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Chapter 235 awe at the beauty of women

"What are you doing?"

Gong Ou looks at his empty hand and frowns discontentedly.

"I also want to see your mother alone." When small read to smile to say, "you don't go in, with your temper, at that time on the contrary make more disorderly."

"I'll make it worse?"

Gong Ou is upset. Is he a troublemaker in her eyes?

"Go back and wait for me. I'd like to have your fried rice with eggs. "

When small read stood on tiptoe on his face gently kissed next, the voice is clear soft, then walk toward inside.

Gong Ou stood in the same place, didn't follow up, and stared at her back, still a little uneasy. He shouted, "when I finish the fried rice with eggs, you will come out!"

He sounded as if she was going to a tiger den.


When Xiaonian didn't speak, he didn't go back.

Feng de followed her and led her into the magnificent living room. The whole living room was irregular and luxuriously decorated.

There is a faint fragrance in the air.

When Xiaonian looked forward.

At this moment, she will remember it all her life.

A large amount of sunlight came in from the door, illuminating the whole living room. A woman in a purple dress stood in front of a painting. Her figure was enchanting and elegant, tall and tall, and her curly brown hair was randomly placed on her shoulder.

It's like perceiving someone coming in. The woman turns her head slowly. A beautiful face is enough to make the sunshine lose its luster. When she looks at it, she smiles.

That smile is noble and alienated.

That smile, let a person have a kind of illusion of long time.

The light of the sun, the golden light on her body, the woman standing there, is a painting worth inlaying and collecting.


It's beautiful.

When Xiaonian stood beside Fengde, she was totally awed by the beauty of the woman in front of her.

When she was upstairs, she could not fully see Luo Qi's five features, but now she saw them clearly. She finally understood who Gong Ou's good leather bag was inherited from.


Feng de nodded respectfully to Luo Qi.

"Go down." Said Luo Qi lightly.

"Yes, ma'am."

Fengde retreated, leaving Xiaonian standing there alone.

Luo Qi went to a European style sofa and sat down, looking at her with one eye.

When Xiaonian stood there, she was wearing a beautiful long dress, and her figure was pretty good. The diamond ring on her finger and the necklace on her neck were valuable objects. Her face was clean and comfortable, but not dazzling.

Luo Qi doesn't see any flash point in her face that is worth being treasured by Gong Ou as a rare treasure.

"Good aunt."

When Xiaonian stood there, bowed her head politely and said hello to her.

"Aunt? Am I this old? " Luo Qi chuckles and touches her beautiful face with her hands.


When Xiaonian looked at her in silence, the language rolled around her mouth several times, but she didn't know what to say.

Luo Qi has met many people. When he saw it, Xiao Nian was thinking about how to please her. He couldn't help laughing and said, "don't be restrained. I've seen so many famous ladies with noble and elegant manners. If you think about your words several times, it won't work in my eyes. So, instead of being restrained, it's better to be yourself. "


When Xiaonian stood there and looked up at Luo Qi.

This is tough enough.

"Just like the housekeeper, call me madam." Luo Qi light tunnel, suddenly the distance between the two people opened to the unreachable point, reward en general way, "sit."

Luo Qi shows that she doesn't like her.

Xiaonian took a breath and barely smiled. "Yes, ma'am."

She sat down on the sofa in front of Luo Qi. She sat upright and put her hands on her knees.

Luo Qi looks at her, looks at her carefully again, from top to bottom, does not let go of any place.

Xiao Nian unconsciously adjusts her breathing.

A moment later, Luo Qi said directly, "Miss Shi, in my heart, you let me down."


When Xiaonian's heart sank, but she couldn't show it on her face, so she sat in silence, trying to maintain a calm look at Luo Qi.

"Although I'm not satisfied with your background and negative personality, on the way here, I'm thinking that it must be a very special person to let my son like you."


Luo Qi leaned on the back of the sofa lazily and gracefully, and looked at her with one eye. "But now I can't see any flash on you. I just want to find one in the crowd. I'd like to know what's special about you."

When Xiaonian sat there, straightened his back, and then smiled lightly, "I also want to know, if my wife can get the answer in gongou, I'm grateful."

Gently light a sentence, carefully resolved the tricky problem of Luo Qi.

Luo Qi sat there with her hands on her face. Hearing this, she was surprised by the beautiful eyes. Then she said slowly, "you want to tell me that my son loves you so much that I don't care if you have any advantages. Does my son love you?"

This mouth is quite unexpected.

"I don't mean that."

Said Xiao Nian softly.

