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Chapter 1119 leisure time on board

She knows how to exaggerate and how to show him that stiff dance?

Gong Ou chuckled and raised his hand to touch her head. He bent down and picked her up. "Go back to sleep!"

"Who is it?" When Xiaonian hugged his neck and asked, pretending to be fierce, "how can you sleep with me on your back? Too much! "


Gong Ou choked.

When Xiaonian looked at him with a smile.

Gong Ou looked down at her red face as she danced. "When I was young, you were learning worse and worse."

This kind of words can be said.

Seeing him like this, Xiao Nian was in a good mood.

Gong Ou glared at her angrily. Then, he seemed to understand something. His thin lips forced out a sinister smile and his eyes stared at her vaguely. "Don't worry, I'll let you know who it is. You know!"

With that, Gong Ou's steps are speeding up and he strides towards the direction of the cruise ship.


When Xiaonian leans on his bosom, does she dig a hole to jump for herself?


Night and day change, the moon rises and falls on the sea, the sea holds up a round of sun, the sun rises again.

Luxury cruises continue to sail on the sea.

When I was on the deck with the cool wind, Xiao Nian opened his eyes vaguely from the bench, wrapped in a quilt, and saw the sunrise of the sea. The sun was as red as if it had been dyed.

It's beautiful.


When Xiaonian turned to ask Gong ou to watch the sunrise, he saw Gong Ou lying on another bench, sleeping soundly. The quilt was wrapped around his neck, only one head was exposed, his face was facing her direction, his thin lips were shallow and pursed, his nose was straight and handsome, his eyelashes were very long, and his eyebrows were slightly frowned

Gong Ou from this angle is particularly handsome.

He had one leg across her bench, right at her feet, and he could detect the movement of her foot.

This man is really

Mingming is very tired but has to accompany her to watch the sunrise. Mingming still has to lean her legs together. So afraid that she will run again?

When small read helplessly smiled, did not call him, also did not move, so leaning on the bench to watch the sunrise of the sea, enjoying the good time of travel.

A figure came towards them.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw Feng De, who was wearing a housekeeper's uniform, coming with his plate in one hand and looking at her lovingly.

The plate is a steaming breakfast. The smell of milk dispels the chill brought by the cold wind.

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde and said silently, "don't you have a good rest and watch when we wake up?"

Otherwise, when she woke up, she brought her breakfast.

Feng de put the breakfast at the small table beside her, smiled at her, and said in a low voice near her, "I just woke up."

The adoptive father can also read lip language, which is very powerful.

When small read half lie, smell speech a face not to believe ground to look at him.

Feng de said with a smile, "don't sleep too long when you are old."

"Adoptive father..." They come out to travel, not to work.

"Well, not next time." When Feng de knew that Xiao Nian was in love with himself, "eat some, warm your stomach, this deck is too cold."

"Well." Xiaonian nodded, took a sip of milk and asked, "have you eaten yet?"

"I ate it with Yao Yao."

"It's father and daughter. They used breakfast together." When small read said with a smile, the voice is very light, for fear of disturbing Gong Ou's sleep.

When he heard this, Feng de smiled and his eyes flashed quickly without any trace.

When Feng de watched, Xiaonian had breakfast and said, "I thought this trip was very leisurely. Now I have more purposes. I want to find Mr palace."

"That's a good thing, isn't it?" Xiao Nian asked with a smile.

Feng de stood aside and shook his head. "I'm thinking of coming out this time. You and the young master can make up for the shortcomings of previous honeymoons, and make up for those that haven't been done."

"No?" When small read stupefied.

She and Gong ou are tired of being together every day. She is so tired that she has no private space. What else can she do.

Feng de didn't expect that his memory would be so poor, so he said strangely, "don't you think there's any regret between you and the young master? What about diving? "


When Xiaonian was totally stunned there, it seemed that she hadn't thought of diving for a long time.

From the very beginning, Gong Ou said he would take her to dive in the sea, and then once, twice, three times It seems that there is something impeding them, no one can succeed.

"I really forgot?" Feng de asked, pointing to Gong ou, who was sleeping beside him. "I think the young master has been thinking about it. There are all kinds of books in the desk."

When Xiaonian looked aside at the man, "but I'm only recovering from my injury. He can't take me to the sea."

"Diving is just one of the regrets."

"What do you want to say, adoptive father?"

The adoptive father seemed to have something deeper to say to her.

Feng de squatted down beside her, looked up at her, and said, "Xiaonian, I can see how you and the young master come here, but others don't know how they come here."


