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Chapter 678 do you cross dress?


Ling Feng was stunned by her reaction and was puzzled.

When Xiaonian realized that he was a little unreasonable, he said sheepishly, "Mr. Ling, I'm sorry, I don't mean anything else."

Ling Feng is not clear enough in Chinese. She has no impression of him at all.

"Oh, ha ha." Ling Feng smiled heartily, but didn't mind. He just looked at her with a smile that made her look familiar.

At that time, Xiaonian turned her eyes to look at Gong Ou beside her. She was very confused.

Gong Ou also saw something wrong. He put her in his arms and said coldly to Ling Feng's silver hair, "Ling always likes to laugh?"

Laugh what laugh.

His woman looks so funny.

Gong Ou secretly clenched his fist, and Ling Feng smiled and said, "I haven't come to China for many years. It's a blessing to meet the old man."

"Old man?"

When Xiao Nian looked at Gong ou, they knew each other before?

"Old man?"

Gong Ou looks down at Xiaonian and extrudes these two words from his thin lips. His eyes are gloomy.

You know this old man long ago?

The two men were looking at each other intensely. Ling Feng looked at them with a smile. The sea breeze floated his short hair. He put the sight line on Xiao Nian's hand. "Mrs. Gong, I saw your grace on the cruise ship that year, but I still don't forget it. I'll see Mrs. Gong again today. She's still in the same style."

This time, Shi Xiaonian made sure that the silver haired old man was not unclear, but that she was his old friend.

"Mr. Ling, do we know each other?"

He asked in confusion.

"Mrs. Gong probably forgot me. My hair was not so white at that time." Ling Feng, an interesting Canadian old man, raised his hand to tie up a small cluster of loose silver hair on his head and said with a smile, "that's what I was like at that time. Do you have any impression?"


When small read more ignorant, embarrassed smile, "Ling, I think you may recognize the wrong person."

She doesn't remember him at all.

When I saw him, Xiao Nian really forgot him. Ling Feng was disappointed and spread out his hands. "OK, maybe it's been too many years. It's not surprising that Mrs. Gong doesn't remember."


I don't remember. She didn't know him at all.

"Mr. and Mrs. Gong, talk slowly. I'll have a drink."

Ling Feng turned away disappointed.

Gong Ou stands against the railing, with a pair of black eyes sharply looking at Xiao Nian's blank face and the back of Ling Feng.

Many years ago.

Old friends.

Red hairpin number C8.

"Mr. Ling." A moment before Ling Feng entered, Gong Ou suddenly opened his mouth and his voice was deep and magnetic.

Hearing this, Ling Feng turned his head, and his face was lonely. It seemed that he had forgotten for a while and felt unhappy. "Is there anything else for Mr. Gong?"

"Mr. Ling just said that he saw my wife on the cruise ship many years ago. Is this the cruise we are now on?" Asked Gong ou.

When Xiaonian was wondering why Gong Ou suddenly asked, Lingfeng old man gave her a startling answer, "yes, it's on this cruise ship, on the deck over there."


When Xiaonian looked at Ling Feng in amazement, he felt that Gong Ou around him was standing upright. Gong Ou asked, "when is that?"

"When?" Ling Feng stood there and thought, frowning and deeply furrowed, "I have forgotten for many years. It should have been the last time I had a party. Yes, I didn't come last time."

Isn't that the party seven years ago?

"At that time, my wife was on a cruise ship."

Gong Ou said coldly.

"I know. I had a few words with Mrs. Gong, but she didn't pay attention to me. She just smiled at me and left." Ling Feng said.


When Xiaonian was shocked, he looked up and down at Ling Feng carefully. He couldn't see anything familiar.

It's over.

What's the matter with her? Isn't her memory better than that of an old man. The old man even remembered that she laughed at him, but she forgot everything.

It's too much of an exaggeration.

Every time she boarded the cruise ship, she was desperately testing her memory and intelligence. It was terrible. How could she have no impression at all.

Deck. She remembered that the area she was in charge of was inside, not on deck. She only went to the deck when she boarded the ship.

"Do you remember her laughing at you?" Gong Ou picks his eyebrows. Does the old man have such a good memory?

"Yes, because I was so impressed that night." Ling Feng's jaw head, looking at Shi Xiaonian, said, "that night I went to the deck to have a hairdryer. The moonlight was bright. Mrs. Gong stood alone, dressed in a Western-style dress of the same color as the moon, with long golden hair. She stood there quietly and looked at the sky."


