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Chapter 865 you'sre the only one

She understood that saying so much was nothing more than trying to get ahead of Li Qingyan.

Wen Yan, two male colleagues face white.

One of them disliked Xiaonian's way of speaking. He said in a very direct voice, "Madam President, I know what you care about, but yesterday everyone was there. It was just a game we played. It was a relaxation after work. Before, we used to take a big risk when we played sincere words. A colleague kissed others in front of his wife for three minutes, and his wife didn't say it "What?"

This is the atmosphere.

The president's wife can't afford to play at all.

When he heard this, Xiaonian thought it was funny, so he laughed, "who is the definition of having to play? Is it a law enacted by the state? Why do a group of you say that you can play like this and you have to play like this, and the party can't be angry? Loyalty is the basis of maintaining feelings. You can easily destroy the base that others have built for many years by using the word "game". It's still very reasonable here. "

"The president's wife, now they are both men and women, not the feudal society."

Said the male colleague.

"Is it?" When Xiaonian sneered and said, "if your wife kisses someone for three minutes today, even if you can do nothing on your face, your heart will explode."


"Do you need me to invite your wife to play games?" Shixiaonian asked, "please let me know how much play is. If your behavior can persuade me, I will ask Li Qingyan to come back in person."

The two men in front of her, she read the report, seem to have family, but they act as if their girlfriend is Li Qingyan.


Two men were completely speechless in front of her and looked at her stupidly.


When small read to them lightly low head, side to pull.

The two men pushed me behind her. They looked at each other to convey a meaning. They had to put their words in place so as to make a good impression in front of Li Qingyan.

Work can be lost, Li Qingyan as a woman can not let go, as long as you can get that woman, let alone work, life can come again!

When Xiaonian walked out two steps, she heard a voice behind her, "as the president's wife, don't you think you should be more generous?"

Is it so grand that another woman kisses him, and she pretends not to see it?

Sorry, she can't.

"Now in a special period, N.E. is so busy that he sleeps directly in front of the computer, opens his eyes and continues to work. But the president's wife you, you eat a vinegar, will let the president coax you. " Another went on to say, "obviously everyone is busy to death, but the president asked us to let go of our work and get 3D images and petal showers to make romance for you."


With this sentence, Xiao Nian stops, lowers his head and tightens his lips.

"You've been coaxed to be happy. How about us? We didn't sleep again. We just made romance for you. We have to deal with things immediately. We didn't sleep all night yesterday. In the morning, we were scolded by the president for a decimal point in the data report! "

"We've been working overtime for many days. No one wants to deal with the president's personal affairs, OK?"

"Yes, Secretary Li is no match for the position of the president's wife in the president's mind, but she will at least help us to reduce the difficulty of everyone's work, and you?"

"You are not obliged to do anything for us, but you will only lower the image of the president in everyone's mind! It will only make you more and more grumbling. You can dismiss us. It's better to dismiss everyone! What's the difference between you and letting king Youwang of Zhou show the Marquis's praise? "

"Madam President, if you are for the president and for the good of N.E, please ask Secretary Li back."

When Xiaonian stood there, his hand hanging on his side unconsciously clenched his fist.

Oh, is she a compliment?

It turns out that she is such an image in the eyes of Gong Ou's employees.

"What's the relationship between you and Li Qingyan?" When Xiaonian slowly turned around and looked at them coldly, "I don't care if you say love is her inspiration today, please tell her, because of your help, I can't let her come back."


The faces of the two men were pale.

"And you two. If you can't concentrate on your work, please leave as soon as possible." "I believe that neither N.E. nor Gong ou need your employees to do things like this," said Shi Xiaonian coldly

"What is the ability of the president's wife? In addition to shopping, buying clothes, buying bags and drinking tea every day, what else can you do? " The two men said excitedly, "will you be better than us?"


It's said again.

This is the first time she heard it today. She said that she would only go shopping and buy bags and drink afternoon tea. It's all like this. How could a Li Qingyan come? She was sprayed like this.

Is she so bad?

In the past, Luo Qi said that she couldn't compare with the influence of Mona's background on Gong ou. Now she can't even compare her personal ability with Li Qingyan.

