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Chapter 1049 let's play

Gong Ou stared at the screen of the TV without blinking, and answered lightly, "you may have slipped your hand."

"But I just received his text message."

She also showed him the text message, set up a blacklist, and then you can't see the text message. OK, she is technology blind but not an idiot.

"Is it?" Gong Ou took her cell phone and turned it over in her hand. She looked at the screen of the TV and said, "well, there's something wrong with your cell phone."

"What?" When Xiaonian looked at him in shock, how did his eyes staring at the TV see that there was something wrong with her mobile phone?

"Change it."

Gong Ou says it's light, and throws up the mobile phone directly.

After a gorgeous parabola, the mobile phone falls into the garbage can smoothly.

When Xiaonian felt that he had already hung a black thread on his head, he couldn't help but tear it down. "What can I say if you admit that you have set up a blacklist?"

"That's how mean I am. You'll say my company produces vinegar again."


"So I won't admit it!" Gong Ou said solemnly, turning and staring at her face.


So what's the difference between what he says now and what he admits? When Xiaonian stared at him and couldn't speak, the man became more and more jealous and unconventional.

Well, he's not jealous, he just doesn't want her to give her energy to anyone.

When Xiaonian didn't say anything, the man leaned over him, held his arms in his hands, and asked in a low voice, "you say, can bit get the truth you want?"

"I don't know." Gong Ou said in a deep voice.

"What is the truth you want?" At this point, Shi Xiaonian admits that he hasn't figured it out yet.

"A map of the underground waterways is not enough for George to come here in person. She must have something else in her hand, something very important to George."

When Xiaonian raised his head and put his chin on him, "you think that kind of thing can control George and solve the conflict between the two families."

Words fell, the air was quiet for a while.

Gong Ou slowly jaw head, low eyes look at her, "I was just guessing, want to maintain a good wound to interrogate that woman, but George can't wait to admit defeat behavior proved everything, that woman's hands hold absolutely fatal things to him."

"If so, why should she keep it from George?" When small read at a loss, "she has no good feeling for Lancaster family, son is taught so inferiority and violence, she will want to revenge?"

"This is a lock. You can open it when you find the key."

Gong oudao, black eyes staring at her deeply.

Xiaonian nodded and looked up at the direction of the stairs. "I hope bit can convince his mother that we can go back earlier."

Gong Ou put out his hand and put her in his arms.


Life is strange sometimes. The more you want it, the less you want it.

Bit and the woman reconciled, the woman's real name is Enid Enid, a very pleasant name, like her voice, without any flaws.

In the monitoring screen, the mother and son eased the relationship. Enid wept silently in front of bith. Even though her face was full of centipede like scars, she could still feel the beauty before she was disfigured. That kind of beauty was deeply attracted by every move.

When Xiaonian even thought, was George really just a drunk murderer?

It's a good thing that mother and son get together, but Enid still refuses to open her mouth. No matter how bith tries to persuade her, she just doesn't want to say what Gong Ou wants to know.

All things are so delayed in this step, there is no follow-up.

Gong Ou obviously becomes a little fidgety, but he is no longer willing to use the mental torture method, afraid to stimulate Xiaonian to remember bad memories.

Bith's mother and son lived beside them. Enid refused to tell the truth, but she was kind and humble to them. She picked up the cleaning work and kitchen work of the whole house by herself.

"Thank you, Gonger young master. You are a man who does great things. This is the map of the underground waterway. It's all directions. With this map, the whole area 13 is under your control."

In front of the desk in the hall, Enid put a map on the table and expressed her gratitude with the greatest sincerity in her ability.


Miyo sat at the table, lifted the map to the ground, and looked at Enid in a vicious way.

Bit stood beside his mother, protecting her, and looked carefully at Gong ou.

"Gong Er, I should have said everything. I really don't know what you want." Said Enid in that cold voice.

"Go away!"

Gong Ou growls. His face is very green.

What's the use of a map he wants now? All the people in Lancaster, block 13 are out. What can he do with it? Be the king of zone 13?

When Xiaonian looked after the moonlight flower in front of the windowsill, it was very strange that all the branches and leaves had opened, but the flower still did not open.

Even the flowers indicate that they are not coming back.

When hearing Gong Ou's voice, Xiao Nian turned his head and saw that the three people were in a stalemate. She looked at Tieqing's face and was very upset.

