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Chapter 886 must live


Feng de took over the computer, glanced at it roughly, and was shocked. "Young master, there are a lot of real information about N.E. isn't that exposing his weakness in front of Lancaster?"

Xiao Nian basically understood what he said and made Li Qingyan their internal ghost. However, Li Qingyan was too unstable after all. How dare you give so many real things to Lancaster.

"How can I fish without some real bait?"

Gongou cold tunnel.

"But it's too risky, isn't it? And Lancaster doesn't necessarily believe it all, it's not good for us then. " Feng de still thinks the plan is too bold.

Let Li Qingyan take this information back. Unless Lancaster decides to destroy N.E at one stroke, all the hidden piles can be dug out. If Lancaster nibbles at it bit by bit, N.E will be slowly overhead.

Too dangerous chess.

"I like to play dangerous chess!" Gong Ou said coldly, turning his eyes to shixiaonian, adding, "anyway, some people believe in Li Qingyan, so I'll bet on her."

"Ah?" When I was young, I didn't understand what happened, but I vaguely understood that Gong Ou had made a very important decision, and even hurriedly said, "do you want to send Li Qingyan to make a big use? Then, then I I'm not sure. "

"Don't you believe her?" Gong Ou snorted, "you can believe your rival. Why can't I?"

"Don't do that, Gong ou."

When I was in a hurry, my lips were white.

See, Gong Ou's brow is screwed, "don't bite! I have a way to get Lancaster on the hook. "


When Xiaonian looked at him in a daze, he didn't understand what he was thinking.


On this day, the sun was a little warm. On the roof of the apartment, dozens of bodyguards stood with their hands in their hands, separated by several rows.

When Xiaonian went up, he was a little bit overwhelmed by the gale coming in front of him, and his long hair rose with the wind.

Gong Ou sits on a chair with his back to her. He is as lazy and noble as the old one. In front of him is Li Qingyan, who is dying on the ground. His whole body is bloodstained and his beautiful face is covered with two bloody holes.


A bodyguard whipped the whip out of his hand.


Li Qingyan was so painful that he rolled on the ground. Xiaonian frowned when he saw it. He walked towards them step by step. The bodyguard whipped it off again. Li Qingyan cried out with pain. He grabbed the ground with ten fingers and put up with it. The necklace on his neck was stained with blood.

The ground was covered with her blood.

"Can you hold on?"

Asked shixiaonian impatiently.

Gong Ou sits there and immediately gives her a look of yin and Yang, and sympathizes with her rival, shit!

"Nothing." Li Qingyan lies on the ground, his teeth are full of blood and water. He looks up from the ground and looks at shixiaonian with difficulty. His voice is difficult to say, "if my injury is not serious enough to die soon, Lancaster won't believe it I'm loyal. "

She said off and on.

When small read saw tenacity in her eyes, for the beloved man, Li Qingyan is really open-minded.

Li Qingyan lies on the ground with many scars, his hands trembling and lifting up, but he can't lift them. When Xiaonian saw this, he immediately lowered himself, put his hand on his waist, and took Li Qingyan's hand and lifted it to her neck to let her touch the necklace smoothly.

Once touching the silver necklace, Li Qingyan seemed to come back to life again and looked at her gratefully, "thank you, go on."


When Xiaonian sipped his lips and lips, he stood up from the ground, stepped back two steps, stood beside Gong ou, watched the bodyguard raise his whip again, and whipped Li Qingyan.

Fresh blood splashed in the sun.


When small read quietly looking at Li Qingyan, turn to look at Gong ou, eyes think.

Gong Ou is staring at her displeased. Seeing her look like this, he blurts out, "don't even think about it!"


When small read stupefied next.

"I will not be trapped again! You don't want to be like her! " Gong ouleng hum, word stress.


When Xiaonian was dumbfounded, he really knew what she was thinking. No wonder the bodyguards around him now added a batch of them. They didn't want to be trapped any more.


Another whip, Li Qingyan spits out his blood and falls to the ground.

Feng de stood beside him and said, "young master, it's almost over. If you fight again, you'll be dead. I'm afraid you won't get a chance to rescue."

Hearing this, Gong Ou stands up from the chair, steps forward to Li Qingyan and squats down slowly, reaches out his hand and grabs her long hair, forcing her to raise her head.

"Learn Long. "

Li Qingyan spoke with difficulty.

"If you dare to betray me, I promise you that your bitter lover will live a life worse than death every day! Do you understand? " Gong Ou stared at her with the low eyes and said, "it's easier for me to crush you than to trample on two ants."

"Yes, I see."

During Li Qingyan's speech, blood constantly came out of his mouth.

