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Chapter 713 belongs to the past of Fengde

"But it looks like it's just a peaceful island."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

After they went to the island, although there were not many people she met, there was no malice in the people she met, especially the old landlady who even cared about her.

"Peace?" Feng de sneered, "it's just a fake of Borg island. You haven't entered the Borg family. You don't know how terrible the class system is. They want their servants to have absolute servility."


When Xiaonian listened quietly.

"Xiaonian, do you know how my father died?" When Feng de turned his eyes to look at him, his eyelashes trembled and his eyes were red. "My father was tortured and killed. At first, the three of us lived peacefully in the Berger family. Since my father was transferred to a young master at that time, he was injured every day. Gradually, his fingers were gone, his toes were gone, his eyes were gone, and finally, his life was gone. "

Su Yaoyao stood aside and covered her mouth with her hands.

When small read involuntarily clenches the pocket watch in the hand, looks at him unbelievably, retreated a step, on the body is suffused with layer upon layer chill.

A warm hand now hugged her.

She turns her head and Gong Ou stands beside her.

Gong Ou hugs her, and her black eyes glare coldly at Feng De, asking, "what happened later?"

"From then on, I vowed I would take my mother away from the borgs, from Borg island." Feng de said, looking at the darkness outside bleakly, "but if you want to leave the borgs, you have to go through the guards on the island. They are also enslaved people. They are a little higher than us. Under the brainwashing of those masters and young masters, they are also dismissive of us and can't let us out."

This is the Berger family. They keep all the dirty old methods, divide people into several classes, arbitrarily improve their status, but treat others as dogs.

When Xiaonian stood beside gongou and listened, she never knew that her adoptive father was like this in the past.

He is such a good man.

There is such a past. He must have made great efforts to escape from Borg island.

"At that time, I had a strong desire to escape. I didn't want to stay on the island with my mother to die." Feng de said, turning around, walking slowly to Xiaonian, taking the pocket watch from her hand, and looking down at it with pale face, he said, "at that time, the guard chief doted on his eldest daughter, who is the most beautiful mixed blood girl on the island, who is the same age as me and is innocent."


When Xiaonian listened quietly, without interrupting.

"I know that some young masters of the master's family swear to her that they will take it away. I know that she will be destroyed by the master's family sooner or later. I think she will always be destroyed. I have nothing to do with such a girl." Feng de said, looking up at Gong Ouhe and Shi Xiaonian, he said his worst memories bit by bit, "so I approached the girl and asked her to steal her father's Island rune, and my mother and I escaped smoothly. That's the whole story. "

He finished, so succinct, like a spectator who just objectively narrated the facts, without any feelings.

When Xiaonian looks at Fengde, approaches? How close is it? I stayed in the hotel with that girl for a long time. Did I leave that girl behind?

"Why don't you take that girl with you?"

Su Yaoyao asked Xiao Nian's doubts.

"It's her refusal to leave. There are many guard chief's families. If she escapes, her family will be cruelly punished. She must leave someone to take responsibility. She made me escape voluntarily and left voluntarily." Feng de said, his voice numb and his face paler and paler.

Wen Yan, Su Yaoyao can't believe the tunnel, "then you can use the perfect person to leave her a girl? Are you still not a man? "


When Xiaonian wanted to speak for Fengde, but Su Yaoyao couldn't refute her words. This story sounds like the behavior of his adoptive father is really dreary and cruel.

He deceived a simple girl who was willing to help him escape, and then left alone to take all the responsibility.

No wonder the landlady would say that the girl cried so long at the seaside.

When I put all the things together, Xiaonian suddenly felt very sad and wanted to escape, but his adoptive father hurt people.

"I can't help it. I take my mother with me. I can't go back. I will die with my mother when I go back. I can only go all the way." "And she, even without me, would have been destroyed, she knew it, she knew it," said Fengde

"Then you can leave her alone?" Su Yaoyao said excitedly, "do you know that the landlady said she cried at the seaside for several days, and you went away selfish. Have you ever thought about how desperate she was?"

When Xiao Nian turned to look at Su Yaoyao, Su Yaoyao's mood was very volatile, and her eyes were red with anger.

