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Chapter 82 sacrifice for his brother

"Stream, meteor?"

I was confused.

What meteor? What kind of ghost is meteor?

When the screen of her mobile phone on the dining table lights up, a piece of news jumps into her eyes --

the Perseid meteor shower will arrive around 12 o'clock tonight. According to analysis, it is the best location to watch the meteor shower at the top of Hexue mountain. However, according to people familiar with the matter, Hexue mountain top was covered by mysterious people, and the road to the top of the mountain has been closed since yesterday.

Meteor shower?

And snow mountain, this is the top of the snow mountain.

The mysterious man in this news Is it Gong Ou?

When small read slowly wake up, face a burst of red a burst of white, stupidly asked, "Gong ou, I choose the field, is the field to watch meteor shower?"

"Otherwise?" Gong Ou asked, fork up a little sun egg and put it on her lips, "eat."

When I was reading a command and an action, I bit the sun egg, "so, we are here to watch the meteor shower today?"

What kind of wild shame game?

Just watching a meteor shower? It's not in his style.

"Yes. What do you think we're doing? " Gong Ou looks at her.

"Nothing, nothing."

When I was young, I didn't dare to say what I thought I was doing.

"Your expression tells me that you seem to think a lot of things." Gong Ou's black eyes stared at her straight, like sharp knives dissecting her.

I was so embarrassed that I couldn't speak.

Gong Ou picks up another sun egg and feeds it to her like a pet. When Xiaonian chews the sun egg, he asks vaguely, "then you let me wear this student uniform..."

Smell speech, Gong Ou took the action of knife and fork to dun, black eyes become profound.

When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

"When I was 17, I was asked to see a meteor, but the man didn't come and stood me up, so I stood alone in the field all night. I didn't even change my casual clothes, and I was still wearing my uniform."

Gong Ou suddenly said, in his voice, he narrated the whole thing without any emotion.


When small read Zheng Zheng.

It turned out that he had been missed, but it had nothing to do with her uniform.

"I can't stand others' cheering my appointment, so even if I watch meteors for more than ten years, I will have someone standing in front of me in uniform and going to that appointment!" Gong Ou's every word is high, can't live, a piece of sun eggs into her mouth domineering, "you act as that person."

As the man?

It's a girl.

When Xiaonian found out that she had been with Gong ou for so long, what she knew was his appearance. For example, his private life was in a mess. For example, he was the richest man in the world. For example, he was grumpy and paranoid But she didn't know more about him at a deeper level.

Gong Ou continued to cut a piece of sun egg into her mouth and stopped talking. There was no expression on a handsome face. The depth of black eyes was unpredictable.

At night, there was no sound.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he broke the silence for a while. "Why haven't you mentioned it before?"

"There's nothing to say about being broken." Gong Ou doesn't have a good temper. He continues to feed the sun egg to her forcibly. She has to eat it.

"Don't worry about being broken by important people."

When small read softly said, sink into own ponder.

Just like her, he said he would never forget her. He said he would marry her and made so many promises to her when he was young.

In the end, none of her dreams came true.

She was also haunted.

Her words fell, Gong Ou's fork stuck straight into Ru's sun egg, black eyes deeper and colder, "it doesn't matter! The person who breaks my appointment is never important to me! "

It doesn't matter. He won't specially watch another meteor shower.

She was also asked to wear a student uniform for him to remember.

That person must be very important to make him hate so much.

Shixiaonian understood that she is a substitute today, to replace the person who lost his appointment

"Then why don't you wear a student uniform today?" When small read to ask, want to remember the past is not should remember thoroughly.

"I'm not 17. It's stupid to wear a uniform." Gong Ou raises his eyebrows.


When I was young, I was speechless, so it's enough to fool her, isn't it?

But knowing that Gong Ou didn't bring her to do that kind of thing in the wild, Xiao Nian put down a lot of vigilance and had a good appetite. He reached out to pick up a knife and fork to eat something, and was patted open by Gong ou.

"You hurt your hand. Don't move!"

Gong Ou takes away her hand and continues to feed her. However, she is aggressive and careful.

At that time, Xiaonian had to stop fiddling and let him feed him. He ate the sun eggs one mouthful at a time.

After a while, she looked at Gong Ou's cold face and couldn't help but say, "in fact, if you really care about him, you can ask him out again."

Ask that person to see a meteor shower again. It will make up for the lack of heart. Why do you want her to be a substitute.

She believed that, by means of the tyranny and despotism of Gong ou, anyone could be forcibly arrested to keep the appointment.

Smell speech, Gong Ou glares at her fiercely, the tone is immediately bad to the extreme, "shut up! Eat yours! "

Gong Ou shoves a sun egg into her mouth, and Xiaonian almost chokes to death.


