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Chapter 611 special wedding gifts

He said that when he saw Mona, he would do something extremely bloody, which was not suitable for her to follow.

She didn't ask for anything. Anyway, she had to practice all kinds of manners to avoid losing her temper on the wedding day.

"There's nothing to follow."

Gong Ou hugged her and smelled the light fragrance on her body. Her chest was more comfortable and the dryness of the day dissipated a lot.

"I still can't find it today?"

Shixiaonian asked. If he found it, Gong Ou would not look like this.

"Well." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, "this woman can hide like a mouse!"

It's been a few days. I haven't found it yet.

"Will she have returned to the Lancaster family?" When small reads to look to Gong ou to ask a way.

Gong Ou hugs her, turns her hair with his fingers, and Feng de hears the light saying, "we have sent people to stare at the Lancaster family. It's not easy for her to return to the family because she is a seriously injured person who wants to avoid our eyes."

Smell speech, when small read frown, "that is to say Mona didn't choose to go home, she should guess you will stare, then where will she go?"

"I don't know."

Gong Ou said in a cold voice, there was some violence between his eyebrows.

When Xiaonian snuggled up beside him and thought, "if I am Mona, the plan is exposed, and you only want to kill yourself. Of course, the deeper you choose to hide, the better. Let's hide for a while, maybe..."

"Maybe something?"

Gong Ou looks down at her.

When Xiaonian bit his lip and looked into his eyes, he said, "in Mona's opinion, you may not be able to bear the blow and go mad. If you are crazy and the palace is in a mess, it is not too late for her to return home. "

Mona, she thought, had such an idea now.

Gong Ou's eyes are bright and deep. Mona doesn't want anything else now, just to hide?

"We must get Mona out before we get married!" Gong Ou's black eyes glared at him and said, "I will never marry you with shame!"

Mona symbolized his four years of humiliation, and he had to deal with it.

"But Britain is so big, it's not so easy to find people."

When small read a way, still must find before the wedding, that is more difficult.

"Then force her out!" Gong Ou said in a deep voice, getting up from the sofa and turning his eyes to Feng De, "go and spread a message to me on the Internet, saying that the eldest miss of Lancaster is usually fond of lewd parties and so on, and that there is substantial evidence in her hand, and I want this news to cause a great stir on the Internet."

"No way." When Xiaonian sat on the sofa, he immediately said, "Gong ou, don't forget that she also has the video data of these four years."

He and Mona are now threatening each other. Once those images are exposed, Gong ou will be more shocked than four years ago.

"Let's take one shot and separate!" Gong Ou said coldly, "it's impossible for her to survive!"

He would never let Mona live in this world again!

He's upset that she'll live another day!

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou's bleak eyes, he hates Mona, but she worries whether he can bear the consequences of one pat and two separation.

"Second young master, Miss Xi."

A maid came in and bowed to them.

"What is it?"

Feng de stood up and asked.

The maid looked up and said, "Miss Xi, I have received a package from you. According to the rules, we have opened it for inspection. It's your friend's wedding gift. Would you like to bring it in?"

"My friend?"

Shixiaonian asked in amazement, what friend of her would send a congratulatory gift to the palace?

"Yes, it says Mr. y."

The maid replied in a steady voice.

"Is it him?" When Xiaonian stands up from the sofa and turns her eyes to Gong ou, Gong Ou's face suddenly looks worse. The dark eyes stare at her quietly, and the jealous fire is almost out of her eyes. When

, Xiao Nian laughed and said, "well, if you want to mind, I'll send the gift to Xia Yu, anyway, that is perfume and scarves."

"did he send you perfume and scarves?" Gong Ou pulls her in front of her and stares at her with low eyes. "You have a very close relationship with him, eh?"

When Xiaonian was innocent and was trying to explain, the maid beside said, "it's not those. They're all encrypted storage disks. There are many. They seem to be videos. Now they're unlocking the password."


Shixiaonian looks at it in amazement.

Gong Ou stood there, hearing this, his black eyes were cold and his voice was cold. "Don't decrypt it. Take it in."

"Yes, second young master."

Soon, a group of bodyguards came in with several big boxes. One box was full of storage disks. The other boxes were full of computers, including laptops, tablet computers and even two TVs.

And the bodyguards are moving in.

The maid took out a opened letter and handed it to Xiao Nian.

When Xiaonian reached for the letter, he opened it, and drew out a gilded card from the inside. There was a row of small regular script on it, which was beautifully written in one hand.

