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Chapter 128 say thank you don'st use words

Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes. Her face is not very good. She is pale. He doesn't know what he is thinking. He compromises and says, "OK, I won't pay her. Let her live and die."

"Thank you."

"How many times have I told you? Thank you. Don't use words!"

Gong Ou lowers her head and seals her lips. There is no fury. This kiss is rare and gentle.

He just held her soft lips and kissed her gently. He kissed her little by little as if he were comforting. His long hand stroked her face and stroked her slowly.

Her skin is as delicate as silk, which he likes.


When small read the mood is not very good, has been drooping eyes, let him kiss.

Gong Ou saw that she didn't cooperate and didn't attack. After kissing her for a long time, he let go of her lips and hugged her tightly instead.

Driving on the road, Xiaonian looks out and suddenly sees the scenery outside. It's an amusement park - Crazy amusement park.

She couldn't help but say, "how far is this from the hospital?"

"Not far."

Feng de sat in the passenger seat and answered.

"Is it? May I come down for a walk. " Asked shixiaonian.

Gong Ou looks out along her eyes. Her black eyes are deep, and she holds her hand tightly.

When small read understand his meaning, a wry smile, "forget it, when I didn't say."

She will go wherever he goes.

He would never let her leave at will.


A low magnetic voice sounded above his head.

When small read some stunned, people were released by Gong ou.

Gong Ou's black eyes stared at her straight, and his thin lips lifted slightly. "I allow you to go down. Don't walk around. I will come to you when I do something good."

"Do you promise me?"

When small read accident.

"Hurry down." Gong Ou said with a strong voice, "I'll regret if I don't go down."

He can't look at her for a while.

He would not have agreed to her if she had not been so sensitive to her family that she would have been out of her wits.

"Thank you."

When small read light tunnel, with his right hand to push open the door to get off.

Before she got down, she had her hand clenched from behind.

"Thank you again?" Gong Ou's crazy tunnel.

She was pulled into his warm arms, Gong Ou lowered his head and kissed her lips, rolling and touching, kissing her feverishly, tasting the sweetness of her lips.

For a long time, Gong Ou let go of her, stared at her and said, "hurry up. I'll buy you something to eat in the evening. "

She was in a bad mood, so he made her feel better.


When Xiaonian is not interested in eating or saying anything, she nods and gets off alone.

Gong Ou stared at her back, watched her cross the road and saw that she was safe to the opposite side. Then he said, "remember this road and drive."

Feng De, who was sitting in the copilot's seat, couldn't help saying, "it's very kind of you, young master, to Miss Shi."

I'm willing to let people go.

Young master, it's time for the young lady to change a little.

"It's not fair for her to let her watch me do the paternity test."

Gong Ou's deep tunnel.

Although he and Tang Yi are totally a ridiculous play, it has nothing to do with him, but when Xiaonian looks at this paternity test, he is afraid that she will feel worse.

"The young master is thoughtful." Feng de said with a smile.

He really hoped that Miss Shi could guide the young master well and make him a new man.

When Xiaonian walked across the road and reached for her pocket, her cell phone was still in the car.

Forget it.

It's good to have no cell phone. You can have a quiet time.

She stopped in front of the crazy amusement park and looked at the old signboard. Her face was full of gloom.

It seems that when she and mu qianchu are playing in the amusement park, it's the happiest time for her.

At that time, even if I ate my sister's Vinegar occasionally, my sad parents ignored her, but after all, I was young and didn't think so much, and I was very happy when I had to play.

As soon as she saw the amusement park, she wanted to come in.

She walked in step by step. The amusement park was empty. There was no one. At

, Xiao Nian continued to walk inside, only to see that the facilities inside were all renovated, and the colors were bright, exactly the same as those of those years.

She looked a little shocked.

Shouldn't this be transformed into a cosmetics factory by mu qianchu? How could this happen.

When Xiaonian was a little shocked, the more he went in, the more he stepped on a tunnel of time, bringing her back to the carefree youth years ago.

She went to the front of a colorful slide and touched the edge of the slide with her fingers.

When Xiaonian sat down under the slide, the man leaned back, the sun stabbed into her eyes, and she couldn't help but close her eyes.

She leaned quietly against the red slide.

Is it possible to go back to the place where you used to be happy, and people will become happy?

Like, not at all.

After all, at that time, I didn't experience the memory loss, the expulsion of my parents, the scheming of my sister and my old classmates, and I didn't meet Gong ou, a man suffering from paranoia.

Why, once people grow up, their troubles will multiply.

