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Chapter 164 who are you talking about

"Yes, sir." Feng De takes out his cell phone and calls, "you can go in. Remember to smash the check to the boss."

Gong Ou looks at the direction of the restaurant and slowly clenches his fist with one hand.

In the dining room.

When Xiaonian didn't know what to say in the face of Mu qianchu, it seemed that he was hurt at the first exit.

She bowed her head to eat.

All of a sudden, mu qianchu put down the spoon and said, "I have one last question."


Shixiaonian looks at him.

"If there is no Gong ou, will you give me a chance even if you are tired?" Mu qianchu stubbornly asks to the end.

Every problem he has today is hitting himself.

But he couldn't help asking.

He wants to know whether he lost to time or Gong ou.


When Xiaonian looked at him hesitantly, but before he answered, he heard a loud noise.

She turned her head and looked back at mu qianchu. She saw a group of young people dressed like old puzzles coming in from the outside, with steel pipes in their hands.

The first young man with yellow hair knocked at the wall with a steel pipe, "stay with me, I'm going to smash the shop today! Don't even try to run! "


There was an uproar in the shop, and the breakfast guests all looked at them in horror.

The boss is an uncle with a beer belly. Hearing this, he came out and looked at the young man with a smile. "Brother, why do you want to smash the shop? When can I offend you?"

The young man glanced at all the tables, and finally his eyes were fixed on Xiaonian's table. He cried out with a loud voice, "I've been told to fight when I see the man who eats the egg bun! Brothers, up! "

Said that, that group of small hoodlums all rush in, shut the door heavily, then take the steel tube to smash a gas in disorder.

The little dining room was a mess.

"The first thousand!"

When small read immediately stand up, pull Mu qianchu's hand to stand aside, body involuntarily in front of her.


Mu qianchu looks down at the hand she is holding tightly, and the curve of the lips is slightly deep. He pulls her back. "It seems that you are used to me. However, I am not the blind man who needs your protection everywhere. "

As he said, mu qianchu pulled Shi Xiaonian behind him and walked to the front of the young leader in the battle field of dancing with steel pipes.


The man looked at him blatantly, with his neck up.

"Since someone has told you how much money they have given you, I'll double it and stop this boring behavior." Mu said coldly, taking out his wallet from his suit pocket and taking out a black card with no limit.

When Xiaonian looked at the little gangster, he had headphones on his ears.


Follow orders?

When Xiaonian suddenly thought of something, he immediately went back to Lamu qianchu and made a hoarse voice, "he is Gong Ou's man."

It's for them.

No matter what they do, the other side will not let them go.

As it turns out, the little gangster really came to them with a steel pipe and was merciless.

Mu qianchu quickly pushes shixiaonian to the wall, protects her with her body, and smashes the steel pipe on his back.


Mu qianchu groaned in pain, and his body hit her. He quickly stretched out his hands and pressed them on the wall to prevent him from hitting her too heavily.

"Qianchu --"

Xiaonian looks at him in shock.

Mu qianchu stood in front of her and endured a few stuffy sticks. His face was pale, his breath was heavy and he bit his teeth. "It's OK, don't worry."

When small read excitedly struggles, wants to withdraw from his protection circle.

"Don't move, darling."

Mu qianchu is very low. He can go to fight with those people now. But the restaurant is so small that he doesn't protect her. She will be injured by mistake.

He raised a hand to cover her eyes.

When she lost her vision, Xiaonian could only hear the clanging sound in her ears, and someone was smashing the glass. She heard Allen's anxious cry.

Then it was like two groups of people were fighting.

Mu qianchu protects her in her arms. She has nothing.

Soon, she heard the sound disappear.

The sound of footsteps slowly went away.

Mu qianchu 's hand slipped slowly in front of her. When Xiaonian saw a pale face, she looked at him anxiously, "qianchu..."

"I'm fine."

Mu qianchu reluctantly smiles, turns his head and looks aside.

I saw a lot of guests huddled in the corner with their heads in their arms, and the store was in a mess. The last little gangster lost a check to the boss, who opened the check with a dull face, and then his eyes widened. His face was unbelievable.

"It seems to be gong ouxia's hand. He is teasing us like ants, watching us struggle without stepping on death."

Mu qianchu is passing the line of sight, talking and looking at him with difficulty.

Shi Xiaonian was not looking at him, but looked at the road outside the restaurant with a solemn face.