When small read hurriedly covers some painful mouth, this man is inexplicable, she kind proposal just, he does not want so ruthless.

Suddenly, a light flashed in her eyes.

It's a meteor.

When small read hurriedly stands up from the dining table, clapped a palace Europe, "palace Europe, meteor came."

The top of the mountain is the closest place to the sky.

A stream of light from the night sky, bright but soft down, in the dark night sky to draw the most beautiful arc.

It's beautiful.

When Xiaonian looked at the meteor shower in the sky in amazement, she only looked down at Gong Ou after a few seconds --

only to see Gong ou still sitting in that position in front of the dinner table, not looking at the sky, black eyes fixed to look at the desktop, no focal length, do not know what she was thinking.

Next second, Gong Ou put down his knife and fork, walked out from the dining table, held the wine bottle in his long hand, walked out of the tree step by step, stopped at the edge of the cliff fence, tilted the red wine in his hand, and fell all the red wine.

It's like a red wine rain.

It's like a ceremony.

Xiao Nian stood behind him and looked at him in bewilderment.

After pouring out the wine, Gong Ou left the bottle of red wine aside, bent his straight legs, sat down beside the guardrail, looked up at the meteor in the sky, a handsome face was very pale.

"Come here!"

Gong Ou calls her.

When Xiaonian pulled the miniskirt on his body, he walked slowly and sat down beside him.

Two people sit on the ground, when small read hands on the guardrail, from time to time to see Gong ou.

I don't know why. I always feel that today's Gong Ou is very different from usual. It's not so bullying and domineering. It seems that there are a lot of hidden worries.

"Do you know how to make the most of a person's appointment?" Gong Ou suddenly asked.


When Xiaonian looked at him puzzled.

"It's death."

Gong Ou's thin lips were slightly open, and he said it word by word. The slightly cold voice soon disappeared in the wind.

He said, "do you know how to have a thorough appointment with someone? It's death.".

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in a dazed way, he even forgot to pay attention to the beautiful meteor in the sky. He said What do you mean?

"He's dead." Gong Ou sat on the ground and looked up at the meteor in the sky. There was no expression of appreciation on his face. His pupils were darker than the night. "That year, he didn't come to see the meteor. He didn't make an appointment because he died on the way here."


When Xiaonian opens her lips slightly in surprise, and finally understands why Gong Ou's eyes are so fierce when she just proposed to ask that person again.

It turns out that no matter how domineering and powerful he is People who can't come back.

"May I ask, who is this man?"

When Xiaonian asked carefully.

Was it his young girlfriend?

"My brother."

Gong Ou Dao.


Another unexpected answer.

Xiaonian looks at him in shock.

It turns out that he has a brother, and his brother is dead.

It turned out that his brother was the one who pleased him.

No wonder Gong Ou was shocked when she saw that she was wearing this student uniform. In fact, he wanted her to wear a boy uniform. As a result, he was misunderstood by Feng De, the omnipotent housekeeper, and got her a set of EQ Qu student uniform.

Under the night sky, meteors fall one by one, swaying out of radians.

Like a golden rain.

So clear, so beautiful.

"That year, I was waiting there, waiting all night, and all the meteors were gone." Gong Ou's voice was low and there was no strong emotion. "There was no signal from his cell phone in the wild. The next day, I found out that he died in a car accident on the way to the mountain. He even took his car and fell down the mountain, bloody and fleshy."

He narrated very plainly, but Xiao Nian was shocked by his heart.

She could almost think of the shocking scene of the car accident at that time. She could also imagine a teenager waiting alone in the wild, waiting for a whole night, waiting for a bad news.


Gong Ou suddenly sneers, "you say, how much a person wants to break an appointment to choose such a unique way."

His sneer was particularly sad this night.

When Xiaonian listened quietly, he said for a long time, "he just doesn't want to break your appointment, then..."

She didn't go on, and there was nothing to talk about.

She thought that Gong Obi understood that his brother was going to the appointment. He was just blaming himself for having the meteor appointment with his brother, which resulted in his brother's death on the way.

"The N.E system was originally prepared by him, but he didn't go on after starting it. He broke his promise again. He couldn't finish one thing. What a man!"

Gong Ou said that no matter how much mockery there was in the tone, it could not cover up the pain.

When Xiaonian sat beside him and listened quietly.

It turns out that the N.E system that shocked the whole world was originally developed by Gong Ou's brother. It turns out that there's another story here that she hasn't heard in any news.

Gong ou should care about his brother very much, so he can make N.E system go on, even develop into the global monopoly fashion.

"I'm quite willing to believe it, though it's very old-fashioned." When Xiaonian looked up at the meteor that had gradually become rare, he said seriously, "when a man dies, he will become a star. He looks at the people on the ground. I believe that your brother He's been proud of you. "