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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Placement of Pureness

"Let me go, release …" Shi Xiaonian struggled as she stepped on his shoes.

Gong Ou stood there without moving, she was barefooted, this kick did not have much strength to her, but he was infuriated.

Her resistance, her struggle, made his anger rise again and again.

"You just want to talk about that, right?"

Gong Ou immediately retracted his smile, his gloomy eyes stared at her, his fingers grabbing onto her arm tightly, his voice low and bellowing: "Alright, Shi Xiaonian, I will talk about humiliation with you!"


Shi Xiaonian was a little dumbstruck.

She had never seen a man in such a terrible temper. The fire in his eyes burned her, and her arms were about to break.

"That wasn't forceful a week ago. That was called the matter of husband and wife!" Gong Ou pulled her in front of him, lowered his head and whispered into her ear, his tone was unbridled and cruel, "At that time, you seemed to enjoy it a lot."

"You — Shameless …"

Shi Xiaonian never thought that he would say such harsh words, and the struggle became even more intense.

She was only wearing a short-sleeved sweat suit. The pure white color made her pale skin look extremely attractive. Plus, she wasn't even wearing any undergarments. Under the intense struggle, her collar was opened wide, revealing her naked body.

Gong Ou was a normal man, and his body gradually tensed up.

He had never been a man who liked to restrict himself, so he pulled Shi Xiaonian up the stairs and entered the lavishly decorated bathroom's main hall.

Along the way, he knocked over everything that was in his way.

Inside the bathroom, countless flower spray s were splashing with water.

The floor was covered in water.

White mist lingered in the air.

"What else do you want?"

Shi Xiaonian was forcefully dragged into the hall. His long legs were so fast that she was unable to keep up with him.


Gong Ou heavily pushed her up against the wall, pushing her down without saying a word.

The woman's gentleness made his throat tighten time and time again. A fire coursed through his entire body, burning vigorously. The woman before his eyes seemed to be the only antidote.

"I'll give you a week to hand over your child, but you keep on making blind dates with me. Since you owe a man so much, I'll help you see what real power is!"

With that, a huge palm reached out towards her.

Shi Xiaonian struggled excitedly. It was unlike a week ago when she was in a room that was extremely hot and dizzy. This time, she was very clear-headed.

He could clearly see that he was unable to fight against the tall man in front of him.

The result was the same.

"No, release, release …" Shi Xiaonian desperately pushed him, her voice even changing the tune.

Gong Ou stood under a flower spray, as a large bundle of water smashed towards his head. His body was drenched, his short hair stuck to his forehead, and droplets of water dripped down from the corners of his mouth, sketching out an extremely sexy outline.

He took off his windbreaker, causing Shi Xiaonian to immediately run out, but just as he took a step out, he was grabbed by Gong Ou and pressed back against the wall.

"Shi Xiaonian! "What are you pretending to be pure and chaste with me for? Did you forget how open you were three years ago when you climbed into my bed with all your might?" Gong Ou pressed down on her shoulders and glared at her.

"What nonsense are you talking about? I didn't know you before, let go of me …"

Shi Xiaonian used her leg to kick him, but she was pushed even tighter by his chest.

She didn't know if the strange heat that was appearing on her body was due to anger, or was due to … A scorching heat came from his chest that was just inches away from his chest.