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Chapter 340 I'sll get you out


Gong Ou sat there, motionless, his hands clenching the glass even harder.

The glass had already cut his palm, and blood flowed between his fingers, dropping on the carpet one by one. The white carpet was stained with blood.

"Today, I told you about Xiaonian's whereabouts. If you and her are together again, the war between you and your father will really start." Luo Qi knows too well what a terrible picture it will be.


"If you marry Mona and fulfill your family responsibilities, I will advise your father to let shixiaonian stay with you, so that she can take care of the children. Isn't it good?" Luo Qi said sincerely that this is the last step she can take back.

She kept the war between their father and son from breaking out.

She was very tired.

"Take brother out, every sentence does not leave him, responsible for kidnapping?" Gong Ou suddenly sneers, smiles ironically, and looks at Luo Qi with cold eyes.

Luo Qi's eyes glowed at him.

Gong Ou stares at her, the radian of the corner of her lips is getting bigger and bigger, which is obviously mocking, but there is a clear bitterness, "agree, I marry Mona and let shixiaonian be wronged as a lover; disagree, I'm sorry for my brother, I'm sorry for Gong family, shixiaonian died or was under house arrest for a lifetime, and I will never see it, right?"

To say so sad and sad is to tell him that.

Luo Qi looked into his eyes and said, "Gong ou, everyone has their own position. Your father wants the fame of Gong family, and I want to get along well with each other."

"What about me?" Gong Ou looked at her and asked with a smile, "have you thought about me?"

Why do they want everything? What does he want.

"Gong ou..."


Gong Ou doesn't speak.

Too long silence.

Gong Ou suddenly let go of his mouth and left the stained glass. His palm was bloodshot. He got up from the sofa and walked out. He said word for word, "I will think about it."

The voice was stifled.

Luo Qi looked at his back, watching his hands have been dripping blood, one by one, all the way down.

Her heart was aching.


With the passage of time, the scenery in front of the tower has become more and more different. In the morning, the whole seaside is covered with wet fog. From afar, the sight is not clear.

When Xiaonian drew the tower in the fog, folded the sketch and put it into the baby's diary.

She has been standing on the easel for a long time and she is a little tired.

Her heavy body made her more and more unable to stand for a long time.

"Miss Shi, the fog will not go away for a while. Go in." Charles stood in the heavy fog, holding a black umbrella to cover the fog.

His suit is a little wet.


When small read light tunnel, a hand to help the waist to go to the tower.

Standing at the door, she looked out at the fog and reached out to touch it. Her fingertips were cool. She couldn't help asking, "Charles, I'm 13 weeks away from my due date, right?"

"Yes, Miss Shi."

Charles nodded.

"There are only 13 weeks left." Shi Xiaonian said, her voice was as light as if it had never been heard. She looked at the fog in front of her eyes. "The fog by the sea is beautiful, isn't it?"


"Do you think I'm cheap? I've been under house arrest for such a long time. I'm so beautiful that I don't want to leave." When Xiaonian stood at the door and looked at the fog, he said, laughing at himself.

Charles stood on her side, slightly back, turned his eyes to her clean and beautiful face, and looked at the bitterness on the corner of her lips

There are only 13 weeks left.

As soon as the baby is born, she will be forced to separate from the baby. She is reluctant to part.


She doesn't want to be separated from her baby.

"I didn't expect that my baby and I had only been pregnant for a few months." When Xiaonian blinked, his eyes were sour. "You know, I'm an abandoned baby. I never thought of going to my biological father and mother before, and even occasionally resented them."

"Miss Shi..."

Charles looked at her.

"Now I wonder if they will leave me because of their unavoidable difficulties." Shi Xiaonian said, eyes a little red, "maybe in the future, I will also be the one who is resented."

"Miss Shi, I won't. I will take out the baby's diary in the future."

Charles made a vow to her.

"Thank you."

When small read looked at the fog outside nodded, voice with a touch of gratitude.

She really doesn't want her babies to resent her.

"Miss Shi, what are your plans after you leave here?" Charles asked, looking at her with concern.

With such a long time of company, Charles saw something totally different from the nobility in this young woman.

He watched her from struggling to find a way to rescue, to escape to the ashes of her heart, and watched her once stare at the surging sea, but at last she still couldn't bear to burn everything.

A tough girl.


