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Chapter 281 Four Piece Jewelry Set

On the long corridor, Gong Ou is walking on the right side, with a tall and handsome figure. A bodyguard pushes Mona to the left. Mona is Gong Ou's psychologist, of course, to follow him. She keeps turning her head and talking to Gong ou.

Gong Ou doesn't care much.

I don't know why. Every time I see the back of Mona and Gong Ou together, Xiaonian feels uncomfortable.

Doctors and patients.

Did she think more about it.

When Xiaonian knocked on his head, he went back to the ward and looked at the empty ward. No one moved furniture there, no one placed fruit plates there

Suddenly she felt a little lonely.

When she and Gong Ou stick together for 24 hours, she occasionally feels too sticky, but she really separated, and she felt bored again.

When Xiaonian goes back to bed, he looks at the fruit plate on the bedside table. His face is lonely.

For a while, Xiaonian picked up the top cherry on the fruit plate and put it into his mouth. It was sweet and a little sour.

When Gong Ou is away, the time seems to pass very slowly.

In the company of Feng De, when Xiaonian finished the examination and walked back, suddenly saw a nurse holding the baby to her opposite direction.


When small read suddenly had silk interest, turns around to follow the nurse to walk forward, all the way to the hospital nursery.

The nursery is very large, clean and beautiful inside. In order to let parents see their children at any time, a large piece of glass is inlaid on the wall.

When Xiaonian stood there, he went in through the glass.

Some of the children in the crib fell asleep, some of them opened their eyes, looked around curiously, their eyes were turning, and some of them were still drooling.

"Housekeeper Feng, look at the lovely children."

Small read when looking at a small face inside said, eyes embedded with starlight.

"Yes, the children are very lovely. The children of the young master and the young lady must be more lovely and beautiful, because the young master and the young lady look like dragons and phoenixes."

Feng de stood aside and said softly, with a pleasant smile on his face.

"Wow, housekeeper Feng, look, that kid is smiling." When Xiaonian reached out and scratched on the glass, he was delighted as if he saw his child smile.


Feng de smiled and looked at him kindly.

In fact, the young lady also suffered a lot of grievances with the young master. Just like now, the young master has not fully believed the young lady. Usually, the young lady never talks about the baby with the young master.

There are no mothers who don't like talking.

But Miss Shi could not bear to mention that when the young master forced her to have a abortion and brought a woman into the imperial castle, he thought Miss Shi would stubbornly just ask to leave, but later she also forbear.

He asked why, and Miss Shi said that she didn't understand the paranoid world, but she wanted to try to understand, because no matter what, she still loved the young master.

"I hope Miss Mona can cure the young master." Feng de suddenly said with emotion.


When hearing this, Xiaonian looks at Fengde with some consternation. Fengde looks at her with an understanding face. When Xiaonian can feel his concern, he can't help smiling and nodding, "I hope he will get better."

When Xiaonian looked at the baby world in the glass, the smile on his face was deeper.

She would like to see her B-ultrasound with Gong ou and see her baby grow up in her stomach little by little.

Gong Ou is away. When she went to the nursery to see the children, she read the required courses every day. Watching the children drool or laugh or cry makes her feel better and better.

Every day, she ate the tonic stewed by Feng de herself, and her baby was raised very well.

I was worried about miscarriage before. Now I can put down a little bit.

At night, Xiaonian sat by the bed, folded up the inspection reports one by one, and then put them in the bedside drawer.

The baby's condition is better and better in the examination report.

But these good news, she could not share with Gong ou, so as not to make him unhappy again.

"When I read it!"

A bullying voice came.

When Xiaonian sat by the bed and turned his head, Gong Ou came in from the outside.

Feng de immediately walked forward respectfully and took off the suit jacket for Gong ou. Gong Ou made a big stride in his long legs and walked to Xiaonian's side in three steps. He hugged her and then lowered his head and kissed her.

When Xiaonian raised his head, he kissed him violently and warmly, and almost all his breath was deprived by him.


When Xiaonian kisses, Gong Ou embraces her. Gong Ou kisses her crazily, hoping to swallow her.

For a long time, Gong Ou felt that she was breathing more and more unevenly, so he released her. He put his forehead against her, breathing heavily, and his voice was dumb. "It's another day. I think you are going crazy."

"Is it so serious?"

When small read funny to ask a way, the bottom of my heart surged a touch of warmth.

"Nonsense! You don't want me at the hospital, do you? Without conscience! You are the most heartless woman I have ever met! " Gong Ou glared at her displeased tunnel, but he didn't get angry. His eyes were dark. "What proper distance the dead woman said could make her Miss deeper? It's all fake!"

