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Chapter 932 trying to deliver a message


When small read a to cover Gong Yao's eyes, hysterical roar, hate to stare at him.

"I'll report on the latest developments in the evening."

The man left with his tablet in his arms.

When Xiaonian firmly hugged Gong Yao, she got up and ran to the bathroom, knelt down in front of the toilet and vomited, "vomit --"


Gong Yao follows in.


When Xiaonian was vomiting painfully, he stretched out his hand to press the rinse, and then the whole person collapsed on the toilet. He wanted to cry but couldn't cry out. He could only hiss and make some sounds, similar to screaming, but very low, especially depressed.

"Are you ok?"

Gong Yao touches her face anxiously.

It's ok if I don't ask. When I asked, Xiaonian trembled and fell on the toilet and scolded himself, "I'm sorry, holy, I hurt you, I hurt Gong ou, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I'm really useless."

It's no use dying now. It's no use not dying.

"Why do you harm us?" Gong Yao squatted down beside her and looked at her incomprehensibly. "Don't be sad."

When Xiaonian turned his eyes, he saw Gong Yao squatting on the ground and looking at her. His eyes were dark and calm, but there was still a trace of panic.

She suddenly realized that no matter what she did wrong, she was the pillar of two children at this time, she could not fall down, she could not panic.

"It's OK. Mom is OK. It's normal to throw up when pregnant."

He tried to keep his emotions steady.

"Let's get out of here, mom." Gong Yao looked at her seriously and said, "I beat them and then escaped."

He wanted to escape.

"No way." When Xiaonian shook his head, kept a little clear, and said in a low voice, "don't act rashly. Since they have the intention to catch us and threaten Gong ou, they are ready for everything. We can't hide our weak strength."

Gong Yao crouches there and is silent. He looks at her for a long time and says seriously, "so it's the fault of the bad guys. They are foolproof. You didn't hurt us."

Hearing this, Xiao Nian was stunned. Her young son was comforting her.

Gong Yao didn't know anything, so he was trapped in a terrible situation, and he wanted to comfort her.

When Xiaonian lowered his head and leaned his forehead against Gong Yao's small head, "thank you, good boy, mom will protect you, don't worry, it will be OK."

It will be OK.

It's going to be OK.

"I will protect you."

Gong Yao said, the voice is still immature.

But he also understood that his bow and arrow could not be used for anything, but Gong Ou taught him so seriously that he wanted to try

"Darling, let's go out first." When Xiaonian looked out, "I'm more worried about Xiaokui now."


Gong Yao nodded and stood up from the ground to help her with all his strength.

When Xiaonian stood up with the toilet and walked out. Those people had brought in the toys and snacks. She picked up a bell and shook it a few times. She went to lift the quilt and said softly, "Xiaokui, look, there are a lot of food to play with. Shall we eat and play together?"

Sunflower clings to the pillow and does not move.

Gong Yao took apart a bag of candy, took out a lollipop and put it beside the little face of Gong Kui. "Today, you are allowed to eat candy. You can eat it."


Gong Kui was still indifferent.

"Xiaokui, you are good. It's hard for us to allow you to eat sugar. If you don't, we'll take it away." Shi Xiaonian deliberately said in a light tone, "give the pillow to mom, will you eat sugar? Litchi is very delicious. "

Gong Kui pushed her face desperately into the pillow, as if no one could see her.

Gong Yaohe and Shi Xiaonian coax Gong Kui in turn, but all the toys and snacks have lost their attraction to her. Finally, Gong Kui buries her face in the pillow and sleeps.

She can still sleep.

Fortunately, fortunately.

When Xiaonian exhaustively pulls out the pillow from Gong Kui's hand and holds her to the bed to lie down well. But as soon as she is flat, Gong Kui curls up and holds herself tightly. Her eyes are still turning under her sleeping eyelids. I don't know if she is dreaming.

When Xiaonian had to follow her, he reached up and pulled the quilt to cover her.

"Why don't you go to bed, holly, or do you want something to eat?"

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Yao.

"You sleep, I look at you."

Gong Yao said with a serious face.

"I'm not sleepy. Can I sleep after you sleep?" When small read gently said, Gong Yao looked at her, seems to be thinking about something, and then nodded, lying down beside Gong Kui.

When Xiaonian sat by the bed and covered his bed, he felt the folding bow and arrow tied to his waist with his fingers and said, "take this out."

It's uncomfortable to sleep like this.

"No." Gong Yao shook his head and whispered, "don't be found by them."

Having a weapon in your hand is probably a sense of security for Gong Yao, too.