When Xiaonian looked at her, his eyes were deep. He didn't say anything, but heard Gong Ou's voice ringing in her ear. He said coldly, "since it is like this, it has been several decades, why do you suddenly think of coming back?"

"Because of a letter."

Said Fengde.

"A letter?"

When Xiaonian asked in amazement, he saw Feng de go to his backpack and take out a letter from it and hand it to Gong Ou respectfully.

Gong Ou reaches for it and opens it. There is only one sentence in it: Angelina is still alive.

"In the borgs, it's a big sin to let slaves go. I always thought she was dead." "I didn't expect someone to send such a letter to me. It must have been Angelina's message," said Fengde, with a pale face

"Why do you think so?"

Asked Gong Ou in a cold voice.

"After I escaped from Borg Island, I changed my name, and everything came back. No one except her would know that I would name myself Fengde." "No one can find me but her," said Fengde


When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, he couldn't speak.

"Then you should not go to the island." Su Yaoyao stood aside and said, "maybe that girl has been hating you, just waiting for you to show up and settle accounts. How can you come here?"

After that, Su Yaoyao turned around and ran, her eyes red all the time.

"Yes, I have no face." Feng de smiled wryly. He looked at Shi Xiaonian and said, "but I just came here to have a look. As long as she is alive, let me redeem any sin."


When small read silence.

Gong Ou did not have the woman's sentimentality, only asked coldly, "did you investigate the origin of this letter?"

"It's investigated. There's no clue."

Feng de shook his head.

"Let's talk about it tomorrow! Sleep! " Gong Ou is cold and cold. When he pulls, Xiaonian turns around and leaves. Xiaonian stops. Gong Ou looks back and stares at her, then leaves.

When Xiaonian stood there quietly and did not speak.

Feng de looked at her, his voice was so low that he could only hear fatigue. "Xiaonian, are you disappointed with me?"

Even a cartoonist's mind can not imagine that he will have such experience, he will be such a person.

Even Su Yaoyao, a stranger, could not look down. Besides, she always respected him.

When Xiaonian stood there, quietly watching Fengde, he asked softly, "adoptive father, have you really left her? Really didn't go back to find it? "


Feng de stood there in silence.

"You must have gone back, haven't you? You're not the one to walk away like that, absolutely not. " Shi Xiaonian said, if it's as cold and ruthless as he said, why do you take such an old pocket watch with you for so long and refuse to change it if it breaks down.

This pocket watch must belong to him and Angelina.

Feng de looked at her and said, "how about going back? In fact, I abandoned her. I put my sick mother in a place where I settled down. I secretly went back to the island to find her and saw that they buried her. "


Xiaonian listened in surprise.

"Then, I'll go." Feng de said, holding the pocket watch tightly, and sitting down on the sofa beside him.

When Xiaonian came to him, he couldn't help asking, "adoptive father, have you ever loved her?"

"I don't know." "I only know that in the last second when I was with her, I was afraid that she would betray me and not let me out of the island; I only know that the moment when I took my mother to escape from the island, I was really happy; I only know that many women I later knew would wake up in the middle of the night and dream of killing a woman in a sweat."

Angelina's proximity was used from the beginning, so in the end, the adoptive father couldn't tell his feelings.

When Xiaonian sat down beside him.

"Xiaonian, I have had nightmares for decades. There is only one scene in my dream, that is, they bury her, and the soil flies in front of my eyes. I can never forget it." Feng de said, "if she is really alive, that's good."

"Do you believe she is still alive?"

"That letter was put in our appointed place. I don't know how long it has been put. When I went, it was full of dust. No one knew there except her." Said van der.


"I told her before that if she had figured out how to escape, she would go to the place where I made the escape route to find me, where I would be waiting for her all the time." "I don't know if I'm sincere or hypocritical when I say that," said Feng. "I know she can't let go of so many family members. I know that as soon as I escape, she has only one way to die. "

"Adoptive father, you have been living with guilt all these years." Shixiaonian looked at him and said, "I don't know that there is such a big thing hidden in your heart. I always feel that the adoptive father can do anything and is the most perfect man."

"Now I find out I'm just a selfish bastard." Feng De road.