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Chapter 100 Gong Ou has children

She is like a spring, which is pulled to the extreme by Gong ou. She can no longer abuse elasticity. She has to rebound.

When Xiaonian stepped on the soft sofa with his feet, his face was red with wine, and his eyes were full of absoluteness.

Pull down.

She doesn't serve. How about love? Come back and kill her.

She was fed up with his suspicious character. In front of him, she was almost out of the most basic personality, let alone freedom.

Time passed minute by second.

Gong Ou's voice never came from the mobile phone.

When Xiaonian thought, he should pack up the package and be ready to fly back to kill her immediately, whatever.

She was about to hang up the phone when Gong Ou's stuffy voice came to her. "It's just one person, I believe you are. What are you shouting at? Who will kill you?"

His voice is very low, very uncomfortable, a little underpowered meaning.

Like a child who has been taught to be silly, his tone is muddled.

"It's you who keep asking, and I'm not your prisoner." When small read angrily way, "your suspicion and suspicion, why should I be responsible?"? By what! "

"You're my woman, can't I ask?"

Gong Ou is stuffy and stuffy. His tone is weaker than before, even with a trace of grievance. He can't hear his bullying at ordinary times.


When Xiaonian didn't expect that he would be such a reaction, he was also a little silly.

He was scolded by her for being stupid?

"I'll take a bath after drinking. A woman died with a bad smell of alcohol." Gong Ou said over there, adding at the end, "leave the bathroom door open and let the maid pay attention to your bath time. Don't sleep half drunk in it."


She roared like this, and he asked her to take a bath? Worried she'd get drunk and sleep in the bathroom?

"Take a bath. I'll have something to eat. I've been hungry twice." Gong Ou then turns off the microphone and maintains the call status.


When Xiaonian stood on the sofa and looked at his cell phone incredibly.

That's how it went?

When she scolded him like this, he would let things go wrongly?

It turns out that in their relationship of "the president is up and I am down", she can also express her opinions? No, when does Gong Ou care about her opinion? He thinks so.

When Xiaonian sat down on the sofa, thought about it with her mobile phone, thought about it again, thought about it again.

Finally, she came to the conclusion that Gong Ou was a shaker who liked being abused.

At ordinary times, he is very angry. He is used to thundering at all people. No one dares to quarrel with him, so no one finds his m-attribute.

In fact, as long as the roar is louder, fiercer and more savage than him, Gong Ou suddenly suffers, as weak as a child.

So it turns out.

When Xiaonian felt that he had found a great secret.

She thought that she knew how to deal with Gong Ou in the future.

After being yelled by her, the whole evening palace and Ou Du have a lot of security. Obviously, they don't speak so strongly, although they still don't allow her to hang up.

After bathing, Shi Xiaonian stands in the study and copies the secret talks between Shi Di and Tang Yi, and copies them to the U disk.

"And when do you choose a gift?" Gong Ou's voice rang in her ear.

When Xiaonian found that once Gong Ou's tone was not domineering and strong, there was a feeling of grievance and softness, which was a great contrast.

She's a little difficult to get used to.

"Tomorrow, anyway, I'll choose it before you come back."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Oh." "What are you doing now?" he added

"Thinking about things."

Xiaonian said with a small U disk in his hand.

She doesn't want to rely on anyone anymore. She wants to solve the problem by herself, but as mu qianchu said, if she calls the police directly, she will also be arrested. After all, the recording is not well-known and smooth.

But in addition to the police, she could not think of any other way to revenge Shidi and Tangyi.

"What are you thinking?" Gong o asked her.

"I was thinking..." When Xiaonian stared at the U-disk in his hand, bit his lip and said, "Gong ou, if something happens to me, for example Prison or something, will you keep me out? "

"Who do you want to do?" Gong Ou's answer to her is simple and crude, "why kill yourself? I'll contact the professional killer for you to make sure it's clean."


When I was embarrassed, when did she say she was going to kill.

"Is it the person of the family who is not happy? That sister of yours Gong Ou guesses her idea.

"No, I'm just nuts."

When Xiaonian stops talking, Gong Ou is a man who can say and do things. In case that a professional killer does all of his family That's too scary.

"You are not worried about food and clothing at my side now. What do you want to do with your family? And there's a better way to deal with people who don't want you than to let them die. "

On the British side, Gong Ou thought that she was very resentful of her family, so she went to the computer, opened the screen, and entered two words in a dialog box - action.

Then, send.

Since she is in such a hurry, he will help her.

