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Chapter 754 Gong ou, you are tired

When Xiaonian put the wine bottle aside and sat there quietly watching the gloom on Gong Yu's face, he said softly, "brother, don't you really want to come out again?"

For so many years, the wrong and the right have passed. Why bother yourself so much.

"I've come out of here, haven't I?"

Gong Yu said with a smile, with a calm face, as if he really didn't have much mental injury, he was a man who could disguise himself very much.

"Because they are brothers, so you and Gong Ou's compensation psychology are so heavy?" Shi Xiaonian stood up from his desk. "You haven't had a good time because of Xi Yu for so many years. Gong Ou is willing to go out with a man for six days because of his mistake."

Hearing this, Gong Yu's smile gradually disappeared. He put his hand on his head, looked out of the window at the sky, and saw the God.

When Xiaonian turned around, went to the window and looked down. He saw that the ship was near again. Gong Ou was sitting on it, turning his eyes to see her direction.

The line of sight converges in the air.

She could not see his face clearly, but knew that he was looking at her, and only wanted to see her.

She stood in the window for a long time, only for Gong ou to see her existence. After a long time, Lori found the existence of Xiaonian, so she drove away decisively and drove farther and farther.


When Xiaonian bit her lip and turned around, she saw Gong Yu staring at her. That kind of look made her heart beat hard.

Seeing her turning around, Gong Yu took back her eyes, covered up her embarrassment and made a dry laugh. She stretched out her hand to take the bottle to pour the wine. When Xiaonian immediately walked over, moved the bottle away, and once again exposed him frankly, "think of my brother again?"

"You look so alike." Gong Yu said, his voice was full of bitterness. "Sometimes when I look at your face, I feel that he is still alive."


"That's good, too." Gong Yu said again, "it's very good."

"Brother, I don't know if I should ask." Xiaonian stood at the table and looked at his short curly hair.

"Ask," said Gong

"Are you not going to have another love affair?" In fact, this should not be said by shixiaonian, but seeing Gong Yu's decadent appearance, she couldn't help saying, "to be realistic, you are still young and have such a long future. Do you really want to live like this alone?"

Gong Yu sat there, with a bitter smile on his lips. "In fact, he was afraid of it."

The bells outside the turret tinkled.

When Xiaonian watched him quietly.

Gong Yu stood up from the table, walked to the carpet beside and sat down directly. He leaned back, raised his hands behind his head and against the wall. His eyes looked at the front with no luster, and his voice was faint and said, "like you said, the future is so long, it's a little scary."


"If only my life had not been that long." Gong Yu said and smiled again. "Isn't my idea childish?"

It's not like being a brother.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked at him with low eyes, his voice gradually cooled down, "yes, very naive!"

Her voice was as cold as frost.

Gong Yu looked at her, and his eyebrows leaped because of the coldness of her tone. He seldom heard her speak in this tone.

"Elder brother, I used to hate what you did to Xi Yu, but what can you make up for when you think so all the time? Without Xi Yu, you have Gong's family, mother, Gong ou, Gong Yao and Gong Kui, and our families. " Shi Xiaonian said, "if you think so, how much harm will it do to your family?"


Gong Yu sat there silent, with no expression on his face.

"Xi Yu is gone. If you owe him, you will pay him back in the next life, and you will be fine in this life." Shi Xiaonian said, "if one day you meet the person you love, isn't it good to pursue it?"

He even thought that life would not be so long, which was so negative that she felt terrible.

Gong Yu listened and slowly said, "Gong Ou said the same thing, but I'm still the same."


Asked shixiaonian.

"I don't."

Gong Yu spits out these two words from his lips.

No, I don't.

When Xiaonian looked at him, Gong Yu's face was full of inescapable firmness, just like when Gong Ou promised Luo lie to communicate for six days, there was no hesitation at all.


Not necessarily.

I love to do what I want. No one can persuade me!

"Your brothers are all paranoid!"

When Xiaonian blurted out, he turned around and left, too lazy to manage the palace again.

Gong Yu sits on the carpet and looks at Xiaonian's back. He can't help laughing. It seems that Xiaonian is angry with his brother when he comes back to the little Chinatown.

He raised his head and listened to the bells outside the window. He hooked his lips bitterly. He took up a glass of red wine and put it beside him. His slender fingers gently shook the glass. His lips moved and his voice was astringent. "Different, I am totally different from Gong ou."

In response to him was the curve of the liquid.

"Gong ou still has a chance to come back if he doesn't pay back. He can always find the best way to make up for it for a lifetime." Gong Gu smiled astringently, "I can't, how can I wait? What if there is no next life? You say, what if there is no next life? "

His question was unanswered.

