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Chapter 69 I want you

After a long wet kiss, Gong ou still let go of her, and his black eyes fixed on her swollen eyes! I want you! Want your heart! No thanks! "


When Xiaonian was held in his arms, his lips were full of his breath, watching him not speak for a long time.

His strength left her nowhere to hide.

"So, don't show me this face in the future. You can understand what I want!" Gong Ou stared at her, almost shouting.

So wild.

When small read low eyes, for a long time can only be silent.

Facing this kind of Gong ou, she really didn't know what to say.

The wind blew over the sports car, over her face, warm.

For a long time, when Xiaonian slowly emerged from his arms, he looked out, and saw that there was a vast area around him, overgrown with weeds. Far away, there was a long broken block, which was demolished from the building.

There is a barren beauty.

Gong Ou is sitting in the car, depressed by her estrangement reaction, with a thin anger on her handsome face.

His black eyes looked at her. When Xiaonian got out of the car and stepped over the weeds, his slender legs slowly walked towards the broken wall. The sun fell on her face, making her skin very white.

The farther we go.

Gong Ou looks at her farther and farther background. He feels uncomfortable when he runs over his chest. He immediately pushes the door open and gets out of the car. He follows her behind. A pair of brand-new leather shoes step into the weeds.

He could not help frowning when his shoes were dirty, but he followed her footsteps.

"What do you do?"

Gong Ou looks at her and asks in a deep voice.

When Xiaonian went to the mottled old broken wall, the wall was very long, and the traces on it told the story of belonging silently.

When small read to see for a long time, light tunnel, "if there is that kind of graffiti painting."

"Painting?" Gong o repeated her words.

"Well, when I learned to draw, I would come out and spray walls everywhere if I was in a bad mood." When he thought of his youth, Xiaonian stood in front of the broken wall and couldn't help laughing. "I was caught when I was 11, because I scribbled on the wall of others."


Gong Ou looks at her.

When small read will be a ray of hair hook to the ear, some self mocking tunnel, "I did not expect that this person is quite rebellious?"

Gong Ou stood there, listening to her slightly light voice, and her black eyes stared at the tip of her slightly raised eyebrows.

He didn't expect that she would do such a thing as spray wall. She was a little rebellious in her heart, which he had seen for a long time.

"You really want to be a good girl and ask for your support When the people of the family are happy, they will grind their character into the present. " Gong Ou reveals her character in a low voice.


Hearing this, Xiao Nian stayed there and looked at Gong Ou's face in amazement.

Unexpectedly, Gong Ou knew her so well.

When she was a little girl, she dared to do anything. She fought happily all over the world, but her adoptive parents didn't like it, so she tried to make herself a good girl and follow the rules.

But what about it? It's not abandoned.

When small read back a step, lip corner self mockingly hook, eyes across a dark.

"We're going to buy spray paint."

Gong Ou suddenly says something.

"Buy spray paint?" When small read stupefied next.

"Go! Do whatever you want, and show it to no one! " Gong Oula took her to the direction of the sports car, "this wall is not enough, I will find some more walls for you! Are the walls of the town hall buildings painted enough? "

So wild.

It's so awesome.


City Hall building? Thanks to him.

Shi Xiaonian is forced to be pulled away by him. He looks up at his side face and feels a little different.

He's not immune now It's kind to her.

Mingming is such a self-centered, irritable and manic person, but because she's in a bad mood, she won't even go to the company. She's going to accompany her out to relax. Now she's going to buy spray paint with her.

But he wanted She really can't give it.

Her heart has long been lost in memory with mu qianchu. She doesn't know where it has fallen. She can't find it back. How can she give it to him.


Gong Ou suddenly stops, takes her to the end of the broken wall, raises her legs and kicks away the weeds.

When Xiaonian looked down, she saw a bag of art spray cans in the weeds. She was surprised and pleased. "It seems that there are people of the same kind here."

She bent down, picked up a can of spray paint, looked at the next date, and it was a new product.

She looked around and saw no one. "How could someone leave these spray paints here? Won't you come later? "


Gong Ou's black eyes are deep. How could there be a new spray painting can in the wild? But no one is there.

There is a problem.

"Since there's no one, I'll spray it first and buy it back later."

When Xiaonian didn't notice the misgivings on Gong Ou's face, he scratched his hands with the spray can and sprayed it directly on the wall.

Her slender arm flicks gently to the wall, and a red oil color is printed on the wall, with bright colors.

Gong Ou stood aside, his eyes fixed on her spraying on the wall.