The dead woman is Mona.

These days, Gong Ou is with Mona.

"Where did Mona take you today?" Xiaonian sat beside him and asked.

These days, in addition to Gong Ou's office, Mona takes Gong Ou out to relax and contact with nature in the name of treatment.

Mona's psychotherapy is too much for her to understand. She doesn't know if it's useful.

"What does she mean to take me? I need her to lead. I'm willing to let her be a sheep to lead the way. Does she have the qualification to lead the way? " Gong ou can't help but say, take off your shoes and sit on the bed, pick up the quilt and smell it. It's her smell.

Well, she's the only one.

Not bad.

"Where did she take it?"

When small read fixed eyes to him, softly asked.

"When it comes to this, I'll give you something." Gong Ou said, turning his eyes and looking at Feng De.

Feng De is a professional housekeeper. With only one look, he knows. He goes to the hanger and reaches out of Gong Ou's suit pocket to take out a brown box.

Feng de hands the box to Gong Ou respectfully.

Gong Ou hands it to Xiao Nian.

"What is it?" When small read some doubt ground to come over, smell a light sandalwood flavor, it is a very good smell.

"Open it yourself."

Gong Ou stared at her.


When Xiaonian gently answered, he reached out to open the brown box, and a light fragrance came from it. Inside was a string of beads bracelet.

Red beads, a small red bean like, the color is like a blood drop like deep red.

Sandalwood is very strong.

"Today, I went to a temple with that guide sheep, saying that it was to let me cultivate myself and my health. I was sick!" Speaking of Mona's indifference, Gong Ou then said, "but I found that the Buddhist temple provided this string of beads, which is said to be the temple's zhensi thing. After several generations of abbots' daily chanting, it can guarantee peace and well-being."


"I don't like superstition, but it doesn't matter if I wear it. I've been tested and it won't hurt people. Wear it." Gong Ou said.

When small read more and more listen to more wrong, looking at Gong Ou asked, "you bring people's temple things, people have no opinion?"

"Yes, so what? I gave it! "

Gong Ou looks at her with deep black eyes and a handsome face full of the words "what".

This man is really

Can you go to the quiet place of Buddhism if you have money?

At that time, Xiaonian couldn't find any language. She took a look at the Red Bead Bracelet in the light. The color was amazing.

Think about it. Every piece of jewelry Gong Ou gave her has a special meaning.

The bracelet was snatched by Gong ou. Gong Ou took her hand and put it on for her. The red beads are very beautiful against her white wrist skin.

"I thought it was yours when I saw it." Gong Ou Dao.

“……” When small nianmo, looking at the bracelet on his wrist, thought, "you're almost collecting four sets of jewelry for me."

"Four piece set?"

Gong Ou picks up his eyebrows. There is a little doubt in the dark pupil.

"It's rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings." When small read to turn the bracelet carelessly said.

Gong Ou suddenly said, "you asked me for earrings."


When Xiaonian looked at him speechless, could he also hear the implication? He's too associative.

"Say, what Earrings do you want? Gem's, diamond's, or what stone's? " Gong Ou said indifferently, reaching out and scooping her into his arms. "Yes, no gold. It's too earthy!"

"I didn't ask for earrings."

"You said it!"

"I didn't say that." Which ear of him heard her saying that he wanted earrings? It's clear that he would associate with her.

"You said, it's natural to ask your man for a gift!" Gong Ou thinks she wants to be polite.


When Xiaonian fell on his long leg with a headache, he sighed and said, "I really don't want it. I have enough jewelry now."

She usually wore the rings and necklaces he gave her, and occasionally took part in activities and changed some other jewelry.

Jewelry is really enough for her. There is no shortage.

Gong Ou sits on the bed and stretches his legs. Suddenly, Xiaonian falls on his legs like a dog. His eyes straighten and stare at her in his arms, "shixiaonian."

His eyes were affectionate.

His voice is dumb and sexy.

"Well?" When Xiaonian falls into his arms, his eyes look at him.

"You look like a dog." Gong Ou has a dignified face.

“……” When I was little, I was speechless, and a string of black lines came up on my forehead, and I lowered my hand, "can you not treat me as a dog?"

Unconsciously, Feng de had left the ward and closed the door for them.

"Shixiaonian, you are my dog. You are never allowed to leave my dog!"


When Xiaonian had no Yu Wang to chat with, he tried to sit up and push him back.