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Chapter 161. That's what I hate about her

In that case, why should she hurt mu qianchu.

It's better to simply go through the last period of time, unless it's a last resort.


It was night, when Xiaonian made several simple dishes in the small kitchen, and had dinner with mu qianchu and Alan.

"In fact, I don't need to be so light to take care of me. You can have a little bit of abundance if you want." Muqianchu looked at several dishes in front of him and said, "don't worry about my envy."

"I'm fine. I'm trying to lose weight." Alan said.

"I'm losing weight, too."

When small read secondhand.

The three men sat at the table laughing at the same time.

The wall TV of the restaurant is on, and the news of Mu's group is on at the moment. Because the signing ceremony was not successful, the stock fell again within a day.

When Xiaonian listened to the news, he frowned, and his teeth chewed the grains of rice.

All of a sudden, the news stopped.

She raised her eyes and looked at mu qianchu in the opposite direction. Mu qianchu held the remote control in his hand, turned off the TV, and looked at her gently and said, "the three computers you brought contain Gong Ou's comprehensive analysis of Mu Shi. He is indeed a genius in the market. I have made a general document. I will give the position of document and president to my sister tomorrow."

"You're going to give up as president?" When small read surprised.

Alan was also shocked. "Mr. mu, now the Mu group is in the wind and rain, Miss Mu won't take this hot potato."

"The documents I made can help Mu's group come back from the dead. Her sister is greedy for merit. She will ask for it. Once Mu's rise, she can also say that it is her merit."

Mu qianchu is light and authentic.

When small read bite chopsticks, "can I ask why?"

"Don't you think Gong Ou has already transferred his goal and wants our life?" Muqianchu looked at her and affectionately said, "in this case, why should I waste my time in the group? I should take good care of my illness and go to see that flower field earlier."

Smell speech, when small read slowly a sigh of relief, smile way, "you are willing to think so good."

She was afraid that he would have to compete with Gong ou.

"I'm not Gong ou." "I know how to cherish it," said Mu. Unless you are not by my side, I will fight. "

He is satisfied when she is by his side.


When small reads to hang down the MOU, avoids his vision, lowers the head to eat.

City, deep in the forest, fresh air.

In the magnificent imperial castle, servants can ask for leave if they can. If they can't ask for leave, they will hide in remote rooms to clean up, so as not to sweep the typhoon.

In a lounge, there was a sound of heavy objects falling on the ground, bottles and cans breaking.

Feng de stood at the door, watching a famous painting of the 14th century fall to the ground, which made the frame fall off. He couldn't help frowning and heartache.

He looked up and saw that there was no perfect object, even a cup, in the lounge.

Gong Ou stands in the middle of a mess and kicks the broken chair.

"Damn it! I thought you should die! "

Gong Ou's face was full of grumpiness and heavy breathing. He tore at the collar, pulled off several buttons and stepped on the ground until everything was damaged more thoroughly.

"Find me that kind of black company, and I'm going to blow up the moose group!" Gong Ou suddenly raised his eyes and stared at Feng De, with crazy anger in his eyes.

"Yes, sir." Feng De takes a bath.

"Come back!" Gong Ou changed his mind again. "Find me someone to shovel the whole Mojia manor flat without any living mouths!"

"Young master, will it be too much trouble?" Feng De is confused.

"Let you do it!"

"Yes, then I'll go to the assassination organization." Feng De is leaving again.

"Come back!" Gong Ou changed his mind again. "Give me a thousand pieces of moxa. I don't want him to die so happily!"

"Yes, sir."

"Come back!"


"They can't be so cheap! I have to think of another great idea to deal with them! " Gong Ou went out of the mess, went out to pick up the water on the tea table and drank it up.


Feng de stood aside and frowned.

Young master has never been such a hesitant person before, but now he hesitates.


Gong Ou smashed the water cup, stood on the tea table, breathed heavily, and let his brain out.

He stood on the coffee table, manic.

It's not elegant at all.

After coming back from the Mu family, the young master became like this.

"Young master." Feng de couldn't help saying, "young master doesn't want to deal with Miss Shi, does he?"

"Who says I don't want to deal with her? I wish I could kill her now!" Gong Ou jumps from the tea table and stares at her in the dark pupil. "She's going to spend the night with that man tonight. They're going to sleep together! I want this kind of woman? "

He doesn't want it!

He doesn't want her!

"As far as I know, mu qianchu has pneumonia, and it's very serious. I don't have the strength." How can I go to bed when I'm so ill?