When small read no longer forced for him to tuck in the quilt, "a good sleep, wake up everything will be OK."


Gong Yao nodded and closed his eyes to sleep.

When Xiaonian sat by the bed and leaned back, he looked at the strange furnishings in the room with one eye. The wound on his neck was scabbed and embarrassed.

She reached out and wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth. Her teeth were grinding the blood from her lips, thinking about what happened that day.

Lancaster and Gong ou have not been fighting each other for two days. They even thought about Gong Ou's life at the beginning, but they never thought about her.

In fact, it's not that she's not worth mentioning, but that she should be seized with the best opportunity and stratagem. The contradiction between Gong ou and his adoptive parents in their hometown was caught by Lancaster. It's no exaggeration to take advantage of their past gratitude, resentment and affection.

And she stepped in.

How can Gong ou know that they are in the hill tribe? As those people said, the normal people's thinking will not look into the hill tribe, and after that, they will not look into a place that has been checked.

Gong Ou is afraid that he has gone mad.

She knows Gong Ou so well that he will be led by Mona's father. As long as she falls into other people's hands, he will be obedient.

But the purpose of Lancaster is to destroy him, or to use her to let him destroy himself.

How can Gong Ou be so proud.

No, she can't go on wrong. At least she must find a way to inform Gong ou that they are here. At least We have to save the two children. At least we can't let Gong Ou worry about her outside.

When Xiaonian looked down at the two children on the bed, thinking of ways, it's too difficult to get news from here. She can't even get out of this room now.

What should I do?

When Xiaonian went to the window, he reached out and pushed it, only to find that the windows were all sealed and could not be opened at all.

Although the chances of giving out news are slim, it's better to try than not.

In principle, this will be the first stop for the police and the palace family to check. Considering psychological factors, it will not be checked in detail, but it will certainly be checked.

And the hill tribe is located in the center of the city, people come and go, in case someone sees the news.

In this way, shixiaonian goes to the snack pile, opens all the packing bags, pours out the food, and throws the packing paper into the garbage can.

She looked at her injured hand, scratched it hard again at the wound, and the blood dropped into the garbage can drop by drop.

When Xiaonian reached out and dipped in some blood, he tested and wrote "help" in some two packing bags.

After all this, Xiaonian tied the garbage bag with a knot that was easy to spread automatically and carried it to the door to open the door.

When the two door gods saw her, they snapped, "what are you doing? I'm tired of going in! "

"Please change the bag. It's full."

When Xiaonian hands out the garbage bag.

One foreigner took a look and threw it to the other, "go, throw the dustbin."

Xiaonian stood at the door and said, "I want to see my foster parents."

"What do you want to see them for?"

The man asked.

"I fell in their trap. Shouldn't I ask them?" Shixiaonian asked coldly, "you should understand that I'm suffering now. Please try to satisfy me, otherwise it's really hard for me to say what I'm doing when I'm excited."

"Oh, what can you do?"

The man chuckled.

"Like death."

Shi Xiaonian said, with serious eyes.

"It's the first time I've seen hostages constantly threatening themselves with suicide. Aren't you afraid of death?" The two frowned.

"It's one thing that I'm afraid I'm not afraid to die, but if I do die, it's your business that you'll get into trouble."

When small read lightly said.

The two men were told the main thing, but they would not be polite to her. They glared at her angrily and said, "here you are, I'll have them brought here."

"No, my son and daughter are asleep. They can't be disturbed here. I'll go out to see them." Shi Xiaonian said, holding his fist tightly behind his back with one hand, and there was blood between his fingers.

Two people look at each other, "then we need to apply for the opinion."

They used the walkie talkie to ask, and finally looked at shixiaonian and said, "let's go. I don't think a pregnant woman can do anything big."

She can't really do anything but seek death now. She's not afraid of anything.

Shi Xiaonian follows them outside like a prisoner. Gong ou and the police will find out at any time, but they still let her walk. This can only prove that they think it's too safe to worry about anything at all.

When Xiaonian didn't know where she was from the hill tribe, she walked out of the door and dropped a few drops of blood when people were unprepared. She didn't dare to drop too much, so she was afraid that they would find out all of them.

Turning and folding, he walked out of several doors. When Xiaonian squeezed the blood from the wound on his hand, his face became paler and paler.

Finally, she was taken to a reception room. Shi Zhong and min Qiujun sat on the leather sofa inside. Min Qiujun sat there, crying with the picture of Shi Di.

Shixiaonian walked weakly and sat down opposite them.

In fact, she just made an excuse to leave more information so that she could be found out, and her adoptive parents She really has nothing to talk about.