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Chapter 782 determination to rescue

Gong Ou's method is always violent and straightforward. Gong Yu is locked in his bedroom and can't walk out.

Feng de ordered several bodyguards to guard the door.

In order to avoid being noticed by Luo Qi and worried about something different, Xiao Nian accompanies Luo Qi to choose the clothes for her baby. She chooses the clothes for the most part of the day until Luo Qi is too busy to go to have a rest. Xiao Nian comes from a family.

Feng de came face to face and handed her a glass of water. "Xiaonian, are you tired?"

"I'm fine." When small read light tunnel, "check how?"

"No body found."

Replied Fengde.

Smell speech, when small read the heartstrings of a loose, "this is a good thing, right? If Lori is really killed, Lancaster has no reason to take his body away. "

Naturally, throw it at random.

And Fengde said that there were signs of burning things in the house, which should have been found by Lori himself. That means Lancaster didn't know Lori's secret and would not take him to threaten the palace.

I just don't know what Lancaster meant to take Lori.

"Indeed." Feng de nodded and paused, "but with all due respect, it's not good for our palace if Dr. Luo is not dead. I'm afraid a confrontation between the palace and Lancaster can't be avoided."

When Feng de said that, Xiao Nian frowned, "is it brother he..."

Feng de jaw head, "the eldest young master didn't sleep since he woke up last night. Let alone the food. He didn't even drink a drop of water. I'm afraid something will happen if he goes on like this."

They all know what happened to Gong Yu.

"What does Gong Ou say?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"The young master locked himself in his study to think about things. I haven't given orders yet. I can only ask people to continue searching for Dr. Luo. I can't do anything else. " Said van der.

When Xiaonian put the water cup aside, he raised his legs and walked upstairs. The corridor of the palace was clean and spotless. At the corner, he saw two maids coming up with plates.

"For whom?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"This one is for the eldest young master, and that one is for the second young master." The maid replied.

When Xiaonian stood there for a moment to meditate, he took a dinner plate from the maid's hand and walked towards Gong Yu's room. Several bodyguards and maids stood there at the door of the room. They saw her bowing their heads and opened the door for her.

When Xiaonian went inside, it was the second time she had walked into Gongyu's room.

Last time, Gong Yu hasn't come back. This room is as empty as it needs to be.

Sunlight came in from the window, but it didn't warm the atmosphere of the room at all. The air in the room was unspeakable damp. There were many oil paintings here, both on the ground and on the wall, like a small museum.

Gong Yu was sitting on the bed with a quilt on his body and one hand tied to the bedpost.

His fluffy curly hair was a bit messy, and his face was like a dead gray. His eyes were full of paintings in the bedroom, and there was no light in his eyes.

"Brother." When Xiaonian walked over with the plate and put the plate aside on the small table, she said softly, "it's time to eat."


Gong Yu didn't have a word, so he sat there.

When Xiao Nian saw that he didn't know what to say, Gong Yu sat on the bed and suddenly began to speak in a low voice, "Luo lie was fighting alone since he was a child. He is arrogant, eccentric and goes his own way. He never discusses things with others in a friendly way. This time, too."

Even to die will not inform anyone, so a person to bear in silence.

When Xiaonian listened quietly.

"Did you say he did it on purpose?"

Gong asked with a wry smile.


"He died on purpose. He wanted to make me feel bad. That day I walked so decisively that I didn't even give him a confession, so he died." Gong Yu said, "just like Xi Yu, I left before I gave anything, and I will never come back."

When it comes to Xi Yu, Gong Yu's lips tremble and his eyes are covered with mist. He raises his hand and holds his closed eyes, as if this mist would never turn into tears.

"Brother, you know, you are a person who likes to escape, which may be the biggest difference between you and Gong ou."

Shi Xiaonian said that she seldom saw Gong Ou escape, but she always saw Gong Yu use escape to live his life.


Gong Yu's body froze.

"The position of the heir of the palace family puts you under great pressure, so you run away; you run away for fear that Xi Yu is not mature enough to bear it; you run away if you don't want to respond to doctor Luo's feelings." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"I'm a failure."

Gong Yu asked with a wry smile.

"I don't know if it's a failure, but I really want to ask you, don't you regret that you chose to escape so many times?" When small read to ask, the voice is peaceful.


How could he not regret it? He had already regretted it. He regretted everything. Regretting is like a poisonous insect entering his body and biting desperately. Every minute and every second reminds him how he failed and how wrong he did it.

