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Chapter 1051 don'st look at me

What on earth is he studying?

When Xiaonian looked at the stars carefully with her face, and tried to analyze what help she could get from them. But ten minutes later, she could think of nothing but the big dipper and Gemini.

After seeing it for a long time, Xiao Nian decided to give up and lie back, looking east and West, feeling East and West.

I don't know how long Gong Ou is going to do. When Xiao Nian took out his cell phone and played a game. The more he played, the more boring he became. Then he switched to the news channel and began to watch the news.

A piece of news titled "the old secret of the ancient city for 30 years" jumped into her eyes?

When I was young, I was eager to search the news of zone 13 on the Internet. From the new to the old, one by one, the latest is nothing more than two families entering zone 13 and treating it as a battlefield without smoke of gunpowder.

The real stab in the underground waterway has been suppressed, and there is no news.

When Xiaonian scratched the screen, he crossed the news one by one, and then he saw the strange curse about the years of zone 13. Some reporters had visited the zone in depth, visited many people, and learned all the curses.

One night when flowers bloom, one is in danger; one night when flowers fail, the curse comes true.

This is a very popular sentence in zone 13. When Xiaonian thought to himself, if so, when they entered zone 13, the flowers bloomed all night, indicating that the curse started, but now it has not failed all night. Does this mean that the curse has not yet been fulfilled?

But is it not tragic that so many people have died in this underground waterway?

Is there anything more tragic about the curse of fulfillment? Thinking of this, Xiaonian can't help but look up and look at Gong Ou anxiously.

Gong Ou is sitting in a wheelchair, half of the wall has been filled by him, and he is still using a charcoal pen to calculate what formula, and he does not know what to calculate.

When Xiaonian knocks on his head, the curses are fake. Don't think about it.

She continued to look down. The reporter wrote that the beginning of the curse really originated from about 12 or 3 years ago. An old man clearly remembered that when he walked out of the house, the flowers in the yard were all in bloom. Then he went out and the flowers in the whole city were all in bloom. For a while, this kind of difference stirred countless people, and various rumors were born one after another. Up to now, there is no way to identify the true and the false.

It turns out that there was a curse just before 12 or 3. When Xiaonian turned his eyes, he could not help thinking about Enid. This time seems to be the time when he and Enid came here.

Bit was only 3 or 4 years old when he left his mother, so he didn't remember his mother's appearance. He only vaguely remembered the taste of his mother's cake and the bed left by his mother, which was his safe harbor.

Is it a coincidence that this time coincides?

When Xiaonian looked at the article, the reporter did a lot of interviews. The people who had gone through the events in those years were very mysterious. Some people said that they saw flowers blooming with their own eyes. Some people said that they saw the arrival of the Virgin Mary to make the flowers bloom in the city. Others said that it was because it was local Valentine's day, and the places where the really infatuated men and women went blossomed, so they even had a wasteland All of a sudden, flowers are in full bloom.


Rumors are indeed the most terrible thing in the world. People can make all kinds of versions just by blooming overnight.

Until later, the whole city was defeated by flowers all night, and some bodies buried by flowers were found. Since then, a saying has been unified, which is a curse, making people panic.

Since then, there has been another night of blooming events, the people are hiding at home dare not go out easily.

When Xiaonian saw the news of curse, the amount of words and pictures were amazing, there were many precious photos, the reporter wrote the article in great suspense, she as a reader could not help but want to guess the truth behind the curse, but she was not Sherlock Holmes, unable to understand.

After a look at Gong ou, I saw that he was still busy writing and painting. When Xiao Nian had to look deep into the road, he said that he would have fun. As a result, they spent their time in the underground waterway alone.

"Gong ou, would you like something to drink?"

When small read to ask softly, dare not disturb him, he did not hear calculate.

As expected, Gong Ou did not have any reaction. She was absorbed in calculating on the wall. She did not understand how a pair of star charts could work out the formula.

She thought, a figure came into her eyes, only to see feng de and the bodyguard come in with juice drinks and a small table, and put them open beside Gong ou.

Gong Ou didn't even take a look at it. He just took a sip and continued to write.

When Feng de handed the rest of the cup to him, Xiao Nian.


When Xiaonian looked at Fengde with black lines, he didn't want to ask how many things he had brought into the underground waterway.

Feng de looked at her kindly and asked in a low voice, "tired or not, can I press it for you twice?"

"I'm not tired of you." When Xiaonian said with a smile, it was also very quiet.

