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Chapter Do you know your parents?

One hand swings to and fro in front of Shi Xiaonian, and pulls back the thoughts that Shi Xiaonian drifts away from. Shi Xiaonian comes back to her mind. Gong Ou looks at her sullenly, and the plate in front of her is empty.

"Finished?" When small read farfetched smile, stand up to clean up.

"What are you doing? There is no servant at home." Gong Ou claps her hand off and stares at her with black eyes. "Say, what are you thinking just now, don't respond to your words."

How dare you wander in front of him? This woman really wants to rebel.

"It's just a moment of trance. Maybe I didn't sleep well last night."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Smell speech, Gong Ou eyebrow a wring, a hold her to go out, "that go, go to sleep now!"

Five minutes later, Xiao Nian was hugged by Gong ou and lying on the bed. The man was tightly encircled by him, leaving no space for her.

There is only a dim light in the room.

When Xiaonian struggled in his arms, and was hugged by Gong ou, strangling her, she couldn't help saying, "Gong ou, I haven't bathed yet."

Just go to bed.

"It's OK. I don't think you stink."

“……” When small read no language, "I don't think it's OK to stink?"

"No way." Gong Ou hugs her domineering, lowers her head and kisses her forehead fiercely, "didn't you sleep well, go to sleep now! Hurry up! "


When Xiaonian answered in a low voice, lying in his arms Thinking about what happened during the day, she thought of the glowing coffin, thought of Luo Qi's tears, thought of Charles's words.

I can't sleep.

"Gong ou." "Do you know your parents?" he asked in a low voice

"Don't you sleep? Why do you mention them all of a sudden?"

Asked Gong Ou discontentedly.

"It just occurred to me. Talk to me." Shi Xiaonian said that Gong Ou turned over, lay on his back on the bed, raised his leg, put his arm around her, and said in a low voice, "my father is cruel and cruel, only the fame of the palace family is in my eyes, my mother's only husband is from, and I listen to my father for everything."

"That's it?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Or what else?" Gong Ou hugs her and says, "what do you want to say?"

When small read pillow his arm, think to turn around, lying on the side of the bed to look at him, said, "nothing, I suddenly think everyone has their own story, want to know the love between your parents."

"It's just marriage. What kind of love can there be?" Gong Ou said coldly, "when I was young, I told you that our family is the same boring pattern among aristocrats."

"You didn't ask?" "I think mother should love her father very much," he said

"She is a traditional woman who respects her husband."

Gong Ou Dao.


Well, no wonder she can misunderstand. Even Gong Ou doesn't think there is any feeling between his parents. Although Charles didn't say much to her, he seemed to say a lot.

She spent the night thinking about how Luo Qi survived in such a big castle and how she survived these four years.

I'm afraid it's really not easy.

"Gong ou, what do you think about the question of inheriting the palace family?" Xiaonian asked, resting on his arm.

"How can I think? In a few decades, when my father is old, I can't work out anything new. N.E can be handed over to the next generation, and I will inherit it." Gong Ou said in a magnetic voice, clasping her more closely in her arms.

is exactly the same as she thinks.

"What if you were to inherit it now?"

When small read ask.

"Why did you say so much tonight?" Gong Ou reached out and pinched her chin. "Why, I'm afraid I'll let you stay here? Don't worry, my father can't let me inherit now. I won't let go of N.E. to deal with a group of people fighting for fame. Every day is a paper talk. "

it's boring to think about it.

"What if your father wants you to inherit now?" Asked shixiaonian.


Gong Ou gives a crisp answer.

"Then if your father has to ask you to inherit now, for example, if he is ill, he can no longer run the palace." When small read to continue to ask reluctantly, a pair of black and white clear eyes to explore looking at him.

"That's very good. Once he is ill, he can't hold me anymore. He has to listen to me. I like to take over as soon as I take over, and I don't care if I don't care. "

Gong Ou said proudly.

When small read stretched out a hand to poke him, "I say to you seriously, how have you said so own father."

"He didn't take me and my brother as sons, just as a future successor in training, crazy squeeze." "Gong Ou said," he is a talent who doesn't get sick casually, because he won't allow himself to fall ill and affect the palace family. He is such a pedantic person. "


When Xiaonian looks at him, he has nothing to say.

When I saw Xiaonian, he was staring at himself all the time. Gong Ou frowned. "Don't worry. He's in good health. Last time I sent him something, he still stood in his study and let me go. Don't disturb him!"