Gong Yu leaned back heavily, turned her eyes and looked at her hand, which was locked. There were some marks on her wrist. "I killed him."


"I killed Xi Yu, and so did Lori." Gong Yu said, his lips trembled. "Why didn't I die? Why am I the one who lives here? "

It shouldn't be.

It's not right. Both Xi Yu and Luo lie are better than him here.

"Dr Lo is not dead." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"What do you say?"

Gong Yu looks at her in shock. Is she dead?

When Xiaonian understood that he had no appetite, he took a bowl of soup and said, "they didn't find Dr. Luo's body. I think Dr. Luo should still be alive."

Hearing her words, Gong Yu sat up on the bed and stared at her urgently. "Really?"

"It's been looking for a night. Lancaster can't handle the body so clean, so don't worry. Dr. Luo is not my brother. They won't end the same way." When small read a way, put down the spoon in the hand, "Gong Ou now shut himself in the study, he is trying to find a way."

"Then you let me out!"

Gong Yu immediately said, his voice was urgent.

"What are you doing out there?"

"I'll save Lori!"

"Don't eat and drink this soup. How to save people without physical strength? " When small read a way, hand the bowl in the hand to him.

Gong Yu looked at the bowl of soup, his brow twisted, and then reached for a mouthful of water. He could not feel the burning temperature at all, "OK, go to find the key to help me untie it."

Gong Ou even dared to tie him.

When Xiaonian stood still, Gong Yu raised her eyes and looked at her. There was two sleepless tiredness between her eyebrows. "You lied to me? Xiaonian, how could you be like this? "

Yes, she just wanted him to have soup, not to let him out.

"Elder brother, Gong ou will solve this matter. Just wait for the news at home." Said shixiaonian calmly.

Hearing this, Gong Yu gave her a fixed look, and suddenly laughed at herself, "Xiaonian, do you think I am not only a failure but also an incompetent person?"

"How could it be, brother? I'm just worried about you."

How could he think that.

"Lori was stared at by Lancaster because of me. He doesn't know whether he is dead or alive now, but you let me wait for news at home?"

"Don't let you wait for the news, do you want to go crazy?"

A cold voice came.

It's Gong ou.

When Xiaonian turned around, he saw Gong Ou come in from the outside. His dark green windbreaker made him tall and incomparable. He looked at Gong Yu coldly with black eyes and sneered, "look at you now, how can you look like the eldest young master of our palace!"

Gong Yu sat on the bed, closed his eyes, and his voice was still calm. "Today, it's Xiaonian's accident. Where do you think you can be better than me?"

"Better than you, of course!" Gong Ou glanced at his locked hand and put his hands in his trench coat pocket. "At least this broken lock can't be locked! No one can stop me from going crazy! "


When small read a black line, this is better than the meaning of people? He really doesn't cover himself up. He goes crazy when she goes wrong, doesn't he?

"Thank you for reminding me."

Gong Yu said calmly, and began to struggle with his hands. His wrists were scratched and his blood gushed out. However, he continued to struggle as if he had no consciousness, until his flesh and blood were blurred.

"What are you doing?" Xiaonian looks at him in astonishment and reaches for Gong ou.

What does Gong ou want to do? With his brother doing this, he still tries to stimulate Gong Yu.

Gong Ou opens Xiaonian's hand, picks up the remote control from one side, presses the red key, and calls up a TV station. The news is being broadcast live on TV.

On the 22nd of this month, at noon tomorrow, the palace and Lancaster family have a meeting. Gong ou will attend. There is no news about Lancaster family. The meeting came suddenly, which made many people wonder what was going on, whether it was reconciliation or the war of the century

The news anchor is still broadcasting the news.

When small read some surprised look to Gong ou, "this is how to return a responsibility?"

"I've let the news out that you and Lori have an unusual relationship. This time I suddenly proposed a reconciliation meeting. Lancaster must know that Lori is a very important card. Maybe he has started to act now." Gong Ou said coldly, his black eyes glaring at Gong Yu, "as for how to find out the trace from their actions to save Lori, it's your business!"


Gong Yu looks at him. Gong Ou thinks about everything.

"Why don't you go on?" Gong Ou looks at his bloody wrist and says, "keep fighting, isn't he strong enough? Do you want me to get you some drugs? Does IQ not keep up with self abuse? "

"Gong Ou!"

When Xiaonian stared at him in a strange and angry way, he said less. He knew that Gong Yu was confused and not as clear as he was.