When Xiaonian stood there quietly, looking at the fog in front of her, her eyes were gray, like a cloudy day.

What's your plan after you leave here?

She has nothing. How can she start again? How can she start? She can't even hold on to her baby. In addition to despair, she is still desperate in her life.

Maybe the sea on the fog side will be her best home.

"Miss Shi, no matter what will become in the future, I hope you can succeed and be safe." Charles stood next to her and said, with perfect Chinese.


"I'm here."

"Have you tried everything you care about?" When small read lightly asked, "nothing, you are still unable to resist struggle, in addition to hate, nothing can be done."


"But your hate is of no use."


Charles looked at her face in a daze. He didn't know what to say to comfort her for a while.

Nothing can be done but hate.

How desperate is it to say such a thing.

Under the baptism of time, Shi Xiaonian's eyes grew dimmer. She turned around and went to the elevator.

Charles saw that she was going upstairs, and hurriedly said, "Miss Shi, today's inspection has not been done."

When small read net if set smell general, walk into the elevator.

Back to the room, Xiaonian sat on the sofa, looked down at his growing stomach, and turned over his baby's diary.

This comic book has made her draw a lot.

13 weeks.

There are only 13 weeks left.

I don't know if she was in a bad mood. Suddenly she was kicked in the stomach. When Xiaonian frowned, there was a rare smile on a gray face. "Don't be so naughty. Don't be afraid of mother's pain when they kick together?"

As if she understood her words, the baby actually stopped kicking her, which was very clever.

When Xiaonian reaches for his pen, he is ready to draw this scene.

Every time the baby interacts with her, she will write it down well, because she will not even hear the baby call her mother in the future.


The door was knocked twice.

"Come in, please."

When Xiaonian put the comic book aside, the door was pushed open, and two doctors in white coats and masks came in


When Xiaonian didn't refuse, she took off her coat and exposed her arms to let them measure their blood pressure.

A doctor squatted down in front of her, with a little scar on the eyebrow corner and a very rusty voice. "Miss Shi, please put your hand here."

When Xiaonian reached over without any objection, the doctor suddenly shook her hand and pointed her finger in the palm.

When Xiaonian was surprised, he stared at the man with disgust, and then he would take back his hand.

I saw the doctor squatting on the ground, a pair of eyes looking at her, as if he was hinting something. Next second, Xiaonian felt that he had a piece of paper in his hand.


When Xiaonian was stunned, he looked at the doctor in amazement.

"Miss Shi, I'll take your blood pressure now." The doctor said casually, taking her blood pressure.

Another doctor stood by and took out the stethoscope, not noticing the scene.

When Xiaonian's eyes moved, he put the note in his right hand and covered the words with his coat.

It's written in Chinese --

please don't worry, I will help you out.

When I saw this line, Xiaonian was stunned and looked at the doctor who was taking her blood pressure.

After thinking about it, Xiaonian clenched the note and said to another doctor, "excuse me, can you bring me some calcium? I spilled the last bottle. "


The man nodded, without any doubt, and turned away.

As soon as the door was closed, Xiaonian looked at the doctor left behind and asked cautiously, "who are you? What are you going to do. "

"Please don't worry, miss. I'm here to help you."

When the doctor squatted there and looked at it, he thought it was very sincere.

"Help me?" When Xiaonian didn't mean to be happy, he just looked at him warily, "who are you?"

"I was sent by my boss." Said the doctor.

"Who is your boss?"

Xiaonian asked when she sat on the sofa.

"With all due respect, the fog on the sea will get heavier and heavier in this season, which is suitable for escape. When the time comes, I can take you out with your cooperation." The doctor said quickly that he needed to finish his purpose in the shortest time.

The room above the tower is very quiet.

After the doctor's words fell, everything was quiet, only the sound of the sea outside was heard.

"Take me out?" Xiaonian repeated his words in a low voice.

"Yes, I know you want to get out and hate the palace. I am the only one who helps you now." The doctor said, "just cooperate with me."

Is it because she fell to this point that God can't see it?

When Xiaonian looked at him, there was a moment of excitement. People in the depth of despair suddenly heard that someone would save her. How could they not be excited.

But the excitement lasted only two seconds.

When Xiaonian sat on the sofa with a big bulge on his stomach, he said without expression, "I'm sorry, I can't believe you."