doctor raised his head and said, a sweat on the forehead.

“……” When Feng de was frozen there, Xiao Nian looked at him imploringly.

He couldn't make a decision. He couldn't leave Xiaonian when he took him as his own father. He didn't dare to make her worry.

"Adoptive father!" When I was young, I couldn't see their hesitation. Now every second is a hope for them to escape. "Do you think I can't even commit suicide now?"

Do they really have to wait for her to swallow their breath before they leave?

Hearing this, Feng De's breath suddenly stopped. Looking at her, he said, "what are you talking about?"


When Xiaonian was lying there, he had no strength to grasp things.

"I know a place where they can't find even if they break in. Doctors can operate at ease." A clear female voice suddenly came, as if it was far away or near.

When he heard the sound, bit stepped forward and lifted the white cloth. He saw a woman in an old dress standing there with her back bent. She had a very big hat on her head and her head was low. She could hardly see her facial features, but she could see some scars like centipedes.

Bit looked at her and then at fender.

Feng de came out, "it's you?"

It's the owner of the house. It's also the woman who told the secret of the underground waterway.

The woman didn't notice them, but turned and hobbled to the other side, picked up a stone and knocked on the hard and wet stone wall for several times. The direction she knocked seemed to be irregular but it seemed to follow something.

Suddenly, the whole wall began to move, separating a door.

Inside is a more humid stone chamber.

"There is still a darkroom here. Why didn't you say it earlier? You dare to hide it from the palace. " Feng de came over and marveled at the ingenious design. He couldn't see any trace of dark grid. He was puzzled that the woman had been hiding it.

The woman stood there. "It's OK to keep your own line, isn't it? It's absolutely safe here. Your palace hasn't found this darkroom for so long. They can't find it even if they come in. There's absolutely time to finish the operation and send more people to rescue. "


It's really a good place.

Feng de looks inside. Although the environment is poor, there is no room for him to choose. It's true that he can save Xiaonian's life.