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Chapter 948 anger at Mr Palace

Gong Yao looks up at her and lowers his head to play with the bow and arrow. For a long time, he raises his head again and stares at her with black pupils. He asks, "Why are there so many bad people?"


I can't answer because I'm busy.

"Why can't the bad guys fight all the time?" Gong Yao continued to ask, "is it because Xiaokui and I will stay here in the future. We can't go back to England or home?"

She looked at him and said softly, "it's not like that, holy, we won't be here all the time."

"We want to hide. Do you want to hide from the bad children? Are they going to be better off than us? " Gong Yao looks at her and asks, the dark pupil inherits in Gong ou, the vision is very deep, Gong Yao's eyes are more clear.

People can not face the clear.

When Xiaonian heard Gong Yao mention these for the first time, he was not a child willing to talk with others. It must have been a long time since he could say such words.

He is tired of living like this.

But how can she tell him that they can leave soon? In fact, she didn't know when they were going to stay.

She doesn't know the rest of Gong Ou's plan. She doesn't know anything.

When Xiaonian sat there powerless, he couldn't find any available answers to tell Gong Yao.

Just then, the electronic voice suddenly rang in the room, "you should ask your father about this kind of question."


When Xiaonian turned her eyes, she saw Mr palace standing behind her and sitting down on the carpet beside Gong Yao.

The hall was quiet, only Mr Palace's voice was left. "The cause of this is that your father provoked enemies. He provoked everything, so you shouldn't ask your mother."

"Mr palace..."

When Xiaonian looked at Mr palace in surprise, he was always respectful to Gong Ou in its setting. Would his self-consciousness exceed too much? Never before.

Hearing this, Gong Yao lowered his eyes and played with his bow and arrow with his small hands. For a long time, he had a low but clean and tender voice, "I can't ask him." The tone of

was almost as weak as that of the time.

"Then you should not ask your mother." Mr palace sat beside him and said, "she has more troubles than you."

Gong Yao raised his head and looked at Xiao Nian. He stood up in front of her from the ground. His curled long eyelashes flashed, and his mouth pursed a few times. He whispered, "I won't ask again."

“holy。” When Xiaonian reached out his hands and pressed Gong yaoxiao's shoulder, "I'm sorry that mom and dad didn't let you and your sister grow up in a completely safe and healthy environment. I'm really sorry. But you have to trust dad. He's smart. He can do anything. He'll come to pick you up. "

The R palace sat still.

Gong Yao meets her eyes and suddenly asks, "will something happen to him?"

This words when small read to ask eye to quiver, "why to ask so?"

"Will he not be able to protect us one day?" Gong Yao asked, his eyes full of questions, "then we can only hide here forever and never go out again."

"How could it be? Your father is invincible." "You have to trust him," shixiaonian reassured him

"Do you miss him then?"


When Xiaonian was dumbfounded, Gong Yao seemed to have so many words tonight that she couldn't answer any of them.

"You used to say his name several times when you were with us, but you never mentioned it again when you got here." Gong Yao looked at her and said, "will he really come to pick us up?"

Gong Yao is so sensitive.

He even thinks that she doesn't talk about Gong Ou because she won't come to pick them up. They will always hide and live in the shadow of danger.

When small read firm nod, "he will certainly come to pick you up, believe him, he loves you more than life."

Gong Yao looked at her and didn't know if he understood. He just nodded and didn't say anything more. "I went back to my room to sleep, mom. Good night."

"Good night."

When Xiaonian gently printed a kiss on his face, Gong Yao stepped back, bowed politely to her with a bow and arrow, and then turned away.

When Xiaonian saw his little figure, she didn't choose to accompany him. She was afraid that he would ask her some more questions on the way.

She is as lost as he is about the future.

She can't see the direction, even the way out here, let alone the development of the outside world.

"Why are you?"

A voice suddenly rang in her ear.


When Xiaonian looked at the blue eyes of Mr palace.

"You just told him that Mr. Gong would come to pick you up, twice." Mr. Gong sat there and said, "do you think Mr. Gong will not come to pick you up?"

"I never thought that."

When small read low Mou said, from the sofa stand up to leave, long eyelashes under the mood of fundus.

"Then why do you say that?"

The R Palace also stood up from the carpet.

