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Chapter 978: Muqian junior high school bullet

"Throw the flashlight into the elevator and get up!" Mu qianchu cried out loudly.

When hearing this, Xiaonian unconsciously grabbed mu qianchu's hand and walked into the elevator. There was light in the elevator. Everyone tried to stand by the side, and then heard the sound of gunfire outside.

Maybe those people outside are far away, the shooting method is not accurate, and the shooting sound is constantly ringing around them.

A bodyguard pressed the key to close the door. Before the door was closed, Xiaonian saw many people in the palace work uniform rush up with guns.

A bullet went into the elevator and embedded itself in the wall.

They're going to force in.

"Let's go out, you go first!"

Two bodyguards rushed out and left the elevator door to close.

"No!" When Xiaonian cried out excitedly, but she could only watch the elevator door closed. When it closed completely, she saw a bodyguard fall down.

She remembered that he said he would wait for everyone to survive and have a drink.

Countless pictures gathered in front of shixiaonian, gunfight in the field, scream of sunflower, shoes of foster mother The picture reappeared in front of her.

When small read's face all white, bursts of cold sweat to the outside.

How could this happen?

Just now, there is a staff member she has met before. It seems that she is in charge of security. Even those people are traitors? How many people are in Lancaster?

"Is there any monitoring? I've hit the monitoring."

When mu qianchu stood beside Xiaonian, he suddenly said that both of them were close to the elevator wall.

A bodyguard shot the monitor quickly. The sharp and loud sound made Xiaonian's ears tingle. Mu qianchu grabbed her hand and a warm wave was passed to her from the fingertips.

"It turned out that they had ambushed inside the castle. It seems that they were ready after Mr palace left." Said Mu qianchu.

"Whether the adoptive father is in or not, someone should come to rescue us soon. The palace family can't be controlled by the traitor." When small read face pale ground to say, force oneself calm down.

"How many floors shall we go now?"

Asked a bodyguard, who had just pressed the highest floor.

Mu qianchu turned his face to face shixiaonian. No one knew the terrain of the palace better than her. Shixiaonian's head was blank, and he was sweating.

Mu qianchu forcefully shook her hand, which calmed her a little bit. Looking at the gradually rising number, she couldn't think more about the tunnel, "there are some research rooms in gongou on the 4th floor, which are not allowed for ordinary people."

The bodyguard pressed the fourth floor without thinking.

Almost immediately, the elevator door opened in front of them, and there seemed to be no sound outside.

The bodyguards carefully went out with guns. When Xiao Nian went out with mu qianchu, "go to the left, there are more pillars and more places to hide."

As soon as the party went out, they saw a maid standing in the side hall with a towel, and all the people pointed their guns at her at once.

The maid was so scared that the towel fell to the ground? Are you back? "


When the bodyguards look at it, they read.

When Xiaonian stood there with a faint smile, "yes."

No, even if I didn't hear the gunshot, I should have heard the previous gunshot. How can a maid stand calmly in the side hall on the fourth floor? It must be quarreling to see what happened, or hiding with others.

"The housekeeper is next door. I'll take you there, madam." The maid looked at them in fear, but her voice was warm.

"My adoptive father is next door? OK. "

When Xiaonian said, he clenched mu qianchu's hand. Mu qianchu almost immediately said, "withdraw!"

At the same time, the maid pulled out a pistol and aimed it at them, and was shot off by the bodyguard. Then several people came out of the hall to chase them.

It's all about putting them to death.

When Xiaonian runs with mu qianchu and the bodyguard, he looks for the shelter and attacks the other side. Even the elevator can't hide. He can only choose to go down the stairs.

"Let's get down as soon as possible. We haven't been supported for such a long time. This shows that everyone went out to see what happened in the gunfire. No one can take care of the interior. Get out!" Mu qianchu can't care about his blindness. He stumbles and pulls Xiaonian to run downstairs. He turns his foot twice. He gnaws his teeth painfully and doesn't drag down the speed.

There were gunshots in the corridor.

The sharp noise seemed to pierce their eardrums every time.

The smell of blood also spread in the huge castle. Someone's body rolled down the stairs and was covered with blood. It could not be seen whether he was dead or not.

"Fight and retreat! Go! " "It's not good for them to fight hard at this time," Murdoch shouted.

There are more and more people on the other side.

They run all the way down. Everyone is wearing bullet proof clothes, which makes them more tired.

"Be careful, be careful."

