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Chapter 1103: people who play crazier than me

Isn't it for Gong ou to open all the curtains now?

Originally, the manor was too big to be aimed at. It was too easy to fully open the curtains

Several bodyguards look at each other and dare not pull.

When Xiaonian was in severe pain, she stood up with barely support, and looked out of the window at Enid. Enid still stood outside in that position, slightly lowering her head, just like they met for the first time.

At that time, who would have thought that today.

Just how could there be two enides? Shixiaonian frowned, but soon understood that it was holographic image again. For the first time, she felt that holographic image could be so terrible.

George and Gong ou are going to fight with holograms today.

When Xiaonian felt his head hurt even more.

"Hurry up! Come on, open the curtains for me! " George held the gun up to the bodyguards with a terrible obsession in his eyes.

"Sir, this must be gong Ou's trick. Those are only holographic images. He is going to quickly find our target in a wide range. Maybe now the sniper gun is aiming at us." A bodyguard tried to stop George.


A loud gunshot made Xiaonian's ears buzzing.

George shot up, his face full of crazy ferocity, "impossible! How could the hologram be so clear with such a strong light outside? He must have caught Enid. It must be! "

When small read stupefied for a while, turn round to look outside, yes, the sun so basks, holographic image is able to be affected.

She fixed to look at the people outside the window, suddenly, Enid outside the window moved manually, and there was a glass paper crane in her palm. The wings of the paper crane reflected countless lights in the sun.

Real people?

When Xiaonian was shocked, what was outside was not Enid's image, but real people's disguise. Did Gong Ou spend half an hour to make people put on makeup? How do you know she's in this villa?

Do you mean

There is a real person "Enid" standing outside all the windows of the whole manor? When Xiaonian was shocked, how could Gong ou do such a big arrangement in this half hour.

"Sir, if he catches so many people, he just wants to use the same method as you do." The bodyguard is eager.

How could the owners who once controlled a large family now have no sense at all.

These holograms didn't drive the women of Gong Ou mad, but they would drive George mad.

Gong Ou is still counting down.

The bodyguard quickly turned on the TV not far away and called up the monitoring picture.

When Xiaonian looked at the past, it should be the monitoring of the highest part of the whole manor, monitoring every move of the whole manor. On the screen, he could see clearly that Enid's robe figure covered every corner of the manor, everywhere.

There's so much to panic about.

When small read low eyes, it seems that she guessed right, Gong Ou used this half hour to set the biggest game, against George's game.

George didn't expose himself under the window. They had guns. People outside didn't dare to come in to save her. She had to find a way.

Listen to the words of the bodyguard, George rushed to the TV set, his eyes were fixed on the manor on the screen, his fingers trembled and stroked the small ant figures above.

"False, all false." George seemed to understand, "yes, he wants to use my tricks against me, he can't think! Don't think about it, Gong o! You want to stimulate me? No way, I'll show you how your woman was tortured to death! "

Here, Gong Ou's voice has slowly counted down to three

When Xiaonian stood there, watching George rush towards him, with a crazy body.

When he rushed to the window, George himself stood by the wall, pressed shixiaonian against the window, pointed the muzzle of the gun at her arm, and then threw the remote control to the bodyguard, "press it down, and let Gong Ou's children die one by one! Kill one by one! "

"Yes, sir!" The bodyguards took the opportunity to hide in a safe place.

When Xiaonian looked at George in horror, George laughed and his lips were red with blood, "I'll see how crazy Gong Ou is!"

"Enid" standing outside is about to break the window.

When Xiaonian held his breath and said loudly in a hoarse voice, "do you really think Gong Ou didn't catch Enid? How do you think about it!"

"He can't get it!" George shouted at her in a frenzy, "she's well protected by me! She doesn't have any surveillance! No network! I can't even get in touch. Gong ou can't catch it! "

Several bodyguards stood by frowning. George was still talking to a hostage. He hesitated and thought he was right. How could he fight Gong Ou in such a mental state.

When Xiaonian saw him answer, he felt relieved and said positively, "then how do you think Gong Ou knows that Enid has become normal?"

She still doesn't understand. Why should she say it's normal? Isn't that normal? What happened to Enid?