"I still remember that picture, as if everything was dark, the sea was dark, the deck was dark, the crowd was dark, only Mrs. Gong and the moonlight were bright." Ling Fengyue said more and more like reading poetry, the whole person seems to be immersed in the picture there.

Hearing this, Xiaonian was convinced that he was not suffering from memory deterioration.

When Gong Ou looks at him, he reads, frowning, "will you disguise?"

Shining in front of another man? Why doesn't she fly?

"I didn't. I was a waiter that day. I was dizzy in the toilet for an hour in the middle. Later, I was scolded by the foreman. How could I still play cross dressing?"

When Xiaonian whispers, and what does she do with cross dressing? Do you panic at leisure?

She went to work. She didn't come to hurt people and find a gold master like Tang Yi. Why did she disguise when she was free.

She was explaining that Ling Feng began to read poetry again. "The moonlight that night was really beautiful. I know a lot of people at this age. But Mrs. Gong's scene was so beautiful that it was beyond the beauty of peeling. It was a kind of temperament, a refined temperament, melancholy, sensitive, graceful, and..."

"Mr. Ling, I'm sorry to interrupt." When Xiaonian couldn't help interrupting Ling Feng's words, "that year, I was on a cruise ship, but I was a waiter, and I didn't wear any dress. I think you really remember wrong."

She was a hard student at that time. She had no temperament.

"Waiter? How could it be that you were so beautiful at that time, how could you be a waiter! "

Lingfeng's face was suddenly hard to accept. He felt worse than he just said that he did not remember him. As if the image of the goddess in his mind suddenly collapsed, "this is impossible! That night is you, Mrs. Gong! Why do you lie? "

Lingfeng's words are sharp.


Dizzy, small read headache, and now she lied, how about, on this cruise ship, she automatically had an indescribable aura of blessing, right?

Shixiaonian is not a person who likes to argue with others. In addition to this matter, it concerns her innocence and her turning point in life. She has to make it clear.

"Mr. Ling, it's really your mistake!" When small read some hard said, Gong Ou put on her shoulder hand grip, black eyes looking at Ling Feng, "Ling always remember the details of that night?"


The Canadian old man put light in his eyes, raised his hand, put on a poetic recitation, and said, "that night, I went to the deck and saw Mrs. Gong. I saw your sad face. I asked you, miss, what's the sad matter?"

“……” When Xiaonian and Gong Ou look at each other.

"If you don't answer me, I'll stand with you for a while and say that sadness is everywhere in the world. What's important is to be cheerful." Ling Feng said, "as a result, you still ignore me."


"And then I asked, miss, if you have any trouble, I can help you." Lingfeng said, looking deeply into his eyes, he said, "you turn around, owe yourself with your skirt, and go away with a smile."


"The moment you left, it was really beautiful. I felt like the Moon Fairy falling on this cruise ship." Ling Feng said, "I want to find you later, but I can't find you any more."

“……” When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, he couldn't help saying, "Gong ou, it's not me, it's not really me."

It's absolutely the old man's fault.

"It's you. I was so impressed by that scene. It's your face." Ling Feng looked at her and suddenly thought of something and said, "by the way, you still had a red hairpin in your hand. Right, a red hairpin is the kind of hairpin that the waiters wore that day."

Everything about the moon goddess was engraved on his bones, and he remembered it clearly.


Xiaonian's eyes were unbelievably wide open. If she had water in her mouth now, it would have burst out.


In a quiet conference room on the cruise ship, when Xiaonian sat at the conference table, he still looked like a thunderbolt.

Red hairpin, her face, now that the person is not her, she doesn't believe it.

When Xiaonian was mad, the whole world was collapsing.

Feng de and his bodyguards are standing on both sides of the conference table. The bodyguards look solemn and have their hands behind them. Feng de stands in front of the bodyguards and looks at Gong ou and asks, "young master, what can I do for us to come in?"

Gong Ou stood at the front of the conference room, leaned down sharply, clapped his hands on the conference table, looked coldly at several people in the conference room with dark eyes, his thin lips slightly raised, and his voice cold. "I have several things to tell you to do, regardless of human and material resources!"

So solemn.

Feng de has some doubts, waiting for Gong Ou's next words.

"First, continue to find Tang Yi for me and find this man at all costs!" Gongou cold tunnel.


The bodyguards responded loudly.

"Second, seven years ago at the cruise party, I want to know everything that happened on the day of the accident!" Gong Ou said sharply, "I want to know clearly what happened on the first day of the New Year!"

Feng de was the most clear one on the scene, and he couldn't help saying, "young master, didn't that matter have been found out?"