When Xiaonian was protected by them, he could do nothing but say a word of caution. Suddenly, a man in a palace uniform held a gun and rowed down the handrail of the stairs towards them, shooting at them while rowing. It was like a Death Squadron.

When the target at the muzzle of the gun goes straight, read carefully.

Everyone was shocked and fired at him. The man was still shooting at shixiaonian. The bullet passed through her cheek. When Xiaonian felt his face numb, he could not even feel the pain.

The man continued to shoot regardless of the number of shots in his body.


Mu qianchu, who had been holding on to the rope, suddenly let go of the small crowd's eyes. Suddenly, small f rushed at the man like a madman, and killed him.

One man and one dog fell from the middle of the spiral staircase in the tearing room.

"Little f!" When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock, he almost jumped over and was firmly grasped by mu qianchu. Mu qianchu hugged her from behind, his arms around her, his head down against her side face, and his voice was gentle as the wind. "Don't be afraid, little f has a good skill, and the dog is not afraid of being tall."


When Xiaonian was held by him, he couldn't say a word.

There was no time left for her to grieve. She could only follow the others. Suddenly, a large number of people swarmed into the corridor.

It's a large number of bodyguards hired by the palace family. They finally came in to save them. "Protect the palace lady!"

When hearing this, Xiaonian almost knelt down on the stairs. She desperately grasped mu qianchu's hand. "It's OK, qianchu is OK."

She turned to look after the bodyguards who sent her out, one, two, three

What else?

Why are there so few?

Where's everybody?

"It's not safe here. We have to go outside. We can't go on the stairs. There are too many stray bullets." Said Mu qianchu at her side.


When Xiaonian bit his lips and nodded, pulled moqianchu away from the bullet and went down. He said, "bend your back and let's go out. Don't be afraid."

"I'm not afraid. I'm not the little blind man you protected."

Mu qianchu has been talking in a relaxed and pleasant tone in her ear, and then she left. The sound of the gun kept ringing in his ear, and every gun was ticking his ear.

"I know I'm protecting you all the way."

In the sound of the gun, shixiaonian said.

"Of course." Like to prove how powerful he is, Mu suddenly hugs her, presses her head down, shakes her body and says with a smile, "I'm much taller than you. I can protect you."

"Stop it. It's important to get out."

When Xiaonian pulled him out.

Seeing that they finally rushed down the stairs, all the bodyguards rushed up to protect them to the central position, and protected them to go out in the way of a human wall.

Xiaonian has seen the location of the gate.

The sun outside shone in through the window, bright and warm.

"At the beginning of the thousand, we are almost there." At this moment, Shi Xiaonian is finally lucky for the rest of her life. She takes mu qianchu's hand and runs all the way, throwing the gunshot behind her.

She has seen the beautiful fountain outside.

Those water drops are like pearls, which are so beautiful.

All of a sudden, she felt that she was struggling. Mu qianchu did not drag her back legs physically. When she did, Xiaonian could not help looking back at him.

Then, he watched a touch of crimson blood seep out of Mu qianchu's hair and drip down his face.

At last, it fell on her holding his hand.

On the back of her white hand, that drop of blood is slowly turning into a flower, like a bright red flower.


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly.

Mu qianchu stood there and smiled, "look" at her, "go, isn't it safe now?"

His smile was not at all forced.

When Xiaonian looked at the bloodstain on his face, his vision was blurry and his voice was out of tune. He said, "you, you are bleeding..."

"Is it?" Muqianchu put out his hand to wipe the blood off his face. "I just hit it. It's fragile. Let's go."

As he said this, mu qianchu took her hand and walked out. At that moment, Xiao Nian could not hear any gunshots. He could only stare at him and follow his steps.

Muqianchu took her step by step to the outside. The sound of water in the fountain was constant, which was different from the sound of guns. It was soft and pleasant.

The sun is shining down.

There are a lot of people standing outside.

Mu qianchu leads her to go on. When she comes to the fountain, Xiao Nian clearly feels that his hand is loose.

Mu qianchu fell down by the fountain pool and sat there, bleeding more on his head.


When Xiaonian stood there in such a stupefied way, tears slipped silently from her eyes, she suddenly knelt down in front of him, her hands trembled and stroked his face, fingertips wiped the blood, "qianchu, qianchu..."

"It's OK. I just turned my foot. I can't walk." Mu qianchu leaned against the outer wall of the fountain and smiled, "now it's safe, will you go to see if everyone has fled here? Are they all safe? There are two more children. "

His smile became more and more reluctant.