"It's not dead! When Xiaonian is so beautiful, can he not be moved? "

Gong Ou is distracted to walk on the ground, up and down, up and down.

Suddenly, he stopped and rushed to Fengde. His black eyes stared at her. "Will bed infect her with pneumonia?"



Think of going to bed, young master only worried about whether it will infect pneumonia?

"Will kissing infect her with pneumonia? Damn, that woman is not in good health! I've been injured several times before! " Gong Ou said impatiently, "speak, old man, haven't you studied medicine?"

"Young master, didn't you just want to kill Miss Shi?" Feng De road.

Why do you worry about it again.

"I......" Gong Ou was blocked, and a handsome face appeared a little embarrassed. At last, he shouted, "I will!"

A sound of footsteps came.

A servant came in from the outside and bowed his head respectfully. "Young master, I have bought the comics you want. The comics drawn by the lady are not the president's comics, but But... "

The servant "is" for a long time.

"But what? Say! "

Gong Ou is in a bad mood. She frowns and shouts.

"But But... "

The servant still dare not say.

Gong Ou stepped forward and grabbed the cartoon in his hand. Looking at the cover, he only saw that the signing was - never forgetting.

On the cover was his comic book character, with a few big words beside it - the president was a paranoid.

The president is a paranoid.


Gong Ou's face is completely black. How dare she write out that he is paranoid? This is the surprise she wants to give him?

Gong Ou stares at the cartoon in his hand, then skims through the middle.

I saw that it was full of descriptions of his conceit and pretentiousness.

There are several pages to make him eat and drink. There are also pictures of him standing on the bed, on the sofa, on the table and shouting at the people below.

Everyone is dissatisfied with him, no one likes him, and everyone is waiting for him to fall.

It turns out that in her comics, she has built such a world for him. He is the leading actor in her comics, but a leading actor who everyone is looking forward to beat!

Gong Ou stares at the cartoon and turns to a certain page, where he introduces his girlfriend, who is not like shixiaonian at all. She is a gorgeous woman.

And this woman is putting green hats on him everywhere in the cartoon, and he doesn't know yet.

Did Xiao Nian hate him so much?

Don't hesitate to vilify him like this!


Gong Ou smashed the cartoon in his hand, and his face was livid. At last, he laughed angrily and self mockingly. "Feng De, do you think I'm just annoying her? What I've done for her she's so dismissive? "

A comic book that adds insult to injury.

Feng de frowned. "Young master, this cartoon was drawn by Miss Shi a long time ago."

"Find me someone to deal with mu qianchu and Shi Xiaonian." Gong Ou stepped on the cartoon, and a cruel meaning appeared on his sinister face, "I want them to live and die."

This time, he didn't hesitate.

"Young master..."

"Don't kill them first. I'll be afraid when I want to. I'm afraid that I will come back and beg for help!" Gong Ou clenched his teeth, turned around and left, striding towards his bedroom.

When small read, you are too ignorant of current affairs!

A woman who doesn't know how to behave will pay a price!

Gong Ou goes back to the bedroom, kicks the door open, and goes in. The curtain of the floor window is not closed. He goes to the bed and sees the corner.

More than a month ago, he was sitting there with Xiaonian holding him and comforting him constantly.

In this month, she has more and more smiles on him, and even takes the initiative to hold his hand.

She has such ability. Every time he thinks she has fallen in love with him, she always stabs him hard!

She would rather be forever, together with mu qianchu.

He didn't give enough?

Gong Ou didn't take a bath. He lay down on the bed. He picked up the pillow and put it in front of his nose.

They went out for too long. There was no smell of her on the bed, no smell of her

The whole room was quiet, and nothing had changed, as if she had never lived in it!


Gong Ou takes the pillow and smashes it against the wall.

This time, shixiaonian, don't think he will let her go easily.


The first day of separation from Gong ou.

Xiao Nian spent the night in the bedroom next to Mu qianchu.

She has forgotten how long it will be free.

She was tossing and turning in bed, too late to sleep.

She fell asleep and couldn't help looking back at the side. She always felt that there would be a strong arm suddenly stretching out to hold her, and a pair of long legs entwined her to sleep.


When small read painfully think, originally everything will be used to, she has been used to Gong Ou lying beside her.

She opened her eyes, stared at the ceiling, and sighed a long time.

This night, shixiaonian didn't sleep well at all.

The next day, she got up early, washed in the bathroom, dressed in clean women's clothes, and habitually picked out a long skirt to put on, only to find that there were loose sportswear and casual clothes in the shopping bag.

It's a style she liked a long time ago.

As a result, she has changed now, taking her long dress at will.