When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, his eyes darken. What Gong Ou sees is the same as what she sees. It's a back figure, which can be used as a phony oral skill.

Gong ou, you don't know that it's not your father, it's just a double.

Your father died four years ago.

When Xiaonian lowered his head, leaned against Gong Ou's chest and whispered, "in fact, I don't want you to inherit the palace, because this is not your heaven and earth."

His world is in the N.E system, in the MR series robot, in the holographic era, every time she sees him holding a conference, she can see light in his eyes.

"It's too early to think about inheritance. Don't think about it."

Gong Ou hugged her and said.


It's not early. It's too late. It's four years late.

When Xiaonian lies in his arms, stretches out her hand to tightly encircle Gong ou, slowly closes her eyes, she really does not know how to do.

Is it to help Luo Qila Gong Ou inherit the palace family? Or to let Gong ou have her own world? Luo Qi's situation is getting worse and worse.


The next day, Gong Ouhe and Shi Xiaonian got up early. They were going to see Gong Yu off.

When Xiaonian tidied up her clothes, she walked along the corridor by herself. When she passed Gongjue's room, she stopped. There is no bodyguard here.

Luo Qi says Gong Jue has gone to Switzerland.

She had seen Luo Qi enter here before, as if he had not come out.

When Xiaonian reached out and pushed the door, it didn't open. Charles stood behind her and said to the maids who were following her, "go down and see if breakfast is ready."


The maids retreated.

When the maid got down, Charles took out the key and opened the door. Please read in.

As soon as Xiaonian went in, she saw that the bookshelf was opened, revealing the space size of a door. As expected, Luo Qi was still there. She went inside, and just walked to the bookshelf, she heard Luo Qi's voice coming from inside.

"Xi Xiaonian's kid is not so annoying, is he? At least she really loves our son. "

"What else did the Lancaster family say to negotiate with us? I've dealt with it."

"But if you don't wake up, I can't handle it."

Don't wake up?

Isn't Gong Jue dead.

When Xiaonian was stunned, he was pulled back by Charles. Charles whispered, "that's what Madame is like. It's nothing to watch at ordinary times. It's just like staying alone with the master. Don't break it. I once made my wife very embarrassed and fainted. "


Luo Qi's situation had been so bad. When Xiao Nian frowned and left the study with Charles, Bei Chi bit his lips and said, "I think you are right. I can't let my mother deceive herself like this."

Luo Qi also said that she has been in charge of the palace for more than ten or twenty years. I'm afraid she will collapse in less than ten years.

Smell speech, Charles a little relieved smile, "it's so good that someone can share it. I didn't dare to tell anyone before, and I don't know how to deal with it. Now, I can talk to my wife. Please advise the second young master well. "


"Just announcing the news of the master's death, the lady can be sober, but it will also hurt her. Only when the second young master tells the lady that he is willing to take charge of the palace, can the lady get better." Said Charles.

"Let me think again."

When small read farfetched to show a smile, without any foundation said.

A car is driving slowly on the road. Feng de drives. Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian are sitting on the car.

The airport is too ostentatious. Fengde drives his car to a village villa. There is no one around.


The car stopped.

The door of the villa was opened immediately. Gong Gu, dressed in a refined white coat, came out from the inside and smiled at the car. He said in a loud voice, "you are still on time. Come in. I let Julie make black tea and drink it."

When Xiaonian pushed open the door to get on the car, he looked at Gong Yu and smiled, "brother."

"Well, come in and sit down."

Gong Yu said with a smile, inviting them in.

Shi Xiaonian is hugged by Gong ou and walks in. Although the villa is small, it is very delicate, but the things are almost packed. It seems empty. There are three big suitcases on the central floor.

Assistant Julie brought the black tea to the tea table and smiled at them. "Mr. Gong, Miss Xi."

"Julie, you and Vander go out first."

Gong Yu ordered.


Julie and Feng de went out at their command and brought the door.

Gong Ou hugs Xiaonian and sits down on the sofa. He takes a cup of black tea and drinks it. When it's not hot, it's handed to him. Gong Yu sits on the single sofa beside him and says, "do you need to show your love in front of me? I really want to hit you. "

"You can't envy such a thing."

Gong Ou said proudly, putting one hand on his shoulder.

When Xiaonian was upset by the secret in his heart, or forced out a smile, "where are you going?"

"The first stop is France, where I want to listen to music and collect paintings." Gong Yu said, taking a cup of black tea gracefully.