Hearing this, George's eyes changed. "Yes, why did he say that? Why do you say that? "

He kept repeating his words, forgetting that Gong Ou's countdown was over and that the manor had not been bombed.

When Xiaonian got out of his hand and watched him move to the side little by little, "and bit, bit is back, you can't think of it here?"

"Bith is not dead, the child is not dead."

George stood there, slowly lowered his head, murmured to himself, "bith is not dead, she's OK, she's going to revenge me for her son, she betrayed me, she hates me, she hates me..."

When Xiaonian saw him like this, he thought about adding fire, and said weakly, "why do you want to do the same thing? You don't want to see Enid again? She's normal. I know you have many questions. Don't you want to ask her well?

"Ask, ask, she doesn't want to talk to me, I want to ask, I want to ask..."

George kept talking to himself as she said, looking up at her suddenly, his eyes almost popping out, "I should go to see her, right? For decades, I've never listened to her carefully, not a word, not a word! "

As he spoke, he walked towards shixiaonian and gradually exposed himself to the window.

When Xiaonian looks at him nervously, a little more, as long as a little more can be exposed, she will be safe.

George stares at her and approaches her step by step.

I was so nervous that I forgot to breathe.

All of a sudden, George seemed to find something. He stepped back and aimed his gun at her again. "Want to cheat me to become a sniper target in the window? Over my dead body! Forget it! "


It's a failure.

George, who was out of order and awake for a while, let Shi Xiaonian hardly have the strength to continue. If he dragged on like this, she would either die or be driven mad.

When Xiaonian bit his lip and spoke weakly, "I lied to you? If it's true, you really don't want to see Enid again. For decades, when you get together and leave more, you really don't want to hear her say a word in your heart? "

George turned his head and held the gun with his hands. His fingers almost touched the trigger. He thought about it and then let it go. Then he thought about it and then let it go

When Xiaonian saw that he didn't dare to move like this, his nerves were stretched to the limit.

"You guys go out and yell at me. Gong ou will bring me bith and Enid. Don't play these tricks!" Cried George.

The answer was silence and the sound of helicopters outside.

When Xiaonian and George looked aside together, they all ran away.

Those bodyguards should have run out to beg for mercy with the remote control device that controls her family. They are probably stimulated by the bodyguard just now. They think such a master is not worth following.

So, the adoptive father, the eldest brother and the children are all safe for the time being.

That's good.

"These traitors!"

George yelled at the top of his voice, picked up a white remote control from his pocket, pressed it excitedly on it, and listened to the sound outside.


It's like the explosion of thunder shaking thousands of miles.

There was a faint cry.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in amazement and his body was cold, George laughed and threw the remote control on the ground. "Traitors don't deserve family!"

"You killed all their families?" I can't believe it.

This remote control controls the bodyguard family, right?

"Yes! No one can control my game! " George glared at her.


When I read, I was speechless.

Suddenly, Gong Ou's wild voice came, "George! Dare you talk to me! "

Listen to the voice outside, George sneered, pointing to the small read, "you come here, or I will now put your limbs first!"


When Xiaonian can only walk towards him.

George grabs her and goes to the TV set. He takes the TV remote control and connects it to the Internet. Almost instantaneously, the smart TV is intruded and connected with the signal. Gong Ou's indifferent face appears on the screen.

Gong Ou sits at a desk, surrounded by a pile of equipment and instruments. Behind him is the meeting room of the majestic main building of the manor, surrounded by many bodyguards.

It's only a few hours before I see you, when Xiaonian feels like half a life, his eyes turn red instantly.

Gong ou

When George grabbed it, Xiaonian put the gun to her temple and shouted at the TV, "I know you can't stay where there is Internet! It doesn't matter, Gong ou. As long as I have this woman in my hand, it's not up to you! Don't you want to blow up the whole estate? You blow up! Isn't it countdown? Why didn't it explode? Gong ou, you have the ability to bomb! "


Gong Ou sat there, his dark eyes staring at George coldly, his teeth clenched.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou's face deeply. If she can't leave alive today, at least remember this face.

After a while, gongou sat back, smiled instead of anger, spread out his hand, ten finger long, "George, your game is very interesting, I was born in gongou and have never found a person who plays more crazy than me!"