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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Mr. Gong wants to see you

Shi Xiaonian scratched her head as she walked in.

He saw a few female colleagues standing in front of the TV screen in a daze, while his male colleagues beside him complained.

She stood behind them all and glanced at the screen, where the news was on.

On the screen, Gong Ou was walking out of the building with a bodyguard like the forest, blocking all the reporters. Gong Ou walked into the limited edition car with an expressionless face.

Before getting into the car, Gong Ou suddenly took a glance at the camera, those pitch black pupils were extremely clear, with a deep and profound gaze, revealing a loftiness that could not be hidden, as though it was devouring something …

It was the same look he had when he had knocked her down in his dream.

Red mules, like they want to eat people.

His hot skin pressed against her, his sexy chin curved in front of her eyes, his hot kiss everywhere on her face.

Thinking back to the details of the dream, Shi Xiaonian's face immediately burned up, his heart beating so fast it almost jumped out of her throat.

Not daring to look again, Shi Xiaonian immediately returned to her work seat. The temperature on her face could not decrease as she took out a pen to draw on the paper. Her mind was in a mess, her heartbeat in a mess.


She couldn't go on like this.

How lonely can a woman be to have such a real dream for a man who only lives in the news... This was not a good sign.

She had to be in love.

However, she was already used to living here. Where would she find a man to fall in love with all of a sudden?

Right, a blind date!

She could go on a blind date and be free of the ridiculous dream of loneliness.

After that, Shi Xiaonian made love for an entire week. With the efficiency of seeing at least two things a day, she did not manage to turn back on the journey of making love.

She was about to vomit.

Today, after participating in the eight minute blind date event, Shi Xiaonian was extremely tired and went to a sweat steamer to relax.

In the bathroom of the Steam Steam Steam Steam Inn, Shi Xiaonian took a shower.

"Hey, are you kidding me? This is the female bathroom! "

Shi Xiaonian stuck her head out in shock.

A dozen men in suits and sunglasses rushed in from the steaming women's bathroom door. The girls, who were showering in the bathroom hall, screamed in fright as they ran to cover themselves with clothes.

As someone who was dressed appropriately, Shi Xiaonian walked out after seeing this. She frowned, looked at the men and asked in disgust: "Who are you people? Please go out. "

How could the workers at the sweat house have let them into the ladies' room?

Upon hearing this, the men immediately focused their gazes on her. Each and every one of their faces under their sunglasses looked extremely fiendish.

"Miss Shi, Mr. Gong wants to see you."

Unexpectedly, the men did not speak ill of her, but bowed respectfully to her 90 degrees.


Shi Xiaonian was stunned.

What do you mean? Were these people coming for her?

In the next second, with the girls screaming in fear and excitement, the men in black suits stood in two rows and parted to make way. The bathroom door was pushed open and a tall, tall, young man walked in from outside.

He was nearly 1.9 meters tall, and his grey, lined, dark striped windbreaker matched his outstanding figure perfectly. His steps were a bit heavy, and he looked calm and reserved.