She closed her eyes and suddenly felt dark outside.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes, he saw a backlit face, mu qianchu standing in front of her in light colored shirt pants, saw her open her eyes, a soft face with a smile.

His smile, even against the light, is warmer than the sun.

"Why are you here?"

Xiao Nian looked at him in amazement and sat up on the slide.

"Right here." "I didn't expect you to find out the secret here so soon," said Mu


When Xiaonian was stunned, he suddenly realized that he was looking around at the renovated amusement park facilities and asked, "isn't it necessary to change the factory here?"

How can the amusement facilities not only be preserved, but also renovated.

"I lied to you." Mu qianchu squatted down in front of her and stared at her with narrow and long eyes. "Since I bought this place, it's not to build a factory."

"That is..."

"I want to refurbish it here and make it exactly the same as it was more than 10 years ago." Murakami reached out and patted her on the head. "Then he invited you, the host, to come."

I see. At

, Xiao Nian looked at everything in a startled way. It was exactly the same as before.

"But I didn't expect you to find out before I invited you. Now there are no surprises. " Mu qianchu shrugged and said helplessly, with his eyes on her left arm.

Half of her arm is fixed.

Mu qianchu's brow slightly frowned.

"No, I'm still surprised." When Xiaonian said with a smile, she noticed his vision, moved her left finger, "it's OK, it's just a small injury. Look, it can move."

It's just fingers that move.

Muqianchu looked at her and smiled. He didn't ask her about her injury, but asked, "isn't she very unhappy?"


When small read stunned.

"Before, when you were not happy, except for pulling to find a wall graffiti, you chased me and asked, qianchu, when will we go to the amusement park again?" Mu qianchu said with a smile.

As for her, he had a deep memory.


Do you have one?

She forgot that she was sent to this place for this reason.

It's because she's not happy. She wants to be happy.

"Come on, get up." Muqianchu stands up from the grass, grabs her hand and pulls her up the slide.

"What to do?"

"Although it's not completely renovated here, some facilities are ready to play. I'll take you to play." Mu qianchu took her and left, looking at the slide, "from here on."

Play amusement park?

When small read hurriedly refused, "no need, this is all children play."

No adult can play with a slide.

"Don't worry, I asked professionals. Adults can play as well." Mu qianchu pushes her to the side of the stairs on the slide. "Go up, hurry up."

"No more..."

When Xiaonian wanted to refuse.

"I couldn't see and play with you once before. This time, would you like to play with me?" Moqianchu asked, looking at her eyes with doting.

Now that the words have reached this point, shixiaonian can't refuse any more, holding the guardrail of the stairs with one hand and going up.

"Watch your hands."

Mu qianchu followed her and reminded her.


When Xiaonian went up, he slipped down from a high position, and his body fell down rapidly, it seemed that he was suddenly empty.

The wind is warm but comfortable.

The memory of the past flashed back to her mind.

"Xiaonian, I don't seem to dare to play this."

When she slipped down, she suddenly heard mu qianchu shouting behind her.

When Xiaonian looked back in amazement, he saw mu qianchu sitting at the top, with elegant temperament, and a pair of narrow and long eyes looking left and right, with a flash of fear in his eyes.

"No, you dare not play this? Come down quickly. Stop it. "

When I was young, I couldn't laugh.

It's something that three-year-olds can play with.

Mu qianchu watched for a long time, but still didn't slide down. He looked at her standing on the grass and said softly, "Xiaonian, you'd better push me."


"Like before, when I can't see, you push me and I dare to slide."

Mu said, a face in the sun is particularly beautiful.

When small read Zheng under, quickly understand that he wants to go back to that time, is to find her once happy.

She smiled, walked up the stairs, squatted on mu qianchu, and said, "I'll push it."

"Good." Mu qianchu closes his eyes and smiles on his lips.

When "3, 2, 1" - "

I count down and push mu qianchu out.

Mu qianchu slides down with his eyes closed, while Xiaonian looks at his back. Suddenly, they seem to return to their youth.

After several rounds of games, under the deliberate guidance of Mu qianchu, Shi Xiaonian was completely immersed in the dream of the combination of memory and reality, playing happily.

"Xiaonian, do you remember that you made a grass ring for me in this amusement park before? I always wear it as a bracelet."

"Well, in fact, I didn't dare to tell you. I didn't know that the grass was just peed by the dog after I made it up. No wonder the grass is wet. I think it's better to share the stink than the stink alone, just It's for you. "

"I said it stink, and you said it was a perfume spray."

"Ha ha, I thought you were going to die with a smile when you were convinced."