She found Gong ou, a man of such a rank, and even her rival was of high rank.

When Xiaonian didn't respond to them, he turned around and left alone. He heard the voice of two male colleagues, "it's over. It's really going to be fired."

"Do you think it was moved?"

"He must have touched my efforts. I said more than you!"

When Xiaonian didn't listen any more, he left alone and went into the office. He silently cleaned up the mess Gong Ou had eaten. Then he went to a large piece of glass and looked down with low eyes. Everyone was busy working and trying their best.

Many people here followed Gong Ou yesterday to surprise her. They stayed up all night, and then began to work one day today.

So she's a bit of a disaster.

But what can she do? She really doesn't know technology. Usually, playing with a mobile phone to deal with problems is all solved by restarting, so what help can she give Gong Ou at work.

"What are you doing standing there?"

Gong Ou's voice came.

When small read pulled the lip Cape, peeped out a smile to look at Gong ou, "I don't stand here where?"

"Sit next to me and look at me!"

Gong Ou picks the eyebrows. There is some evil spirit.

"Are you still in the mood to work?" Shi Xiaonian said jokingly. Gong Ou narrowed his eyes. "You look down on my concentration."

"Then I'll sit on your lap?" Shi Xiaonian said that for the first time, she said the obvious suggestive words. Gong Ou sat there, his eyes suddenly darkened and his Adam's apple rolled up and down. "Then we'd better go to the apartment!"

The bed there is big!

The front of the office here is full of glass. It's too easy to be peeped.

"What do you think? Hurry to work." When small read smile, go to his desk, for him to tidy up the scattered documents.

"I'll walk around with you after these days." "Don't move this. You don't know how to organize it," said Gong

"But your papers are too messy."

"I've sent another secretary from headquarters." Gong Ou pressed her hand and stared at her with black eyes. "Just sit next to me."

"All right."

When small read has to nod, pull a chair to sit down beside him.

In the morning, Gong Ou's office continued to have several employees, all of whom were not as good as Gong Ou's shit spray. One by one, they came in frightened, and then went back in disheartened.

Shi Xiaonian said a few words about him, and Gong Ou's mood calmed down, but soon he couldn't help swearing.

After scolding someone, Gong Ou put a document aside gloomily. "These people don't know how to do it. Yesterday's report can be done beautifully. Today's it! I don't know! "


That's because Li Qingyan knows that he is a man who pursues perfection, so she has decorated all people's reports.

This is not to say that Gong Ou was also influenced by Li Qingyan.

After a long time, Xiaonian left the base silently, went back to the apartment and began to prepare lunch. He was boiling soup in the pot. Xiaonian sat at the dinner table and stared at a magazine with the cover of Gong ou.

"Xiaonian." "What's the matter with you?" he asked

When I came back last night, I was very happy with the young master. How can I change my face again today.

When Xiaonian looked at the magazine with low eyes, his eyes were empty and his voice was pale. "I can't help Gong Ou in the background or in my personal ability. In fact, I'm really poor. Anyone in Gong Ou's paranoia is better than me in paranoia."


Feng de looks at her in a daze.

When Xiaonian sits there, after the blank and long silence, he suddenly realizes what he is talking about, looks up at Fengde and laughs at himself, "look at me, pregnancy syndrome has been committed again."

She really hates herself now.

Feng de looked at her kindly and said, "Xiaonian, when I was in England, my wife always told us that when I first met you, you had a special temperament that impressed her."


When small read stupefied.

"Madam said, Xiaonian, you are a very smart girl. You know the situation and the gap between you and the young master, but you never despise yourself." Feng de looked at her with a smile. "Madam still said that at the beginning, she asked you, what can you give to the young master? Do you remember how you replied?"

When Xiaonian shook her head, she didn't remember that long.

"You say, you can give something that master Mona can't give." Feng de stood beside her and said, "maybe you have been together for a long time now, even you are ignoring your own flash point. But Xiaonian, don't forget that only the food you make tastes so good, only you can make the young master happy, only you have the young master can't smash the furniture every day. "


"Xiaonian, no one can do these things except you." "A man with a strong background doesn't need to be a young master, because he is strong enough; a man with a strong personal ability is just a number of employees for a young master," said Fengde