"I asked you to send you out to pretend to be executed. You find a place to hide. Lancaster's people will always stare at you. As long as you hold this paper in your hand, they will save you." Gong Ou raises his hand, and Feng de hands him a torn half piece of paper. Gong Ou puts the paper directly into Li Qingyan's hand. "You say that you accidentally found the secret of N.E. as for how unintentionally, you can make up your own to convince the dead old man!"

With this half bloody paper, Lancaster will want to pry out more things from her mouth, Jerry's life will be saved temporarily, and she can also successfully lurk down beside Lancaster.

"Yes." Li Qingyan should say that Gong ou still holds his hair and says in agony, "I don't know if they can believe it."

"It depends on your ability! I want them to believe it! "

Palace Europe cold tunnel, eyes to the extreme.


Li Qingyan said that blood flowed from his mouth again and again, holding the necklace on his neck.

This picture is bloody and tragic. When Xiaonian couldn't help saying, "Gong ou, that's enough."

It's been beaten all over. Li Qingyan can't hold on to it again.


Gong Ou stares at Shi Xiaonian again. Shi Xiaonian has to close his mouth. Gong Ou's mood is still in a bewildering tangle.

Gong Ou clutches Li Qingyan's hair again and again. Li Qingyan groans painfully, but Gong Ou's face doesn't have any sympathy. He stares at her and asks coldly, "answer me, what's the point?"


Of course, Li Qingyan understands the meaning of Gong ou.

"You understand!"

Gong Ou pushes her back to the ground and stands up. She hates the dust on her hands and claps her hands for several times.


Li Qingyan fell back to the ground powerless.

"Take her away."

Gongou cold tunnel.

Several bodyguards immediately helped Li Qingyan up, almost dragging her out. When Xiaonian looked at her legs, she had no strength at all. The toes of her shoes were dragging on the ground, and her head hung down. If her eyes were still open, Xiaonian doubted whether she was dead or not.

"Li Qingyan."

When Xiaonian couldn't help calling her name.

The bodyguards stopped, Li Qingyan turned to look at her painfully and painstakingly. When Xiaonian frowned slightly, he looked at her and said, "we must live. Only if we live can you know what the scenery behind us is like."

Gong Ou stands in the wind and hears the words sweeping at Xiao Nian. This is what he used to force Feng De to submit to.

It's used to teach people.

Li Qingyan looked at her with bloodstained face, moved his lips difficultly, showing a smile worse than crying, "thank you."


Xiaonian nodded.

There was a lot of wind on the rooftop. Li Qingyan looked at her and said one word at a time: "that day, I want to tell you that the reason why the seniors praised me was that I, Saint John's only, Chinese, he should be pure, like Chinese, not Because of others. "

So it turns out.

It turns out that Gong Ou likes the look of Chinese people.

It's not because of the others. It's good. It's really good.

Smell speech, when small read smile, a wisp of hair brush face, stay in her lips corner.

Gong Ou stands aside and snorts.

"I will not betray."

Li Qingyan promises to Shi Xiaonian that the blood flows from the corner of his lips. This commitment is due to Shi Xiaonian.

Li Qingyan is not stupid. She knows that if it wasn't for shixiaonian, she would be dead now, let alone save Jerry.

"I hope you and Jerry will break through everything as soon as possible." Shixiaonian sincerely wishes her.

Wen Yan, Li Qingyan's dark eyes stained with a ray of hope, was dragged away by the bodyguard.

As Gong Ou expected, Li Qingyan was soon rescued by the man Lancaster was staring at after he "escaped". Shi Xiaonian thought that even if Li Qingyan had only one last breath, she would surely survive.

A plane flew through the bright sky, leaving behind a long string of white clouds.

During the period of Gong Ou's recuperation, some people were stealing, some were watching and some were eliminating the contents of the computer in one of Gong Ou's research rooms studying Lancaster's property data.

Suddenly, the door was kicked open, and a group of bodyguards swarmed in and arrested all the people who were stealing.

In the holographic era base in the countryside, Gong Ou sits at his desk, and Feng de puts the property data on Gong Ou's desk. "Master, the information given by Lanting has not been stolen, but this is not to let Lancaster know that you are not only focusing on the healing and mediation of family conflicts? Will they go on to the next step? "

"That's why the old man is mad."

Gong Ou sneers.

"Please let me know."

Feng de didn't quite understand Gong Ou's idea.

"Although there is no intersection with the old man, how can he keep such a large family business without any suspicious symptoms? If I am in his control all the time, how can he believe that I am not another problem?" Gong Ou looks at the information in front of him and sneers, "on the contrary, he will give him some conditions, and he will think that I am just like this, but will speed up his work steps."