"I didn't say I was going to deal with the family." Said Shi Xiaonian.

At that time, her family didn't want her, but her adoptive parents always raised her. She couldn't retaliate.

But Shidi gave her the game three years ago. She can't just let it go. She will pursue it to the end.

"All right." Gong Ou said at the end of his mobile phone, "it's almost time. Move your laptop or tablet to bed, and we can start watching movies."


In the evening, as long as he had nothing to do at that time, he would surely take her to the cinema.

She didn't want to see it, she had to.

It was all robot science fiction movies he thought she liked.

When Xiaonian was helpless, just about to refuse, Gong Ou said, "I asked people to find another robot movie. Don't you like watching it? Hurry up, I have something to do later."

Less than one night, Gong Ou's tone came back in this second.

"After watching the movie tonight, can you hang up and go to bed?" She can't stand to keep on talking.

If it goes on like this, she will be driven mad.

Gong Ou ponders for a moment and agrees, "yes, but only today."

"All right."

At that time, Xiaonian had to be obedient. If she could have a quiet night, it would be better to free her ears.

The next morning, when Xiaonian woke up, after washing in the bathroom, he was in a daze with the recording U disk.

Do you want to go to the police?

Even if we call the police, the current status of the imperial concubine Mu is the time flute. I don't know how much she can regret. Maybe she should use the power of Gong ou.

Ask Gong ou for help directly. He must ask left and right again.

Find Fengde and omnipotent housekeeper.

When Xiaonian made up her mind, she packed her bags and walked out. Her cell phone suddenly rang. She glanced at it. It was mu qianchu's call.

At the thought of the strong kiss in the alley, Xiaonian frowned, hung up the phone and went out.

Mu qianchu's calls came in one by one.

When Xiaonian was about to shut down, he received a text message from mu qianchu --

Xiaonian, don't mess around, believe me once, OK? I'll help you out.

He helped?

His help is to whitewash Taiping and continue to be in love with Shidi.

In fact, he didn't help her. She could understand and didn't blame him. Anyway, she was used to his indifference.

But he said to help her, but there was no action, just perfunctorily let her wait, and finally teased her.

She ignored the message and changed her shoes at the porch with her bag.

Another message came in, this time with a picture.

It's obviously a sneak shot. It's a bit hazy.

It was taken secretly outside the window that never drew the curtain at night. In a room, Tang Yi was sitting on the ground playing with a young child. The picture was blurred, but the two seemed to get along very well.

What is this?

When small read to look at this picture doubtfully, on the face writes does not understand.

In a short time, mu qianchu's text message came in -

this child is just 3 years old, and is adopted by Tang Yi secretly.

How about Tang Yi adopting a child?

When Xiaonian frowned, put on the shoes to leave, suddenly a spirit split into her mind, she immediately stopped, hurriedly went to see the SMS on her mobile phone.

The child is three years old.

Three years ago, Tang Yi drugged Gong ou and climbed into his bed.


the mobile phone slipped from shixiaonian's hand and fell to the ground severely.

Xiaonian's face turned pale. He looked at the mobile phone on the ground in astonishment. He didn't come back for a long time.

Child, 3 years old, three years ago, cruise.

Do you mean

How could it be.

The mobile phone lies on the ground and vibrates. A long ring rings. When I read it back, I picked up the mobile phone from the ground.

Or mojichu's call.

This time, she picked it up decisively.

"Mu qianchu, what do you mean?" Asked shixiaonian.

"You finally answered the phone." Mu qianchu said with a sigh of relief, "I have investigated that Tang Yi likes to package himself as pure literature and art, but in fact, he is very fond of money. Through her dialogue with Shidi, I can see that she did things for Shidi and framed you for money."

"What do you want to say?" When Xiaonian knew that his focus was not money worship by Tang Yi.

"You think that such a woman would be kind enough to adopt a child?"


When Xiaonian stood in front of the shoe cabinet and listened to Mu qianchu's words, the man stood still again.

So Tang Yi not only left her a mess three years ago, but also left a baby, a baby belonging to Gong ou.

Gong OTA Have children?

There was no expression on Xiaonian's face, and there was only one thing left in his mind.

How could it be.

How could it be.

"Xiaonian? Xiao Nian? " Murdochu is calling her on the phone.

"Is the information you get accurate?" When small read to ask exit, a voice she just found herself every word all say inflexible.

She didn't know what was wrong with her.

It's none of her business. Why she would be so shocked and so Hard to accept.