When Xiaonian bit his lip and said, "Mr palace, don't say those words in front of holy in the future, don't affect Gong Ou's image in his mind. He is very upset. Do you understand? He needs to have strong strength to support him. Gong Ou is that strength. "

Without Gong ou, how could they be so safe and protected.

"And you?" Mr. Gong asked again, "what do you think of Mr. Gong?"

For so long, under the deliberate escape of Shi Xiaonian, almost no one mentioned Gong Ou in front of her, but Mr Gong mentioned it again and again, and it was the key point.


That's really enough.

She doesn't want to hear, she doesn't want to think, she would like to be controlled by others to stay here hopelessly, don't want the future, don't want to hear at all in the future.

"Mr palace, how do you become so talkative now?"

When Xiaonian looked at it impatiently, "I know you have an independent consciousness. If you don't take me as the master, you don't have to force yourself to follow me. I have enough things to worry about, and I don't want to add you."

Her tone suddenly became extremely anxious, as if she had been told what was on her mind, and her mood was a little difficult to control.


The R palace stood there in silence.

When Xiaonian turned around and left, there was steady footsteps behind her. She turned around and saw Mr palace still following her.

"What else do you do with me? I don't want to answer you, and I don't want to see you like you're out of control. You go! " Shi Xiaonian vented all the negative emotions to Mr palace.

Robots have no feelings. She is a burden to everyone now. She will hurt anyone, but robots will not be hurt.

She can only vent towards it, venting her pent up emotions.

"I'll leave when my master is asleep."

The R palace stood there and said, Mingming is an electronic sound without characteristics, without ups and downs.

But in such simple words, Xiaonian suddenly felt that he had done a bad thing, and the uncontrollable guilt came back.

Every day, she is very careful, for fear of hurting people around her. Now, does she even hurt robots.

"I'm sorry."

Standing in front of Mr palace, Xiaonian pressed his brow and heart with headache.

She has now taken apology as a mantra.

"Master, you are in a bad mood." Mr Palace said, "you can talk to me. I'm the best listener."

It's a mess.

It's such a mess that she can't make up her mind.

"I don't want to talk to anyone. I won't lose my temper in the future. Go back to my room." When Xiaonian refused to shake his head, just about to leave, a touch of red suddenly came into her eyes.

She looked at it strangely, and saw that there was fresh blood stained on the silver arm joints of Mr palace. She looked at it in a daze, "this blood..."

The R palace low Mou looks along her line of vision past, way, "is Mr. Mu's blood, back his time stained."

Looking forward to the blood?

Did she remember it wrong? With the back position at that time, mu qianchu's blood should not flow to this position.

When Xiaonian stood in front of him, he slowly raised his hand and touched his arm. It was cold and there was no temperature. Her fingertips were stained with crimson blood.

Looking at the bright red, Xiaonian blinked, thinking.

"Master, it's late. Go back to your room and have a rest."

Said the R palace.

When Xiaonian stood there for a long time before nodding, "OK."

This night, when Xiaonian didn't sleep well, the baby in her stomach kicked her twice, and she didn't feel sleepy at all. She lay half by the head of the bed, thinking a lot.

Many pictures floated in front of her, she thought, but couldn't catch a point.

The moon was shining on the window all the time.

After pouring two cups of hot milk for her in Mr palace, she slowly fell asleep. But before it was light, she woke up again.

She was lying alone on such a big bed, with her eyes open, looking at some dark rooms. She was very awake and did not sleep at all.

That's not good. She has to get enough sleep for the baby in her stomach.

Shi Xiaonian sat up from the bed, reached out and pressed the lamp switch. The soft light spread out in the bedroom without stabbing her eyes. She looked at the cup falling over the bedside table to get out of bed and pour milk.

The body slightly moved, and the back suddenly hurt.

When Xiaonian frowned and held his waist, endured the pain of pregnancy, suddenly thought that there was another person in the room, she turned to look for the figure of Mr palace, "Mr palace, help me to pour..."

The R palace is not standing in front of the window.

When Xiaonian looked around, he finally saw it by the wall. He sat on the ground with his back against the wall, one leg curled up, one foot against the edge of the bed, his eyes were dim, his head and back were so close to the cold wall, motionless, as if he was sleeping and resting.


When Xiaonian was there for a few seconds, he lifted the quilt and walked out of bed. He went to Mr palace and squatted down slowly. He looked at it and stretched out his hand and shook it in front of his eyes.

There was no reaction.