"What's the matter?"

Asked mu qianchu.

Alan and his bodyguards rushed to Mu qianchu and held him. "Are you OK, general mu?"

"I'm fine."

Muqianchu said, a pair of narrow eyes still looking at Xiaonian, only to see her or look outside the restaurant, "what are you looking at?"

"I'll go out for a while."

Shi Xiaonian said and went out.

Mu qianchu wanted to pull her, but he didn't pull her. He leaned forward and almost fell down. Allen quickly held her back. He frowned painfully and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Are you ok?" When Xiaonian hurriedly returned.

"Where are you going?" Mu qianchu, weak and struggling, looked at her with his eyes almost frightened. "Don't ask Gong Ou again, will you?"

He had a pale, sad face and stood there with a weak body.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

He was afraid that she would go to ask Gong ou.

"I just went out and I'll be right back." Shi Xiaonian said, turning to look at Alan, and said, "help mu qianchu get on the bus, go to the hospital first, and leave a car for me, and I will come."


"Don't worry, I'm not asking him." When Xiaonian smiled at qianchu and asked Allen to help him leave first.


Hearing that she wasn't going to ask for Gong ou, she was a little relieved.

Watching their car gradually choose to go, Xiaonian stood on the side of the road, waved to Mu qianchu, then turned his head, looked at the row of cars on the side of the road, and looked at a business car.

Her eyes were deep, and she strode towards the car, standing outside the door, looking coldly in.

The glass of the business car is pitch black and can't be seen inside.

When Xiaonian stares at the window, his pupils stare dead. His face is cold.

One second;

two seconds;

three seconds.

The window was lowered slowly.

Miyou's handsome face appeared in her sight.

Sure enough.

She guessed, did not know why, she can feel Gong Ou has been staring at her.

Gong Ou was sitting there, with his chin slightly raised, his posture high and his deep outline cold and gloomy.

He turned his head slowly, a pair of dark eyes looked at her disdainfully, and his thin lips raised an indescribable arc, "why, can't you stand it so fast? This is the way you choose. "

And he said, she will come to him, and he will not be afraid of the dark.

He didn't believe how bold she was to continue to fight him.


Xiaonian looks at him in silence.

"This is just the beginning. If you want to come back... "

"Let me kneel in front of you like a bitch with a dog collar and lick everything, right?" When small read down his words, the voice of the original Qingrou now becomes indifferent.


Gong Ou's words were interrupted by her. Her face sank and her voice was cold and fierce. "Yes, is the dog collar ready? This time, I'll tie you up at home. I'll see which man you can run to! "

He let her go again and again, and she made such a face for him?

When Xiaonian looked at his self righteous face, her hand hanging on her side couldn't help clasping. How could she like such a man.

"Gong ou, don't you think you're bored?"

When small read cold to open.

"What do you say?"

Gong Ou's body is stiff and black eyes stare at her.

"Bikers, bookshelves, flowerpots, throwing knives, steel pipes Do you have to do this Shixiaonian asked sarcastically, "what does this prove, that you have money? Prove you can torture us? "

She laughed at him in every word.

It's not a good experience to be laughed at by women who value themselves.

Gong Ou's outline is taut, his breath suddenly becomes heavy, and his thin lips are tight. He stares at her mocking expression for a long time and says, "who are you talking about

"You never think you're wrong, do you? You are right in everything, aren't you? " When small read convergence satire, cold tunnel.

"Where am I wrong?"

He asked word for word.

He's right. When will he miss it.

"Well, I'll say." When Xiaonian looked at his cold face and said, "three years ago, you didn't check the cruise ship completely, so you took care of me and illegally imprisoned me. Several times, I was almost killed by you. Have you ever apologized to me?"


Gong Ou's face sank.

"I have no contact with mu qianchu, and I am willing to stay with you. But what you bring me is that you have never believed in my innocence." Shi Xiaonian said, "how good are you to me?"


Gong Ou sat there, his face gloomy.

"It's my fault that I mention your brother, but it's your hypocrisy. Just because I mention your brother, you will lead me back like a dog, and then torture us like this in a day." When small read the hoarse voice to say very hard, "Gong ou, are these things you really a bit wrong?"

She said, standing still.

The wind blew through the street, with warm, she stood there, the face under the head of cute balls is cold.

"If you have any dissatisfaction with me, just say it once." Gong Ou laughed angrily, and the radian of his lips became deeper and deeper