She can do these things easily. She holds the paint pot in her small hand and paints a bright colored strip on the wall.

Gong Ou's mobile phone rings. It's the company that called to ask about business.

He walked back to the car and sat, put his cell phone to his ear, deliberately lowering his voice.

When the dazzling sunlight falls on the mottled broken wall, Xiaonian stands in front of the wall and throws out colors one by one. His wrist moves very fast. A pair of slightly swollen eyes are clean and focused at the moment. The flying divine colors hang on his face, which are more pleasing to the eyes than the colors on the wall.

At the end of the wall, a slender figure stood by the wall, looking at her from afar.

For a while, the figure slowly turned to the other direction, and a soft face was exposed to the sun.

On the other side of the wall stands a white Porsche convertible.

Mu qianchu walked to the car and sat in the driver's seat. Under his short brown hair, his face was haggard and his eyes were full of loneliness.

In the passenger seat, there is also a bag of paint cans.

I like to paint on the wall when I'm not happy, to vent my unhappiness.

He crossed the city all night to buy spray cans, but didn't know what reason to find her. Now she can't avoid him.

At the port of heaven, he would stop until she came out.

When she came out of building a, she was hugged by Gong ou.

He could only watch her and gongou go out, chase them up like a stalker, follow them, and finally secretly put the spray can there, so that she could show her painting style in front of another man.

She showed all her brilliance to another man.

He peeped like a thief.


Mu qianchu is sitting in the driver's seat, and his lonely face is reflected in the rearview mirror. He raises his right hand and slowly presses it to his chest, where it hurts like a knife.

The breeze floated his elegant short hair.


You know, I've recovered my memory.

Mu qianchu slowly closes his eyes. He can't find her now. He has a lot to deal with.

But will she still be there when he finishes all the work?

Mu qianchu looks at the long broken wall. He reads when he can't see it.

In this world, many people are separated by a wall.

On one side of the broken wall, Xiaonian had already painted half of the wall. She drew a picture of the landscape - rainbow under the rain.

Gong Ou calls from the car, turns his head, and sees Xiaonian is in a high state. He holds a spray paint can in both hands, and paints quickly. He doesn't even notice the paint splashed on his skirt.

Under the rainbow on the wall, there is a black house, a black bridge and a black amusement park.

Except for the rainbow, the rest is all black.

Gong Ou got out of the car, stepped to her side with long legs and asked in a deep voice, "why is it all black?"

Is her life so dark?

When small read light smile, meaningless tunnel, "get what color to draw what color."

"I don't believe that." Gong Ou glances at her, stoops to pick up a paint can, holds it in his hand and sprays the black house she painted directly.

"What do you do?"

Xiao Nian looked at him in amazement.

"Remember, I want you to make a mess even if it's a mess around me!"

Said, Gong Ou more vigorously spray to those black amusement parks.

His voice was another thrilling confession.

When Xiaonian stood in the same place, his heart was severely shaken, only to see that there is no black on the wall now, it's all a mess of colors.

It's really a mess of color.

Yeah, what do you do with all that? What is it to be abandoned by your family?

Even if she's in a mess, she's going to mess up her own color.

When small read thought, also picked up a bottle of color can, spray to the wall, regardless of composition, just spray up, spray out one after another color.

Gong Ou hugged her from the back, wrapped her big hand in her small hand and sprayed it on the wall.

Shi Xiaonian didn't refuse.

She looks up at Gong ou. An N.E's chief executive actually accompanies her to play graffiti and spray paint in the wild. No one can believe it.

Until the afternoon, the whole long broken wall was splashed with color by them.

It's very enjoyable to watch.

When the mood of small read is happy a lot, lift Mou to see to Gong ou, "is hungry, we go to eat?"

He is an angry eater. She dare not let him hungry.

"Well, let's go."

Gong Ou left a can of spray paint and walked towards her, holding her in his arms and going to the sports car.

It's just in the wild. There's no good place around. When Xiao Nian was going to buy some paint cans to send back, otherwise, the same good guy who likes painting walls would be depressed to find that the paint cans were stolen.

The nearest is a small town.

Gong Ou stops the car outside a shop, and the luxurious super run immediately attracts a lot of attention.

Shi Xiaonian walked into the shop first, looked at the rows of spray cans, and said to the boss, "boss, I want some Ling brand spray cans for graffiti."

"Lingpai?" The boss is reading the newspaper. Hearing this, he looks up at her with a simple and honest face and says, "Lingban is an old brand that used to be a long time ago, but now the general store is closed."