"Miss Shi, I don't want to be the kind of person who drives away my son's sweetheart, but this time it's really too much." Luo Qi said slowly, "Gong Ou surprised me and his father by making love public at the conference."

When Xiaonian looked at her, her lips pressed tightly.

"I don't want to say anything else." Luo Qi takes out a document from her side and hands it to her. "This is the wife chosen by the family for Gong ou, that is, the marriage partner. I think Miss Shi needs to have a look."

"Yes, ma'am."

Xiaonian nodded and reached for the document to open.

A picture slipped from the inside. It was a young girl with long blonde hair in a riding dress, holding the reins in a handsome way, smiling at the camera. Her eyes were as blue as the sea with absolute confidence.

A beautiful girl.

If you stand with Gong ou, it must be a good match. One is confident and the other is conceited.

"Have the Lancaster family heard of it?" Asked roach.


Shixiaonian shook his head honestly and took out the document from inside.

Even the girl's personal information is made of good paper, which feels unusual and highlights the high-end atmosphere.

The beginning of the document is a few words of the Lancaster family, whose developed history can be traced back to 1815.

At a glance, Shi Xiaonian found on her resume that she had studied in many universities. Even the 18-year-old adult ceremony was held in the National Palace, and she was an absolutely famous lady.

"Gong Ou is regarded as the richest man in the world only because he has evaluated his personal assets." Luo Qi sat opposite her and said, her voice is gentle but noble.


When Xiaonian looks at Luo Qi, she doesn't understand her meaning.

"Mona is a descendant of the Lancaster family. In order to keep the assets from being exposed, all the companies of the Lancaster family will not be listed. If only by assets, the Lancaster family is the richest man, just unknown to the outside world." Luo Qi continues, "this is the background of Lancaster family."


It is the object of marriage with Gong ou.

When Xiaonian was a little frightened by what he heard, what is it? Two rich families standing at the top of the world should unite strongly?

In this second, Shi Xiaonian finally understood how small he was.

In front of these two families, she is just a scum.

Who would let his son marry a nobody like her, not a miss Lancaster?

"Like the relationship between our family and the family, you may not understand Miss Shi's explanation." Luo Qi said, speaking very directly, "the reason why I say this is just that I hope Miss Shi understands a truth, that is, to stay away from difficulties."


Go back in case of difficulties.

When Xiaonian's eyes darkened, which is difficult, which is difficult.

The two families threw them in front of her like a mountain, and she could not climb even if she cut her fingers.

"Miss Shi, smart women always recognize their own weight and take as much as they are worth, don't you think?" Luo Qi said with a smile, a high noble.

When she looked at Xiaonian's face, it was obvious that the girl who had never seen anything in the world had been awed by her.

Gong Ou has paranoid personality disorder. It's too hard for him to give up. It's not hard to start with the girl in front of him.


Miss Shi was said to be stiff.

How much is it worth? What do you think of her?

"Madam, Miss Shi." Feng de came in from the outside and looked down at Xiao Nian. "Miss Shi, young master asked me to tell you that he has fried rice with eggs."

"What?" Luo Qi looked at Feng de with a surprised face, and couldn't believe it? Did Gong ou do it? "

How could it be.

When will Gong Ou go to the kitchen? How can he go to the kitchen.

When Xiaonian looked at the information in his hand, he heard the words and went back to his senses. Then he looked at the beautiful and graceful Luo Qi in the opposite direction. The whole person woke up and smiled at Fengde. "You ask Gong ou to wait a moment, I'll be there in a moment."

She was almost frightened by such a large marriage family. Gong Ou didn't allow her to be frightened.

"Yes, Miss Shi."

Feng de bowed his head respectfully and backed out.

Luo Qi is still unbelievable. When she looks up at her eyes, her son actually cooks for the woman herself? How could it be.

"Madame." When Xiaonian put the document in his hand down on the tea table in front of him, stood up from the sofa, and said with a serious face, "I know that no matter the palace family or the Lancaster family, I am insignificant in front of you."

"You seem to have more to offer."

Rocky is a smart woman.

"Yes, I think there should be different choices in life. Why do we have to be strong and strong? Why can't Gong Ou choose the insignificant me? " Said Shi Xiaonian.

Luo Qi's eyes flashed a touch of dissatisfaction, but not too much in the face, just asked, "do you think you deserve Gong Ou?"

"Not worthy."

When I was young, I was honest.

"That's right. You can't go to gongou even if you don't talk about your family background, just about your personal knowledge, character and conversation." Luo Qi says, needle needle sees blood.