The R palace stood quietly by.

On the empty turret, there was only the sound of the bell and the loneliness of Gong Gu drinking alone.


Gong ou and Luo lie have been dating for three days.

When Xiaonian calculated the time, calculated who she and Gong Ou would burst out first to expose everything, but Gong Ou didn't.

She should have guessed that his endurance is amazing now. How can a man who can hold on to it in Mona's cage not hold on to it.

When I was young, I saw Gong Ou pretending to be a poodle in front of Luo lie every day. She was very gentle and tame, and then she vomited more when she went back to the room, even more than the pregnant woman.

At first, Xiao Nian almost rushed to Luo lie every minute to take Gong Ou away and make everything clear.

But as time goes by, she is more and more speechless, because Gong Ou has paid so much. If she interrupts him at this time, it will destroy all his efforts.

He's always counting down, he's always talking about six days, and it's gone.

But she really had a hard time.

This evening, when Xiaonian stayed in the room and sat on the bed, she listened to Gong Ou vomit in the bathroom again. She tightly held the medicine bottle in her hand, and her fingernails scratched on it.

Half an hour later, Gong Ou came out of the bathroom. He had already changed his bathrobe after taking a bath. He was fresh and fresh all over, and exuded the fragrance of bath milk. However, his face was still a little tired, and his eyebrows were slightly frowned. He didn't even notice it.

"This psychopath treats me like a woman all day long! There's so much to say! When he cures you, I must teach him a good lesson! "

Gong Ou gnashed his teeth and said that only when he came back to this room, when he came back to Xiaonian's side, could he be his real self.

"Here you are. Why are you upset again? "

Shixiaonian hands him the medicine.

"Who let that pervert just look at me affectionately? I don't think he's OK. I'll throw up when I look at him!"

Gong Ou's tone is like eating a cockroach. She reaches for the medicine in her hand and puts it into her mouth and swallows it.

In fact, Lori is not too much to Gong ou. He doesn't touch his body, but he is very considerate. He seems to have endless words with Gong ou. He has been talking with him all the time, and his eyes are still full of red fruit's love.

At the beginning, Lori continued to make things for Gong ou to eat. Gong Ou vomited twice and he didn't do it.

"Your stomach will break like this."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"If he doesn't disgust me, I won't have a bad stomach!" Gong Ou groaned, put the cup aside, put out his hand to hold shixiaonian in his arms, and sighed with satisfaction, "it's better to make women feel good and soft."


"I think I'm sick to this dead pervert these two days!"

Gong Ou holds her and says that she's like a pet, and she's arching her neck. When Xiaonian touches his short, soft hair, he says, "then we're done."

"No! It's been three days. It's better not to give up at this time! " Gong Ou refuses to give up.


She said at the beginning that she couldn't start. She sighed, "well, go to bed early and have a good rest."

Gong Ou seems to work harder than staying up late in the company these three days. He's so tired that he has black eyes.


Gong Ou's jaw head, lifted the quilt and laid down with her in his arms. When he was lying down, he said, "I haven't taken off my makeup and bathed yet. You go to sleep first."

"Then you go, I'll wait for you!"

Gong Ou let go of her and stared at her with black eyes.

"All right."

Shi Xiaonian came down from the bed, walked into the bathroom, took off her long skirt, put on her bathrobe, and scattered her hair, ready to remove her make-up.

There is no makeup remover.

It was gone yesterday. She wanted to buy it, but she forgot about it.

When Xiaonian frowned and walked out of the bathroom, "Gong ou, my makeup remover has not..."

In the middle of the conversation, it came to an abrupt end.

She looked at the bed. Gong Ou was lying obliquely on the bed. He had fallen asleep. His legs were on the edge of the bed. He was barefoot. The quilt was only half covered. The bathrobe was open to reveal most of his sexy chest. His short hair was not completely dry. There was no expression on a handsome face. It was harmless. His thin lips were tight, but his eyebrows were still tight.


It seems that I'm really tired.

When Xiaonian walked over, he moved his legs to the bed, pulled the quilt to cover him, held his head in his hands to let him sleep, and moved the pillow for him.

She was also a little tired and panting after a set of movements.

When Xiaonian stooped to stand in front of the bed, looked down at Gong Ou's face, reached out and pressed his brow, but failed to smooth the frown.

"Gong ou, you are tired, do you know?"

When Xiaonian looks at her, she whispers in pain.

Gong Ou lies there, frowning a little tighter, and his thin lips move. When Xiao Nian stands up to leave, Gong Ou's whisper comes from behind.