Miss Xi:

I'm sorry that I can't attend your wedding. I hope you will like it and wish you happiness.

Mr y.

When Xiaonian looked at the computers and storage disks with doubts, why did she send them as wedding gifts? This Mr. y is too strange.

Gong Ou squatted down beside her, picked up a storage tray and looked at it in her hand. Her handsome outline was taut, and her black eyes were deep, unable to see what he was thinking.

When Xiaonian looked down at Gong ou.

I saw Gong Ou squatting there, turning over the storage tray, his eyes deeper and deeper, his thin lips pursed.

"Second young master, don't you need to decrypt it?"

The maid stood by and asked.

"No." Gong Ou cold tunnel, put the storage plate back.

"Gong ou, do you know what these are?" When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in bewilderment, he didn't seem to be surprised at all. "Why don't I call Mr. y to find out?"


Miyo quickly vetoed it.


When small read Zheng ground to look at him, Gong Ou voice coldly say, "burning leaves of the stove is not still burning?"

"There are a lot of fallen leaves recently. They have been burning."

The maid replied.

"Move through."

Gong oupai claps his hands and stands up from the ground. When Xiaonian looks at him, he doesn't know why he has to move to the stove where the leaves are burned?

What is he thinking?

Suspiciously, Feng De, who received a phone call, came up to Gong ou and said, "young master, just received the news that the Lancaster family's safe specially owned by Mona was stolen, including all the electronic products she usually uses."

Mona's safe stolen?

When small read stupefied next, suddenly understand come over, eyes look toward Gong ou, "so these things are......"

It's from Mona's four years.

Mr. y found all these things. It's a big family. How did Mr. y get things out?

"How did he do it?"

Gong Ou asked Xiaonian's doubts, and his voice was very cold and unusual.

"It's said that it's my own hand, so it's so easy to succeed." Feng De also understood the general situation of the event and said, "Mr. y can be so easy to get, either he has already arranged for people to tie up in the Lancaster family, or he has a thousand connections with Lancaster."

You should know that the young master is also trying to enter the Lancaster family to get back these video materials. But when Mona is missing, there are few outsiders in the Lancaster family.

This Mr. Y's ability is so powerful.

"He has nothing to do with Lancaster."

Gong Ou cold tunnel, raise your legs to go forward.


When Xiaonian stood there staring at Gong Ou's back, she didn't know why. She couldn't hear a trace of happiness from Gong Ou's tone.

With these video materials in hand, Mona doesn't even have what she can finally threaten them. Shouldn't she be happy?

Why does Gong Ou react like this.

A stove far away from the castle was burning vigorously in the night. The red tongue of fire devoured the fallen leaves and made a sound of "Zi La Zi La".

Two rows of bodyguards stood on both sides of the stove, each with a big box in front of him. Inside was a storage tray and a computer.

When Xiaonian and Gong Ou stand in front of the stove, their faces are red by the fire. She looks at Gong ou, "don't you need to check it again?"

Don't you really need to watch these videos?

"Since he said yes, that's it."

Gong Ou's face is taut with cold tunnel, fire jumping in his black eyes.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou suspiciously, his words were a little strange, but he said nothing strange.


At the command of Gong ou, the bodyguard immediately picked up the box in his hand and threw all the storage plates into it. The storage plates smashed into the red stove like snowflakes.

A crude and direct way.

Gong Oula leaves with Xiaonian.

The bodyguards also retreated to a safe distance.

The fire in the furnace is burning more and more vigorously. When Xiaonian looks down, Gong Ou holds her hand tightly.

"Spread the news."

Gong Ou has a cold voice.

"Yes." Feng de walked aside and nodded, "or did we spread the facts?"

"No." Gong Ou looks forward gloomily. "Pass the video to me directly. I want the whole world to know it clearly!"

With this sound, I only heard the "bang" explosion coming from behind. The sound was loud and the ground shook.

When Xiaonian is not surprised, Gong Ou holds him firmly in his arms.

He held her tightly in his arms and put one hand on her head.

A moment later, when Xiaonian looked around, he saw that the direction of the stove was already bright, almost burning the whole night red, and there was an unpleasant smell.

When Xiaonian looked at it quietly, it burned.

With the devouring and dancing of the tongues of fire, the humble four years about Gong Ou were completely buried in the fire.

The four years that belong to Gong ou are finally over.

He can finally let go.

"It's all over." When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou and said, Gong Ou held her shoulder, a pair of black eyes looked at the distant fire light, his face was cold and his voice was low from the deep throat, "it's over, let's go back."