"Are you bored? Do you want to draw or play games or watch movies or something? I brought them all. " Feng de said that he knew that Gong Ou would enter the realm of selflessness as soon as he was busy.

"And you have an easel?"

Or what he didn't bring?

She and Gong ou are just out for fun. He doesn't have to be prepared to go out for an outing.

Before Fengde can answer, the bodyguard has opened the easel exhibition to her. Fengde calmly lights the easel. It's not a bright light but not dazzling. It's the best effect of painting.


When Xiaonian sat in the reclining chair, he couldn't help but give two thumbs to Fengde.

"Call me if you want." Feng de patted the easel, then he and his bodyguard quietly retired.

When Xiaonian looked at the easel in front of her, she just wanted to get a bed now. I believe she can see it in 10 seconds

What do you draw?

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou's back, he held up a charcoal pen and wrote lines on the wall. She picked up a sketch pen and began to draw on the paper.

I haven't touched the brush for a long time.

When Xiaonian measured Gong Ou's shoulder width with a pen, which was thinner than before. He used to draw his shoulder wider. When her physical strength recovered, he would make him a lot of delicious food and support his weight.

"How can I count on you staring at me so much?" Gong Ou's voice suddenly came, low and dumb.

He didn't even move his head.


Exaggeration, does he have eyes behind his head?

"Is what you calculate important?" shixiaonian asked

"Of course." Gong Ou takes a sip of juice and looks back at her. "Are you sure you want to stare at me all the time?"

"No, I'm busy. I'm drawing." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"I love you so much that I need to draw the back of a wheelchair. You are hopeless." Gong Ou's face is expressionless, but his eyes fluctuate and he looks proud.

“……” When Xiaonian is thundered, he and he quibble, "who drew your back? I am looking at the formulas you calculated? I take it seriously. "

Gong Ouyang raised his hand to cover a place and asked, "what am I doing here?"


When small read suddenly dumb there.

"You dare say you're not peeking at me?" Gong Ou put his hand down and took two pictures. He said, "don't draw my back. I need to calculate again. You will disturb me like this."


When I was damaged, I didn't want to say anything more. I lowered my head silently and looked at the white paper in front of me. It was over before I started.

"In the future, if you want to draw, I will model for you every day, but not now." Gong Ou's voice suddenly came again, and the magnetic voice was absolutely spoiled.

When the small read a Zheng, then the lip angle can not stop to raise.

He was afraid that she could not draw hard, he said so softly.

Gong Ou's voice then rang out, "you look at me, I can't concentrate, you first bear it, and then you want to see me naked every day - I will complete you."

What is tolerance first! What makes me complete you!

Who loves to see his naked body as a big man? Is she a sex girl?

When Xiaonian raised his smile, it turned into a black face. He opened his mouth and wanted to fight back. Gong Ou put up a finger to her and said in a sexy voice, "Shhh Well behaved. "


Darling - you - sister!

When Xiaonian wanted to punch him in the face of arrogance, but when she saw the charcoal writing on the wall, she had to bear it. She could bear it until he calculated all these formulas and she could bear it until he finished the work.

Naked body? Hehe, don't try to climb up her bed without wearing ten layer pajamas!

Clean up after today!

When Xiaonian thought angrily, he tried to get his attention back from Gong ou, and his eyes fell on the easel.

What does she do to pass the time?

There are only a few empty walls here. She wants to draw these?

When Xiaonian thought, he glanced at the mobile phone on the side. There were many photos in the article just now, many of them were beautiful flowers.

Boring painting is a waste of time.

When Xiaonian picked up her mobile phone and went to look at the photos again, she chose the one with the most beautiful scenery. At first glance, the photos were OK, but most of them were taken by the people in No. 13 district. They were not professional enough, so it was difficult for her to grasp the details.

She looked at it carefully one by one, which was even more exaggerated. The camera was a little dizzy, but the composition was good. There were countless flowers and branches hanging on a big tree close to the camera. One by one, the trees were far away. Under a tree not far away, a woman's body was standing there. She prayed, and her dark and broad hood fluttered with the wind, showing a blur To a half face that is not clear at all.

How does this figure look so familiar?

When Xiaonian enlarged the picture, the standing posture, the slightly lowered head, the wide hat Just like Enid.

She looked at it again and again, and finally determined that in this shot of dizziness, Enid's shoes were similar to those she saw in the back cabin.

It can't be so clever.

When Xiaonian looked at the photos, it was 13 years ago.