Gong Ou does things, starts to take the soft route, no longer cruel, but often can not get the desired results.

He is too tired.

When Xiaonian took a deep breath, walked towards them, took a glass of water and put it beside Gong ou, looked up at Enid, and said softly, "Auntie, you know that many people have been sacrificed since the two families fought. We really want to end all this as soon as possible and peacefully. I don't want to see endless intrigues and murders."

When he saw Xiaonian talking, bith helped him, "yes, mother, in fact, father always looked down on us. If you have something in your hand, take it out."

He has been completely conquered, standing on the side of shixiaonian.

But when Xiaonian knew that, after all, bit was shocked by what Gong Ou said. The 16-year-old suddenly thought it through, and understood that he could not get his father's attention, because his father had never seen him as a son.


Enid stood there silent.

"You don't have to worry about the rabbit, mother. I don't know this person." Bith looks at Gong ou, and then at Shi Xiaonian. His eyes are full of trust. "But Shi Xiaonian won't hurt us. She's my sister. She helps us, and this person won't take us for anything. You can rest assured."

In exchange for Gong Ou's cold look.

Bit still has to speak, Enid pressed his hand and said calmly, "master Gong Er, I really don't have what you want. I don't have anything you want. My house is here, and the underground waterway map is also given to you. You can search at any time. I don't mind."

Of course, he's looking, but if he finds it, he'll waste his time sitting here?

"Go away!"

Gong Ou roared, black eyes staring at the mother and son on the opposite side of the table, thin lips tight.

Enid bowed to him and pulled bit away, who was still trying to persuade his mother not to keep secrets for people like George.


Gong Ou impatiently sweeps all the things on the table to remove the glass of water Xiaonian poured.

Things fall to the ground.

He's very upset now. When Xiaonian saw him like this, she didn't know how to comfort her. She looked down at the map rolled on the ground. The Mou son turned around, picked it up and put it in front of Gong ou. "Gong ou, let's play."


Gong Ou looks at her, his eyes are as strange as seeing a ghost drawing wind.

When Xiaonian picked up the map and shook it, he smiled and said, "my mother and I said that we also came to spend our honeymoon, but we didn't have much fun. Now we have a map, let's play."

"You want to play underground?"

Gong Ou's eyebrows are twisted. It's a sudden wonder where she comes from.

"Yes." When Xiaonian leaned over to the table and looked at him, "we can get to the ground by looking for an exit in the underground waterway, play for a while and then come back to the next station, like adventure? Isn't it very interesting? "

Before that, they would worry about Lancaster's people. Now the whole area 13 is in Gong Ou's hands and there is nothing to worry about.

"Why are you so interested all of a sudden?" Gong Ou looks at her suspiciously. "When you have time, don't you accompany your pumpkin son?"

Pumpkin son How can that sound so awkward.

When small niannunuzui, reach out to pull him, "then do you want to accompany me?"

"No company!"

No mood.

"Oh, then I'll see pumpkin son. Don't say I don't spend time for you next time." When Xiaonian turned around and left.



"Come back!"

Gong Ou reached for the map, and when Xiaonian smiled, he turned back. "That's right. You will not be able to jump out every day when you face these materials and documents."

Gong ouleng snorted. When he got up from the wheelchair, Xiaonian hurriedly pressed him. "No, it's better to get down when you walk the stairs. It's still a wheelchair on the ground."

"Then how to play?" Gong Ou frowns.

"Just take a look at it. It's not a walk without feet." Shi Xiaonian said, walked behind him and pushed him away, asking, "in fact, we haven't had a good time since we arrived here."

"Playing with the black waterways?" Gong Ou asked, "what's your taste?"

"Find the beauty of Gong ou, the genius of science and technology." Shi Xiaonian said, put gold on his face, to make him feel better, don't be upset.

But apparently, the gold didn't stick in place. Gong Ou said with a black face, "I look like an underground waterway?"

“……” When small nianmo, push the entrance of his underground waterway to go, mouth up a way, "then how can, you are the sewer, is also the world's most handsome and best looking sewer."

"So I'm the sewer?"

That's where he is.

"Praise you, how can it be so difficult to serve." When Xiaonian was depressed, he couldn't boast.

"Is it?" Gong Ou turned to look at her, and the evil spirit smiled, "shixiaonian, congratulations on marrying the most handsome sewer in the world."