"Although you are together every day, there are many regrets left between you in the young master's heart." "Mr palace is just a robot after all. Now it has a clue. It will be sooner or later to find it. Mr. Mu also has a special person to take care of it. The situation is pretty good, so you can't just think about these two things."


The adoptive father wanted to say that she ignored Gong ou.

But she was there all the time.

"Not in your side can be ignored, can let their hearts miss elsewhere." Feng de patted her on the shoulder.


"Xiaonian, I'm not saying that I'm sorry for you, but I really hope that this trip can create more sweetness for you, which can make up for the past regrets when you think back." Said Fengde in a whisper.

When small read understand the painstaking heart of Feng De, nodded.

Feng de looks at her and smiles. He gets up from the ground. Maybe he gets up a little bit. His figure shakes. When Xiao Nian sees his loneliness clearly.

"Xiaonian, you, I don't know how many people on this boat are looking at you two, and they think life is beautiful."

Feng de patted her, sighed and turned away.

When Xiaonian sat on the bench and looked at the back of Fengde, the light and shadow brought by the sunrise, the back of Fengde was slowly away.

Mingming is by her side. She didn't find her adoptive father lost a lot of weight.

He is still missing the man in his heart.

The adoptive father said that how many people look at her and Gong ou and feel that life is beautiful. The boat looks like a detailed and peaceful one, but there are many regrets hidden in it.

I don't know why. Shixiaonian is a little uncomfortable.

She turned to look at the man beside her. Gong Ou was sleeping. She moved her legs. They were almost paralyzed.

Gong Ou suddenly opened her eyes and stared at her steadily without blinking.

Do you want to wake up so easily

"Gong ou, look at the sunrise."

When Xiaonian had to ask him to watch the sunrise.

Gong Ou didn't have a voice. He still stared at her, motionless, with no expression on his face. The whole person was frozen.

"Gong Ou?"


Gong oding looks at her.

Ten seconds, thirty seconds

As soon as Gong Ou's eyes closed, he went to sleep again, and his posture did not change.


When small read speechless ground to look at him, immediately lose smile.

What is his situation?

I'm probably too tired. I need a good sleep to recover.

When Xiaonian had to sit rigidly, no longer moving his legs, silently eating breakfast alone, feeling the air on the deck slowly getting hot.

Everyone came to the deck and scattered, without disturbing Gong Ou's good sleep.

The phone vibrated.

When Xiaonian looked down at his cell phone, it was a photo message sent by Xia Yu.

In the photo, Xia Yu takes a selfie with the little pumpkin in his arms. The little pumpkin looks at the camera like he is going to catch something. The little head looks at the camera by Xia Yu. The corner of his mouth is pulling a radian and laughing. A pair of beautiful eyes seem to have starlight and shine.

When small read lip angle not consciously Yang.

I have teased your little CEO several times. Are you still with your big CEO?


When Xiaonian smiled, this summer rain saw several children are older, has been shouting to take care of little pumpkin looking for lost baby mother time.

Sure enough, the next second, the message of summer rain came back.

I'll give you two minutes. If you don't come to the president, I'll take the contract.

When Xiaonian opens the input interface, input the words.

Contract, contract

Before she had finished typing, she heard a sharp drink and exploded, "she dare!"

When Xiaonian was shocked, his cell phone fell down. He looked up and saw Gong Ou standing beside her. A handsome face was full of anger and his eyes were staring at her.

"When did you wake up?"

When Xiaonian looked at him doubtfully.

"When you're going to take care of my son!" Gong Ou stares at her.

"I'm obviously joking."

He won't she won't, her little pumpkin is so cute.

"What did your editor really do?" Gong Ou is dissatisfied with the way, "she stares at the little pumpkin every day. She can not sleep even if she stares at it. Does she have infantilism?"

What is infantilism.

"How could it be..." When Xiaonian smiled helplessly, Xia Bian was also the one who took the baby. She wanted to find the feeling of being a baby mother.

"No way! She can't be near my son any more! " The more Gong Ou thinks about it, the more wrong it is. When he grabs it, Xiao Nian pulls her out of the chair. "Let's go and have a look!"

"Don't be nervous, Gong ou."

When small reads helplessly to follow him to run.

"If she really has infantilism, I'll throw her off the boat!" Gong Ou gnashed his teeth and led her all the way.


Think too much.

Shi Xiaonian is led into the room by Gong ou, runs all the way to the room of little pumpkin, and rushes to the door of the room. He looks at Gong ou and takes a deep breath, suppresses the anger on his face, and reaches out to open the door.

Being a father is really like being a father. I can't help being angry.

Push the door, only listen to the laughter.